Why Wearing Custom Socks To Bed Is Good For You


Benefits of Wearing Socks to Bed

After the all-day socks wearing, we usually prefer to stay with bare feet, just to let them rest a little bit. Sox fulfill various functions during the day – they make our feet feel comfortable in shoes and do not let footwear to wipe them, they heat and prevent sweating if they are good quality of course. Although we owe socks so much, we take them off before we go to bed. But is it a good move? Scientists claim, wearing sox while sleeping brings us many benefits. We can think that such a habit would make feet sweat. But, in fact, it regulates the human body temperature. It turns out it does not matter if it is cotton or woolen socks. Our temperature goes down at night so it is important to care about its appropriate level. When our feet are warmed up, blood vessels distend and then the skin becomes warmer. In turn, it leads to the faster falling asleep.   Another situation when sleeping in sox is good for us is when middle-aged women have hot flashes because of their menopause. Socks on feet help in lowering the body’s temperature, so then flushes will disappear more easily.  So, as was said earlier, it is not important what socks we have on feet. An essential thing is sox should be made of natural materials, so to feet don’t overheat. Also, patterns aren’t crucial in that. We can even sleep in custom pet socks if it will help us.

You fall asleep faster

Our core body temperature is regulated by the biological clock. it controls the sleeping time and makes us feel sleepy at night and awake in the morning. When we begin to fall asleep, the temperature of our body decreases about 1-2 degrees. And then, if we sleep with socks, it may help us with temperature regulation cycles.  Sleep is a very important time in our day. If we don’t provide the body with enough sleep, we will feel tired during the next day and our condition won’t be satisfying. Good health requires 7 to 8 hours asleep per day, so we should take care of it, even if it means wearing funny or unfashionable socks in bed.

Helping with Raynaud’s symptoms

Raynaud’s disease is characterized by constantly cold limbs. Symptoms occur when we froze a lot or we are stressed and under pressure. Raynaud’s is an illness that affects blood vessels. During the attack, they narrow and blood circulation to our limbs is restricted. When symptoms increase, feet and hands become really cold and we have problems in moving them, they are stiff. They can turn their color into white or even blue sometimes. It can scare but it isn’t very dangerous. But we should be under the doctor’s observation. There are some things we can do to alleviate those symptoms. Wearing socks while sleeping is one and the simplest of them. Sox make feet warm so they don’t turn cold so easily. Moreover, the warmth we keep makes our muscles relaxed and it is another way to faster asleep.  What we should remember about wearing socks in bed is that they can’t be too tight. The reason is the compression on our skin will be too big, blood vessels will be compressed, blood will not reach limbs and they will be cold in the result.