Should You Really Dread the Death Card in Your Tarot Reading?


The death card is the most dreaded of all the tarot cards that can be drawn out. Movies are probably the reason for this misconception, where a shadowy and mystical tarot reader is shown to draw out the death card to predict a person’s ominous end. Most viewers are ignorant of the real meaning of tarot cards. So in case you want to know more, get yourself a free tarot reading.

The death card is not a card to be dreaded at all but is positive news about change and transformation. It symbolizes a transformation of the aspect which was the reason for your reading. Even though this change might not always be what you wanted to hear, but it is always for your betterment.

Visual Representation

The death card is illustrated by a skeleton wearing a black suit of armor astride a white horse. The skeleton is seen marching over a dead man with a crown lying on the ground beside him. The skeleton bears a black flag with a white rose on it. There is a priest pleading in front of death, a woman is looking away, and a child is offering a flower to death.

Even though the skeletal face of death looks scary, the armor depicts that death has a noble job after all. The dead king on the ground shows that no one is immune to death, or change. Every living thing will eventually have to succumb to death, no matter what their status is in the world.

The white rose on the black banner represents truth. It tells us that truth is always white and pure, even in the darkest of times.

The pleading priest indicates that even men of religion have the inner urge to live longer and pray even in the face of death to live another day.

The women looking away represents that all living things are scared to face death. Everybody is aware of its existence, but prefer to stay in denial.

Only the child seems unaffected by death and is seen offering a flower to the skeletal figure. It signifies the pure nature of children and everything newborn. It also signifies the purity of the particular aspect of life after you go through the transformation.

If you look closer at the death card, there is a sun rising in the background. This signifies that there will be illumination in whatever decision you take or in the change going to happen in your life. The night of your problems is going to end, bringing light to a brand new day.

The other cards of the spread will shed more light on the details of the change about the transformation you will go through.

Upright Death Card

In the upright position, the death card usually depicts positive changes that might be challenging. Big changes in life always involve mixed feelings. At times the death card might be about unexpected ends and it can be difficult to accept them. The death card in your reading may also denote a self overhaul. In case you are going through difficulties, you will emerge stronger on the offer side. It might cause you a lot of discomfort, to begin with, but bear with it because it will help you become a completely new person. You will be able to detach yourself from noxious habits and people which will help you in your overall growth in life.

The death card can also be a reference to changes in your life that were beyond your control. You might end up getting dragged into circumstances you did not wish to endure. At times it is wise to lose the illusion of control. The dead king in the card should remind you of this fact.

Death Card Inverted

An inverted death card is a reference to changes you are trying to oppose. The answer to your problem often lies in what you are trying to resist. It is usually in the form of a contradiction, and you need to confront your state of denial. You must find the inner courage to negate with the opposing feelings and allow the transformation in your life. Facing your fears will give you a renewed sense of control over your problems in life. You will be able to discover a fresh set of stairs leading towards your progression.

A reversed death card is urging you to leave the obscurities and come into the brightness of the light. It is, in fact, a healing card that can help you clear your energy blocks and reset your chakras for your betterment and the betterment of your future.

The death card is always associated with rebirth so it is important not to be afraid of changes. Most often your fear is not for the change itself but the fear of the responsibilities associated with that change. Accepting them would be the first step towards a chapter of self-improvement and enlightenment.