26 Smiley Piercing Pics for Deviant Looks + Care Tips!


This isn’t your traditional piercing. Feel that little piece of flesh connecting your top lip to your gums? That’s called the upper labial frenulum. If you were to ask a specialist to pierce it, you’d have to ask for a “smiley piercing”. The name derives from its resemblance to a smiley face – when two balls from the curved barbell stick out from under the lip while you smile. Hence, the smiley piercing. It can also be called a scrumper piercing, depending on who’s asking.

A Smiley Piercing Procedure
smiley p (26)
It’s true that many people decide to do their own piercings at home, but for this specific one, it’s recommended that you don’t  for several reasons. You need to be highly accurate in its placement, otherwise it’s very easy to accidentally rip the delicate frenulum. That could lead to tons of bleeding and a trip to the doctor for a surgical procedure to fix it. We don’t want that. Any piercing done at home always has a higher risk of infection. Licensed piercers have their work materials ready and sterilized, reducing the probability of infection.

Rejection & Mitigation

This is another reason why the piercing should be worn sparingly after the initial hole heals. The frenulum is a very thin piece of flesh, and chances are, the piercing is going to be rejected by your body and mitigate downward. In any instance where the flesh that’s pierced is thin, the piercing will mitigate. When it does concerning a smiley piercing, the changes of tooth enamel wear and gum recession increases. So, take it out when you sleep and when you don’t plan on showing it off.

Tips On Post-Piercing Treatment

Generally, when you get a piercing, you should be given a guide by your piercing specialist on how to take proper care of it. But in case you’re wondering, here are a few pointers on what you should expect regarding post-care once getting your smiley piercing.

1) Keep your mouth clean! After every meal, it’s recommended you brush your teeth gently or use an alcohol-free mouthwash. Bringing us to our second tip.

2) Use alcohol-free mouth wash! Alcohol dries out our mouths and can irritate the newfound hole in our mouth. When using alcohol-free mouth wash, combine it with water – 50/50 – so that you’re not overdoing it. If you use mouthwash too often, and in large amounts – even alcohol-free – you can still cause irritation.

3) When your piercing feels irritated, use a sea-salt mouth rinse. Dissolve 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into one 8 oz. cup of warm bottled or distilled water. Swish around in your mouth for a good 30 seconds gently and spit out, then, repeat. Don’t use more salt than recommended, otherwise it could slow the healing process.

If at any time you feel you’ve developed an infection, don’t hesitate to see your piercer first to ensure it’s an infection or potentially just irritation accompanying the healing process. Your piercer may be able to recommend a doctor that’s known for treating piercing infections.

9 Things You Should Not Do With A Smiley Piercing

Be careful when deciding to get a smiley piercing – you should never keep them in for long. They have the potential of eroding the enamel off your teeth as the metal rubs against them, as well as causing your gums to recede. When getting this piercing, allow it to heal, then take it out every now and then to keep your teeth and gums happy. Here are nine more tips on how to keep your newfound smiley piercing healthy:

1) Don’t play with oral jewelry with your tongue!
2) Don’t eat spicy foods until it’s fully healed! Yes, spicy foods cause major irritation and can lead to infection.
3) No kissing! You don’t need someone else’s saliva in your mouth while you’ve got a newfound piercing trying to heal. Germs are a no!
4) No smoking! Anything. At all. It will increase your risk of infection and take longer for the piercing to heal.
5) Don’t drink alcohol! It’s the same as the mouthwash – it will dry out your mouth and cause potential infection.
6) Don’t put anything in your mouth besides food! That’s right, don’t chew on the end of a pen or put your fingers (or anyone else’s) in your mouth! Again – the germ factor!
7) Don’t share! That means drinks and food. You don’t want to get anyone’s germs in your piercing and you don’t want to give them yours.
8) Avoid long conversations. This will be easy for all you introverts out there. Seriously though, if you have a smiley piercing in while its healing you can irritate it to the point of pain by talking too much. It isn’t recommended you argue, either.
9) Here’s a no-brainer. No oral sex.

26 Smiley Piercing Photos

And now, the long awaited 26 pictures of some awesome looking smiley piercings! You’ll see that they look great paired with other piercings and look amazing with tattoos.

