Surgical Procedures That Are Medically Safe


When you talk about surgery and being medically safe it starts with the surgeon, the staff, and the clinic or hospital that you choose to use. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that you should do an in-depth check to ensure you are going to a reputable doctor with great references. Become an informed consumer that is completed educated. Research the procedure that you want to do. Research the surgeon and staff that you plan to use for your procedure. Remember that a surgical procedure should only be done by a certified surgeon that can show you examples of his/her work.

All plastic surgery is safe if you are cleared by your doctor. As with any surgery, though, there is always a very small risk of something going wrong. Cosmetic and plastic surgery has become such a refined skill that unless you have an underlying problem, there is no need to fear getting a procedure done. The following list is the most common plastic surgery procedures done, but by no means are they the only ones that are safe.

  1. Liposuction-This is probably the most known type of surgery for men and women. This procedure sucks the fat out of your body by using a small surgical type of device that will remove the unwanted cells. It is a safe procedure that is done in two different ways. The first is tumescent liposuction. It is a procedure where saline solution is injected into the body that works as a pain killer and constricts blood vessels for the length of the surgery. The second is called ultrasonic-assisted liposuction where ultrasonic energy is used to break the fat cells apart. Either way, the procedure is finished off with incisions and removing the fat from the body. The recovery time is as little as a few days before you can go back to work.
  2. Breast augmentation-Out of all the plastic surgery procedures done, this is the one that is completed the most. Enlargement of female breasts can be done for numerous different reasons. They can be improved to make them both the same size. They can be enlarged for more appeal. They can be replaced if one has had to be removed. Sometimes when young women turn into adults their breasts do not form at all. These are all reasons that this type of surgery has been increasing every year. The procedure is done so often at the plastic surgery clinic in Ottawa that it is commonplace with most plastic surgeons. Something done every day, over and over, is going to be safe for most women.
  3. Blepharoplasty-Eyelid shaping is another popular surgery that is conducted to not only shape eyelids and the areas around them, but to make it possible for people in medical need to be able to see. Eyelids sometimes are enlarged, or sagging, to the point of making it impossible for the patient to see correctly. This plastic surgery repair will make the eyelids smaller, firmer, and allow the eyes to work properly. This is a safe, common procedure performed on men and women throughout the world.
  4. Abdominoplasty-This procedure is commonly called a tummy tuck. The skin that has loosened around the stomach and abdomen is removed and tightened to make the appearance more normal. Losing, and gaining, and losing again can cause this type of loose skin, as well as age or accidents. This procedure is commonly done after liposuction because the skin has not had the time to slowly reduce and tighten. When you loose fat fast you will have flaps of skin present. This surgical procedure is also done so often that it is a basic process for most plastic surgeons. The more a procedure is done, the safer it is.
  5. Rhytidectomy-This is a facelift. As we age the skin on the face will get loose and start to sag. This procedure perks things up and makes you look younger. People that have lost a lot of weight, and it shows in the face, may also want to get this type of surgery. Each area on the face and head can be a different type of surgery, but for this article we can simply say that once again this is a very common procedure. It is safely done in clinics and hospitals around the world.

There are many more procedures that can be done by plastic, or cosmetic, surgeons. Sometimes these procedures must be done because of accidents or unnatural causes, while others can be done voluntarily to improve appearances. Some of them are even done to improve your way of life. No matter the reason. No matter the procedure. The surgeons of today have perfected the processes to a point of making the procedures safe and effective.