The Benefit of a Post-Graduate Year


A postgraduate year is the year which one transitions from high school to college.  The year is becoming more popular as students take time off to focus on improving grades and developing important study skills. They take the time to participate in extracurricular activities. The workplace is very competitive posing different challenges for the students who later consider the benefits of a postgraduate study as they may seek dissertation assistance.

There are different options for postgraduate certificates and diplomas, which take less than a year to complete. The Postgraduate year can lead to the study of a master’s degree or change the direction one takes on their study. Postgraduate courses can include MBA for conversion courses, business professionals and vocational courses. A postgraduate year can be full time or part time; where most of the people recommend doing it part-time some prefer full time. The schools are at different levels academically where students with strong academic grades can choose boarding schools which have rigorous academic programs. They usually have at least three hours of homework in the evening, which prepares them on how to balance their academics with their social life in college.

Benefits of post-graduate year

Greater maturity

It has been cited that most students take longer to graduate from colleges than expected. In other instances, quarters of the students drop out of college before they complete four years in college and they never return. This discord in colleges has been linked to the fact that the students were not ready for independent life when they are getting into colleges. A postgraduate year is very important as it helps them get structured to the environment and maturity develops as they learn to live on their own. This is why it is good for a student to attend a boarding school in their postgraduate year school. This might be the only time they attend a boarding school in their life, but it is very beneficial to them. Though they are away from their parents, they are not entirely alone, they have teachers and advisors to guide them on how to structure their time and they learn about how to make decisions independently.

They increase the chances of acceptance in colleges

The post-graduate year is very tricky because parents are afraid that once their children spend time away from school they might be tempted to defer from attending colleges. At the same time, colleges are fond of accepting students who have the ‘gap year’ because they are more committed and focused on their studies. Most post-graduate year programs allow students to improve their sports; they also get a chance to travel and also apply for internships which increase their acceptance rate to colleges of their choice.

Improve their academic skills

Students who are performing great in college are the ones who spend a year out of high school. This improvement has been more evident in male students. The post-graduate year is beneficial as the students take time to build their academic skills and their minds develop better learning skills. For students with disabilities, they benefit most as they take time to assimilate skills that will help them advocate for themselves in the independent world.

One gets a chance to build their athletic profile

If a student is good at a particular sport they can choose to attend a boarding school which performs best in particular sports. Most of these boarding schools have the best teams in games. They attract college sports-scouts who pick the best players for their schools. A student can use the extra year to master the art in the sports, the strength and agility undertake the sport.

Access to counseling

During the Postgraduate year, most students are undergoing many changes and the need to find their own identities and shape their lives primarily drives them. This is the time they feel more comfortable talking to other people who are not their parents about their experiences. At boarding schools, they easily get access to counseling which helps them at this interim period; between childhood and adulthood. Between being dependent and becoming independent. This is when the reality of the real life sets in as they react differently to it, but for those who have no one to turn to find it more difficult.

This extra year is considered by some as another year in high school. Most students who attend boarding schools during this extra year knew they would go to an independent school to take time before choosing the right courses and before they apply for college. Others want to prepare themselves for college life while others applied for colleges then realized they did not make the best options and they try to pull out of it by joining boarding school. A boarding school gives students a chance to strengthen their skills in order to apply for colleges of their choice. Though, sometimes it is challenging because most of your high school mates might have gotten to college while you take the extra year out.

There are valid reasons why one should pursue postgraduate year. These include giving one time to grow socially and academically as they improve some common life skills such as time management and study management. Some students might engage in learning other skills such as engaging in All the students who enjoy having time to extra year have time to prepare on how to make their own decisions under minimum supervision, stick by them and take responsibility for them.


Most parents are afraid of their children taking the ‘gap year’ not realizing that it does them good. The extra year can seem long for someone to transition to adulthood. This is the time children feel the pinch of facing the real world, having to make decisions on their own and take responsibility for the consequences. Skills learned during this year are very vital because they are ready to face obstacles out there. They make good employees and business owners because they take responsibility whenever possible without being supervised.