Post-Covid Europe – Where to Invest?


Europe was one of the worst hit parts of the world during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. However, as it begins to ease its lockdown and get back to a new normal, businesses are now looking to recover from the drastic slump in the economy.

Many businesses have had to adapt to meet the new challenges presented by Covid-19. This has led to an increase in innovation and excellent investment opportunities. If you’re looking to invest in European markets, below you’ll discover some of the best places to consider.


Although Ireland has been massively impacted by Covid-19, it still boasts a strong tech sector. Prior to the outbreak, the country had a healthy, growing economy. There are still plenty of lucrative investment opportunities in the country, and some great schemes to attract investors.

Experts have predicted that Ireland’s economy will bounce back strongly over the course of the next year.


Out of the whole of Europe, Germany has seen the biggest success in containing Covid-19. The country has been praised for its handling of the virus which has seen very few deaths compared to the rest of Europe. It has also been one of the first countries to lift its lockdown early, reducing the economic impact.


Another European country that has done well in the crisis is Greece. It acted quickly to prevent large gatherings and lock down the country. This early response limited the economic impact it suffered. Like many parts of Europe, it is now looking to reopen its doors and ease the lockdown in early June.

Seeking professional advice

Before investing in any European country, it’s a good idea to seek advice from RSM. They will be able to help you identify good investment opportunities. Similarly, if you are a business looking for an investor, you’ll do well to seek expert advice to ensure you have accurate financial reporting.

If you are thinking of investing, look at the markets that have done well throughout the pandemic. These include health tech, fintech, digital payments and delivery services. Also pay attention to markets which are set to surge once the lockdowns are lifted.

While Covid-19 has damaged the economy, with the right investments it could bounce back stronger. European countries are in need of investments now more than ever before. However, before deciding where to invest, it is recommended you seek advice from the experts. Together, you’ll be able to identify the best opportunities for your business.