Simple and Universal Rules for Accelerating Nail Growth in Home Conditions


Beauty and health lifestyle go hand in hand. If we want to have beautiful skin, eyes, hair, and nails, we must embrace healthy lifestyle. However, many people prefer beauty products available in the market to nourish the skin and hair. But managing beautiful nails is really challenging. You cannot grow them beautifully with various products. Here, we have summarized some important tips that will help you to grow your nails and maintain them beautifully.

But don’t forget about hand health as well. This is especially true for girls. What to do if negative environmental factors negatively affect the health and growth of nails? Proven tips from stylists and doctors will come to the rescue. Let’s discuss the main nuances affecting nail growth.

1. Healthy Eating

The root of the main problem lies in the wrong diet. In modern society, a real weight loss fever is raging. Thoughtful ladies consult with specialists and draw up schedules for sports activities and balanced diets, but many girls simply starve themselves. Their bodies lack essential vitamins and minerals. Result: illness, fatigue, loss of hair and teeth, as well as a monstrous condition of the nails. Let’s be honest: a man would rather pay attention to a healthy beauty with a couple of extra pounds than to a bald, toothless slender woman with yellow nails and an ever-hungry expression on her face.

2. Delicate Grooming: Circumcision and Filing

Many girls make a tactical grooming mistake. The file and trim their nails just before taking water treatments or before making a hand bath. What’s the bottom line? After cutting and filing, microcracks form on the nails, into which water enters. This destroys the structure of the nail, which affects its health. Thus, you need to file them and trim them properly.

However, if you are a lady who has to work on computer keyboards and mobile phones, you need to have proper trim and grooming by maintaining the proper shape of the nails. For instance, if you play games at sites like on your PC or mobile phone, you need to have proper nail shapes. Long nails would not be suitable here.

3. Bad Habits

Of course, smoking will not add to your health, so it is better to give it up. However, there is a much more harmful habit for nails. You’ve probably noticed that many, even in adulthood, continue to bite their nails. Not only does it look disgusting and is a terrible unsanitary condition, but these rodents also spoil their nails. Also, do not use your nails when cleaning food during cooking, and do not open the lids of the cans with them, otherwise, cracks will appear on the plate.

4. Water Balance

As the hero of one film used to say: “Without water, neither there nor here.” We all know to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Not tea, not juice, not latte or soda, but pure drinking water. And how many people follow this rule? Units! No matter what you do, no matter how much money you spend on expensive care products, dehydration will negate all your efforts. But drinking a few glasses of water a day is the cheapest, fastest, and most useful way to improve the condition and growth of nails!

5. Proper Assimilation of Nutrients

Since we are talking about calcium, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the fact that certain nuances contribute to its rapid elimination from the body. It is believed that frequent drinking of coffee washes out calcium. How can this be prevented? Doctors advise eating bananas! You should also pay attention to how you eat fresh vegetables. In their pure form, they are poorly absorbed by the intestines, which removes most of them from the body in vain, without extracting useful substances from the products. That is why it is important to add a small amount of fat to salads: a little sour cream or vegetable oil. When preparing fresh vegetable juices, drip a couple of drops of olive oil into a glass.

6. Hand Hygiene

Always wear gloves when gardening or washing dishes. Dirt and chemicals negatively affect the health of the nail plates, depriving them of shine and inhibiting growth. And don’t listen to the advertisements that dish soap and hand cream will make your skin beautiful. Hand cream is a hand cream. A detergent is a detergent that removes grease from dishes. And you don’t have to sculpt them into one pile.