31 Septum Piercing Styles for Every Type of Girl + Care Facts!


A septum piercing can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles ranging from posh to exotic. The type of piercing you get can add drama or sophistication to your look, and changing the colors and variety of the jewelry you choose to wear will determine the appeal you exude  to those around you.

Septum piercings are gaining popularity as the next generation of style unfolds. They’re a great choice of body art for any of us that want to eventually hide our piercing(s), the scar tissue unseen within the nose. The size ranges of jewelry can change a look entirely, and their appearance on your face can create a variety of looks from sweet and innocent to hardcore bad-ass. It’s all up to you!

Size Matters

The gauge of the septum piercing can be as subtle or attention-grabbing as you choose. You can have a small piercing that fits smaller jewelry done with an 18 gauge like the one seen below…

1. Small Gauge, Subtle Attraction
The rounded barbell seen here is very subtle, but shimmers in the light to add flavor to her style.
26-septum-piercing a82ad1a24f60bb9375f7d4f067f6bfeb
Or, you can start off with a slightly bigger piercing – a 16 gauge like the one seen below…

2. Larger Gauge, Exotic Appeal
This 16 gauge is great to start with if you plan on eventually getting even bigger and bigger gauges for that rock-star appeal or gothic chic you’re aiming for.
31-septum-piercing 9a193cec1e473e03ed1c2b1f8db97370

Jewelry Types

Choosing the right kind of septum piercing jewelry is as important as choosing what glasses frames you want for your face type. The most common form of septum piercing seen is the curved barbell, similar to a bull’s ring. They can go with any style easily for a simple touch of intriguing character added to your look. Emos and hipsters, the simple barbell might be right for you:

3. Hipster Glam
Septum piercings go well with dark and/or thick framed glasses if you’ve a heart-shaped or oval face.
3-septum-piercing tumblr_nyte8ehMLg1ryp2ofo1_1280
Instead of going for what’s trending, develop your own form of fashion through the art of your septum piercing. The jewelry seen below is unique and geared towards a specific fashion statement…

4. Winged and Meaningful
Septum jewelry comes in all forms, ranging from silver to gold to black & bright rainbow colors. This piercing is a small heart with wings and meant for any girl whose style reflects the freedom of love. Remember, choosing between gold and silver can change a look completely.
16-septum-piercing tumblr_nynjxk9uJ21tojn35o1_1280
Or, you could always just go the classic route: Get a septum piercing to add to your collection of other amazing piercings…

5. One in A Collection
As you can see from the gorgeous image below, a septum piercing can look good when paired with other, even bolder piercings to leave you with a fashion statement worth flaunting.
4-septum-piercing tumblr_nyt2i703ix1u1i7f0o1_500

Cost of Septum Piercing

The cost will depend on the piercer you choose along with the type of jewelry you decide to try out for your first time. On average, it can cost anywhere between $30 and $150 – but a higher price is normally due to the cost of the jewelry chosen. It’s best to use a simple sterling silver hypoallergenic barbell as your first septum piercing, and it’s one of the cheaper choices. The barbell is must easier to twist off when doing a deep clean of your septum as opposed to an infinity ring or a ring with hanging jewels which could be a bit more difficult since they may require bending the metal to take out (which will hurt you if your piercing is still healing).

6. Infinity Ring
Below is an example of a small 18-gauge infinity ring – not recommended as a first-time septum piercing but a great choice of jewelry once the piercing has healed.
27-septum-piercing 0097754d6a7022fd47db1febce925a28
Once healed, the septum  piercing can hold a variety of different jewels to match your look like in the image below…

7. Jeweled, Unique, and Eye-Catching
Here, this gal is sporting a septum piercing that has an added deep-colored gem engulfed in silver. The piercing compliments her others – her industrial, nose, and medusa! She looks ready for anything and well-put-together for a day of setting fashion trends.
2-septum-piercing tumblr_nytlphTImB1r50ipqo1_540

Septum Piercing Healing Time & Care

It’s going to take about six to eight weeks for your septum to heal, so make sure you keep your nose clean and free of as much dirt and make-up as you possibly can. You may notice a slight white secretion coming from the piercing hole, but don’t panic! It’s normal. Talk to or visit your licensed piercer if the secretion begins to turn yellow or green since this could be a sign of infection. Remember, washing your face at least twice a day is a must for your newfound (or continued) beauty regime.

