The culture of online dating and its impact on our relationships


If you weren’t aware of just how popular dating sites have become, here’s a snippet of news: the turnover of this industry is likely to reach almost $10 billion over the next five years! So why have dating sites become so popular? They represent such a convenient way of touching base with prospective partners, and there is an incredible variety of outlets waiting to be explored. Here are some of the other factors comprising online dating culture, and the reason for its phenomenal success.

Dating sites are perfect for marginalized communities

Where the culture of digital dating has taken off is in communities that had previously been marginalized by ‘mainstream society.’ If you are an older gay guy, perhaps you can cast your mind back to the 1970s and 1980s, where your socializing options were restricted to specific clubs and bars, venues where you would certainly get to know people, but one issue was you were getting familiar with a limited pool of talent. Today, you can join an online gay dating site and instantly connect with a vast and diverse range of prospective partners. These outlets are often like online communities, where the existing site members can give advice about the best gay bars in your area, or offer guidance on gay relationships.

Matching suitable individuals can be seamless

Online dating has been able to attract so many newcomers because it can truly invigorate relationships. Singles once had no way of knowing anything about the background or personality of anyone they happened to be attracted to, say in a club, no matter how good-looking they were. Now it’s so much simpler. Algorithms built into dating sites can check out details you supply when you join a site – your tastes, your ideal partner, your location – and use this information to find your perfect match. A shortlist can be provided for your consideration before you’ve ever needed to send anyone an introductory message.

You are in charge of your destiny

Dating sites are all about providing individuals with all the tools they could require to engage in courtship. As soon as you have completed the straightforward registration process, you can either pop into chat rooms and join group discussions, or engage in direct messages. You can opt to ‘like’ another user’s profile, or send them an informal virtual ‘wink.’ It’s up to you who you choose to engage with, and which singles you’d rather move on from. How often you access your account is also down to you. Online dating culture is much more flexible than the offline alternative.

It becomes so easy to develop a rapport

A key aspect of dating sites is creating a relaxing ambience when it comes to socializing. Getting in touch with any of the other members couldn’t be more straightforward. You can choose to send texts, emails or WhatsApp group messages. There are even more direct options, such as phone calls or video chats. Coupled with the way you can interact with people based on how compatible they are, it can become incredibly easy to kindle sparks of chemistry.

Online dating develops confidence

While the culture of online dating is all about introducing singles, according to whom they might have the most in common with, these virtual resources remain a platform for forging introductions. Site users would be well advised to avoid the temptation of treating their favourite dating service like a comfort zone, somewhere they fall into the habit of browsing profiles and messaging other singles. The ultimate aim should be to remain focused on meeting face-to-face, in an offline setting.