75+ Perfectly Timed Photos of Memorable Moments


Taking pics can be easy and fun, especially with everyone carrying around a smartphone these days. But to capture a moment that’s unique; that’s fleeting and creates a whole new image which was completely unexpected, is a difficult task indeed. However, when it’s accomplished, the image or photo is cherished and loved for a lifetime. If not by the photographer, than by an audience – which is why we’ve put together a plethora of perfectly timed photos for your viewing. Some will make you laugh, others are simply captivating, and still others will make you scratch your head in wonder.

Enjoy these 78 perfectly timed photos of memorable moments! Which one is your favorite?

1. Finding A Centaur

1010216-perfectly-timed-photosA centaur slowly makes its way towards a gang of curious observers. One of our perfectly timed photos is of a man and a beast – looks almost mythical!

2. Perfect Splash
2010216-perfectly-timed-photosNow if she had on a mermaid tail and some glitter, this picture would be perfect. In any case, those waves look awesome, especially with the brown sand splashing up framing the girl.

3. Trailing Eagle
8010216-perfectly-timed-photosTwo airplanes side by side in the distance to create those two trails? Can’t say I’ve seen that before.

4. Magical Explosion
7010216-perfectly-timed-photosWhat an awesome photo for this kid and her family to cherish forever. Cute and amazing, capturing the bubble mid-explosion.

5. Fiery Saint
6010216-perfectly-timed-photosThese players were on fire. This one seems to be exerting it. Poor player will have this photo of himself for the rest of time. Deadly farts.

6. Lifting the Eiffel Tower
5010216-perfectly-timed-photosIf only it had been this easy. I didn’t know parts of Paris looked so industrial this close to the tower. I need to get out more.

7. Attack of the Evil Goat
4010216-perfectly-timed-photosFirst of all, why is there a goat in the house? Second, why is it attacking the owner of the house? Third, that facial expression is awesome.

8. Bootylicious
3010216-perfectly-timed-photosWe’ve heard of some crazy fans but this one looks almost like he’s trying to toss Beyoncé’s salad. Or is that one of her dancers? Either way, funny pic.

9. Favorite Flying Car
9010216-perfectly-timed-photosI don’t think this kid expected to fly so high in the air. Is that a look of fun and satisfaction or of slight horror? And is the dad trying to speed things up or slow  them down?

10. Fish Face
10010216-perfectly-timed-photosFish photo-bomb! Tell that fish to get out of the way… It’s not like the ocean is small.

11. Is that a Dolphin?
11010216-perfectly-timed-photosThese birds are trying to communicate with the dolphins in the ocean. Little do they know they’re being observed.

12. Orange You Glad I Can Handle Knives Well?
13010216-perfectly-timed-photosIs this photo really real? Because if it is, this chef is amazing! And so is the photographer… One of our perfectly timed photos indeed!

13. Almost Got It
14010216-perfectly-timed-photosWow, this soccer player looks like he’s at the doctor getting a colonoscopy, but really he’s just being man-handled by an enemy player. The soccer ball is beneath him, not in him…

14. Moon Walk
20010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis guy is simply walking off the edge of some kind of cliff or edge – either way, that Moon in the distance isn’t going to help break his imminent fall.

15. Sun Sandwich
19010216-perfectly-timed-photosMmm, delicious photons. Wonder if he was talking about the space program at this point? Or maybe he just wanted a sun sandwich.

16. Not Feeling Too Good
18010216-perfectly-timed-photosI can’t stop laughing at this photo! This kid is just making room for the candy he’s about to get for trick-or-treating, no worries. Looks like he got some on his costume though…

17. Flying Joint
17010216-perfectly-timed-photosIt almost looks like this statue is holding a joint. Makes perfect sense in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if this photo was taken in Colorado or Washington, if you catch my drift.

18. That’s Going to Leave a Bruise
16010216-perfectly-timed-photosThe lady in the back is already laughing at this guy. Baseball pitches and hits can be mind-wrecking fast… let’s hope he didn’t get knocked out – and good thing he doesn’t play baseball himself. He’d be horrible.

19. Horrible Bee Sting
15010216-perfectly-timed-photosEw, so that’s what it looks like when a bee stings someone. It pretty much rips the bee’s butt off… ouch!

