Reasons to Visit Germany


When it comes to choosing a country to travel to, the choice is abundant. Contingent on the preferences of travelers, it is possible to choose among lazy sunbathing and cocktails-drinking at seaside resorts, extreme mountain hiking, and climbing, or wandering along historical streets and discovering the culture and past of foreign countries. Those who prefer the last type of vacation should consider German cities as a destination.

Some may think that this is the country where business and industry are developed, thus, what will a tourist admire there? Being highly developed does not interfere with possessing numerous sites and destinations that attract travelers from the whole world.

Main Benefits of Germany for a Traveler

Infrastructure is highly developed. There are diverse possibilities to choose among. The railway system will let you get to any place you need (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, and regional trains); you can also opt to go by bus and tram. If you choose to rent a bus Germany can be discovered even quicker and more conveniently. Thus, the tour can include numerous places to visit without the need to worry about logistics. An additional benefit is that highways in Germany are free-of-charge meaning that the prices on any transport will not be increased due to road fees.

It has magnificent nature, architecture, and arts. What else is needed? Recreation and relaxation, probably. Germany has got something for this type of rest as well. Choose to go to the Black Forest, the Bavarian Alps or the Rhine Valley. Most cities have an old part that will take you back to medieval times to experience the traditions of the past.

Top German Places to Visit

The diversity of sights in Germany is impressive. It is hard to say which ones are better as all of them are unique and incomparable. Here a few places that deserve to be visited.

  • Brandenburg Gate, the Museum Island, and the Berlin Wall — these are several sights in the capital that are acknowledged among the tourists from all over the world. They may tell you about the history of this great country even more than books.
  • Sanssouci Park in Potsdam is an example of the Rococo style in Germany. Strolling along the alleys of the wonderful park admiring numerous trees and flowers, as well as visiting the richly-decorated palace and other buildings at the territory, will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • The Flower Island on the Lake Constance can be accessed by a boat or pedestrian bridge. Aside from stunning parks and gardens, there is also a castle of the 18th century known for its magnificent White Hall, defensive tower, and gatehouse.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most renowned royal residences in Europe. In addition to picturesque views of Alps, this fortress with numerous towers looks like the building from a Disney fairy tale.

Every person will find something to one’s taste in Germany. Open the map, choose the route, and book the tickets to this wonderful country in the heart of Europe.