How PayPal Provides the Best Ways to Online Payment Safely


It should go without saying that it is vital to your wellbeing that you perform proper practices to keep safe online. But when people log-in to gamble, sometimes this sentiment goes out of the window. Being safe online goes further than just avoiding dodgy websites and viruses, it includes keeping your personal details safe, making sure that your financial information and payment details are kept hidden, and that you don’t overextend when gambling online. Due to the ease with which we can play an ocean of exciting games, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment or reveal too many of our details when gambling.

Knowing how important online safety and online privacy has become to the online audience, many online casinos have decided to team-up with PayPal to offer their assurances that it’ll be safe to play at their website. PayPal is recognized around the internet as being a champion of online safety, with the transaction method being among the most popular in the world. So, here’s how the casinos which allow PayPal as a transaction method provide the best way for you to gamble safely.

What is PayPal?

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Founded in 1998, PayPal became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the e-commerce corporation eBay in 2002 before the company spun off PayPal a few years ago. PayPal is an online transactions system which facilitates payments made over the internet. It serves an electronic equivalent to money, providing a middle-man between your payment method and the seller or service which you’re paying. The eWallet keeps your payment details safe and encrypted when you make transactions online, meaning that the seller or service doesn’t get to see your details, and neither does anyone else potentially trying to see the details that you input into a website.

Over the years, PayPal has developed a great deal, continuing to improve its safety and protection protocols. Now, it is one of the most popular eWallets in the world, catering to millions of people trying to make their online payments as safe as possible. It was found by that in the first quarter of 2019, there were 277 million active PayPal accounts worldwide, marking a further 17 percent in year-on-year growth. PayPal continues to become more popular due to the desire of online shoppers and online gamers to keep their details as safe and secure as possible.

How PayPal keeps you safe at online casinos

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Any online casino that allows PayPal as a transaction method understands its hard-nosed approach and customer-first mentality, so they tend to be one the trustworthy side anyway. Even so, PayPal provides a huge range of additional online and gambling safety protocols to enable you to ensure that you’re safe at trustworthy websites. The most obvious way in which PayPal keeps your safe online is by protecting your payment details. As described by, PayPal is a well-known middle-man which passes on payment to the seller without divulging your bank details.

Now that PayPal has developed into such a formidable online service, it boasts many other perks to help you stay safe while gambling online. Along with your financial information never being shared with any PayPal casino site, details that the service also SSL encrypts all transactions, offers buyers protection so that you can get your money back, and blocks fraud attempts through its anti-phishing measures. Keeping your money and details safe during a transaction is very important, but it’s also integral to have a safety measure post-purchase.

With PayPal’s buyer protection, if you have a monetary dispute with an online vendor, you can bring it up with PayPal, and they shall get your money back on all qualifying claims. So, if you happen to stumble into a dodgy online casino and make a deposit with PayPal, and then they refuse to pay out your withdrawals, PayPal may be able to get your money back. PayPal also allows you to keep your gambling in check by having an option to limit the amount that you deposit or pay to certain online vendors. While almost all reputable online casinos give you the option to place limits on the amount that you deposit per month, you can add an extra safety guard through PayPal. As explained at, you can control your outgoings with PayPal by setting up an upper payment limit per service.

It’s very important to play in moderation, and the make the most of the money which you do want to play at online casinos with, you don’t want to be paying any transaction fees. Many eWallets will charge fees for making deposits or for withdrawing money from online casinos, but depositing with PayPal doesn’t cost a cent. Furthermore, some online casinos will even choose to absorb any fees that may be charged by withdrawing through PayPal.

By using everything that PayPal has to offer, from its encryption of transactions to setting limitations, you’ll find that PayPal casino websites provide the best means to ensure your safety when gambling online.