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66 Spectacular Elephant Tattoo Designs (With Meanings)


The Elephant is known to be the largest land mammals in the world. A male elephant can go up to 14 feet and can weight up to 15,000 lbs. Despite of its size, elephants are one adorable animal and have an captivating appeal to human. When trained, they can interact with humans under supervision. Its ears that are about one-sixth of its entire body and long flexible trunk are one of their most common distinctive and notable features aside from its humongous body size. Elephants play a significant part in the culture of certain countries like Thailand and Africa. Because of its characteristics and beautiful features it is known around the world. No wonder it is a popular tattoo design too. Elephant tattoos have different meaning to different people. If you decide to get an elephant tattoo, you may want to read some of the meanings or things that it represents. What are those? Read on to find out.

Elephant in Thailand

Elephant is considered as an important part in the history and culture of Thailand. An elephant is a cultural icon and a popular symbol of the country Thailand.  With their strength, elephants played a big part during war. Elephant in Thailand is known for its intelligence and the ability to be trained and follow instructions. Its ability to remember and fine memory are also known characteristics of Thai Elephants.

White Elephants

Elephants, white elephants in particular are considered sacred and symbolises royalty in their country. In the history of Thailand, white elehants only belong to the king. It’s even included in the Royal Thai Navy Flag. One of the highest honours bestowed by the king is the “order of the white elephant”. White elephant is also a symbol of mental strength. It is said that a white elephant has strong and powerful mental ability and can be directed.

Elephant and Buddhism

In Buddhism, elephant is considered as a sacred animal. The white elephant is said to have played a significant role in the birth of Buddha. A story about Buddha’s mother who dreamt of a white elephant entering her womb makes the white elephant design tattoo a symbol for fertility. This makes it a popular choice for women who wants to conceive. An elephant design can also represent as a “guardian” to the bearer.

Elephant in India

In India. elephant is a symbol for wisdom. One of the most popular Hindu gods: Ganesh is represented by an elephant. This diety has distinct feature: it has a human form with a head of an elephant. Some also said that Ganesha is the god of success. It is said that the elephant brings good luck and can help move obstacles (for people who have pure heart and good intent). In Hindu, it is also believed that the earth is guarded by a mythical world elephants.

Elephants are also part of various religious practices in India.  In Hindu iconography, elephant vahana does not only represent wisdon and royal power, but divine knowledge too. The significance of elephant in India makes it a popular choice of tattoo design of people whose religion is Hinduism.

Elephant in Other Countries

It is not just in Thailand and India that Elephant is given utmost importance. In countries like Sri Lanka and Laos, eplephants also represent royal powers. In Europe, Elephant is also a symbol of military. In Denmark, it symbolises sobriety, piety and docility, In Coventry, England on the other hand, elephant is a religious symbol.

Elephant in Africa

In Africa, Elephant is an important part of their culture. It symbolises power, stregth, dignity, and intelligence.Like in other cultures,it is also recognised for its life longevity, mental abilities, loyalty and size. In South Africa, elephant rustles is used in their coat of arms. This represents strength, wisdom, moderation, and eternity. It is also significant in the Ivory Coast and an elephant head is seen in the nation’s Coat of arms.

Different Types of Elephant Tattoos

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

With the significance of Elephant in different cultures and religion, it is not a surprise that the tribal elephant tattoos is a popular choice for both men and women. The tribal patterns is influenced by the different cultures and traditions. It is said that the tribal elephant tattoo is linked to nature. But because of the number of traits and meanings that the Elephant represents, it still depends on its bearer. This design is said to originate in Native America.

Tribal Elephant Tattoo


Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

2. Dali Elephant Tattoo

Another popular elephant tattoo design is the Dali Elephant. The name came from a Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali.  It is a common design for hippies because of its artistic design – an elephant with spider thin legs. The exact meaning behind this beautiful design is not yet clear but it is said to represent masculinity or masculine features.

Dali Elephant Tattoo

3. Cute Cartoon Elephant Tattoo

A common tattoo design mostly for female are the Cartoon Elephant tattoo. The adorable and cute design symbolises innocence, youth and curiosity. This design also often works as a reminder of happy childhood memories of the bearer. A common Cartoon Elephant character is Dumbo, which is a popular character all over the world.





Cartoon Elephant Tattoo

Cartoon Elephant Tattoo

Cartoon Elephant Tattoo

4. Pink Elephant Tattoo

A Pink Elephant Tattoo is yet another common tattoo design. It is popular among the female because of its girly color and feature. It is said that the design originated from the word “seeing a pink elephant”. It is a term used in a novel by Jack London during the 1900s. The term is said to describe hallucinating after a drinking binge. Another known association for this tattoo is Dumbo who after drinking water with champagne saw a parade of pink elephants. This tattoo design often represents the party animal side of the bearer.

The Elephant Tattoo Design may also represent one of the known leadership traits of the female elephant. This makes it one of the most popular tattoo design for both male and female.


Elephant tattoo may represent one’s social intelligence. Female elephants are known to be the one who leads the herd. They are the ones who maintain the connection of the group.  It can mean that the bearer is prepared and know what to do in any situation. It may also mean that he or she has no problem in managing his or her emotions and is not afraid to show empathy.


Another important leadership trait that the tattoo may represent is patience. The size of the elephant does not equate to its speed. Even though the elephant is not that fast, it can still meet its needs. The elephatnt tattoo design may also mean that the bearer is calm and patient. He or she is not in a hurry to make any decision. He or she faces life in a calm and confident manner.


Female elephants are known to exude confidence especially in leading their herd. To a bearer of an elephant tattoo, this may mean that he or she is confident without being arrogant. It may also mean that the bearer is committed to everything that he sets his mind on.


Matriarch are attentive to the needs of her herd, most especially to the young ones. The female elephant teaches and guides the baby elephant. They are known to be compassionate towards the herd. Elephant tattoo design may meant that one is compassionate towards the others. It may mean that they have the ability to listen to others and understand where they are coming from.


Female elephants are known to have an effective leadership and it is said to be brought by being open to the herd. Elephant tattoo design may also mean that the bearer is thinks of others and is the type of person that is open to suggestions. This may also mean that he or she is open to improve his or her live.


Elephants are known to represent wisdom. The elephant tattoo design may also mean that the bearer has the ability to make wise decisions. Wisdom is often associated with decisiveness. Bearers of this tattoo also choose this to represent their ability to make a wise decision even in difficult situations.






