Save Money with Online Essay Writer


How to Save Money Ordering an Essay Writer Online?

I have just a question to you: what is the cost of one hour of your time? Another one is: how much time does one need to write an essay? Now, let’s do the math.

Problem Statement

According to the Paywizard, the minimum salary per hour is $7.25. A one-page essay will take it at least two hours to complete it, and this is if it is not a book review. Reading a book prior to writing will take a few days more. So, one essay will cost you around $15 in case you have a well-developed imagination, writing and academic research skill. Do you have a more important thing to do during this time? Certainly, yes.


Our solution to the issue is an online essay writer. When you need your car repaired, you go to a car mechanic, right? The same refers to essays. There are true experts in essay writing, and you do not even need to leave your home to reach them. Check the online writer service, and we are sure that you will access a good company. Make sure to check the reviews about the selected company on the web: there are a lot of fraudulent websites trying to steal your money, so beware of this.

Options for Extra Cautious Writers Aimed at Getting A+

We know that A straight students fear of using online services because of the risk of getting a poor grade. Indeed, there is such a risk… if you order with unreliable services. Good companies care about their clients as they need a constant flow of orders for the firm’s prosperity. In addition, one can see some extra options (free and paid ones) for customers who need only the best online writers.

  • Online Writer from the Previous Assignment

Some websites including the one that we have already mentioned give you a possibility to work with the same writer every time you need something written for you. This makes you free from worries about what your paper will be like and from unpleasant surprise. Some services require an extra payment, and some are more customer-friendly and make it possible for you to request your previous writer for free. Consider this when having doubts about the paper quality.

  • Top Writer Option

Surely, there are some writer’s ratings that are based on the customers’ evaluations, feedbacks, and quality control inspection results. Based on the rating, some companies offer their customers to pay a slight amount extra to get one of the top writers working on the company. If you are an A straight student, this option will be suitable for you. Furthermore, there is a life hack on the matter: you may once pay for a top writer and for all of your next order you may just ask for the same writer who has done the first order and this will be free of charge. This is how one can get a superb quality without paying an extra penny.

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Quality = Writer’s Qualifications

Do not forget to inquire about the qualifications of the online writer company you are about to hire. Remember that it is important not to get a High School student working on a Master’s project. High-quality services hire only writers with at least Master’s degree, so they would be able to handle any kinds of tasks. What is also crucial for the quality of writing you get is the nationality of the writer. You may think that getting an English native speaker comes by default, but this is not so in many companies. Not to get an Indian writer with awkwardly written paper as a result, make sure that the company is ready to provide you with American or UK writer (it depends on what country you are living or studying in).

These simple tips will help you to save your money, time, and avoid any wastages on poor quality work. Be informed, so be well-armed!