Podcasts to Go to Your Happy Place


The podcast audience continues to keep growing. Most of the notable podcasts fall under the news and current affairs section. The podcasts discussed here are amongst the well-known and popular ones that were once famous radio shows.

Savage Nation podcast

The Savage Nation podcast is hosted by Michael Savage. He is known for his influential views and has millions of fans who regularly tune in to listen to his shows. Savage, as a conservative commentator, has interesting views on American ideals and culture.

Political views

Michael Savage’s political views have been criticized for being extremist by many people. Some of his most notable ideas reflect:

  • Support of the English-only movement
  • Considering liberalism to be the reason for the degradation of American culture
  • Support of the White Genocide conspiracy theory

Ban on Savage

Michael Savage was banned from visiting the UK after expressing various views on his show The Savage Nation podcast that were considered inciteful of hatred. The New Yorker magazine made his profile after Savage gained popularity due to the ban.

Contribution to the Populist Movement

Being ardently and loyally conservative, it is believed his show and talks on The Savage Nation podcast are believed to have helped in Trump’s win at the election campaign of 2016.

The Savage Nation’s talk of 1 hour on every podcast brings forth many traditional views he holds. His content is quite original and has a loyal fan base.

Some podcasts similar to Savage Nation

Behind Enemy Lines

This is an award-winning podcast/radio show that brings together various personalities from across professions including noted journalists, authors, elected officials etc. The show is known for its sarcastic tone. The “Buffoon of the week” segment is the most popular. A public figure is nominated to be roasted by the hosts. It has a tone like that of The Savage Nation podcast.

Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast

This show is hosted by Scott Aukerman. The show is a blend of conversation and interviews of the best comedians. The show is a mood lifter and can be a go-to show for moments when you’re looking for a happy show.

The Ben Shapiro Show

For more conservative, principled views delivered in the sharpest way possible, the Ben Shapiro show does well. The show is fast-paced and delivers news in the most brutally honest way possible without any twists and lies as it promises. Its conservative views will resonate with those of The Savage Nation podcast.

Kevin and Bean podcast

KROQ radio was a well-known radio station led by hosts Kevin Ryder and Gene Bean, better known as Kevin and Bean from where the Kevin and Bean podcast has gotten its name. The radio station was known for belonging to alternative rock-format music. KROQ lasted from the years between 1990 and 2019. Their shows comprise a variety of different stuff ranging from celebrity interviews, live music performances, comedy, listener call-ins etc.

On days when waking up in the morning was extra hard, Kevin and Bean podcasts which were played as the morning radio show were enough to wake people up better than coffee.

The duo’s split

Gene Bean Baxter announced his plans of quitting as the co-host of their show after nearly 30 years since the duo first started. Baxter’s decision to move to England partly prompted this decision, and although he quit radio and their much-loved Kevin and Bean podcast show after such a long time, he did share his plans to continue with his own radio shows in England.

Some of the best guests on Kevin and Bean show

Many of the featured guests on the Kevin and Bean show have themselves become famous show hosts or reach great heights of success. We have a look at some of these notable and special guests on the show.

  • Jimmy Kimmel: if you listen to this episode on the Kevin and Bean podcast, you’ll realise that this was the turning point of success for Kimmel. He continues to take phone calls as Santa Karl every December around Christmas time.
  • Ralph Garman: Having played multiple characters and roles on the Kevin and Bean podcasts, he has good acting skills. The Jersey Shore was a film where his role as Laquish became most talked about within a few years.

B-Team podcast

This show is hosted by DJ Omar Khan and is a must-listen for all the fans of Kevin and Bean podcasts. With the company of KITM Producer (The King of Mexico) and Jonathan ‘Beer’ Mug, the trio provide an in-depth peek of what goes on behind the scenes on the sets of The Kevin & Bean morning show.


A few minutes of informative podcasts can set your mindset for the entire day. Podcasts are efficient ways of keeping oneself engaged without wasting much time over a form of media. You can go hands-free with a good podcast and complete your household chores or drive your way to work. Podcasts such as these keep you well-informed and open up the mind to so many new ideas and possibilities.