70+ Portrait Tattoos Done By Talented Artists


Nothing is harder than drawing the perfect portrait when it comes to permanent body art. Who can say they can easily ink the picture of a face on skin with a needle? Not many… This is why it’s so difficult for a tattoo barer to find the right artist willing to create those perfect portrait tattoos. We’ve collaborated 73 portrait tattoos representing fine body art for your viewing, to gain insight on the type of faces – both human and animal – that can be created. From intricate details involving shadows to geometric designs that form intriguing shapes, this post has it all and will help inspire your own piece of art.

  1. Nailing the Rebellious Look
    1010216-portrait-tattoosNothing preps you better for a revolution than a tattoo of a well known rebel.2. Colorful Cosmos 
    7010216-portrait-tattoosThese colors are out of this world! Not to mention the finer details of the little girl – this artist is fantastic.3. A Pivoting Stare
    6010216-portrait-tattoosA wonderful memory forever put into flesh.

    4. Remembering Mati
    5010216-portrait-tattoosIf you’ve got kids, you know that some of the best memories are of when they’re tiny. Then they grow up and become a pain in the butt.

    5. The Fun-Loving Kid
    4010216-portrait-tattoosThis little pirate looks like he enjoyed face paintings. Could he have grown up to get a portrait tattoo like this tat wearer?

    6. Forming a Vibrant Memory
    3010216-portrait-tattoosThe uses of greens and reds are mesmerizing around this little girl’s face. It was done perfectly, so it doesn’t remind you of Christmas!

    7. Gorgeous Little Floral Smile
    2010216-portrait-tattoosThose eyes are captivating! This artist does well with portraits but those flowers are a bit… odd.

    8. Close Up
    8010216-portrait-tattoosWonderful use of shadows here.

    9. Black & White Wonder

Child portrait

The artist really made this kid look realistic in ink, like an old photo.

10. Sisters Of A Lifetime
10010216-portrait-tattoosThese two women may forever be close in real life, but they’ll also remain close forever inked on this torso. Superb job on integrating the portraits with the surrounding tattoos.

11. The Four Guardian Angels
11010216-portrait-tattoosI’ll be quite sad if all four of these lovely people are now angels… Unless this guy simply wanted to portray that they’re all being watched over by angels.

12. Howling Wolves
12010216-portrait-tattoosLook at those teeth! These wolves have been done fantastically, capturing their vicious growls in the moment. The fur looks like it could be done a bit different though.

13. Animals of Destiny
13010216-portrait-tattoosThese animals all have a personality of their own.

14. Gorgeous Shadow Work
19010216-portrait-tattoosHere is another portrait that’s been done well with great use of shadows. The facial expression is adorable and was captured perfectly.

15. A Preoccupied Einstein
18010216-portrait-tattoosHere’s a great twist on a classic photo!

16. Persian Princess
17010216-portrait-tattoosThis woman’s face isn’t perfect, which makes her all the more beautiful – especially compared to the perfect symmetry of her jewelry.

17. Gandalf the Grey
16010216-portrait-tattoosWow, you’ve really got to be a Lord of the Rings fan to pull something like this off.

18. Actor Gene Wilder
15010216-portrait-tattoosThis guy has made some great films, and some especially funny ones, too. Though, I haven’t met anyone in the real world that has had an actor tatted on their hand like this… The wearer must be a Huge fan… Perhaps a relative…

19. A Most Perfect Johnny Depp
14010216-portrait-tattoosJohnny Depp is a favorite for many, and girls go crazy for his look from Pirates of the Caribbean. The artist for this tat made it look surprisingly real and like the actual movie cover. Brilliant.

20. Gotta Love Cheech & Chong
20010216-portrait-tattoosThat’s such a perfect expression. Love the reverse marijuana silhouettes.

21. A Jazzy Tribute
21010216-portrait-tattoosThis tat focuses on the face and has the trumpet blur, as if you’re truly looking at a real photo of the musician.

22. Finely Detailed Deer
22010216-portrait-tattoosThis may be small, but the details are finely done, as if it’s truly staring at you.

23. Stairway to the Known
23010216-portrait-tattoosTime – it’s the one thing we all know we have a limited amount of. The only thing we can be certain of is death, and this tat displays how we’re all on out path towards it.

24. Passion of Christ
24010216-portrait-tattoosThe facial hair is done rather well – and the eyes really capture torment.

25. An Interesting Silhouette
25010216-portrait-tattoosTwo people kissing within a silhouette. What an intriguing idea, not seen too often.

26. Beautiful Smiling Baby
26010216-portrait-tattoosThe use of white ink really helps capture the details of this portrait image, outlining the face perfectly.

27. An Innocent Face
27010216-portrait-tattoosPaired with a rose and a name, this girl named Megan is a beauty and has been drawn extremely well – truly capturing her innocence through youth.

28. Victorian Framed
28010216-portrait-tattoosA lovely smile, with a lovely frame.

29. Wrinkles of Time
29010216-portrait-tattoosA wonderful tribute done well with encircling flowers.

30. Forever a Best Friend
30010216-portrait-tattoosWho doesn’t love their pet enough to tat them on their body? This dog was well loved for sure.

31. From a Different Part of the World
31010216-portrait-tattoosDoes this person know the woman in his tat or is it a tribute of some kind? Either way, it’s done well, creating a face with an expression that’s hard to forget.