Elephant Tattoo Design can represent the leadership traits of a female elephant


Elephant Tattoo Design can represent the leadership traits of a female elephant

Elephant Tattoo Design can represent the leadership traits of a female elephant

Elephant Tattoo Design can represent the leadership traits of a female elephant


  1. The charming mammal is known to have deep bond with their family. They value family ties. The oldest female elephant or matriarch is the one who lead their group called herd – they live in matriarchal family group. A herd can have as many as a hundred elephants depending on their family size. Matriarchs are loyal to their herds. They are very protective especially to their new born family member. Unlike female elephants, the male elephants leave the group at a certain age and lead a solitary life.
  2. With the elephant’s gigantic size and undeniably vast strength, they are considered as one powerful mammal. But inspite of these characteristics, they are very quite and unassuming. Elephants are calm but has a dominating precense.
  3. Female elephants are born leaders. Like what we’ve said, the oldest female elephant leads the group. It shows that in their unique structure, they value wisdom. The female head has more experiences that contributes to better understanding and problem-solving. The female head have extraordinary skill such as strength, compassion, patience, decisiveness and social intelligence among others that earns respect of the group.
  4. Elephants live longer than the other animals. Elephant is also a symbol of longevity because of their long lifespans. An elephant can live for a minimum of 70 years.
  5. An elephant tattoo symbolises strength – aside from their size, it is specifically their tusks that is a symbol of great strength.
  6. Elephants are also known to represent discernment and communication.
  7. Other symbolic meanings include nobility, determination, happiness and prosperity.

Here are some of the beautiful elephant tattoo design that you may want to consider.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tattoo Designs have a lot of characteristics that makes it a good choice for both male and female
Elephants have a lot of characteristics that makes it a good choice for both male and female

Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design


  • There are tons of artistically beautiful elephant tattoo design for you to choose. Remember that when picking a tattoo design like an elephant, the more detailed the design, the more bigger it will be.


Detailed Elephant Tattoo Design

  • Detailed Elephant Tattoo DesignDetailed Elephant Tattoo DesignDetailed Elephant Tattoo DesignDetailed Elephant Tattoo Design
  • Simple design are popular choice for female while the bigger, more elaborate elephant tattoo design is more popular to male.
  • If you are getting similar tattoo with your friends, consider getting an elephant design. You can either choose to be inked with one elephant tattoo or opt for more than one. Tattoo design that features more than one elephant often represent friendship, It is a great symbol for loyalty and friendship.
  • Black is the usual color for tattoo. For elephant tattoo design, we have mentioned some that has a different color like the pink elephant. A more detailed tribal elephant tattoo design can also be drawn in a variety of colors. It totally depends on you and your preference.

Common Black Elephant Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Design

Common Black Elephant Tattoo

White Elephant Tattoo
White Elephant Tattoo
  • Placement of the tattoo depends on your preference. Common site includes back of the neck, shoulder,  inner arm, upper arm, wrist, back, ribs, legs, and ankle.








  •  For tattoo newbies, fingers, wrist, forearm and ankle are popular choice of placement. Shoulder blades and chest are more popular to tattoo enthusiasts.


Tiny Elephant Tattoo Design

Tiny Elephant Tattoo Design

  • When getting a tattoo, consider whether you want it to be exposed or discreet.
  • Consider having it in a discreet place if you are working in a formal setting.  You can still have a tattoo, just make sure that it will work for you and will not affect your job.
  • Consider having your tattoo in the place where you will be most comfortable with. Remember that the tattoo will stay with you for a long time and you have to think of the situations wherein having a tattoo is involved.
  • Don’t get a tattoo just for the sake of it. Take your time to think and do your research.
  • You should know that the tattoo will take time to heal. You have to be knowledgeable of the aftercare to prevent complications.

When getting a tattoo, make sure to choose a design that represents you. An elephant design is always a good choice as it has a lot of positive symbolic meanings that is perfect for both men and women. So have you decided which one to get? Good luck!

47 Amazing 3D Tattoos + 10 Signs You Are Ready to Get Inked


3D tattoos are mind-boggling and eye-catching. They present an opportunity to express your creativity, share a bit of yourself with the world, create small reminders of experiences that shook you to your core. Not to mention the fact that they’re fun and extremely attractive. Getting inked, however, is permanent. While you can remove a tattoo later on if you feel like it no longer represents you, the procedure is costly and time-consuming. You want to be certain that you will enjoy your chosen design for a long period of time before heading up to the tattoo parlor.

To give you a head start, we’ve gathered a few amazing 3D designs from around the Internet to show just how provocative, beautiful, and sometimes crazy this type of tattoos can be. Maybe you will stumble upon something that will inspire you to get inked ASAP.

3d tattoo 1

The amount of detail in this tattoo is simply astonishing. The artist deserves some serious praise. Plus, this is the perfect tattoo to get if you want to express strength and courage.

3d tattoo 2

Life surely did a number on the owner of this tattoo. The nails look so realistic that we’re almost compelled to rush him to a hospital for a quick checkup. If you’ve had some difficulties along the way that left a mark on you and allowed you to become the person you are today, this is the type of design that will give you the chance to pay a subtle homage to those experiences.

3d tattoo 3

Ripped skin tattoos are fairly popular, and you can see why. Combine them with a script tattoo and the end result will be astonishing.

3d tattoo 4

Cracked skin, beautiful sky, birds flying away… What do you think the owner of the tattoo wanted to suggest? Maybe they’re looking to escape from a mundane routine, or maybe they just like that awesome shade of blue. We might never know for sure. One thing is clear though: this design is fantastic.

3d tattoo 5

Getting such a big tattoo is a huge undertaking. If you’ve never gotten inked before, we suggest you start with something smaller to make sure you will be comfortable with a larger design later on.

3d tattoo 6

This eye is so realistic that just picturing one of those flies approaching it is giving us nightmares.

3d tattoo 7

The perfect tattoo for a superhero fanatic. If Superman isn’t your cup of tea, this type of tattoo can be done with other superhero logos as well. Flash, anyone? Batman? There are endless possibilities.

3d tattoo 8

Can we pet its nose? Pretty please?

3d tattoo 9

If you’re a fan of horror flicks, you will surely appreciate this masterpiece. We’re currently trying to get rid of goosebumps.

3d tattoo 11

Incredible technique makes for an amazing tattoo design. We’re in awe.

