Proven Ways to Improve Your Memory


Our memory acts as the brain’s filing system because it stores everything we have learned. Memory helps us recall information that is why it’s important to develop skills that can improve it. Whether we make decisions or want to make a good impression with our knowledge, the ability to remember is one of the major advantages of life. People with good memory are viewed as competent, smart and dependable therefore everyone often looks for ways to improve their memory. There are many techniques you can use to develop your ability to recall information; by reading this article you will find some tips to improve your memory.

  1. Go to Sleep and Wake Up at The Right Time.

There’s no doubt that sleep is important, sleeping and waking up at the right time will boost your memory.  When you sleep well, you will feel less stressed and be more energized each day.  The amount of sleep you get every day will determine how you feel each day.  Getting adequate sleep means going to bed early and also waking up at the right time. For example, if you want to wake up as early as 7.00.a.m you need to be in bed by 9.30p.m and if you want to wake up at 6.a.m feeling fresh, you should be in bed by 8.30p.m.

You don’t need to have the same bedtime like everyone else, you can follow a specific time that suits your lifestyle and still get the rest you need. All you need to do is determine the hours of sleep you need and choose specific times to sleep and wake up to start your day off comfortably.  Ordinarily, adults need 8 to 10 hours while teenagers need 9 to 11 hours, preschooler require up to 14 hours of sleep.

  1. Master New Skills.

Good memory requires more than just sleep, our brains need some work out to remain active.  Whether you want to study for your exams or improve your performance at work, you need to enhance your brain. Experts suggest that putting only 15 minutes each day to learn something new will improve your brain function.

Learning new skills can help you improve your memory. Depending on the activity you choose, several activities can act as a good exercise to strengthen your brain.  You need to engage in brain-boosting activities that are challenging. A good brain booster activity needs to be something that requires mental engagement.  For example, you can learn how to play new games or engage in any physical activities like learning how to dance.

If you don’t like engaging in any physical activity you can consider taking painting classes, playing any musical instrument or even writing short stories to keep your brain active. Writing is important for our brains because it impacts on how we feel and our thought process. Writing improves our memory when writing, the brain intensifies the amount of focus on the information, whether its research paper writing or journaling.

  1. Vitamins for the Brain.

The type of food we eat helps improve our memory, by challenging the brain, new cells will grow, and there will be new connections that will improve our memory function. The nutrients we eat not only give us the energy to run through the day, but also help us focus, these nutrients work together to help us grow. Our body requires vitamins to support proper brain function. Vitamin B and C are some of the important nutrients that act together to boost neurotransmitter of the central nervous system.  Vitamin B facilitates quick brain response, that is why food like berries rich in antioxidants are good for our brains. Berries contain antioxidants that prevent disease at the same time promotes the growth of healthy brain cells.

  1. Drink Enough Water.

Water is one of the elements needed by the brain to function well, water increases alertness; if you feel sluggish any time instead of taking caffeinated drinks, water will refresh your brain. Water and brain are interlinked and lack of water in the brain can result in memory loss or brain fatigue, headache, anger, depression any other symptoms.

Water occupies 70 percent of our body the body functions well because of water that goes into the nervous system. The brain is the most important organ in our bodies that need to be fuelled every time. The brain function depends on the amount of water it can access because water gives the brain the much-needed energy to improve the thought process.

Your brain can only function well with adequate water; one can think faster and stay focused throughout the day. Daily hydration will improve your thinking preventing any attention deficit. That is why we are advised to drink plenty of water throughout the day to improve our brain functions.

  1. Never Stop Learning.

There are many reasons as to why we should never stop learning new things, whether we are taking courses or learning new dance moves, there are several reasons to stay active and improve our knowledge. Continuous learning is a lifelong process and is the best way to keep both our mind and body engages by actively pursuing more knowledge. Scientist recommends that the more engaged our brain is, the more we are likely to retain more information, therefore, and we are encouraged to keep on working on our cognition by learning new information continuously.

To stay sharp and focused, we need to continuously challenge our brain because every time we learn new things and put it into practice, our brain structure changes. In the process, the neurons will enhance the sending and receiving of information faster. Continuous education is associated with better mental function and expert advice that by continuously learning new skills, our memory will remain strong.

Challenging the brain regularly is an active process that helps maintain individual brain cells, stimulating communication between the neurons. That is why we need to create this habit of continuous learning and never stop learning. As stated on Essay Zoo, there several ways to improve our memory and staying active throughout our lifetime.