30 Incredible Change Quotes That Will Alter Your Life


Quotes about change

Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration in life especially if they go through the hard times and especially when it comes to changes in life because lets face it change can be scary it means you have to get out of your comfort zone and it is not always something we want to deal with so a little inspiration or motivation might be just the thing you need in these times.

1. Choose,chance, change

This must be one you have heard a thousand times and it is so true the saying always goes you must make a choice (no matter how hard it may be), to take a chance (sometimes just taking a chance can be the best thing ever) or your life will never change and although you might not want it to change sometimes great things happen with change.


2. everybody has changes

This is one quote that has more truth in it than some might realize if you go through some situations you will come out a different person and although it is a sad though the old you will no longer be there but sometimes that is the best thing ever because the old be might have been what was holding you back


3. Awareness

If you start getting aware of somethings in live you will want to change them and this might be the best choice ever this could be awareness of real or fake friends or relationship awareness whichever this might be awareness might push you to change in some  ways.  But just like you might be aware of the bad things also be aware of the good because this might change you and make you a happier person.


5.  stages of change

This is so true it is sometimes very hard to make the decision to change something and the after you made it sometimes you think it is a mistake because it might be hard to deal with but once all is done you realize it was the best thing you could’ve done for yourself and maybe for others. It might be messy and their might be struggles and fights along the way but in the end it will be worth it and you will wonder why you were so worried to start with.


5. Change the world

Have you ever heard that the sky is the limit well if you ever thought that you cannot change the world well yes you can even in the small things you do even if you don’t think you are changing anything. You might think that recycling that bottle will make no difference but it will because if you recycle every plastic or glass bottle you use in a years time you will be able to see the huge amount of difference you are actually making, Even a smile or kind word can change someones day if they are having a difficult day or going through something difficult so start today by making small changes to change the world around you.


6. People show their true colours

This has been something we have all seen people can pretend to be a lot of things that they simply are not and every now and then they will show their true colours and it will be nothing that you expected. Sometimes this could be friends or even family people tend to show their true colour in difficult times whether it is a difficult time for you or them the best you can do is just let them go.


7. Change your life

You can change anything in your life if you want to do so you can change your career, choose the people you want in your life at anytime in your life you can change it and sometimes change is needed to make your life a lot better. You have the power over your choices and your happiness it is up to you to change everything that you do not agree with or are not happy with.


8. Embrace the change

Sometimes change is not a choice you make but you are pushed into it and this can be the scariest part of change ever but once it happens it wont help to fall apart over it rather embrace the challenges no matter how hard they might be who knows maybe you will end up better than you have ever been.


9. Change takes time

Unfortunately most changes takes a bit of time and whether it is a willing or unwilling change that you are going through all of these changes will take a while so just be patient and embrace the change.


10. change brings maturity

Most of us has had to change to grow up in a way some people change at different ages to mature but in all reality change is necessary to become more mature we learn to trust or not trust people, we learn to love how to deal with lust and all other life lessons


11. Life is all about change

In life there is so many changes that you will face and the best thing to do is embrace them as they will be happening a lot all you can do is just enjoy the journey not all changes may be good but they are all worth it.


Anak Krakatau erupting in May 2009, Ujung Kulon National Park, Sunda Strait, Indonesia

12. New beginnings

All new beginnings start with change there will always be some sort of change before you will start a new chapter of your life change is necessary.


13.  Be the best you

Although change will make you a different person most of the time it makes you a better version of you it might make you a bit more cautious sometimes change makes us who we need to be.


14. Never forget

Some changes will try and push you to be a heartless person but that is something you need to work on because although some changes are hectic you still need to remember that it is molding you and not breaking you.


15. Don’t change for the wrong reasons

Just because someone doesn’t like you that is no reason to change who you are not everyone will like you and that is okay find people who is going to accept you for who you are not those that you need to change for.


16. Change for 2 reasons

So you have either learned all you can from a situation or person and change or the worst reason for change you have been hurt so much that you just need a change believe me you need to make this change and let go of all the bad in your life.


17. take action

If you do not like where you are at in your life make a change this could be an amazing experience for you to find yourself or just to improve the style of your life at the moment.


18. happiness in your hand

If you are unhappy in a situation change it life is too short to be sad all the time we deserve to be happy and sometimes all you need is a small change to make you happy so don’t delay your happiness.


19. Not meant to stay

In life their might be people or situations that is not meant to be there try get them out before they steal your happiness you only live once so make sure you are happy most of the time.