3d tattoo 12

Music lover? What better way to convey your passion than by getting a representative 3D tattoo? Those shadows are to die for.

3d tattoo 13

Get a similar tattoo and people won’t be left with any reason to doubt your undying love for Converse shoes anymore (wink).

3d tattoo 15

If spiders don’t freak you out, this is a more subtle, but still amazing 3D tattoo to try. Fair warning – it might make people with arachnophobia keep the distance.

3d tattoo 16

A bigger spider makes for an even more badass – and more frightening – 3D tattoo design.

3d tattoo 17

A paw can be just a paw, or it can turn into a work of art, as showcased above. Eye-catching tattoo for sure.

3d tattoo 18

A 3D mouth beneath your own mouth? If you’re daring enough to pull it off, it can work.

3d tattoo 19

Bloody eyes can only be sported by the truly confident, so proceed carefully.

3d tattoo 20

This skull is utter perfection. The shape, the shades, the location – lovely.

3d tattoo 21

Such amazing attention to details and such great technique. A unique 3D tattoo will easily make you stand out from the crowd, so make sure your tattoo artist has the chops to master your desired design before heading over to the salon.

3d tattoo

May we interest you in a bionic hand? Not only does this tattoo look awesome, it’s also a great conversation starter.

tatuaggi 3D 1

You don’t have to be a sailor to get an eye-catching anchor tattoo. In fact, it’s a known fact that an anchor puts roots deep into the sea and holds ships in place, so this symbol is usually associated with strength and stability. In other words, getting an anchor tattoo can mean that there’s a special something that provides you the strength needed to hold on no matter what life has to throw your way. If we’re talking about a 3D anchor, even better.

tatuaggi 3D 2

A lovely, feminine design for someone who loves butterflies and flowers. The colors are great, and the butterfly is so realistic that it seems ready to fly away at a moment’s notice.

tatuaggi 3D 3

We have no idea about the connection between the girl and the turtle, but we can’t help but gush over the colors of this tattoo. Truly mesmerizing.

tatuaggi 3D 4

The mermaid’s hair made us think of Ariel. Plus, the shades are glorious and the tail is incredibly well-designed.

tatuaggi 3D 5

This actually looks like a legitimate leg bracelet. You need a lot of skill for that.

tatuaggi 3D 6

A butterfly makes a special appearance, and we can’t help but gush over its perfection.

tatuaggi 3D 8

A delicate flower for a delicate 3D tattoo.

tatuaggi 3D 9

Another tattooed leg bracelet with an eye-catching design.

tatuaggi 3D 11

Thanks to the art of 3D tattoos, you can now royally wear jewelry on your shoulder.

tatuaggi 3D 12

Pink is one of our favorite colors, so naturally this design went straight to our hearts.

tatuaggi 3D 13

We had the bionic hand already, so here’s a bionic foot. We can’t decide which one we like best.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

Are you considering getting a hidden third eye? Then you should know that the third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sigh. Pretty cool.

tatuaggi 3D 15

OMG, how did you manage to make those butterflies fly so close to you? Oh, never mind.

tatuaggi 3D 17

Face tattoos are tricky. That said, if such a daring tattoo truly represents you, go for it. Staying true to who you are and putting yourself first is basically the only way to thrive in this world.

tatuaggi 3D 18

This cute blue frog looks ready to jump of the girl’s shoulder. It doesn’t get more realistic than this.

tatuaggi 3D 19

A 3D tarantula is a bold – and beautiful – choice.

tatuaggi 3D 22

Maybe the frog has a friend?

tatuaggi 3D 25

Another awesome example of shattered skin revealing some thoughtful writing. Those are truly some values to live by.

3d Eyes Tattoo Designs 2013 Pics

An extremely powerful 3D tattoo. It’s true that images can speak louder than words sometimes.

tatuaggi 3D 30

Thornes may symbolize pain and difficulty. Plus, you know, they look very cool.

tatuaggi 3D 31

It ripped!

tatuaggi 3D 32

Dragon enthusiast? Dracarys!

tatuaggi 3D 33

How awesome is this? Perfect if you have a deep love for all things photography.

tatuaggi 3D 34

The subtle shadows make this tattoo utterly charming. And that deep green is wonderful.

tatuaggi 3D 35

You’ve got the key to all of life’s problems? Tell the world!

tatuaggi 3D 36

Spiders seem to be all the rage nowadays. Here’s another great design for spider lovers looking to get inked.

tatuaggi 3D

Why settle on getting a tattoo of a snake when you could get a tattoo of a snake coming out of your back? That is the question.

Tattoo artists are always testing their limits and often put no bounds to their creativity, so there’s no wonder that these 3D designs are catching on. People have become more open in recent years to the idea of using their bodies as a canvas and choosing tattoo designs that tell a story – even though that story can be interpreted differently by people around. It allows them to express themselves in a beautiful way and to show the world their scars, their hopes, or their values. 3D tattoos are also growing in popularity because they look so realistic on your skin, as if the real thing is actually on your body. If the artist is skilled you can end up with a masterpiece painted on, as you could see above.

If you’re looking to get inked as well, there are a few things you should know before taking the plunge. This is a permanent change you will be making to your body, so you have to be 100 percent certain that you won’t get bored with the design in a couple of years. Only once you’ve mulled over the idea for a while and considered all the downsides you are truly ready to make an appointment with a tattoo artist. To give you a hand, we’ve gathered 10 surefire signs that you are truly ready to get inked for the first time. Some of these are obvious, while some might not even have crossed your mind. Go through them point by point and be honest with yourself. This is in no way a decision you should rush into.

1. You thought about the design carefully

This one should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Don’t make a tattoo design decision on a whim. The tattoo will be there with you for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you don’t get something you might regret later on. The list includes your one-month girlfriend/boyfriend’s name, a meme, a misspelled Chinese idiom, and so on and so forth. Ideally, you should pick something you think it’s beautiful and which has some personal, deeper meaning for you – whether that’s an arrow, a lyric, or a 3D tiger.

Once you have a somewhat vague idea about what you’re looking for, browse the Internet for inspiration. There are thousands of designs out there to help you figure out exactly how you would like yours to look like. You can also get in touch with a designer who can help you come up with a unique design based on your preferences, or you can reach out to a tattoo artist, explain what you’re after, and ask for their help. The more research you do on the subject, the better.