Follow these basic tips A-F to ensure your piercing stays fresh, clean, and heals properly:

A. Clean at home using simple sea salt water. Use a cotton ball, wetting it in the salt water, and dabbing it on your septum. Ensure the salt water reaches the site of the piercing well. Your piercer also may sell you a special dilution to use specifically for your piercing – if so, you may use that instead.
B. Clean your jewelry. This might sound obvious, but many times an infection occurs despite regular cleaning because the jewelry itself was not cleaned as thoroughly as the piercing itself.
C. Never use alcohol to clean! The septum is a very fragile place to pierce, being so close to mucus membranes needed for your nose to stay moist inside. Using alcohol could potentially cause your piercing and your nose to swell, leading to infection.
D. Clean regularly, at least twice a day in the morning and before bed. Depending on our individual hygiene, a third cleaning may be required in the afternoon – especially if you feel a runny noise coming along.
E. If you notice your piercing is getting red or irritated, stop using salt water to wash your piercing and instead choose an antibacterial soap (found at your licensed tattoo & piercing shop). In most cases, this well prevent the infection from spreading and slowly die down so long as you continue to clean regularly.
F. If you find that an infection is beginning to form, don’t take your piercing out! The hole will close and lock in the infection, creating an abscess that will lead to worsening of the infection. We don’t want that. Instead, continue to clean while leaving the jewelry in the piercing before seeing your piercing specialist who will know what you’ll need to do.

Pain of the Piercing

Wondering just how much a piercing the septum is going to hurt? It isn’t quite like your other piercings that feel like miniature bee stings. Your nose is filled with lots of nerve endings and is close to both mucus membranes and your eyes – two very sensitive things on your face. When you get your septum pierced, it’s going to have to feel like a severe/intense sneeze or as if you’ve been hit dead in the nose – causing your eyes to water.

8. Pain is Worth the Pleasure of Beauty
Despite the pain you feel when getting your septum pierced, keep in mind that it doesn’t last forever. Any piercing is going to hurt. And if you’re determined to have a specific style all your own with the help of an added and amazing piercing, don’t let the pain of it scare you away. It’s brief and well worth it – especially once the healing process is over and you’re free to experiment with different septum jewelry and make-up styles.
1-septum-piercing tumblr_nytp2ylSwA1rfcu27o1_540

Don’t Play with It!

Once it’s pierced, leave it alone! You don’t want to touch it with your hands that have been contaminated with germs, or cause swelling from unnecessary friction and roughness. It will be very easy to hurt your piercing simply by bumping it or having to blow your nose. The best way to prevent infection, keep it clean, and speed the healing process along is to not touch it!

9. Bad Girl’s Playful Mood
Your look might make you look like you’re in a playful mood, but just because you are doesn’t mean your new piercing is! Whatever your endeavors for the day, ensure your face stays clear of all obstacles and nothing touches either your nose or piercing.
28-septum-piercing 874add4392af01421ce534f8c756e090

Photos for Inspiring Your Style

You’ve got the basic gist on septum piercings and how to care for them if you decide its right for you! Now, enjoy some more photos of septum piercings on girls that flaunt their own unique styles. These photos are sure to continue to inspire you as you develop your own look and pair a septum piercing with either other facial piercings or tattoos!

10. Sweet, Casual, Pierced Up Gal
30-septum-piercing 15e849417c440a9bf97528d556dad99aEven if you’ve got a style that’s simple but all you, a septum piercing could add the needed dimension you see to your facial piercings – all without creating a newfound visual scar. It may seem like this girl has a ton of piercings, but in reality, only two on her face – one of which might scar a tad below her lip but otherwise, she’s you’re average girl seeking a bit of edge to her style.

11. An Emo Piercing that Turns Heads
5-septum-piercing tumblr_nyszhzsikC1r2pipao1_1280This girl is begging for attention, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Her style is a mix between emo, Rainbow Bright, and punk – with a bit of Lord of the Rings if you’re familiar with her necklace! She has a classic black barbell that goes well with her outfit and complimenting Madonna/Monroe piercing (A traditional Madonna piercing is on the right up lip, while a Monroe piercing is on the left).

