77 Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas for Ink Lovers Everywhere


Sun and moon tattoos are pretty popular. So popular in fact that I bet we all have a tattoo enthusiast buddy who contemplated getting one at least once. Because they’re gorgeous, eye-catching, and choke full of meaning. The sun represents masculine energy, while the moon is a symbol for feminine mystery. When these two elements are united in one design, it’s perceived as a union of two opposites that came together in peaceful unity. The sun rises every day to heat and light the planet, while the moon illuminates the sky at night. Both these elements are crucial to achieve balance and stability. They’re like yin and yang, only way cuter.

If you’re thinking about getting a sun and moon tattoo yourself, you’re in luck. There are plenty of designs to choose from. Alternatively, you can get creative and come up with your own, but you should definitely browse through our ideas below. Who knows, one of these designs might speak to you.


When it comes to sun and moon tattoos, you have three options: you can get only one, opt for two separate designs for each element, or combine the two in one fabulous piece of body art. In this case, the wearer went for the second option, and it looks pretty great. We applaud the placement.


I’ve always loved upper back tattoos, and this one is no exception. The sun is a powerful element, so it deserves to be displayed proudly.


Is it just or does this sun looks playful and whimsical? Its rays also make for a pretty fancy hairstyle.


Our first example of an intermingled sun and moon tattoo. The quality of the picture isn’t very high, but the quality of the design can’t be denied.


This is a piece of body art that combines multiple elements, and does so with grace. I especially dig the flower in the middle


The execution of this design is simply mesmerizing. The moon looks extremely feminine, while the sun is basically boosting with testosterone. Lovely.


Sun and moon tattoos can also signify love and marriage, so getting such a design as a couple can be an awesome idea.

The roles seemed to have turned here – the sun in the feminine presence, while the moon is cuddling her gently with masculine affection. It still looks great; plus, those cute stars complete the romantic setting.


Lower-back tattoos aren’t really my cup of tea, but sometimes they work. Like here, where the sun and the moon are engaged in a passionate kiss. Wonderful.


The moon looks pretty serious in this tattoo, while the sun is more playful. As I’ve already said, regardless of what gender you attribute to these two elements, they still represent opposites.


Another design where the two elements are embraced, signifying the intensity of their union.


The wearer went for separate tattoos for the sun and the moon, with a common these. Geometry is big in tattoo design at the moment, so I’m loving this take on the classic sun and moon concept.


Remember what I’ve said about yin and yang? The wearer of this tattoo probably shares my philosophy. Kudos for the perfect placement.


Here’s a more stylized (and colorful!) design. It really catches you eye, doesn’t it?


Matching tattoos are a great idea for couples of friends who also love getting inked. Case and point. You can’t go wrong with a matching sun and moon design, to emphasize how pure and deep your connection is.


Getting a sun and moon tattoo and a peace sign sends a clear signal: the wearer is all about diplomacy and unity. I applaud her.


Similar to a picture, a tattoo can say more than a thousand words. Such a strong embrace of the elements, for instance, can symbolize acceptance, completeness, homogeneity. I’ll let you pick one.


These tattoos are similar, but not quite matching. Another great idea for when you want to get inked with your partner or a friend: instead of picking matching designs, go for a common theme.


I love the colors here! The designs seem so artsy and full of life.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Processed with Rookie Cam

The artist paid great attention to detail here, and it paid off. The end result is stunning, to say the least.


The moon here seems kind of fed up with the sun shenanigans. Remember what I said about opposites?


Such a great symbol for duality! The sun looks split in two, so it might suggest the wearer’s own inner battle between two opposite forces.


This design includes the two symbols, but it’s highly stylized. No worries, the meaning is still here. Plus, it looks very interesting, and even a bit 3D if you’re looking from the right angle.



Not sure what’s going on with the tattoo on the left, but we’re focused on the other one for the purpose of this (hopefully entertaining) listicle. A playful design with a wonderful execution. Absolutely amazing.


A lot of people go for sun and moon tattoos and include them in a larger theme. This is a good idea when you’re thinking about getting a full-sleeve tattoo, for instance.


The shadows in this design are on point. And the stars give it a bit of an edge, don’t you agree?


Simple, elegant, impactful.


Another stylization of the theme, with amazing results. I love the combination of geometry, shadows and symbols. It’s effortless, and yet very impressive.