2. You know where you want your tattoo to be

You’ve already picked a place for your future tattoo you’re comfortable with. When making this decision you should also think about external factors that might impact your choice – like your professional life. The ugly truth is that some companies just won’t hire people with visible tattoos (face or hand tattoos), so this is something you must consider if you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder in the future. Tattoos can be covered up with makeup, but are you sure you’re willing to do that every day?

Moreover, it’s perfectly OK to start small. If you’re new to tattooing, getting inked in a more subtle place is a good idea. It’s the perfect way to give yourself a chance to learn the process, analyze how your skin takes ink, and figure out how comfortable you are once your body heals.

3. You are sure about your decision

Only get a tattoo if you’re absolutely positive this is what you want. Never for any other reason. It doesn’t matter if your friends all proudly wear tattoos. Or that it would drive your parents crazy. Or that your significant other would really like you to get one. Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal experience, so you should never do it for someone else. Only head out to the tattoo parlor when you know, without reservations, that this is what you want to do.

Many people get tattoos in their teens and then wake up ten or twenty years later regretting their decision. Don’t be one of them. Carefully weigh the pros and cons and only go for it once you’re sure this choice is right for you. Don’t do it to belong to a group, to piss off someone, or to “make someone love you more”. Do it so you could make you happy. Your opinion is the only one that matters in this case, so it’s perfectly OK to be a little selfish.

(On the same note, not getting inked because of those around you can be just as bad.)

4. You’ve done your research

You should research not only the design you want to get, but the parlor and the tattoo artist as well. It’s important to look up different tattoo shops and artists before settling on one. More and more people get inked these days, so more and more people are tattooing. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the training required or that they handle the proper techniques to master the design you’d like, especially if we’re talking about a 3D design. Everyone with money can open a shop, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

Your best bet is to look at portfolios online. A reputable shop or artists will have one with clear, readable photos. Most artists also have Facebook pages where they upload their work and also tag the people they inked in the photos – why not reach out to one of their clients and ask about their experience? It will give you a better idea about how the tattoo artists deals with clients and about what to expect.

5. You already talked to the tattoo artist face to face

Finding the perfect parlor online is great, but you should also pay the parlor a visit prior to your appointment to look around and meet with the artist face to face. Pay attention to their surroundings – the shop should be clean and preferably display some of the artist’s work so you can get a better look of what they can do. This is also a time where you should rely on your gut. If it’s telling you that something isn’t in order, it’s best to keep looking. If you feel comfortable there and you connect with the artist, it’s a clear sign that you have found a great place.

You should also take this opportunity to ask the artists about all your concerns. If they have confidence in their work, they will be willing to take the time to answer all your questions. Instead, if they pressure you to get a tattoo then and there, you should probably look for someone else. As we’ve said before, this isn’t the kind of decision you make on a whim. It’s your body, and nobody should feel entitled to pressure you to make a change to it you’re not fully comfortable with yet.

6. You have the money

This isn’t the kind of activity where you price shop or look for deals. Quality work costs, and if you want your tattoo to look awesome you will have to pay up. It’s OK to buy clothes on sale and ramen in bulk; when it comes to art that goes on your body though, you don’t want to skimp. It’s best to save up for your tattoo for a couple of months and go to an established professional than to get one for $40 from a shady guy you found on Craigslist. As a side note, never haggle and don’t forget to tip. If the artists gave you exactly what you wanted, they deserve it.

7. You understand that it will hurt

We’re talking about needles poking your skin deeply and quickly, so of course it will hurt. Don’t expect it to feel like kittens licking your skin. The pain is worth it, but be ready to face it. Also, keep in mind that some areas of the body hurt worse than others. If you’re a particularly sensitive person don’t choose ribs, elbows, the spine, backs of knees or groin areas for your first tattoo.

8. You know how to behave on the day in question

When the big day arrives, you’re ready to handle yourself responsibly. Don’t show up drunk to muster up some courage or numb the pain. Trust us, you want to feel that pain. Not to mention the fact that no decent tattoo artist will accept to alter your body if you’re under the influence. We never understood that episode of “How I Met Your Mother” when Ted gets a tattoo while very, very drunk. And if you’ve seen the show, you also know that it took him a lot of sessions to get said tattoo removed.

Additionally, don’t show up at the tattoo parlor with a posse. It’s OK to bring a friend, especially if you’re nervous, but don’t bring your entire squad. They will be disruptive and they might even influence you to change your mind about the tattoo, despite the fact that you’re the only one who can decide what goes well on your body. It’s also a good idea to eat something before showing up for your appointment. You don’t want to pass out.

9. You have an idea about after-care

You understand that you will have to care for your tattoo until your skin heals, which might mean applying protective cream and protecting the area while showering. Your tattoo artist will be able to give you more details about after-care, but you have to be ready to follow their directions.

10. You understand that some people might judge

Certain people will make your tattoo their business, especially if it’s in a visible area. They will ask about and they might even judge you for it. They will want to know what it represents or what it stands for. You’re aware of this fact and you know you will be ready to ignore the haters.

3D tattoos are often breathtaking, beautifully executed and utterly cool. At the end of the day though, you are the one who has to live with the tattoo for the rest of your life. Carefully weigh the pros and cons and take some time to really mull over your decision. If you want to get the tattoo for yourself, give it to yourself. Research parlors, make an appointment, and go for it. You will feel incredibly empowered and badass afterward.

55 Gorgeous French Tip Nail Designs for a Classy Manicure


A French manicure is a chic, polished, and timeless look. You can give your hands a Parisian flair without spending a fortune at the salon, since French tips are fairly easy to paint. Moreover, it’s a manicure that works well for both short and long nails; but if you’re hoping for a more dramatic look, a French manicure on stiletto nails it’s your best bet. Also, the tips don’t necessarily have to be white. You can paint the tips in another color or come up with a design to truly showcase your personality. We’ve gathered a few gorgeous looks to get you inspired.


The combination of white, pink, and black is one of our favorites. It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.


Choosing to paint your tips in black and white gives the manicure a bit of an edge, and the flowers are just lovely.


Zebra style! If you’re looking for a classy manicure but you don’t want to settle for plain French tips, this is the way to go.


A funky tips design coupled with some glitter will certainly catch the eye of people around. Get ready to be showered with compliments!


You can always keep things simple, especially if you have a job that requires you to sport a business look. The oversized tips make this manicure look original, but still classy. Want to become a nail technician? check out this useful resource about nail tech schools and courses near you.


