Reasons Why Credit Cards Are Better Than Cash


During a trip to a foreign country, you’d better get a credit card to pay for things, as it gives you an opportunity not to carry cash with you. Having large sums of money in your pockets is quite inconvenient when you are on the move; besides, it can be even dangerous. A person may steal your purse with cash and you won’t be able to do anything to prevent him or her from doing it. In addition to it, keeping a certain sum of money on your debit card may be somehow safer. Alas, if a person who stole your bag is a smart hacker, he or she is able to track your bank account and transfer all your funds to another one.

What can we do with the risk? The answer is simple enough. Apply for a touristic plastic and your savings will be safe, as the plastic is not connected with your funds at all. That is why it is better to use credit card for an international travel than another way of payment. Besides, you may also get some benefits out of it.

Why are Plastics Better than Cash?

Paper money is going the way of the dodo due to the lack of advantages, bonuses, and convenience in use. It is likely to have a future without any coins and banknotes at all, as cashless transfers provide us more possibilities to shop and live effectively. You don’t have to pay unprofitable international transaction fees while withdrawing funds of yours. Besides, you don’t have to find an exchange office, all conversion operations are made according to fix indexes established by banks and payment systems. So, what payment operations should be done with the help of a touristic travel card?

  • Rent rooms at some hotels by bank transfer. Doing it, you may provide yourself with some profits to be used in your next trip and even a free room in a hotel.
  • Use some funds from your account to have a meal in a restaurant or buy some clothes in shops and you can get some discount.
  • Car rental agencies of some countries including the USA ask their clients to pay a deposit via bank transfer, as they need to be sure you’ll return a car and pay off some necessary sum.
  • Book your plane tickets online or via mobile banking and you may have a good discount to buy a ticket to another country to visit. Moreover, you may find more interesting opportunities as well.
  • If it was impossible to get a taxi without any cash at hand until quite recently, now there are lots of mobile applications allowing to find a car quickly enough and also use non-cash payment.

In addition to these tips on how to use your plastic properly, we would like to mention the value of obtaining more than one plastic at a time. Thus, if you lose one, you’ll be able to continue having a rest without any significant troubles to your savings. Have a good trip!