The Best Niches for Your YouTube Channel to Start Receiving Money


It seems that YouTube has the biggest base of topics that are highlighted by a bunch of bloggers. Being the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube has the answer for probably every question you could think of. There are tons of educational, informative, and simply entertaining videos uploaded on the platform every day. But some themes are more interesting to users than the others. What are these niches and what is the secret of their popularity? We will try to find out together in this article.

1.   Food

Well, no surprises here, my friends. Food is one of the basic human needs. The industry of food is relevant to everyone in the world, because we all eat. In terms of career on YouTube, being a food blogger is easy and hard at the same time. To become a known chef on this platform you have to know how to make food. Though this requires certain knowledge and skills, you don’t have to start off as a professional. You can highlight the topic from an amateur point of view and win your audience as well.

On the other hand, you will have to deal with the highest competition possible, because cuisine videos attract millions of people. So the hard part is to stand out from the crowd of other chefs-to-be. The main methods to do that would be:

  • Creating unique content, which is too hard to copy
  • Being well-known outside YouTube
  • Give yourself a small push for a small fee.

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Another positive side of being a foodie is that you don’t have to actually be a professional to become popular. One of the popular types of channels is food delivery and restaurant reviews. To nail this kind of video content, you must have the good technical capacity, so your reviews wouldn’t look sloppy. And also being a witty and talkative person is definitely a plus.

2.   Traveling

Travels are another whale YouTube stands on, but this one is more complicated to do. For being a travel blogger (a successful one), you will have to spend some money. Flights, hotels, traveling gear, eating, and visiting touristic points – all that requires some cash in your pockets.

Well, you can always solve that problem if you position yourself as a low-budget traveler, yet another problem comes by. It’s the value of your content. To fight this one, you must:

  • Think of something that will differ you from other travelers
  • Discover new destinations
  • Change the angle of look on famous spots
  • Constantly renew your trips, because prices and conditions change
  • Find and share with your viewers some interesting traditions and habits of the country you are visiting
  • Taste foreign food.

These are basic tips, but it would be even better if you find new horizons in this niche. Even though you will meet many competitors on your way, there’s plenty of room for new faces that will deliver interesting content to viewers on YouTube.

3.   Beauty

This niche has many options to offer. In the newest century where tolerance is a dominating trend, your gender, age, skin color, or anything else – doesn’t matter. This theme is one where you can show your creativity and style. The concept is the same for anyone in this niche. Show what you like and how you do it. Besides, the beauty theme has a vast range:

  • Reviewing cosmetic products
  • Tutorials
  • Make-up trends and interesting facts
  • Artistic makeup
  • Tips and hacks
  • Reviews of celebrities makeup and fashion choices
  • Funny makeovers

As you can see, there are many topics to cover, and just like in the case of food blogging, you don’t have to be professional.

4.   Animals

If you have a fluffy ( or not really) pet, you can easily start a blogging career with the mighty power of cuteness. The competition in this niche is present, yet it is not impacting the result too much. People who love animals are capable of paying attention to a whole lot of them. So you have to concentrate on the quality of your content without worrying about your potential competitors. Remember that you have to keep your house neat and clean if you want to avoid hate and critique in your comment section.

There are no rules in this particular niche on the Internet. Just show your love to your pet, share your routine and how you treat it. You can choose a non-trivial way to illustrate that. Your audience will find you eventually, but giving education notes to your videos will help to gain followers faster.

Short Guide How To Get Revenue From The Niches Above

All these topics are occupied, but there are vacant places for creative and hardworking personalities. Here are universal tips for getting profit from your channel:

  • Always seek something fresh, to stand out from the crowd
  • Use monetization wisely
  • Create merchandise
  • Get a Patreon account and encourage your followers to support you
  • Provide content of the highest quality

Final Thought

In this article, we have highlighted the most popular topics that can be found on YouTube. These themes embrace everything that people need to see on the internet: entertainment and fun, education, and new information. For example, watching cute kittens is a great way to relax after a hard day and receive a blast of positive emotions. Also watching high-quality videos can give you new knowledge and something to think about.

And even though there are many bloggers covering these niches by now, you can try to squeeze yourself in.