Side Hustle Ideas: Tips to Make Money During the Pandemic 


The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the country and globe. It has caused businesses to shut down and reopen, people to change the way they work, and has altered what is thought of as “normal,” forever.

If you have been affected by the pandemic and need new and effective ways to make money, consider a side hustle. Some of the best side hustles to try can be found here.

Sell Jewelry Online

With people being forced to stay at home, they are buying more and more items online. Now is the time to capitalize on this. You can make your own jewelry or take a simpler approach and buy from wholesale jewelry suppliers and resell them. This is a great way to get new jewelry you can wear and to make some money.

Walk Dogs

This has always been a great side hustle for individuals who love animals and who love animals. Today, you can use an array of apps to find people looking for dog walkers near you. While the actual price you cost will vary, you can expect to make around $14 per hour. Just remember, the app you use will likely take a cut from every job you get.

To help reduce the risk of coronavirus, be sure to maintain the proper social distancing protocols. This includes standing six feet away from the pet owners and people you may encounter while walking the dogs.

Online Tutoring Services

More and more children are learning at home because of COVID-19. These individuals need help in many cases, and this is help that most parents cannot provide. If you have the right credentials, you can sign up as an online tutor. Today, tutors are needed for virtually every subject you can think of. Also, there are sites and apps you can use to connect with people looking for a tutor.

Help People Relocating

People are relocating throughout the year. These people need help getting from point A to point B. If you own a van or pickup truck and can lift heavy loads, you can share your services and make money. Even if you don’t have your own truck, you can sign up and be the muscle for someone’s move.

Like with the dog walking services, be sure to follow the social distancing recommendations and use hand sanitizer as much as possible.

Let Others Know About a Business

Do you love telling other people about your favorite products, services, and businesses? If so, you can now make money doing this. One site that provides this is Drum, where Drummers share promotions via email or social media. If something is sold, the Drummers receive a percentage of the sale.

Word of mouth advertising is still an effective way to increase brand visibility. Modern brands are willing to invest money to make this happen.

Deliver Groceries

Thanks to coronavirus, grocery delivery is now a popular process. You can become a grocery delivery person and make up to $22 per hour. Take some time to consider the apps that are available that will let you do this.

Making Money During a Pandemic

When it comes to making money during a pandemic, there are several side hustles that you can engage in. Take some time to consider what would be right for you, your schedule, and your needs. This will help you pick a side hustle that allows you to make the money you need, and that helps to keep you busy during these unprecedented times.