80+ Sacred Geometry Tattoos that Will Take Your Breath Away


Nowadays, tattoos have become a statement. Some people wear them merely as fashion accessories, to help them stand out from the crowd. This wasn’t always the case though. Tattoos have been around since ancient times, and they were used to protect the wearer or symbolize a spiritual connection with gods. Ideally, you should only go for tattoos that have a special meaning to you. That way, besides being attractive, tattoos can also be powerful, evocative, and even mystical. And if that’s what you’re looking for, sacred geometry tattoos might just be the perfect pick.

These types of tattoos have become popular because, besides being perfectly symmetrical and gorgeous, they can also carry a deep symbolic significance. In geometry, different shapes can be associated with different elements present in nature – the cube symbolizes the earth, the tetrahedron symbolizes fire, the icosahedron symbolizes water, and so on. In some cultures, it’s believed that having these tattoos on certain areas of the body can have a healing effect, can restore good health, or can provide a sense of balance. Plus, they’re stunning, which we’re sure you’ll recognize once you glance over our extensive collection of sacred geometry tattoos below.


Geometric tattoo designs have grown in popularity in recent years mainly due to their symmetry, as they ensure that all the elements of the design are placed in perfect balance with each other.


An extensive sacred geometry tattoo will take the artist some time, so get ready to spend a few hours in at the parlor. As breathtaking as the results are, however, we don’t think you’ll mind that much.


Even basic designs like this one can be incredibly soothing, besides being eye-catching and extremely attractive. The hexagon is a popular symbol for harmony, balance, and sincerity.


Regardless of placement of design, an important aspect pertinent to sacred geometry tattoos is symmetry. The elements should be perfectly balanced, so finding an artist with extreme attention to detail is crucial.


Basic shapes in sacred geometry tattoos are circle and squares, but you can definitely go with something more complex. Generally speaking, circles are associated with relationships and community, and squares symbolize stability.


Integrating color in a sacred geometry tattoo is also a good idea and the results, as you can see, are breath-taking. The tattoo is still symmetrical, but the splashes of color give it a bit of an edge.


These types of tattoos can also appear 3D if the design allows it and as long as they’re done right. Case and point.


There are plenty of symbols associated with sacred geometry you’ll want to familiarize yourself with when coming up with a design. Even when you find a design you fancy online and decide to go with it, it’s always best to do some research concerning any hidden meaning it may have, to make sure you’re fully comfortable with it.


Big or minimal, geometric tattoo will always make a powerful impression.


The amount of detail in this design is astonishing, and the fact that the wearer kept it black and white helps all these details stand out even better.


Sacred geometry tattoos are special because they focus on patterns and elements found in the natural world.


Cute, feminine, graceful.


Sacred geometry tattoos make great use of shapes and patterns to create gorgeous, abstract designs. While some will prefer a more minimal piece of body art, others really take the plunge with massive and complex tattoos. At the end of the day, it’s only a matter of personal preference.


It’s impressive how repeating a basic element can create a gorgeous pattern.


Symmetrical, lovely, perfect.


At their core, the elements present here are very simple, and yet they come together so harmoniously. There’s no wonder sacred geometry tattoos are a symbol for balance.

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When coming up with a design, you can be as creative as you want. However, if you want that design to have a special meaning, talking to an expert will definitely help.


Simple and effective.


This is the flower of life, an ancient tool in sacred geometry people have used to create very complex patterns. If you look carefully, you will stumble upon in it geometric, ornamental artwork and architecture throughout cultures across the globe.


Those splashes of color play very well here, and even they oblige by the general rule: symmetry above all.


Full-sleeve tattoos are very popular among sacred geometry enthusiasts. While you can use multiple symbols and create intricate patterns, keeping things simple, like here, can have a great effect as well.


In tattoos, beetles can have various meanings: nobility, luck, prosperity, strength, immortality, discipline. We’re not sure what the wearer had in mind, but we can’t help but applaud the finesse and complexion of their design.


When picking a design, placement is important as well. You want to make sure the artist will be able to perfectly transfer your idea to your skin, so have a timely chat with them about how big your ink should be.


The red details are amazing!


As we’ve said before, sacred geometry tattoos rely on shapes which can be found in nature, and the wearer or this ink took maximum advantage of that fact. Those dotted lines go perfectly with the other elements present here and make the really elevate the design, giving it a bit of an edge.


White ink tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there’s no wonder why – they’re subtle and gorgeous. There are pros and cons to getting a white ink tattoo, of course, but one thing’s for sure: they look really classy.


If this tattoo doesn’t make you think about the meaning of life, we don’t know what will.


The wolf alone would have been impressive, but that pattern really makes it stand out.


The owl has always been revered as a majestic animal with immense wisdom and intelligence, so it’s a pretty popular design. Here, it’s made entirely out of shapes and patterns, and it looks perfect.


Getting a tattoo of a pattern can be risky, as not everyone will get your love of geometry, be it sacred. That shouldn’t stop you, however, from staying true to yourself. Just make sure you’re ready to answer the always annoying question “yeah, but what does it mean?”