1.  Triple or Quadruple Take?
smiley p (19)Our first example of a smiley piercing is paired with a triple tongue piercing! And don’t forget the nose ring… If you’re a piercing junkie, a smiley piercing is a must-get since it adds two little shimmering barbells to your collection right within your smile.

2. Sweetly Hidden Smiley
smiley p (20)This girl isn’t afraid to smile and show off her piercing. You don’t have to be a piercing junkie to necessarily enjoy a smiley piercing. It looks great when smiling, even when you don’t have any other piercings on your face. It can be wonderful to have for those of us that crave an edge to our fashion but don’t want to risk getting a piercing on our face and scarring our appearance or breaking rules at work or school.

3. Addition to a Lip Twist
smiley p (21)A single lip piercing is fun, especially with a winding ring such as the one seen here. Adding a smiley piercing enhances the personality of your smile and will have on-lookers taking a second glance at you. If you pull yourself back and look at this picture from a distance, it really does look like a smiley face is smiling at you, the little barbells are the eyes! Deviant!

4. Red Stained Bullet Shells
smiley p (22)Silver little balls that hang in between red-stained lips gives off an elusive vampire appeal, as if you crave the metallic taste of blood. You can experiment with different shades of lipstick to see which one really sets the piercing off and makes your appearance more enhanced. We enjoy the appeal of red, since its a vivid contrast with the silver. You can also choose a different color of barbell to pair with your lips.

5. A Hidden Eye
smiley p (23)Smiley piercings don’t always have to have a curved barbell hanging from them. You can choose to have a full circle with a gem hanging from it. Here, the gem within resembles an eye and will spark curiosity in your audience. Is that your third eye? But it’s in your mouth!

6. Accompanying a Nose Ring
smiley p (24)You don’t have to be a rocker chick or into emo fashion to sport around a smiley piercing. This piercing can be for anyone, and looks great when paired with a nose ring and a brilliant shade of lipstick.

7. Paired with the Tongue’s Web
smiley p (25)These two piercings look like best friends! The frenulum is sometimes referred to the upper lip’s webbing – just like the piece of flesh that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth is referred to the tongue’s web. Getting both of these pierced is a rare site indeed, and looks like the two were meant to be together.

8 Spiked and Prowling
smiley p (27)Instead of having the rounded curved barbells, you can replace the balls with spikes to have a more edgy look that gives you the growl you’re looking for. This look is great for outings of a darker appeal.

 9. Smiley, Double-Nose, Eyebrow
smiley p (1)Here is another great example of a smiley piercing that doesn’t include the barbells, but a gemmed ring instead. It doesn’t necessarily have to make you look darker, more rocker, or a subculture of those types. This girl has a softer look and upbeat appeal that’s natural, yet she enjoys the beauty of piercings too. A smiley piercing looks wonderful with double nose piercings.

10. Night Out on the Town
smiley p (2)Since we don’t recommend wearing a smiley piercing at all times, it should at least be worn to any special event you have planned! If you’re going out for a night on the town or some kind of fabulous event, don’t be worried to put that piercing back in!

11. Red-Lipped Beauty
smiley p (3)Again, the smiley piercing looks incredible with deep red lipstick, bringing out the seen of the barbell against your teeth. Paired with a single nose ring gives your face a soft look and majestic feel, almost foreign.

12. Emo Rocking Smiley
smiley p (4)You don’t have to use silver barbells – you can choose colors of any kind! Here we have black, which transforms the wearer and her style. Switching up colors is great for someone that loves to change their style daily and enjoys matching their piercings to their outfits.

13. Golden Spikes
smiley p (5)You can always match your barbell to any outfit or even your nails. A golden, spiked barbell for your smiley piercing is a little more elegant yet still edgy, making your on-lookers take a second glance at your smile. If you’re normally calm and collected, this piercing will definitely grab attention and you’ll be smiling for days. Just be careful not to smile too much so that it doesn’t end up hurting your newfound piercing!

14. Lone, Elegant Smiley
smiley p (6)If you don’t want any piercings on your face that are exposed, preventing you from getting a job or just upsetting your parents or a loved one – a smiley piercing might be the right piercing for you. You can keep it in when you’re with friends, and take it out when you’re around anyone that doesn’t approve. It can be the piercing that you keep a secret!

