Popular Students Tattoo 2021


In some cultures, around the world, tattoos were seen as a rite of passage or as religious ritual or identification. However, they have over time become acceptable even among students. Whether for sentimental or fashion values, students wear arrays of colorful tats on their bodies. Some tattoo styles carry deep meanings while some are simply tatted for the fun of it. From simple hand ones in which people ink on the back of their hands, on the back of or around their fingers, to full ones behind the neck or on any other part of the body, the choice of your styles usually depends on the preference of the person getting it.

They are generally a form of personal expression and a person’s choice of ink on their skin is mostly influenced by sentiment. Here is a list of trending and popular students’ tattoos of 2019. The list is not exhaustive, it is only a compendium of common and trendy tattoo styles among students.

Hand Tattoos

One common type popular amongst students make the small hand ones usually located anywhere around the fingers, palms, the wrists or the back of the hand. With many creative and unique artworks drawn on the hand. Designs could be in black and white or in variant colors for a beautiful effect. These may include a simple quote, small flowery designs, designs of a ring, rose, cross, lion, butterfly, et cetera. The choice of artwork is determined by the preference of the person getting the tat. Small hand tattoos are recommended for students who don’t want to be labeled by it. Because of its inconspicuousness of the location, they can easily be concealed with gloves or long-sleeved shirts.

Simple Body Tattoos

This type is rather a trendy thing for students. The idea for a small body tattoo can be different. Every person determines what color they want and what part of their bodies is the best placement for them. Small tats can literally be anywhere on the body. The back of the neck, hand, the shoulders, chest, ankles and even on the face. Religious representations are also popular art items on the bodies of students. The artistic representation of the crucifix, Greek and Norse gods and the Star of David are common art preferences for it. Quotes from the Christian Bible, simple Chinese calligraphies, Quranic quotes and Egyptian hieroglyphs are ideas common with students. They are also easily concealable if they are tatted in inconspicuous areas.

Full or Large Body Tattoos

The commonness of large tats on the body among students is fairly minimal compared to small and simple tattoos. Full or large tattoos cover a large if not all of the body.  The shoulders, chest, stomach, back, hands and even the face are popular placement areas for large or full body ones. Some back tats cover the most parts – from the back to the shoulders, the buttocks, thighs and the legs. Some only cover the most part of the back region while some extend beyond the neck to the sides of the face. Front full tats cover the chest region down to the crotch and to the legs. Some full or large tats cover every single area of the body. Pictures of animals, relatives and quotes are usually the art items designed in white and black or rainbow colors. Large or full body ones are almost always obvious, especially when they are tatted around or beyond the neck region or when the person wears a type of cloth that reveals the placement.

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