Is it an owl? Is it a flower? It’s both. Here’s a great example of how you can use multiple elements dear to your heart and come up with a unique and stunning design.


Another extremely soothing tattoo to look at when you really need to calm down. Works like a charm.


The shadows create sort of a 3D effect, which really brings this ink to the next level. The dotted lines are also a great touch. It can symbolize unfinished business, or the fact that the wearer considers themselves to be a ‘work in progress.’ Which, let’s be honest, we all are.


This placement makes it particularly tricky for the artist to attain perfect symmetry, so you really want someone who has some experience with these types of designs under their belt.


We love stylized flowers, and they really look gorgeous in this context. The placement is also great, as it’s actually a less popular choice than you might think.


That background is mesmerizing, and those wings are things of beauty. Kudos to the artist, he really knew how to balance all the elements of this design perfectly.


Here’s a neat example of how, when done right, color can be a great addition to any sacred geometry design you may have in mind.


Dark, twisty, extremely beautiful.


Combining simpler shapes with complex patterns works very well. As we’ve already said, it’s all about balance.


Kind of trippy, but gorgeous nonetheless. This is a type of tattoo that requires extensive skill so, again, pick the artist carefully. We can’t help but stress how important this is. The Internet is full of horror stories written by people who had bad experiences with unskilled artist, so it’s better to do your research than to become a cautionary tale.


A full-sleeve tattoo that incorporates several elements for a stunning end result.


Yes, it looks awesome from both sides.


Sacred geometry tattoos can be minimal as well. Great use of color here, as the bright dots highlight the symmetry of the design.


The contour of this design is a nice touch, and all the elements combine in perfect harmony. If you’re looking for a symbol for balance, look no more.


Long hours of work wet into this masterpiece, and we’re sure that the wearer was more than pleased with the result. We can’t take our eyes off it.


Skulls are popular choices for ink enthusiasts, so here’s a great example of how to incorporate one in a sacred geometry tattoo.


Stars can symbolize a variety of things, from a desire to achieve high goals to the birth of a child. Pentagrams are especially heavy in significance: they are often seen as a symbol of protection and balance. Its five points resemble the four elements, while the fifth top point represents the spirit, presiding over the other ones. All in all, a fitting choice to incorporate in a sacred geometry design.


Complex and beautiful.


A variety of geometric symbols, one mightier than the other. Which one is your favorite?


Wow, this looks almost as a complicated spider web. Its base is actually Metatron’s cube, an intricate geometric design composed of circles and lines, which is believed to contain every shape existing in the Universe.


So whimsical and mesmerizing, right?


If you’re not keen on going full-sleeve, but still want a complex and massive design, go full-shoulder. Less common, just as powerful.


We once heard a guy say that full-sleeve tattoos don’t look good on girls. We completely disagree, and this picture shows exactly why.


This would look great as a full-back tattoo, in our humble opinion.


Minimal, gorgeous, eye-catching.


Basic elements, but terrific combo. If you have been skeptical regarding geometry tattoos until know, we seriously hope you’re reconsidering.


We love how this design seems to fading, and also kind of looks like it’s moving? Completely hypnotizing.


The variety of symbols and patterns really catches your eye, don’t you think?


It doesn’t get any more mystical than this.


Impressive full-sleeve tattoos that make you stop and admire them in all their glory. Perfectly done, with incredible details and a deeper meaning you’ll surely want to ask the wearer about.


Another rendition of Metatron’s cube, with a few well-placed shadows to make it stand out even more.


We love everything about this – from the placement to the intricate patterns and mesmerizing center. Long live symmetry.


Another design which almost looks 3D. And we’re totally digging it.


There aren’t enough words to describe how perfect this ink is. Simply spectacular.


Pairing the flower of life with such a beautiful quote was a nice touch.


A variety of elements, one majestic design.


A basic pattern can have a huge effect. Case and point.


The colors are mesmerizing.


Yes, you can even incorporate portraits in your sacred geometry tattoo. The sky is the limit, so let your creativity flow.


We think that’s a maze, which makes us wonder about the hidden meaning behind this gorgeous ink.


The placement is well-chosen, while the tattoo is hypnotizing. As many of these stunning sacred geometry tats are.


Now here’s a really intricate and eye-grabbing design. We’re in awe.


Simple, but oh so symmetrical.


Is it an optical illusion? Is it a tattoo? It’s both, and it’s glorious.



Abstract and beautiful.


Wow! That’s all we have to say about this one, and we’re not at all ashamed by that.


Massive tattoos are tricky, but they’re extremely impactful. Just make sure you’re ready before getting inked on such an extensive amount of your body.


Loving those subtle splashes of blue.


We’re getting fonder and fonder of the idea of some full-sleeve ink goodness.


The tree is perfection, and the geometrical elements really give it a bit of an edge.


Delicate and mesmerizing. We weren’t kidding about the ‘taking your breath away’ factor.


Some go full-sleeve, other go full-leg. Nothing wrong with that.


Simply beautiful.

Sacred geometry tattoos are a blend of beauty and spirituality. For excellent results, find a talented artist who can make sure that all the elements of the design are placed in perfect balance with each other. You won’t get tired of admiring your ink, that’s for sure.