20. Change yourself first

You cant change the world if you are unwilling to change yourself first to change any situation in your life you will need to change your first first change will only work if you can deal with it.


21. Pain shows the need to change

When something painful happens we tend to fall apart but continue to live in the painful situation when we should actually pick ourselves up and change the situation to get rid of the pain inside.


22. when you hit rock bottom

When you cannot fall any lower that is when you will make your greatest change and start rebuilding your life better than it ever was that will also be the best thing for you to do.


23. chance will not make it better

Life will not be altered by chance your life will always be altered by the changes that you make big or small and if you realize it or not only change will be able to alter your life and improve it.


24. change is not for everyone

Sometimes you meet people that is seriously in need of change but in order to change you must first see a reason to do so and unfortunately not everyone is willing to recognize their flaws or mistakes and for that reason they just will not change best thing you can do is decide whether you want them in your life or not because if you can’t accept that they won’t change best thing is to just erase them from your life.


25. You need to change to see change

If you do not change then things will not change you change in order to be able to see everything in your life that needs changing.


26. Thought matter

If you keep having negative thoughts negative things will keep happening change your thoughts  and see your live change before your eyes this might sound like a bit of an exaggeration but truth is that your thoughts alter your mood and if you think about the bad things you will be negative and unmotivated which will affect your ability to do anything.


27. changes happens when mistakes are made

Sometimes when you learn from a mistake you make the best changes ever and in most cases this will lead to the best times you will ever have and also improve your life a great deal so no matter how hard it is to admit a mistake rather take it as a lesson and change everything further.


28. Pain

It is so easy to become bitter and cold when you go through a painful situation and although it is hard the best thing is to just deal with it and let it go.


29. take action

Instead of complaining about your problems take action only you have the power to change your life no one else is going to do it for you it is in your power to change what you do not like in your life no one else will be able to that and even if they did I am sure you would not be happy with their choices because no one knows you better than you do.


30. There will always be change

If you like it or not change will always be there no matter what the seasons change, world changes and people in your life change this is something you will never be able to stop or slow down there will always be some sort of change in your life the only thing you can do is decide what your attitude towards it will be.


Change is very important for everything in the world but it is also one of the hardest things to go through for all ages kids find it the most difficult due to the fact that change can cause instability in their lives and that makes them unsure and in some events even insecure and that can be a hard thing to handle.

But it is not only kids grown ups can have the same because if you get hurt a lot it will change you and not always in a good way it will make you trust less, doubt more and avoid people and this is not a good thing. Although it is understandable to react this way and it takes a while to change that but it is possible by just changing around the people in your life and only letting the ones that are good in the problem is people only start showing true colours in difficult times.

But regardless of what you have been through try change your thoughts to be more positive and get a better outlook on life this will improve yourself and will make the process of change a lot more positive

Here is how to deal with change in a few ways:

1. Don’t be afraid to change a situation that is making you sad – Live is too short to be depressed everyday about something you can change.

2. Figure out how much control you have over it – Not everything is in our hands but if you are able to change the thins that is upsetting you the do so before it is too late or escalates to far.

3. Focus on the positive – All changes will have positives and negatives but focus more on the positive that will help you get to the finish line rather than the negative that might happen if you pursue the change do not look back once you have made the change you are one step closer to your goal and happiness

4. Make it happen – now you have taken the first step you have to embrace your journey ahead an yes it might be hard to do but push through and you will be stronger and more knowledgeable in the end.

5. Get a support system – you always need someone around to vent to or offer you some support when things get unbearable so be sure to get a buddy or even family members to help you get through all the bad patches so you can come out on the other side and be a better version of you

Change inevitable and we see that daily in the world change happens instantly sometimes and you might have little to no control over it death, break up, friends that just left it is all outside of your power it is like the season changes you might not like summer but it will be there once a year so you learned to deal with it and this will be one thing you will have to do with all the changes you have no control over and it is okay to break   down for a while in some cases it is recommended but then you pick yourself up again and show the world you can deal with all of this so much better and yes it is going to be hell at first and maybe in the middle but there is always light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

So if you are going through some type of change whether it is physical or emotional just breathe and try make the best or journey you only have one life so embrace it and all the challenges that may come with it because this will shape you into the person you not only want to be but need to be. Change might not always feel like a good thing but in the end it is always worth it and you learn the right life lessons from every painful experience life will throw at you, so embrace it an try to stay positive about the changes.