Spam Protection — Easy Tricks to Make Your Life Easier


You have probably heard of spam and know how acute this problem is. It is time to have it addressed to reduce any risks posed to your business. Spam protection is what you are to employ. It is an email filtering strategy targeted toward sorting out/ blocking/ deleting unwanted emails (advertising, fraudulent content).

There are two stages to protecting mail on the server from spam, no matter if you are using a CleanTalk email checker or any other solution:

  1. Protection at the receiving stage — block performed by the mail server. Spam email just doesn’t land on the server;
  2. Spam filtering after receiving — The entry is downloaded and analyzed. Based on the results of the verification, it is sent either to the “inbox” or to the “basket.”

The CleanTalk control panel has functions for working with spam in the first and second stages. Let’s figure out how to handle the process.

Receiving-Stage Filtering

System blacklists include the IP addresses from which spam is sent. Emails sent from these addresses will be rejected. To add an address to the blacklist, navigate to the control panel, go to the Anti-spam section, click “Blacklist,” and press the “Create” button.

Gray lists work by the principle of delaying incoming letters. For each letter from the address list, the server does everything that it could not receive the message. Conscientious senders repeat the sending after a while. Spammers ignore such messages and continue to send letters to new addresses.

The disadvantage of such an approach is that emails will arrive with a delay of 15 minutes to 1 day depending on the settings of the sending server. To add an address to the gray list, in the control panel, go to the Anti-spam section, navigate to Whitelist (Greylisting) ribbon, and click the “Create” button. The above methods will allow you to filter out up to 90% of spam at the stage of delivery to the mailbox.

Filtering Received Messages

Already delivered mail can be marked out using content analysis tools, for example, using the SpamAssassin program. This product allows adding corresponding lines to the message headers, and the user, according to the special algorithms. On top of that, based on mail filters in the mail client, the solution can move mail to the necessary folders of the mail program.

You can enable SpamAssassin on the mail server in the CleanTalk panel under the Settings ribbon. Just select the term Mail server and click the “Change” button in the panel. In the window that opens, check the box next to SpamAssassin and save the changes. The program will start working; the spam detection algorithm will improve independently over time.