We’re obsessed with this combination of colors and polka dots. Perfect if you’re looking for a feminine and playful look.


When it comes to French tips, it’s OK to let your creativity shine. Combining different colors and designs can work, without making your manicure look too heavy. Case and point.


Nail accessories can be a girl’s best friend sometimes. Here’s a manicure hack: use the tip of a pencil eyeliner or lip pencil to place the accessories on your nail. This will allow you to grip the jewel from above and not mess up the design.


If you’re having trouble growing your nails, you can always use nail extensions. They’re fairly inexpensive (under $10) and they can last up to two weeks.


Choosing to highlight a single nail can be a wise decision, since accent nails give the manicure a bit of an edge. Plus, writing a special date on the nail, one that has some deep meaning for you, seems like a fun idea. Fair warning: people will ask you what the date symbolizes. Don’t do it unless you’re willing to explain.


The perfect manicure for a crazy night out. The combination of black and silver will never go out of style.


To make your job a bit easier when painting your nails, use French tip tape. You will end up with a picture perfect French manicure in no time. Alternatively, you can also use scotch tape or band-aids, to go the inexpensive route.


If you’re up for it, here’s a non-traditional French manicure that will surely turn heads. Painting a funky design is a bit trickier, but perfectly doable as long as you have a steady hand. Practice makes perfect!


A less challenging design and an awesome color combination. No one said you should only paint the tips if you’re after a polished look.


On the same note, colors don’t have to be limited to the tip. This is a more sophisticated, but ultimately fun look – and the silver accents really make the manicure pop.


Flowers again, but this time with little rhinestones attached. Precious!


A more subtle nod to the classic French tips, but still lovely. The gold lines are to die for.


A delicate design and a touch of glitter can do wonders for your nails. Here’s some solid proof.


Painting only one tip in a funkier color? Why not? Accent nails don’t have to be super-crazy to work. A single pop of color is enough to give your manicure a more whimsical feel.


Black, red, and some interesting details that make this manicure stick out.


Adding a touch of color to a classic manicure never hurt anyone, right?


The ombre trend is pretty hot right now, and it looks great on nails. If you’re after a polished look, you can’t go wrong with this.


Another great use of the accent nail. Plus, we’re particularly excited about the blue lines. All in all, a feminine and chic manicure.


Rhinestones may not be forever, but they can surely highlight an otherwise classic French tip manicure.


If you’re a fan of animal print, here’s a look that will certainly look good on you. The silver lines give the manicure a bit of sparkle, so it’s perfect for special occasions.


Glitter is all the rage nowadays. Add it to your French manicure and you will end up with a more spectacular design.

french tip nails

We love how the owner of these gorgeous nails used rhinestones and a compelling shade to create a beautiful and eye-catching manicure.


Stiletto nails + French tips = Perfection. Need we say more?


Black and silver, we meet again. Proof that there are no bounds to creativity when it comes to nail design.


You can keep things simple and still have amazing results. This manicure looks polished and classy.


A single nail accessory can make a huge difference. Especially if we’re talking about a bow. They’re charming.


Pretty in pink, with a funky pattern for a more unconventional look.


Stiletto nails again, this time with black and white tips. This type of nails really offers a lot of possibilities, since you have more nail surface to work with. Use it wisely.


Colors, colors everywhere! We’re not complaining.


Accent nails with a few colorful rhinestones attached? Yes, please!


Flowers are a popular choice when it comes to nail art. Here, we’re dealing with a more abstract design, which looks pretty glam in our humble opinion.


Adding a few stars to your French tips will make for an interesting manicure. Nail stickers can also work.


Glittery tips make another special appearance. We wholeheartedly approve.


Long nails = long tips. To keep your nails healthy, apply some moisturizer every day. Dry nails tend to crack and become brittle.


If you feel like getting fancy, try a similar nail design. It’s mesmerizing.


Another cute bow. Sheer elegance!


Is there such thing as too many nail accessories? We don’t think so.


Add some flair to your classic French manicure with a touch of color and a beautiful design.


Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… If you’re a cat person, this is the perfect way to showcase your love for the furry creatures.


Black tips look particularly well on stiletto nails. If you’re jonesing for this look, schedule a visit to the salon. The nail artist will be able to give you plenty of useful tips on how to care for your manicure.


This shade of blue is perfection, and it really makes the white polka dots stand out.

As you can see, French tips are anything but boring. If the designs above made you want to get a French manicure yourself, we’ve also put together a short tutorial that will help you get amazing results. While going to a salon might be the easiest choice, with a bit of practice you can master the French manicure in the comfort of your own home. Here’s how.

First off, start with the basics. Remove old nail polish, from all the corners and cracks, even if you were only wearing a top coat. If you go the traditional French manicure way, other colors will be easily visible through the pale French mani polish, so you want to make sure your remove all traces of old polish. As a side note, acetone nail polish remover isn’t your best choice, since it can dry your nails. If you want to keep them healthy, opt for a nail polish remover without this damaging ingredient. Then, trim your nails into your preferred shape. Even though a French manicure looks best on long nails, you can get great results with short nails as well, as you’ve seen above. Next, it’s time to file your nails into your favorite shape – either give them a traditional crescent shape, or opt for a square or round shape. Remember to also use a nail buffer to buff the surface of your nails.

Now it’s time to pay some special attention to your cuticles. Start by placing your hands in a warm bowl of water where you added olive oil for a few minutes, to soften the cuticles. Dry your hands with a towel and use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back. Alternatively, you can also use an orange stick. If you have cuticle oil, massage them into your nails for some extra TLC.

You’re done with the prep portion, so it’s time to get down to business. Apply the base coat, which traditionally is clear, cream, or pale pink. For better results, do it like the pros: paint a stripe down the center of your nail, then to more stripes on the sides. Fill the nail using even strokes and paint from the cuticle to the tip. You can buy a French manicure set that has everything you need to create the perfect mani, or you can use whatever nail polish you have handy. The same goes for the colors – if you don’t want a traditional manicure, feel free to use whatever crazy shade you like. For more striking results though, make sure the base color is in contrast with the tip color. Allow the base to completely dry before applying a second coat.