20. This is Getting Boring
21010216-perfectly-timed-photosIs that even allowed?!

21. Capturing Lightening
22010216-perfectly-timed-photosGorgeous, almost as if Zeus were playing a game of targets.

22. Spearing a Turtle
23010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis is how some people get their turle soup going.

23. Ice Cream Run or Ice Cream Flight?
24010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis guy went on an ice cream run during his vacation, but it looks like this bird decided to go on an ice cream flight. Look at the grip… it’s almost as if that bird has done it before!

24. Blowing Fumes
25010216-perfectly-timed-photosOne of our perfectly timed photos is artistic… it’d look better without the flagpoles.

25. The Headless Gymnast
26010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis is what it would look like if we had a foot for a head.

26. Seagull Searching for Fashion
32010216-perfectly-timed-photosI understand seagulls picking food from our hands (see the ice cream seagull pic above…) but stealing hats? What’s it going to use it for, its nest?

27. Miniature Dad
31010216-perfectly-timed-photosThese kinds of photos are especially fun to take when you can get the depth just right. These guys nailed it.

28. Trapped Dog
30010216-perfectly-timed-photosOh No! How are we going to get Fido out?

29. Slick
28010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis pic is creepy. It looks like an alien without a nose or mouth covered in a thick layer of goo.

30. Eye at Arches National Park
27010216-perfectly-timed-photosEver been to Arches National Park? It’s beautiful – and this person got the Moon at a great position.

31. So Long, Little Fish
33010216-perfectly-timed-photosGrabbing a photo of a bird eating dinner at the perfect moment. That fish doesn’t look happy. You can see the fear in its eye…

32. Delicious Bubble
34010216-perfectly-timed-photosThat dog is going to hate it when the bubble explodes in its mouth, covering its tongue in a gross layer of chemicals.

33. Whale? Shark?
35010216-perfectly-timed-photosGlad I’m not that guy…

34. Forbidden Love
36010216-perfectly-timed-photosA puppy and a fish kiss? Who would have every thought…

35. Didn’t See the Glass
37010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis is definitely one of our more hilarious perfectly timed photos. That’s a lot of shake being wasted…

36. Hold it Right There
38010216-perfectly-timed-photosHalt! Who goes there? Price for admission is a dozen nuts.

37. Cat-Man
44010216-perfectly-timed-photosCat woman’s brother has some great abs.

38. Right in the Kisser
43010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis guy wasn’t blocking! Dare I say he deserves this punch?

39. Gorgeous Hair Toss
42010216-perfectly-timed-photosTossing your hair from the ocean like seen here is fun and sexy, a perfect moment for some perfectly timed photos.

40. Fire Fairy
41010216-perfectly-timed-photosGreat capture – do you see the delicate face and the hair?

41. Googly-Eyed Kitty Silhouette
40010216-perfectly-timed-photosHow did this person know where to stick the eyes?

42. Gonna Have a Good Dinner Tonight!
39010216-perfectly-timed-photosI never thought fish could have facial expression. This photo clearly proves me wrong, it obviously is in shock that it’s in flight. Poor thing doesn’t know it’s dinner…

43. Those Aren’t Boobs
45010216-perfectly-timed-photosThose would be some big ones if they were…

44. Stork Delivery!
46010216-perfectly-timed-photosThat stork is dropping off a baby. Good thing dad is there to catch it. I thought they were normally delivered in a basket wrapped in a blanket?

45. Water Hat
47010216-perfectly-timed-photosSome of the coolest perfectly timed photos are of water – it’s hard to grab action photos of the liquid that aren’t blurry.

46. In for a Surprise
48010216-perfectly-timed-photosDoes this guy have any idea a kitten is about to wreck his head and hairstyle?

47. Face Plant Fail
49010216-perfectly-timed-photosIs the guy smiling? It’s time for that girl to get a new partner.

48. The Power of Liberty
50010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis could be lightening striking the Statue of Liberty… or it could be the statue of Liberty striking the sky!

49. Tiny Girl?
56010216-perfectly-timed-photosShe’s kissing someone behind the kid, but this makes for a funny photo.

50. Mmm, Yummy Human
55010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis is what happens when school students are left alone in the classroom who don’t want to do their homework.

51. Heartfelt Friends
54010216-perfectly-timed-photosThey timed their jump perfectly and the photographer got the right moment indeed.

52. Silly Bar Mirror
53010216-perfectly-timed-photosWonder if the bartender knows he’s prolly the object of jokes all day long?

