Pros and Cons of Micro Ring Hair Extensions


What Do We Mean By Hair Extensions?

A hair extension means merely to increase your hair. This increase can be in terms of length, volume, and thickness, etc. In the past people use to modify their looks by using wigs. Nowadays hair extensions are in everyday use.

Origin of Hair Extensions:

Long, clean and healthy hair attracts everyone’s attention. They bring a natural and attractive look to one’s personality. From centuries people use to beautify their hair, so they look prettier. It not only gives a sensational touch to the personality but also brings confidence to the person.

Different hairstyles remain in as trend and changes take place with the passage of time. Some people like to have short cut hair but mostly girls like long, healthy and straight hair. Everyone has his or her own choice. The trend of long hair started in the late 17th century. At that time this trend was only meant for celebrities. After that era of long disco, hair started. People tried to evolve themselves into the trend by using different techniques. It is assumed that the trend of long hair emerged from Asian countries like China, India, and Pakistan.

Till now there are many ways of hair extensions. Some of the most popular methods are as follows:

  • Tape in hair
  • Clip in weaves
  • Bonding
  • Fusion method
  • Netting
  • Lace Fronts
  • Micro Ring

Micro Ring:

Here our primary concern is Micro Ring hair extensions. In this method rings or beads of small sizes are used to line up extension hairs. This method is also known as a microbead. Basically, the rings are made up of silicon or aluminum. They are available in different sizes. The rings range from 1.5-5.5mm presently. The rings are clamped with the natural hair and look like a part of natural hair. They use to be changed after two or three months as the hair starts getting lengths from roots. That is the main reason that rings get loose. Microring hair extensions are ideal if you’re looking for a lasting solution to make your hair longer without worrying about the damage that will happen to your natural hair.


  • Many other methods use heat to add extension hair. Heat mostly causes damages to hair. In the case of micro rings, there is no threat of damage as heat is not used.
  • Chemicals are also not used in clamping the extensions. So people need not worry about any mishap to the hair.
  • Hairstylist needs to positions these extensions in a proper way. If these beads are positioned properly then repositioning will require after a longer period.
  • Some beads are so small and tiny that they are used without any surgery.
  • Taking proper care of beads will also lead to late repositioning.
  • They are easy to wash.


  • Beads sometimes cause itching at scalp which can cause restlessness.
  • As hair grows, these beads become loose and will hang down. This can cause hair to break down. So you can suffer hair loss.
  • People with more short hair cannot apply rings to their hair.
  • These rings need some expert to be repositioned or to be removed. Taking them out in an unprofessional way can cause damage to hair.