Should I Give Up A Year Of Study?


A gap year is a year for yourself. You can do whatever you want, having fun and earning money. Does it worth it to lose an academic year? 

Gap Year Before College: Pros and Cons

How do you think great minds made their success? They didn’t go to college right after school. The live experience might appear more profitable than academic success. Why students and their parents afraid of a gap year? What are positive and negative effects of the time spend outside formal education?

Pros: Travel

Do you know how big and exciting the world is? Have you seen wild kangaroo, volcanos, waterfalls, did you taste tropical food? Did you ride the highest mounting or have a cup of fresh mountain tea with a panoramic mountain view? Have you seen the world outside the monitor of your laptop or Instagram feed? If you have at least one “no,” you need a gap year to travel. Big plans, careers, and inspiration connected with a big adventure.

Learn new language

Do you know English and think this is enough for life? You are wrong. Did you know that gap year programs offer language learning practices? One year is a perfect period. You will be able to read, speak, listen, and express your thoughts after a year of studying. Additional language is a prospective addition to every profession. Business people, managers, translators, writers, bloggers, communication managers, must know at least two languages. Choose Spanish, Mandarin, French or Italian. Exotic languages will make you unique and expensive.

Informal education practice

Gap year opportunities include informal education. Today the most famous organization Erasmus offers numerous opportunities for students sharing knowledge and experience, connections and social involvement. The programs share information and support students. Self-development and motivation are the essential elements of every informal study program.


A volunteering gap year after high school will grant you with new work experience, better professional profile, friends, important connections and in some cases travel opportunities. Volunteering makes you attractive to employees. You also may work as a volunteer at the company of your dreams. For example, every music festival needs additional help. It will show you as a highly motivated person in future.

Making money for college

Less attractive but useful experience is making money. You can use opportunities that allow you to earn as much as you want and need. It won’t be possible to cover all the costs of the study, but you may want to have $1000 per month plus food plus accommodation for working on a yacht in the Caribbean. You can be an English teacher in Thailand, an actor at Bollywood, teaching skiing in the Alps, or guiding water rafting tours in New Zealand.

Cons: Too much relaxed

Having a dream job at a dream company makes a lot of sense, but if you were dreaming of professional development, involvement in social life, creating a company, becoming a leading expert, or a professor, then gap year may grant you with a considerable dose of laziness. You may merely relax too much. To avoid this, you have to remember your initial goal and follow it or change it.

Back to having less money

One of the most significant gap year advantages is having enough money to enjoy life and to save for future. Being a student means working harder and having less money. Consider having a grant or finding a part Time job to avoid it. You have to be prepared to gain knowledge with many efforts. On the other hand, when overloaded, don’t be shy to ask for help from EssayVikings to buy college papers online. Professionals may help you with your overloaded schedule by writing a few essays from your list.

Getting excited about the current moment

The benefits of giving up college after school includes a personal growth where a person becomes an adult professional. She or he may change the behavior entirely from childish to adult within a year. On the other hand, there is a risk of enjoying the moment. Working in India, Thailand and other paradise Buddhist countries may teach you how not to worry and accept life as it is. It considers being the main philosophy. While it makes you happy now, it may also kill your long-term perspective and make you unhappy.

Risk of giving up the dream

As it has already been mentioned before, your gap year means a pause in education. You may enjoy it so much that the temptation not coming back to school will grow exponentially. Home tasks, tests, lectures. It will look less attractive after traveling the Caribbean, being a ski instructor or acting at Bollywood movies. Plus you will have less money. To avoid giving up your dreams, you have to keep in mind what do you want to do. You can’t be a servant all your life, and skiing might become boring in a few years unless you are a professional, and traveling all-year-round exhausts.