53. Dinner at a Centaur’s House
52010216-perfectly-timed-photosYet another centaur in our midst. This one is preparing a delicious and healthy meal fit for any centaur or human. Unfortunately, her backside is a dog’s instead of a horse’s.

54. I’ll Give You the Moon
51010216-perfectly-timed-photosGive you the moon captured in a photo of an eclipse, that is. What a perfect engagement ring.

55. Moon Pillars
57010216-perfectly-timed-photosAwesome. Great angle.

56. Now That’s Fresh Water!
58010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis is the ultimate bottle of fresh water, straight from a river and right back into one.

57. Waves of Color
59010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis picture is yet one of our more gorgeous perfectly timed photos that is simply amazing.

58. Perfectly Popped
60010216-perfectly-timed-photosWhat is it about capturing bursting bubbles? They look awesome, that’s what.

59. Birds of Love

A great photo for Valentine’s Day… Even the sky’s colors are great.

60. Intense Ice Bucket Challenge
PUBLISHED by catsmob.comNow that’s a lot of water. Let’s hope this girl didn’t get whip lash or hurt in any other way. Yikes. Bet it was cold.

61. Water Walking Doggie
63010216-perfectly-timed-photosDid this dog even know it was jumping onto liquid? Anyway, gotta love those cute floppy ears!

62. Hover Fluff
64010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis dog doesn’t even look like it has any legs. It’s just a hovering ball of fluff floating through some trick rings for fun.

63. Open Wide
65010216-perfectly-timed-photosLets hope this guy doesn’t see the dog peeing on his face. Wonder if he’s get mad or laugh? And where is the owner?!

64. Wanna Play Ball?
66010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis dog reminds me of Air Bud, except taller. Looks like he’s trying to play basketball but it’s clearly a kickball in his paw.

65. Yowie!
67010216-perfectly-timed-photosAnd this is what happens when your dog tries to be a hero but fails miserably. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that dog’s look on his face.

66. What an Odd Creature
68010216-perfectly-timed-photosA cat – dog – bird – thing on the beach! Run, it’s coming in our direction! Do you think it could be some kind of mythical creature like the Lochness Monster?

67. You Caught Me!
74010216-perfectly-timed-photosThis shark was trying to be discreet, but the photographer clearly found him out. Not too many have evidence like this supporting the story behind how close they were to death…

68. Fishing Doggie
73010216-perfectly-timed-photosThat dog has a great hairdo! Must be all the fish it eats. It’s like a reverse centaur or some new mythical creature all together… Well, like owner, like pet – they share the same hair shade.

69. Surprise!
72010216-perfectly-timed-photosWhich one is more scared of the other – the dog of the rodent or the rodent of the dog? Wonder which one ran the other the fastest?

70. The Flying Duet
71010216-perfectly-timed-photosWho needs to run when you can fly instead? These two are running so fast, it’s hard to believe the photographer got such a perfect photo.

71. Get Your Head out of His A$$
70010216-perfectly-timed-photosPete thought the dog may have swallowed the remote so took it upon himself to check… Whoever got this photo has lots of joke rights now.

72. The Perfect Mimic
69010216-perfectly-timed-photosReally? This person has a photo framed if their dog yawning? Well, I suppose this dog is pretty cute and looks cuddly too. They should take a photo of this photo and frame it too.

73. Magical Flying Companion
75010216-perfectly-timed-photosJust checkin’ to see if my witch-master is coming home yet. She placed a spell on me that allows me to float.

74. Tasty
76010216-perfectly-timed-photosFood that flies into your mouth via airplane. That’s pretty convenient. But it doesn’t look like it could hold anything besides a Twinkie…

75. A Perfectly Captured Sunset
77010216-perfectly-timed-photosWow! That arch in the rocks is perfectly aligned with the sunset. What a lovely picture – makes me want to be there to witness it myself.

76. Got a Treat for Ya
78010216-perfectly-timed-photosAww, these birds clearly care for each other, getting dinner and all! Are they dating or are they married?

77. Daffy’s the Name and Surfing’s My Game
79010216-perfectly-timed-photosEver seen a duck go surfing? Now you have. Well, despite it not having a surf board. Even its wings look like it’s trying to keep balance.

78. Catwoman
80010216-perfectly-timed-photosThe cat is perfectly in line with the woman’s face… Looks pretty sweet, like she belongs on the XMex for being a catwoman mutant.