32. A Design of Geometry
37010216-portrait-tattoosA portrait doesn’t have to look real – it can be done using shapes; geometry like above. Awesomely creative.

33. Guiding Spirit Animal
36010216-portrait-tattoosIf you know your spirit animal, you can forever have it protect you by having it inked on your hand, guiding you in your actions.

34. In Love with Frankenstein & His Bride
35010216-portrait-tattoosWhat a great combo for each hand! We’ve got a Halloween fan.

35. Bob Marley’s Smile
34010216-portrait-tattoosAmazing inked art right here, forever capturing Marley’s wonderful smile.

36. A Miner’s Commitement
33010216-portrait-tattoosAmazing shading.

37. I Was Once Alive
32010216-portrait-tattoosA macabre image, taking beauty and deflating it.

38. An “Old Skool” Halloween
38010216-portrait-tattoosThis Frankenstein is definitely from the old black and white movie.

39. A Perfect Angle for Dead Eyes
39010216-portrait-tattoosVery unique face, with a great angle that many tats don’t utilize.

40. A Greek God’s Permanence
40010216-portrait-tattoosPoseidon on your hand. Now that’s pretty powerful.

41. The Pain We Never Saw
41010216-portrait-tattoosGorgeous eyes and lips, wracked with the pain and torment of this world.

42. Speak No Evil
42010216-portrait-tattoosThe knuckles could almost be a macabre kind of skeletal smile for these eyes.

43. Those that Heal
43010216-portrait-tattoosInstead of displaying the normal gothic images most tats are, this person contributed a piece of their flesh towards those that have done good in the world.

44. She Once Cried
49010216-portrait-tattoosThat eye looks real, as if you could see your reflection in them if you stare too close.

45. Beauty of the Middle East
48010216-portrait-tattoosThis gorgeous design gets its inspiration from the Middle East, whose culture and architecture are truly unique and beautiful.

46. A Reflection of Truth
47010216-portrait-tattoosIt’s something we’re all destined for, though this person wanted it etched into their skin.

47. Tormented Soul
46010216-portrait-tattoosJust the wrinkles on this person’s face tell a story of their own.

48. Sexy Stance
45010216-portrait-tattoosThese scenes seem as if they’ve been taken from movies, though they must pose as having personal significance to the wearer.

49. Janis Joplin’s Voice
44010216-portrait-tattoosI can almost hear her singing in my head when looking at this tattoo.

50. Adding an Artist’s True Touch
50010216-portrait-tattoosWhat better way to make it look 3D than by adding the tat artist’s very hand and instrument?

51. Abstract Stare
51010216-portrait-tattoosYou think you’ve seen it all? This girl has seen worlds more than you simply from her hair.

52. Artist Rendition
52010216-portrait-tattoosMusic and tattoos go together like biscuits and gravy.

53. Lovely Smoking Girl
53010216-portrait-tattoosAs if searching for divine intervention, this young girl has eyes that express more than just contemplation.

54. Hand-Sized Blessing
54010216-portrait-tattoosBabies are the best, and tiny babies are blessings in disguise.

55. Gorgeous Blonde
61010216-portrait-tattoosThe artist truly captured a gorgeous smile and did blonde hair very well on light skin.

56. Crying Maiden
60010216-portrait-tattoosDark beauty, surrounded with roses that match her lips.

57. Cute Kitty Tribute
59010216-portrait-tattoosAnother piece of flesh dedicated to a loved pet.

58. Asian Fae Magic
58010216-portrait-tattoosThis fairy looks like she has protection from a bird – a hawk?

59. Lovely 80’s Eyes
57010216-portrait-tattoosThose 80’s colors and designs are awesome, with mesmerizing eyes to match.

60. Grumpy Face
56010216-portrait-tattoosThat’s one mean little cutie.

61. Creepy Freddie
73010216-portrait-tattoosSomeone must really be obsessed with this guy – the bad guy that kills in dreams. Yikes.

62. Audrey Hepburn
72010216-portrait-tattoosAn astounding and amazing actress, this tat captures her beauty and her signature look.

63. Shaman’s Smoking Pipe
71010216-portrait-tattoosThis lovely lady displays a position of power with a smoking pipe that will give her visions… Is that a wolf or bear on her head?

64. Fight Club’s Dame
70010216-portrait-tattoosYes, that’s Helena Bonham Carter inked from a scene out of the Fight Club movie. She’s amazing, and so is this tat.

65. David Cross
69010216-portrait-tattoosThe stand-up comedian. Really? Tatted on someone? Odd…

66. Beautiful Gaze
68010216-portrait-tattoosThat look is enchanting, captivating, and dare I say quite sexy. It is her in the picture below too?

67. Cute Little smile
67010216-portrait-tattoosA little girl with a cute hairstyle and smile. Parents love getting their kids inked.

68. Colors Galore
66010216-portrait-tattoosThis is a wonderful display of color. The artist really knew what they were doing.

69. Finer Details
65010216-portrait-tattoosLook at how perfect this face is – all done on a such a tiny patch of skin.

70. Midnight Smoke
64010216-portrait-tattoosWhite is used quite well in this tat, outlining the main features seen in order to enhance the piece as a whole and really make it pop.

71. Smoking Gun
63010216-portrait-tattoosThe gun isn’t all that’s smoking! Again there’s perfect use of white ink, creating details that would otherwise be lost in a sea of black.

72. Watercolor
62010216-portrait-tattoosThis portrait looks as if its a watercolor done on skin – truly a lovely piece of art.