Once you’re done with the base coat, move on to the tips. Your hands should be steady to avoid making a mess. Whether you want to paint white crescents on your nail tips or come up with a more creative design, you can use scotch tape for better results (especially if you’re not a pro at painting a straight line). Once you’ve painted the tips, use a nail polish remover pen for final touch-ups, if needed, or dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover. Finally, apply a clear top coat – your manicure will last longer this way.

Here are a few other nail hacks that will make the process easier:

  • If you’re not a fan of scotch tape, you can use a rubber band to create the perfect French tips. Tie it in the middle and loop one end over your thumb to create tension on the band. Align the other end over the top of your nail to create the crescent-moon French tip shape.
  • Do you want your nails to dry faster? Soak your nails in a bowl with ice and water after you paint them – the cold water will help the paint set faster. Or, you can spray nonstick cooking spray to your nails. Wait a couple of minutes and then wash the oily residue off.
  • If you’re going for a mani that might get messy, consider lining your nails with petroleum jelly like Vaseline before painting them, for an easy cleanup. You will create a barrier between the polish and your skin which is easier to wipe out.
  • Not a pro at nail art yet, but want to try a more dramatic design? Start small. Go for only one accent nail, usually the one on the ring finger. This will accentuate the rest of your French tips.

In the end, no matter what type of design you choose, your nails will look great. French manicures have always been fabulous, and we don’t see them falling out of style anytime soon. Plus, we’re talking about a mani that gives you a more feminine and polished look. You can never go wrong with that. Happy painting!

45 Glamorous Stiletto Nail Designs to Obsess Over (+ Should You Get Them?)


If there’s one type of manicure that screams “I’m such a badass,” this is it. Stiletto nails are bold and fierce and they look gorgeous; plus, they can instantly give you a confidence boost and help you turn more heads at a party. Rihanna loves them. Beyonce loves them. Lana Del Rey loves them. Every nail salon ever posts flawless stiletto nail pics on Facebook and we can’t help but gush over them. And yet, despite the fact that they’re so amazing and feminine, they’re completely impractical.

You’ve heard us: get stiletto news and you will struggle to type and text. Picking up flat objects will suddenly become more difficult. Applying makeup won’t be as easy as running your finger over your eyelid anymore. You will miss those simpler times when you were able to double tap shots on Instagram in a jiffy. Not to mention that you will constantly need to be careful not to harm yourself – like when you shower or remove make-up after a long day. And all in the name of a stylish manicure.That being said, they’re also devilishly stylish, so we have some tips you should keep in mind if they win you over. Read on.

What exactly are stiletto nails?

Let’s start with the easy part: stiletto nails are long, oval shaped nails more pointed than rounded at the tip. Due to their length, they’re almost always fake. Stiletto nails are also known sometimes as cat claws, because of their appearance and the fact that they can actually cause injuries if you’re not careful. So wanting to be called “Catwoman” isn’t reason enough to get them, just FYI. However, this type of nails is quite extreme, and is usually embraced by women who love to stand out from the crowd and truly make an impression. Moreover, long nails provide more surface room, so you will be able to choose absolutely any design you’d like – now’s the time to be creative.

Stiletto nails have been embraced by celebrities in recent years. From Zendaya to Amber Rose, a lot of our favorite A-list stars have been seen sporting long, funky nails. Lady Gaga made a splash with her manicure back when she released “Born This Way,” while Rihanna is known to have a preference for this type of nail art. Also, women have become eager to experiment with their manicure ever since we expanded the color palette for our nails, while advances in nail products made it easier to keep nails healthy and long. Besides, the growth of nail art made it possible for us to express our personality through our nails even more, so there’s no wonder stiletto nails are still a popular choice for women everywhere. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, one that gives the appearance of elongating the finger for a feminine and eye-catching effect.

On a similar note, a manicure is now so much more than just a manicure. Our fingernails have become fashion accessories, ones that are accessible for women, regardless of budget. It’s now easy to match your nails to your outfit or your mood, and it’s not a permanent change that can affect you in the long-term, like getting a tattoo. Basically, our nails are now a canvas through which we can express your feelings or make a powerful statement for the whole world to see. Last but not least, manicures are pretty, and stiletto nails look hella elegant.

What about nail trends?

When it comes to nail trends, they tend to change fairly often. For fall 2015, for instance, nail artists are embracing darker colors and promoting a shorter, more natural-looking manicure. That shouldn’t stop you from getting stiletto nails though. There’s no such thing as beauty rules – they’re only trends that match your routine and your personal preferences.

When it comes to makeup, hair, or nails, anything is fair game, as long as you stay true to who you are; because at the end of the day, beauty is all about having fun. You wouldn’t opt for a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone just because it’s trendy, right? Then why should you keep your nails short if you’re dreaming about rocking a stiletto manicure? As long as you can function with long stiletto nails, do whatever you please.

How will stiletto nails affect you?

Well, they will practically change your entire routine. As we’ve stated before, everyday tasks will become more difficult, especially if you’re not used to having long nails. Do you wear contacts? Taking them out will become a struggle. Does your career rely on typing? Prepare for a drop in productivity and a lot of typos. Long nails take some getting used to, so make sure you are patient enough to deal with them before making a decision. Your new nails will be very high-maintenance, so it’s never good to get them in a whim. Think about the choice for a few days and only head to the salon once you’re positive you can maintain such a manicure.

Here are a few things that will be trickier once you get stiletto nails: texting, gardening, washing your hair, scratching, applying makeup, gripping things. You should also consider the upkeep, which can get expensive if you plan on keeping your new, shiny nails for more than a few weeks. Frequent visits to the salon will become a must. And, since it takes time to adjust to the new length, it’s probably best to start off a bit shorter and grow into the stiletto. This way, the change won’t feel so overwhelming.

How to care for stiletto nails

The first thing you should worry about is hygiene. Bacteria can easily get caught underneath the length of you badass stiletto nails, so keeping your new talons clean is a must. You can clean the undersides of your nails with a toothbrush dipped in peroxide, as some manicurists suggest. Hand sanitizer also works well, especially when you’re in a hurry.

You should avoid getting makeup crammed into your manicure – again, bacteria are so uncool. When applying makeup, use brushes or your favorite sponge; if you’re moisturizing, scoop the products with a small spatula. For showering, use a loofah or wash cloth (this will minimize the risk of injuring yourself). Also, be wary of hand movements, since nail accidents happen more often than you’d think. You probably know what it’s like to break a nail; well, breaking a stiletto nail can be even more painful. Even if you only get superficial cracks, they don’t look pretty.