15. Smiley with Fashion Statement
smiley p (7)Smiley piercings naturally add style and edge to your fashion statement, but combine it with tattoos that enhance the balls of the barbell and you’ll have your audience gazing at you in awe.

16. Shiny Lure of Teeth
smiley p (8)Here’s another great example of someone that didn’t want any piercings on their face, but wanted the edge in their style. She’s sporting the smiley piercing yet can keep her job without any problems and without scarring her face.

17. Subtle Snips of Silver
smiley p (9)Depending on how big your frenulum is, you can ask to have it positioned perfectly with your smile so that when you do smile, just the small edges of the balls show against your teeth for that shimmery effect you’re after. This specific piercing looks more elegant, with natural lips and the bells seemingly like little droplets of water reflecting on her teeth.

18. The Teeth Have Eyes!
smiley p (10)If your frenulum is a bit lower, the curved barbell will hang a little lower. The result? For some, it will give the effect of your teeth having eyes! This is especially great during Halloween, and a piercing for the holiday will definitely get your spirits into the scare of the season.

19. Enjoy the Rocker Stance
smiley p (11)This rocker chick likes to show off her piercing, even at the store. But remember, we don’t recommend wearing it when you don’t have to. Too much wear will cause the enamel on your teeth to wear down and create little craters in your teeth where cavities can hide. If your gums recede from too much wear, it has the potential of making your teeth fall out! Wear with care!

20. Braces and a Smiley?!
smiley p (12)Be careful when deciding on getting a smiley piercing while having braces. Ensure that the piercing doesn’t hang too low to where it touches the braces and rubs against them – it could cause problems regarding the expensive braces and you don’t want an added medical bill to fix the problems that arise.

21. Shy but Trendy
smiley p (13)Even those of us that are shy about our smile can get this piercing. It will inspire us to smile more freely, showing off our adventurous side. If you don’t have a particular style and are more of a chameleon when it comes to trends, smiley piercings look great with any outfit, any time, for any occasion.

22. Adding to the Collection
smiley p (14)Some people thrive on piercings and enjoy their beauty at every stage of life. But sometimes, we want to keep our piercings without having the added negative effects of scars or being let go from a great job/work position. Maybe we even want a promotion but can’t get it because of our shown piercings. This is where the smiley piercing and inner nose piercings come in handy. You can put them in when you’re out with your friends and twirl them around so they can’t be seen at the office or completely take them out without the normal scarring you’d naturally see.

23. Big & Little Bull Smiles
smiley p (15)It’s the bull’s piercing and the smiley piercing! Don’t they look great together? They mirror one another and spice up your looks. And if you’ve got a fun side, which we’re sure you do, you can take fun pictures such as this one with your newfound piercing.

24. Cherry Drops
smiley p (16)Have a little fun and head to the piercing parlor where you’ll find a variety of different barbells and rings for your newest piercing addition. You can mix and match your piercings so that you can wear them properly with a cute outfit that matches!

25. A Match Made in Heaven
smiley p (17)How cute! Smiley piercings aren’t just for girls, guys enjoy sporting them as well. They’re especially great for guys that don’t like facial piercings but are a little adventurous and want to try something different. This couple looks like they decided to get the piercing together – or maybe they met and were a match made in heaven!

26. Rock-Chic and Gorgeous
smiley p (18)
This woman is enjoying her smiley piercing while showing off her awesome ink. The smiley piercing looks great on any of us that have tats we want to show off, adding a little extra edge to our style! It enhances our smile, makes us more confident in our looks, and has us wanting to show off our amazing fashion abilities.

The Pain of a Smiley Tattoo

After seeing these piercings, you might be wondering now, how much is this smiley piercing going to hurt when I decide to get one? Luckily, the flesh being pierced is very thin and the needle that will pierce is won’t hurt very much. Those that get the piercing usually state that the clamps are more uncomfortable than the piercing – and that the sound of the needle pushing through the frenulum is more shocking than the actual pain they receive from the needle. So, don’t be afraid of trying this particular piercing out! It’s easy, if done by a professional, and won’t cause too much pain during the process. Just remember to keep your mouth clean and to take good care of your gums and teeth.