Strategy For Crafting Your Best College Essay


For as long as you’ll have an academic career, writing essays will be non-negotiable as one of the primary markers of success and competence in the academic world.  If mastery in this area of your college life isn’t at the top of your to do list, it should be.  There’s no escaping the necessity of turning in quality academic writing.  Here are a few tried and true strategies to boost your essay writing, your grades and your confidence in academia.

Start as early as possible

Although it is tempting to procrastinate the ever-intimidating writing process, the odds are in your favor if you start as early as possible.  Waiting until the last minute will put you at a strategical disadvantage and the likelihood of producing a well written paper declines the closer you get to the deadline.  The fact is that not giving the assignment enough time takes away from the time allotted to actually put pen to paper, but it also deprives you of being able to exercise other important essay writing strategies.  Leave time for paper revisions, to seek help from the professor or in the case that something, such as an illness, comes up as it sometimes does.

Start informed

Today, the opportunity to research almost any topic is practically right at our fingertips.  Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal and inform yourself well on the topic at hand.  Doing so will give you sufficient content to draw supported ideas and arguments from, and will result in a much more knowledgeable voice for your essay.  Researching your own viewpoint as well as the opposing viewpoint can help you analyze your ideas and test your own arguments for validity and reason. Using this tactic can differentiate your college essays from others, and provide the will also help cut out any fluff or filler words and arguments that may make your college essay sound less academic.

No pressure

For most college writers, the most intimidating part of the process is simply beginning.  Organization of thoughts and arguments is crucial to composing an above average college essay, so resist the urge to jump right in.  Creating a rough outline or informal diagram will help organize your ideas without the pressure of actually beginning the essay just yet.  Even if individually these initial ideas are not cohesive, they will get you to start thinking about the subject matter and making connections between ideas.  Once you have written out as much information as you can, incorporating a more structured outline will help continue to ease you into your essay.


Refer to your prompt often

Tune into key words like “discuss” or “explain” that tell you exactly what the content of your paper needs to address.  Referring back to the specific demands of the assignment frequently can assist you in staying on topic.  Even in the beginning stages of your outline or diagram, keep in mind the purpose of the paper and stay on task.  This one may sound like a no brainer, but it can be easy to find yourself led astray exploring different viewpoints and angles to your argument.  If necessary, ask for clarification from your instructor as to what is expected by words such as “analyze” or “discuss,” which can sometimes lead to misinterpretation.

Seek feedback or writing assistance

As with anything challenging, it is highly recommended that you enlist the help and advice of others.  You have many options here, including asking fellow classmates to peer review your writing, consulting the instructor and asking if they will revise a draft of your essay, etc.  On the other hand, seeking a professional writing service to edit or even write your academic essay, will ensure that you turn in the best quality writing possible. This true custom writing service for students has helped thousands of college students by providing excellent custom essay writing with unlimited revisions and professional, highly qualified writers.   Using all the resources at your disposal and calling upon assistance can make a substantial difference in the quality of the final draft of your college essay.

Revise your paper with fresh eyes

Spending too much time looking at your paper will likely keep you from being able to see errors or flaws in logic.  Take some time away from your paper and return with fresh eyes to do the final revision.  Even throughout the writing process, it can be helpful to take a step back and renew the mind.

Add these strategies to your arsenal of academic knowledge and you are well on your way to crafting a great college essay!