The sun’s rays are very well-crafted here, and the way the little stars add a whole new level to the all piece is worthy of a little applause.


They love each other so much that they just don’t want to let go. As a companion to the gorgeous design, the quote is on point.


A simple, yet dazzling design that proves you don’t need to overcomplicate things to get great results.


The sun is black, the moon is white, the rays are perfect. Conclusion? This design is uber-pretty.


A mixture of symbols that go well together and some good use of colors make for a memorable and eye-catching design.


Splendid use of color. I am in awe.


The stars look almost sparkling, don’t they?


The idea is simple, the execution is wonderful, and the details are mesmerizing. I like the placement as well, so this is pretty much perfect from my point of view.


As you can see, getting the moon on one arm and the sun on the other is a pretty popular option, probably because it works so well.


Palm tattoos are tricky, and not everyone can pull them off. In this case it works though, as the wearer’s palm looks like the perfect canvas for this lovely body art.


How cool is this one? Similar to the stylized one from above, it’s very suggesting and well-crafted.


Another upper-back design, because I can never get enough of these. The sun a bit mutated here, but I still dig it.


The devil is in the details, the saying goes. It applies to body art as well. I love the shadows and style elements here.



Points for the placement, extra points for the amazing details.


I am a sucker for colorful designs, so I wholeheartedly approve this. It’s sooooo pretty.


A pretty basic tattoo, combining the sun and the moon with the arrow symbol, which stands for strength and moving forward.


Minimal and gorgeous. The lines are perfect, while the shadows give the design a bit of an edge.


Blue and orange go well together, as do the two elements. The splashes of color are a welcome addition to an otherwise basic design.


Yes, I will showcase as many upper back tattoos as possible, because they’re as stunning as body art gets.


Another example of how matching tattoos go well together even when they’re not identical.


Tiny, cute, and very appealing.


This is an impressive design, which not only includes the sun and the moon, but also a gorgeous flower that serves as shelter for the two. Lovely.


The moon seems to be whispering sweet nothings in the sun’s ear. Probably a declaration of love, ‘cause the two look great next to each other.


Another minimal design to show you that you don’t need complicated patterns for an impressive piece of body art. The placement is particularly inspired.


Speaking of patterns, this design uses them well.


If this design doesn’t scream love and unity, I don’t know what does. I love the shadows.


The moon is elegant and feminine, while the sun is almost menacing. Quite the contrast.


If the tattoo doesn’t send the message, the caption of this pic surely will.


A subtle use of color is always welcome, and the addition of the stars was a good idea. I’m gushing over that paw though.


A Goth tattoo to showcase the fact that sun and moon tattoos can cater to all tastes, just in case you still had doubts about that.


Dramatic, whimsical, interesting. Three words that describe this body art perfectly.


Another rendition of the yin and yang theme featuring our two elements. Gorgeous.


A mixture of symbols and styles which comes together nicely. Is it a cock? Is it a compass? Is it a modern painting? I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.


The sun looks a bit tired, but the moon is more than eager to carry it. Aww, so cute.


Very similar to the one above, and just as attractive.


The elements are bejeweled, which only makes them look even fancier.


24. Kudos to the artist for their amazing attention to detail. Flawless execution.


One more take on the classic sun and moon embrace, showing that this tattoo looks good pretty much anywhere.




There are plenty of ways in which you can make a sun and moon tattoo unique. You just need to be open to the idea of working closely with the artist to make sure the end result will be just what you were hoping for.


Day versus night, sun versus moon, yin versus yang.


Minimal, simple, perfect.


On the opposite side, a very detailed and well-crafted masterpiece.


They look alike, but they don’t quite match. And yet, they go great together.


Interesting placement for this amazing and eye-catching design.


The sun and the moon are black and white, but that small piece of universe is very colorful. Once again suggesting contrast and unity.


Another take on the classic sun and moon tattoo: make it day versus night.


The little birds give bring this seemingly basic design to the next level.


Perfect match.

Sun and moon tattoos symbolize the union of opposites. There’s good and bad in everyone, so getting a tattoo celebrating the union between these two elements can be a great reminder of how important it is to find balance in life. Plus, a sun and moon tattoo will never go out of style. It’s a classic for a reason.