Spend Yourself Wealthy! 4 Splurges that are Actually Shrewd Investments


If you’re the sort of person who enjoys the finer things in life, striking a balance between enjoying a comfortable life and a healthy bank balance can be tricky to achieve. But if you’re prepared to take risks, the things you buy can actually wind up giving you a sweet investment in the long run! Forget bitcoin; if you want to discover how to get more long-term value from the things you buy rather than live in the here and now, read on to discover our guide to luxe and premium items which will actually hold their value and make a worthwhile investment.

High-end Tech

Top-of-the-line gadgets tend to be highly desirable and hold a reasonable shelf-life in terms of value, too. The beauty of the ‘designer brand electronics’ such as Apple products is that even when they’re a couple of years old, their value rarely dips too much below the original purchase price. Must-have electronics such as the latest model iPhone or MacBook and Beats by Dre headphones tend to hold value more than their Android and PC-based companions because of the ‘prestige factor,’ so they’re definitely a smart investment if you’re thinking about buying a new gadget that you intend to replace within a year or two.

Designer Handbags

While they can cost thousands of dollars in the initial outlay, the good news about owning a designer handbag or luggage is that they have a high resale value. If you have the means to invest in a classic Chanel purse or the legendary Birkin bag (a bag so sought-after that customers need to join a waiting list just to be able to buy it), you’ll be pleased to hear that these bags seldom lose their value provided they’re kept in the best possible condition. Be sure to store your designer bags properly and hold on to all of the original packaging (including authenticity certificates and dust bags), as throwing these components away can greatly reduce the value.

A Quality Timepiece

Much like bags and gadgets, luxury watches are another aspirational item that can prove to be a worthwhile investment if you pick wisely. Since luxury watches are built to last, this means that you don’t have to buy a completely new timepiece to get something that holds its worth. For those who can’t afford a top-of-the-line watch, secondhand sites such as Chrono24 offer a wealth of options at different price points to get you started, and buying an established or well-known brand such as Tissot can also yield a healthy return on your investment.

Gold Jewellery

In recent years, gold has seen an upwards surge in value. These days, buying gold jewelry of any kind is a surefire investment because the metal can be sold as scrap when no longer needed. It’s important to ensure your gold is properly authenticated and hallmarked at the point of purchase, so check out this guide to understanding the hallmarks of authenticity.