Passing the ITIL v3 Foundation Certification Exam Fast


Business and IT Service Management are long been intertwined to address the needs of various companies. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or most commonly known as ITIL, is the framework that governs this IT service management and delivery. IT services refer to those IT activities that bring business value to the needs of the end users of the company. The centralized company emails are one instance of IT services that link network and server administration.

Currently owned by AXELOS, the ITIL Service Lifecycle is composed of service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and continuous service improvement. It defines the best practices essential for IT service and Lifecycle management. With ITIL, there are specific processes and structures in designing, developing, delivering, and supporting various IT services. In this way, a continuous improvement in various services can be achieved.

Employing the ITIL framework in companies enables services to be delivered consistently and timely in a precise manner with no budget overruns incurred. Thus, companies can continue to operate their business and at the same time generate revenues. Moreover, ITIL decreases the cost of service deployment and increases customer satisfaction. ITIL aids in strengthening customer relations, improve quality and IT environment, and heightens the productivity of IT personnel.

About ITIL v3 Certifications

The current ITIL v3 certification incorporates business and IT industry. It is composed of qualification series, structured in a modular approach. There are five certification levels that increase in depth of mastery of ITIL. This includes the following levels: Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master levels.

The lowest level of ITIL Certification is the ITIL Foundation Certification, which tackles about the basic concepts, key principles, and terminology of ITIL Service Lifecycle. These terms include the links between stages of Lifecycle as well as the processes and contribution in service management. The ITIL Foundation Certification is the initial certification taken by emerging IT professionals entering the field. The succeeding level is the recently created ITIL Practitioner. It emphasizes the adaptation and adoption of the framework in everyday scenarios and encounter e.g. explaining and using the ITIL framework when supporting business objectives. Furthermore, Level 3 is the ITIL Intermediate level, which is correspondingly divided into two modules for IT Service Management i.e. the Service Lifecycle and Service Capability that consists of five and four exams, respectively. The succeeding ITIL Expert level is a highly honored ITIL certification since ITIL scheme is now taken into a full macro approach. And the last level, ITIL Master level, is the ultimate certification that endows you with the complete and comprehensive understanding of ITIL. This profound knowledge will certainly make you an asset in every company as you aim for positive business outcomes.

ITIL certification has a credit program wherein you attain a corresponding credit value with each certification you pass. With the attained credit value, candidates are guided with the additional certificates that they can earn in relation to the career objectives. Passing ITIL Foundation exam gives you 2 credits while passing the ITIL Practitioner level provides you with 3 credits toward the certification for ITIL Expert level. The ITIL Intermediate level gains you with 15 to 16 credits and Expert level with 22 credits.

In earning these certifications, you are able to gain understanding of the ITIL framework and help companies enhance their IT service management. When choosing and taking a certification exam, you should consider the recognition of the exam institutes. There are several providers that offer the ITIL Foundation Certification such as Exin and AXELOS.

How can you be certified?

Exin is a premier independent institute that offers certification exams for IT professionals around the world. It is one of the founding partners in developing and disseminating IT service management certifications, particularly ITIL. Exin offers several certification exams – from foundation to intermediate and advanced certifications. Most of these tests are digital and can be taken from several locations around the world. In addition, Exin ITIL has numerous available language options.

Aside from IT professionals, individuals that are suited for Exin ITIL exam include all those that are interested in regulating IT costs and improving IT service quality. ITIL Foundation Certification exam is composed of 40 questions, all given in multiple choice format. It is a 1-hour closed book exam. For you to pass, you must score around 65% from the total score i.e. 26 correct answers out of 40 exam questions.

To takeExin ITIL certification exam, there are no prerequisites needed. The exam costs around $230 to $460. However, Exin does not offer available training. Instead, some of its certified partners provide training for ITIL. The exam results are delivered fast. More information is presented in the well-structured website of EXIN.

Aside from Exin, another provider of ITIL certification is AXELOS. AXELOS, unlike Exin, offers study materials and written articles for the ITIL exams. It is important that you backup your exam preparation with coursework and training. Exam preparation kits and sample exams are widely available online at a reasonable price. For instance, a blended session of on-demand and live review, as well as instructor-led online training options, are provided by the

Why should you get Exin ITIL certifications?

Being certified means you’ll most likely be chosen for the job you wanted. Every certification supporting your qualifications readily attracts the eyes of your employer. With that, you will have a higher paying opportunity. Not only that, you get to develop your skills with each increase in the tier of ITIL certifications. Imagine if you achieve ITIL Master Level! You surely would stand out among your peers and contribute greatly to the IT Service Management of your company.

Being this competent will boost your confidence and help you in the advancement of your IT career. Your intense knowledge of the ITIL framework especially in the inner workings of the IT infrastructure makes you a flexible individual. You will have the opportunity to experience various job roles within your organization, especially knowing that it is globally implemented and in demand in industries relying upon IT services. There are several opportunities for you to grow!