Recommendations for Maintenance of Sectional Doors


Today, sectional garage doors are installed both at private and industrial facilities and are an elegant alternative to the old swinging metal gates. The design is quite reliable and safe in operation. However, these gates should be properly maintained.

How the Maintenance Should Be Performed

Sectional doors should be serviced at least once a year, and if they are installed in a zone of difficult climatic conditions, rooms with an increased cycle of operation, as well as in places with high humidity, they should be serviced twice a year.

At the very beginning, check the correct garage door installation that can be ordered at Gates must be located symmetrically to the vertical axis of the opening. When installing the structure, it is necessary to level the support posts. In addition, they should fit well into the frame of the opening. Gaps can be no more than 5 mm. It is also necessary to carry out other measurements that are mentioned in the technical documentation.


Maintenance also includes the following types of work:

  • Lubrication of the hinge axis with machine oil.
  • Checking the gate cables for damage.
  • The torsion shaft is inspected for damage.
  • Rollers and guides are checked.
  • The operation of the locking device is inspected.

What Elements Are Important to Check

Sectional doors, due to the complexity of the design, in comparison with other types of automatic gates, require the most attention. They have the majority of elements subject to constant wear during operation:

  • If anywhere you notice the destruction of fasteners or connections, you must immediately call a qualified specialist for repairs.
  • Support rollers. It is necessary to systematically check the integrity of the roller and the bearing in it, as well as to lubricate them. Also, to reduce the load on the roller, it is necessary to adjust its pressing against the guide in the closed position.
  • Gate guides. Keep them clean, especially in the horizontal part. Make sure that there are no drops at the place of their joints. In the event of deformation or loss of rigidity of the guides, it is necessary to repair and restore them. Pay attention to the geometry of the general contour of the guides from the inside, check the rigidity of the suspensions.
  • Torsion spring. The spring should lie on the shaft without distortions and wave-like bends. To ensure quiet operation, it is recommended to systematically lubricate it with silicone spray.
  • The lifting and lowering are performed with the help of a spring, a shaft and cables. In normal conditions, the gates should hang balanced on the cables, and start moving even with a little effort.


To avoid any problems, it is best to take care of their prevention in advance. If nevertheless, a breakdown has occurred, before you start repairing sectional doors on your own, you need to consult a professional.