Should My Hair Stylist in Newport Beach Go Long or Short?


Have you been working to either go a lot longer and grow your hair out or a lot shorter? So many people have this struggle. It can be difficult to keep it healthy when grown out but it’s also can it feel like a weight lifted off of your shoulder literally when you get it completely cut. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider going along or grow it out says the hair salon Newport Beach experts.

When it comes to your regular routine, do you think that you would benefit more from longer hair or shorter hair?

Do you want hair that you need to do a lot in the morning or do you want hair that will simply work in your favor to do as minimal as possible? Finding a group product when you have shorter hair can be a great idea so that you don’t need to be styling every single day. With that said, longer hair sometimes you just have to style and then don’t wash it for a week and you can use a dry shampoo with it. Try to think of your regular routine and what you actually could commit to. This will help you in making your final decision and knowing what is actually attainable for you and your daily goals.

Are you looking for a dramatic change?

Are you looking for a dramatic change that will make people comment on your hair? If you’re looking for a traumatic change then you may want to go short. So the growing out process for your hair will take quite a bit of time and won’t happen overnight. If you’re looking for a large change and you’re not really sure what to do a haircut might be your perfect solution.

What season are you in right now?

For different seasons, the head sometimes requires you to have a different kind of hair. When it is hot, it can be a lot more sweaty and uncomfortable if you have long hair because that will keep your neck and back. That’s why a lot of people like to do a really large cut right before the summer or during the summer months. Try to think about what season you are also in and you can match your hair accordingly.

Do you want to go to the hairstylist regularly to trim the ends?

Just as stated earlier, what is your normal morning routine? Do you like doing your hair on a very regular basis? Do  You like needing to do a lot of work and notice that your hair is one of those kinds of hair that just requires a lot more maintenance than others? It’s important to remember this. Although short hair can sometimes just need products that are good to go it also can actually take more work because you have less hair to make yourself look nice and go and fall into the correct spots.  Sometimes when your hair is longer it can require less maintenance. With that said that is not always the case. Make sure that you know your hair and communicate to The Stylist how much work you were looking to put into it each day in order for it to still look great.

Is your hair naturally wavy or completely straight?

Also, a good idea to take into consideration if your hair is naturally wavy or straight. People with straight hair that they really cannot even for all enjoy shorter hair. But that said sometimes your hair can have a lot more curl once it does go so short and that will bring out the beautiful curls within your hair as well. Think about this kind of hair that you have and what will look better with a natural term for very straight hair when it comes to the length of your hair.

Do you have children?

Do you have children or young children? If you do many people like you cut the hair off a lot so that the baby is not always pulling her hair. You don’t need to wear a ponytail every single day in order to keep the hair out of your face and away from your child’s mouth. So now I’m a large cut will do the exact same thing as putting it up and now you look even more stylish and construct your stuff where you’re beautiful short haircut. It’s not to mean that just because you have kids or small children means that you need to go short, however, your haircut might change because of it and you might be looking to have a specific style that is easier to maintain or just easier around kids if that is where you are in life.

There are so many things to consider when thinking if you should be growing out your hair or getting a large cut. With that said, there are things to consider whichever way you are leaning towards. By asking yourself these six questions you will be on your way to knowing which of the two that you should do. Never hesitate to ask the hairstylist what looks better on you. They see hair and face all the time. Some people just pull off a short bob where other people add the face that works better with longer hair. That is one of the reasons why open communication is so important with a hairstylist. Keep these tips in mind next time you go to style your hair or making a  cute change like chopping a lot of it off.