Recommended Oral Health Products


Taking care of your body using recommended products to improve the health and shine in your hair, to keep your nails strong, to hydrate your skin, and to help you maintain proper dental health. A big part of maintaining proper dental health is knowing which recommended oral health products are worth the investment.

Colgate extra soft toothbrushes

The most highly recommended oral health products are those which focus on your daily oral health. Whether you are looking as a dentist to invest in products that you can use in your dental practice or give to your patients after their checkups, or you are just a curious reader in search of ways to improve your oral health, your toothbrush is the first place to start. Colgate provides a range of extra soft toothbrushes designed in different sizes for different age groups. The design of the Colgate brushes is ergonomically-friendly so it’s easier to hold and maneuver around the mouse, even in those hard-to-reach places in the back of the mouth. The extra soft bristles means that people who are otherwise too rough brushing their teeth won’t cause irreparable damage during their morning and evening rituals.

Fluoride mouthwash

Another big problem with oral health is insufficient exposure to fluoride in the mouth. When people have problems with bacteria buildup, tooth decay, and cavities, it usually stems from inadequate remineralization, something that a fluoride based mouthwash can help with. It is rare to find individuals who brush their teeth twice per day for the recommended 2 minutes. This means that it’s even more rare to find individuals who brush their teeth or rinse their mouth after consuming staining material fee or red wine, or in between meals. However, finding an opportunity to use a fluoride mouthwash is easier than finding an opportunity to brush your teeth especially at work or while running errands. Adding this oral health product can make all the difference to your daily routine.

Colgate duraphat toothpaste

One of the best recommended products is colgate duraphat toothpaste. The active ingredient in this particular toothpaste is sodium fluoride which can promote remineralization along the surface of your teeth. This is a prescription only toothpaste that comes from a highly recommended and trusted brand. Simply changing your toothpaste can reap benefits and prevent things like dental cavities.

Crest Whitening Strips

As people start to resume their daily activities and socialize more often, they are turning toward recommended oral health products that can help them improve the color in their teeth. Teeth whitening products have vastly improved over the last decade and among them are the Crest Whitening Strips. Crest whitening strips are one of the most popular at-home teeth whitening kits. Part of their popularity stems from the fact that they offer a range of similar whitening strips with different degrees of hydrogen peroxide for varying situations. For example, if you want to whiten your teeth quickly, for something that is going on that evening, you can use the 1 hour Express whitening. This is, as the name suggests, a recommended oral health product that you apply only for one hour and it has a higher dose than similar products but it gives you something that is temporary and gets the job done. If instead you are looking for teeth whitening that is a bit more long-lasting, you can use the 7-Day kit.

SDI Luna Nanohybrid Composite

SDI Luna Nanohybrid Composite is a product that you can seamlessly integrate into your existing dental practice. This versatile product can be used for all restoration or composite situations. The strength and durability allows you to use it in different stress bearing situations, posteriorly and anteriorly.

BioRoot RCS

If you need an Endodontics obturation technique, this is an alternative for root canal up to relations. This product is a root canal sealer that revolves around a tight endodontic seal. You can achieve an apicxal and lateral seal with a cold technique that offers long-term success. This product has very limited real growth. The material is free from resin so the seal quality gets maintained long-term without shrinking. The procedural requirements are simple and easy. You won’t have to struggle with a difficult learning curve if you decide to implement one of these recommended oral Health Products in your practice. What’s more, it has a fast implementation time with easy Retreat meant. Finally, it is a highly cost-effective solution which doesn’t require additional equipment on your end. This means you and your patients save time and money.