Test the online spark offline – Get ready for your first blind date


No matter who you will ask, all of them will tell you that it is nerve wrecking to get ready for a first date. Deciding to go on a date with someone you have been talking online for some time is an overwhelming experience. When you first started talking with them you considered that it is something casual and you did not pay too much attention, but in time feelings started to grow, and you cannot hold your emotions. You may have been talking with countless persons online, but now it is different, you think that they may be the one. With many people the first conversation is also the last, you will not talk to them again, and you will definitely not meet them. But if this online date is working for you, then you should do your best to get the online spark offline, and see if the emotions are as stronger as they are when you are texting each other.

But what can you do to have a successful blind date? How can you protect yourself from crazy people? Here are some tricks on how to get ready for your first offline date.

When should you ask them out?

When you meet someone online, you can easily get caught in the message exchange and your feelings will start developing fast. This is the normal result when you are talking for a long period with someone, especially if they share the same passions as you do. But you should not be swept away by your feelings, you should make sure that you have the same feelings offline. It is advisable not to wait more than two weeks before asking a person to have an offline date. If it will pass more than two weeks, you may idealize your online partner and you may have struggles to realise that they are different in the real life.

Do not worry if you are nervous

It is perfectly normal to have emotions when you have your first date with a person you have been talking online for a period. If it makes you feel better, you should know that your partner probably feels the same stomach butterflies. Even the persons who are having numerous dates have emotions when they have to meet a person for the first time. You will start feeling better, when you will meet them, because you will get into conversation and you will feel more comfortable.

Share your location

It is important to take the needed measures even if you feel that the person you meet is a reliable one. You should tell your friends where you will be and with whom you will meet. Also, you should tag your location on social media, and meet with your date where you have established. If they want to pick you up from home is a chivalrous gesture, but they will find out where you are living and it is not safe they to have this information. If you take this safety measure, you will have no reason to worry.

Be cautious when offering information

When you have texted online, you may have discussed multiple subjects and you may have checked their profile to find out more about them. They probably did the same. But when you meet face to face they will want to know more about you, and they may ask you some personal questions. You should be careful what information you offer them, because there are people who lie when they create their online profiles.

What should you wear during your first date?

When you are getting ready for your first offline date you may want to impress them and you will be tempted to wear the most stunning clothing items from your wardrobe. But you should keep in mind that it is more important to feel comfortable. You want to show them that you are confident and relaxed during your first date. You should wear something that allows you to have fun, and not be worried about the way your outfit looks. Less is more in this case, choose your favourite basic items and create an outfit. In case you are going to a restaurant then you should make sure that the outfit suits the venue.

Go to a coffee shop

The best place where to meet a person you met online is a coffee shop. Choose a coffee shop close to your home, because this is the safest place where you can meet a stranger. If you want to feel safer then you should use a people search app to find out more info about the person you are dating. Coffee shops are always busy, and this is why they are the best meeting place when you want to have a safe date. In case you want to choose a more interesting place, then a wine bar is the right place, but you should not drink too much, because you want to be able to make decisions with a clear mind.

Have a short first date in daylight

Safety comes first when you meet a person, no matter if you have talked with them online for a couple of days. You should not stay more than two hours on your first date. In addition, the date should not take place later than mid-afternoon. It is advisable to avoid late night dinners for the first offline dates. If you will not like your partner, you will not be able to escape so easily from a restaurant dinner, as you would do it if you meet at a coffee shop.

What should you talk about?

During your first date, you will try to know each other better. Even if you have talked before about your passions, this is the perfect occasion to find out more. On the phone or on messenger you may not have time and inspiration to tell everything about your hobbies, but now that you meet in person, you can talk about the things you did not mention online.