How can you get them?

The simplest way to get stiletto nails is to go to a salon. Even if you have to save up for the experience for a while, it’s worth it, since your manicure will look polished and professional. Not to mention the fact that the nail artist will be able to give you some useful advice about how to care for your new nails, how to keep them from breaking, and when to return for a follow-up visit to make sure your manicure stays in top shape. They know what they are doing and they will be able to come up with a design based on your suggestions.

Alternatively, you can take the matter into your own hands, so to speak. If you want to them yourself, you will need a fake nail kit, already in the oval shape. Start by filing the nails to the length you want – pointed or rounded – and use the glue to stick them to your natural nails. Then, file them again to make sure their match and that you’re comfortable to the length. After that, go crazy – paint them or add any embellishments you want. And keep in mind that just because stiletto nails are popular for being super-long, you can adjust the length to match your lifestyle and personal preference. You can still have dramatic nails without the insane length, as long as you play around with nail colors.

What about designs?

Here’s where the fun truly begins. Since you have a lot of nail surface to play with, you can do pretty much any crazy design you have in mind. You can keep things simple and opt for a solid color (the shape and length of stiletto nails accentuates them), you can opt for French tips if you want a more elegant look, or you can use two colors, for an even more powerful effect – one for the nail and one for the underside. A popular choice: black stiletto nails with red undersides. The splash of color will certainly result in some compliments coming your way.

Eager for even more ideas? Polka dots and stripes are extremely fashionable any time of the year. Floral prints are awesome in any context. Add gold or silver tips to a solid color. Try a different design on each nail, but match the entire thing in some way – like choosing a theme or color scheme. On a similar note, you can pick only one or two nails from each hand for a design, and keep the other ones simple. The possibilities are endless.

How about accessories? Rhinestones are pretty chic – you can use them on top of your stiletto nails, or come up with some sort of pattern. Use nail stickers to create a 3D effect and turn heads. Experiment with different lines. Now’s the perfect time to use your imagination.

Not feeling particularly inspired as to what kind of stiletto nails would suit you best? We’ve gathered a few designs to stimulate your creativity.


A simple, but extremely effective design. The pale pink is extremely elegant, while the subtle design gives the manicure a bit of an edge. The fact that the design is only present on a single nail makes things even more interesting. Fair warning: Instagramming your nails might become a daily occurrence.


Who doesn’t love a splash of red at their fingertips? These hearts look adorable, and the manicure as a whole is extremely stylish and feminine. If you want to go for something that symbolizes love and passion, these are the stiletto nails you should get.


The length and shape of the nails help showcase this flawless solid color. We’re big fans of Navy blue, so we wholeheartedly approve. The nails are even more eye-catching than the gorgeous lighter pattern, don’t you agree? Keeping things simple was a wise choice in this particular circumstance.


Did we mention that men are somewhat fascinated by stiletto nails? You should add this to the pro column if you consider opting for such a daring manicure. As we’ve already mentioned, solid colors go well with the length of these nails, so they are a safe bet.


Black is the new black. It’s simple, it’s stylish, and it goes with absolutely everything. What more could you wish for? Just make sure that you pick a quality nail polish, and the color will be vibrant and eye-catching for days.


Here’s the perfect example of a basic, but effective nail design. Baby blue as a base color, and three black dots on each nail to truly catch the attention of those around. Not only is this design lovely, it’s also easy to make, so you can do it yourself if you don’t feel like heading out to the salon.


Blue and red is a classy combination, and choosing only one nail to paint a different color is an awesome way to add a splash of color to what would otherwise be a pretty classic manicure. We’re also big fans of the ring and the interesting shape of the watch.


This manicure showcases all: nail design, rhinestones, and pretty colors. We can’t see the thumb nail, but we can only assume that it’s just as perfect. Here’s an additional tip: don’t forget to add top coat after painting your nails, to make sure your manicure will last longer.


Here’s another great instance when paying special attention to only one nail pays off. You end up with a classy and elegant manicure, perfect for a wedding or a more special event. Not to mention the fact that adding rhinestones to only one nail makes day-to-day life easier to navigate.


If you’re bold and really want to make a statement through your nail, this is the way to do it. As the saying goes, go big or go home. The owner of this flawless manicure obviously chose the first option, with great results. More rhinestones, more fun?


Fewer rhinestones, but the same spectacular end result. The nail artist surely spent some serious time coming up with that interesting rhinestone pattern. As for the base color, we’re in awe. It’s feminine and shiny, and it makes us think of the beach. Which is never a bad thing.


Choosing a less daring manicure and opting for nude colors is a good idea if you have a job that requires you to interact with clients or business associates on a daring basis. It goes well in an office environment, whereas a bolder one might attract some negative attention from your supervisors or co-workers.


Pairing your accessories with your manicure isn’t as daunting when you opt for gold nail. This manicure made us think of Beyonce – doesn’t it look like the kind she would wear flawlessly?


As we’ve already said, nude colors are your best friend when you need to look professional. They still allow you to showcase your feminine side and help your stiletto nails shine, even if you don’t use any other type of embellishments.


Another type of design that has it all: rhinestones, nail art, and solid colors. So if you can’t decide on a single trend to embrace, you don’t have to. Women have been stretching beauty rules for centuries now. Do whatever you want to do.


Black and red, with just enough gold to grab your attention. Are you just as in love with this design as we are? Moreover, is not even that complicated to do it yourself. The perfect manicure for a night out with your friends.


So polished, so glam, so simple. And can we take a minute to talk about those pants? We want them in our closets like yesterday. Did you notice how the manicure matches the nails perfectly? We’re sure that’s no mistake.


Matching your mani with your phone case can be fun, and it surely makes for a great Instagram. Another cool example of how to mix different trends and end up with a gorgeous manicure that will definitely turn heads.


Black tips are a great way to add some variation to a classic manicure. Plus, the shape of the tips only highlights the shape of the stiletto nails. It makes your nails look even longer than what they really are.


That shade is to die for, and the simplicity of the design won us over at first glance. The gold skull in the background and the ring skull are also all kinds of awesome. We can’t stop obsessing over this pic.


Black and pink is a daring combination, and it looks even better with that subtle pattern that helps the manicure stand out even more. It’s bold, interesting, and elegant, don’t you agree? We would totally ask for the name of the nail artist.

black and white

A more artsy design and an even classier combination: black and white. You can’t go wrong with this design. It’s timeless and wonderful and perfect.