12. Will You Be Gauging?
6-septum-piercing tumblr_nyszf3C6YL1sjm94po1_1280Even extreme body art lovers like the one seen here who is gauging her ears, enjoy the simplicity of an 18 gauge septum piercing. As you can see, those of us that prefer a more natural look when regarding make-up can still look edgy and alluring when adding a non-scarring septum piercing to our style!

13. The Hidden Duo That Leaves No Scars
7-septum-piercing tumblr_nyrw5gHI4k1so9wxwo1_1280
Looks like this girl is being extremely conscious of where she places her piercings! Both of them will leave no visible scar which is good for those of us that plan on seeking professional jobs that require social interaction in the future. A septum piercing is also a great addition to your beauty regime if you’re attending a school or work that restricts piercings. You can leave a barbell in and simple flip it up into your nose so that it isn’t visible (granted, it might feel weird and doing this isn’t recommended if you have a runny nose).

14. A Decorated Nose Above Rose Lips
8-septum-piercing tumblr_nyrjjqeZtY1qdmmz1o1_1280
It’s fun to play with your style after getting a septum piercing. You might have looked bad in hats before but look amazing in hats now, you can try out different hair colors or mix and match like the Cruella DeVil look seen above (half white hair, half brunette). Once the piercing is fully healed, you can go crazy with make-up fashions and don’t have to be afraid of applying foundation to your nose.

15. A Bit of Bling
9-septum-piercing tumblr_nyrgg0SmFD1r6c0hio1_1280
Here’s a great example of a differing style you can go after with your piercing. Continue to look chic and ready for anything just by adding a few gems to the jewelry you choose to sport. You’ll still be seemingly a little punk, but you’ll have that touch of class that differentiates you from all the rest who choose to go with the classic barbell.

16. Easy, Funky, Fun
10-septum-piercing tumblr_nyr4c9WrIL1rzbvggo1_1280
Hate make-up completely? That’s no problem concerning this piercing. Even if you’re used to being an all-natural beauty that isn’t afraid to flaunt her freckles, a septum piercing doesn’t distract from this type of look’s appeal. You can be naturally fun and beautiful while still showing some edge to your personality.

17. Chic and Classy All the Way
11-septum-piercing tumblr_nypuacc0Ta1qia8uzo1_1280
Find the right kind of jewelry for your face type by experimenting with different barbells and gems. You can sport a more traditional, classic look with alluring eyes such as the one seen above. Golden septum piercings are a rare treat to bestow your eyes on, so why not give the beautiful color a try? Gold goes great with tanned or darker colored skin, bringing out the natural bronze beauty of your skin.

18. Ready for that Sports Game
12-septum-piercing tumblr_nyphkl0RpZ1qelaajo2_1280Even the sporty girls get to have a go with this type of piercing! It’s easy to take out or flip “inside out” so that the jewelry is pushing up into your nose (so no one can see it at all yet its still in the piercing). A great refuge just in case you don’t want a certain someone (such as parents) to see your newfound piercing or you prefer it’s unnoticeable while being active in a sport.

19. Just a Touch of Rock-On!
13-septum-piercing tumblr_nypadedNLo1r35ka4o1_1280Those barbells don’t look like bells! Here’s a septum piercing that has a  little added punk and rock appeal, with pointed/spiked barbells that look as if they’d hurt if you tried anything with them. When searching for the right jewelry, you’ll find that there are a good amount of differing pieces you can work with to create your own inspired look.

20. Delicate, Lovely, and Matching
14-septum-piercing tumblr_nyotzpmyr11tn8rd1o1_1280Here’s a great example of an 18 gauge septum piercing with fine jewelry that’s subtle on light skin. Silver on pale skin adds shimmer and mystique, as if you’re an ice queen. Some of us prefer not to over-do a simple look, and this is the fabulous result of subtly. As you can see, a simple silver barbell looks wondrous when paired with a line of silver earrings.

21. Hair and Nose Features
15-septum-piercing tumblr_nynlmxfnk61rj4p4eo1_1280If dying your hair a unique color wasn’t enough for you, add a septum piercing for a bit of added edge and flavor to your look. You can pull any style with these two beauty updates. All that’s needed for a look like this is a bit of eye liner and you’re off to either class or a concert in no time!

