Thank Dating Apps for the Rise in Interracial Couples and Marriages


Although some millennials may be getting sick of the swipe, one positive coming from the increasingly frequent use of dating apps among the younger demographic is a rise in interracial dating and marriages.

Apps have contributed to a spike in interracial marriages since 2014, after the launch of Tinder, which is a positive step for a more progressive and accepting society. The frequency of interracial relationships also increased after OkCupid launched in 2004. Since the creation of dating sites in general, interracial dating has been steadily increasing since the 2000s.

So how exactly have dating apps made interracial dating more common? Several factors, most having to do with expanding demographics in general and gaining access to communities otherwise more difficult to come in contact with in person.

Ditching the Set-Up

You know the deal. You’re single and your friend knows the perfect person who’s also single. More than likely, that’s all you both really have in common. Instead of relying on friends or coworkers to set you up based on proximity or a base of people that can be somewhat narrow, dating apps allow users to dip into a pool of people they perhaps wouldn’t have easy access to. Thus, more interracial relationships have arisen.

Interracial Couples Aren’t Just on the Rise, They’re Stronger Mathematically

After studies were done on how dating apps affected dating, and more specifically interracial dating, the findings showed that interracial marriages weren’t just more common, but also mathematically stronger and longer lasting.

This is due to the fact that dating apps provide users with matches that have similar interests, a better vetting system than in person dating (you can eliminate users that seem creepy, too into themselves or simply not compatible with an easy swipe left), and a quicker and more convenient mode of meeting users you’re interested in.

Dating Outside of Your Ethnic Group is Exciting and New

Constantly dating men or women that look, sound, and think like you can become boring. Interracial dating brings a new level of exploration to your dating life with introductions to new languages, cuisines, and people. While daters may find it hard to fit into a totally different community without the use of the internet, dating apps help them to gain access to people they were attracted to but may have been too nervous to approach.

Not All Dating Apps Make Interracial Dating Easier

Full disclosure: not all dating app users are interested or as open to interracial dating as some. Tinder has the crown, with a large majority of users identifying being open to interracial relationships and/or marriages. Tinder even started a petition to include interracial couple emojis in the keyboard. However, users that are on Bumble and Hinge cite being less open to interracial relationships.

Don’t Fret, You’ve Got Options

There are also apps designed specifically for daters searching for an interracial relationship, like interracial dating. With so many options, no wonder more and more people are choosing dating apps over the old-fashioned way.