The Advantages of Doing Your Editing in Photography


The technology of photo editing has evolved substantially in the last 10 years. Photo editing is no longer a strenuous process. There is new photo editing software that provides professional grade presets and tools to drastically improve the quality of your photos. One of the most powerful editing tools on the market for a photographer has to be Lightroom Presets. Presets allow you to save hours of time editing and be able to create the perfect aesthetic with just a few simple clicks. As a photographer, my work requires me having to use the best photo editing tools available. Many photographers I know, who submit their work in a photo contest, spend a lot of time editing their photos. Lightroom features presets that allow a faster and easier editing process. Photo editing software has drastically broadened the visual landscape as they continue to innovate and create new features to be able to keep up with the continuously changing market. 

Viewing and Organizing your Photos

Lightroom takes photo viewing to another level. I’m sure many people out there can agree that browsing the photos on your hard drive can be a bit slow. RAW files can be painfully slow. It can take up to 30 seconds to process a single file. Many photographers use Lightroom to allow them to browse through their photos more quickly; the program saves all of your photos to a built-in database. The program is able to build previews for each photo to allow you to browse through them easily. Another advantage is it also helps you stay organized by allowing you to permanently save photos in groups.


Photo editing technology has come a long way from brightening the contrast of a photo. You are now able to filter the sky, reduce noise, remove or add shadows to increase saturation, the options are almost endless.

Easy to Use

Unlike a lot of programs out there, Lightroom is extremely easy to navigate. If you’re looking to edit a series of photos together, you can easily edit a stack of photos to give them all the same desired effect. The editing process is fairly simple. It only requires only a few clicks, and the program is semi-automated, cutting your editing time in half.

Brilliant Presets

Lightroom has some of the best presets available; a preset is used to speed up the retouching process. Pre-made presets can be a handy tool for a photographer. They will speed up the editing process and you’ll never have to worry about your editing work varying in quality because you’ll be using the same saved formatting. Many photographers use a semi-customized preset to give their photography a specific look, which others will easily recognize. This can also help establish your brand. You can also choose to edit a pre-made preset, enhancing the colors, to make it one of a kind. You can choose from hundreds of different unique presets including:

  • Oil Canvas Preset: The ability to transform your photo into an oil painting. 
  • Perfect Skin Preset: Allowing you to easily remove a blemish or scar, creating flawless skin.
  • Pro Portrait Lightroom Preset: This preset is great for Instagram models. It’s a great feature for someone who isn’t the most experienced when it comes to editing. It only takes a second to create an absolutely breathtaking portrait.
  • HDR Professional Preset: This will definitely give your photos a more dramatic look by enhancing the light to dark ratio, almost giving your photos the appearance of a graphic illustration or painting.
  • Vintage Lifestyle Presets: This preset will let you take a photo tomorrow, and give it the rusty vintage glow of a photo taken thirty years ago.
  • Foodkit: This preset is great for foodies, bloggers, or anyone looking to take photos of food.

Designing Your Own Presets

If you’re looking for a specific preset that isn’t available, you have the option to design your own. You can easily change the tone, color, contrast and increase or decrease the amount of white and black ratio to the photo; this will allow you to be able to create a unique signature preset that is easily recognizable.