22. The Single Hidden Piercing
29-septum-piercing 78c6a2e4e9a73a812e4f86e83de49c5d
Tattoos can be placed perfectly on the body to be shown off when we want, or to be hidden when we want. The same goes for piercings, and the piercing the septum is like putting a tattoo on your behind: It’s visible to whom you want to see it and you can make it disappear whenever you like without any evidence. The only problem when wearing an infinity ring is that you can’t flip the piercing “inside out” or upside down within your nose to hide it.

23. Modern Hipster On Top of Business
17-septum-piercing tumblr_nynbyeGGjQ1tpz20vo2_1280You’ll be making a bold and somewhat devious statement if you decide to get this piercing and flaunt it while attending a professional work environment or your senior year classes.

24. Compliments to the Third Eye
18-septum-piercing tumblr_nym2a0in3l1qchnuio3_540This wild and beautiful style creates a lovely and rounded attraction to the face. Her huge eyes can’t go unnoticed, and the ring hanging from her septum is a lovely shade of gold that compliments both her skin tone and the Third Eye piercing she has dotted between her brows.

25. Some Edge to A Classic Look
19-septum-piercing tumblr_nym01qYONE1qd6s1oo1_1280It’s a popular trend surfacing – in fact, it surfaces with every generation – throwback style! This girl is trying on the 50’s for size and has modernized the red-lipped, short-banged, big-eyed style with a simple septum piercing along with a classic yet delicate nose piercing. She can be edgy or professional depending on her make-up and hair.

26. Just a Part of You
20-septum-piercing tumblr_nylpetmaJV1qiwdp6o1_1280Sometimes, the piercing just becomes a part of you, a part of your style, and a regular beauty piece that screams that it’s part of your personality. This girl has a natural appeal, and the septum ring adds a touch of mystique to her personality leaving you wonder what else she could have pierced.

27. Creating Facial Parallels
21-septum-piercing tumblr_nylfzqUjUy1usm126o1_1280Adding a septum piercing to your collection of body art and to your overall style can place parallels on your face to make it stand out and catch eyes (a great way to attract a partner). If you place little barbells in specialized places on your face, then like a photo, people will be drawn to look all over your face and features to appreciate the beauty you exude.

28. A Cold Yet Sensual Appeal
22-septum-piercing tumblr_nykgoe2Ji21rcr2c6o1_1280Yes, even a septum piercing can look sensual if its small and doesn’t hang too low – but instead, only the small little balls are visible to shimmer in the right light. You’ll want to pay attention to how low your jewelry hangs since sometimes the person piercing your septum will have to go either higher or lower than the norm, depending on both your facial features and any possibility of hitting a main vein that would cause you to bleed too much.

29. Medusa’s Beauty Mark
23-septum-piercing tumblr_nyk1dnx7aB1sud4mbo1_1280The Medusa piercing has been gaining popularity, though it isn’t quite mainstream yet. If you’ve got some plump lips you want to show off, you can draw attention to them without having to throw on dark colored lipstick. Piercings naturally pull a person’s eye to them. Surround your lips with jewelry, and they’re bound to stand out accordingly.

30. Rogue Punk Glam
24-septum-piercing tumblr_nygwadvGQ11tje37lo1_400This girl looks as if she barely needs to put any effort into looking amazing. The uniquely cut and colored hair, the eye make-up, and the one piercing all come together nicely to crate this amazing punk style. Septum piercings naturally bring out the wild side of you, since its associated with the bull. If you’re feeling extra tough or bad-ass, a septum piercing should be on your to-do list.

31. Pierce-And-Tat-A-Holic
25-septum-piercing be9f5c876872c3aa73eabcc6233284cdA septum piercing is a must have for anyone that “collects” piercings -or- piercings and tattoos. It doesn’t leave a visible scar, will easily heal up if the jewelry is taken out for a while, and can be hidden in any scenario so long as you’ve got a barbell in.

It’s even possible to gauge your septum, but there are risks involved just like there are risks involved with gauging your ears. Infection becomes more realistic, and the weight of the newfound, larger-gauged jewelry can pull your septum down over time (we’re talking years) which will cause your nose to elongate! So beware to anyone thinking about gauging their nose!