Since the photo is b/w we can’t tell what the color of the nail actually is, but we can appreciate the use of a dark, solid color and praise the perfect shape of the stiletto nails. Plus, this is a very sexy shot, we’ll give you that.


The owner of this manicure surely enjoys standing out from the crowd. At least that’s what we think based on the bright colors and crazy pattern she chose for her stiletto nails. As you can see though, even though the design looks random, there’s clearly a color scheme here, so it doesn’t look out of place at all.


Another elegant mani that would be perfect for a special event. Pair it with a little black dress and a pair of black pumps and you will dazzle your friends with your attention to details. We especially like the use of polka dots here.


If you don’t go crazy at Halloween, when else? That special time of year when we can wear wacky outfits and accessories without any fear of being judged. And this manicure would definitely go well with any kind of Halloween costume – it’s pretty, it’s festive, it’s themed. What more could you wish for?


We’re not big fans of the crosses, but we do believe that the manicure looks good as a whole. Plus, we included this pic to show you that stiletto nails don’t need to be too pointed to create that dramatic effect. This shape is just as glam, and considerably more practical.


A manicure worthy of a princess. The pinks are wonderful, the rhinestones are just the perfect amount, and the white gives the whole manicure kind of a royal feel. Styling each nail differently may take some time but, as you can see, it can be totally worth the hassle.


We’re purple lovers, so we couldn’t help but gush over these stiletto nails. Purple is very rare in nature, and it’s also the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow. How could we not be fans? The tattoos are interesting as well – we would love to find out their meaning.


Adding just a bit of sparkle to your manicure is enough for a spectacular effect. And black and gold together? They go so well there’s even a song called Black and Gold. This argument should be enough.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Simple and perfect for those hot days of summer when you can’t wait to hit the beach. Blue nails + sand = Instagram perfection.


If Frozen would be remade as a live-action movie, we’re pretty sure this is how Elsa’s manicure would look like. The flowers are gorgeous, the base color is perfection, and the rhinestones are worthy of a princess.


A fierce manicure for a badass lady. The red showcases your passion, while the pattern showcases your playful side. Wear it on a date and you will conquer your partner with the simple combination of feminine hair strokes and strategical hand touches.


The black and gold manicure makes another special appearance, and we’re still in awe. A great way to showcase your love for black and highlight its versatility. Plus, next time someone tells you black is boring, show them this pic. They will surely reconsider.


We have subtle colors, polka dots, patterns and rhinestone here. A bit chaotic but, although it shouldn’t work in theory (we can’t seem to find a theme or color scheme here), you can’t deny it looks good. Just some additional proof that beauty rules are made to be broken.


We’re completely in love with that writing, and the fact that the owner manicure decided to apply in one a single nail makes it even more special. Overall, an extremely classy manicure – the ideal choice for a bride, maybe? It will definitely go well with a wedding dress.

stiletto nails

If you’re always in a party mood, these are the stiletto nails you should get. They’re colorful, fun, and they cheer you up in a jiffy. The gold lines are particularly compelling here.


Black and yellow – another color combination with its own tune, and for good reason. These nails look glamorous and on fleek; we’re in love with the smooshed pattern!


These bright colors stole our hearts from the first minute we lay eyes on them. They complement each other perfectly, and the ombre effect is to die for. We’re going to hang this on our inspiration board for eternity.


Another great manicure for a bride – the colors are subtle and classy, and the nail art will go perfectly with any type of white gown.


Crazy rhinestones, a dash of blue, and a whole lot of black? We approve. This is the type of manicure that we believe would look extremely well with a dramatic dress a la Lady Gaga. If you’re looking for a bold look, look no further than Gaga for some inspiration.


This manicure is likely homemade (the transition between colors isn’t quite perfect), proof that you can achieve spectacular results without the help of a nail artist. All you need is some quality nail polish and some free time on your hands.


A stiletto spin on the classic French manicure? Why not. It’s classy and dramatic at the same time. Plus, it’s pretty easy to achieve even on your own.


Nude colors and limited rhinestones make for a pretty gorgeous combination.


Last but not least, solid colors make another flawless appearance.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways in which you can experiment with stiletto nails. They may be impractical, but they’re gorgeous. As long as you’re certain you can navigate life and be your best self with long nail, there’s no reason not to go for them. Have you picked a favorite design yet?

101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration


Photography, if we talk about it today, it has become a complete art and moreover a detailed subject. It interests many people belonging to different age groups. From youngsters to middle-aged group and even the senior group, many are fascinated by the charm of Photography. Like everyone except few, love to get photographs clicked, similarly clicking photographs is also passion of many.

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (1.1)

Moreover, it is quite obvious that a single person can’t be specialized and able to do photography of each type. He/she is specialized either to perform well in portrait photography whether outdoor, indoor, family, and black and white or landscape photography. If you are a die-hard fan of Portrait Photography then this write-up will make you crazy as we are going to discuss some of the great Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas here.

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas

All of you must have seen marvelous pieces of Portrait Photography somewhere or other whether in offices, Restaurants, exhibitions, hotels or simply at your home. Many have a love towards getting Family Portraits in their large drawing rooms to flaunt the same in front of their guests. And believe me it is actually a great way to impress people. If you ask a home improver or an interior designer, they would suggest you Family Portrait photography ideas for your home walls along with the right ways and tips for doing them. Similarly, hiring a professional designer or an expert for making you office look lavishly would turn out beneficial for you if you are looking for a noticeable change in the work environment. With lovely Black and White Portrait Photography ideas they will create all the magic which will mesmerize you.

If you see yourself as a professional photographer, then there are some tips and tricks which you need to follow and understand. Especially handling the camera and taking right stills is important. The picture should be complete and perfect in every manner as its perfection describes you as a professional or an amateur photographer. Getting right shots of people can be extremely difficult at times. To help you with the same, we have compiled some of the important Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for you. Read on to know more about them.

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Choose the right lens

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas1

Lens choice has a great impact on portrait photos.

  • A wider lens captures a wider view; therefore it will include more of the surroundings.
  • In comparison to this, a telephoto lens takes narrower view in the picture.
  • This is why one should prefer using telephoto lens for portraits in order to give the right importance to the person or main object in the picture.

Shutter Speed

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas2

It is always advisable to use higher shutter speed than the effective focal length otherwise camera will shake and it will give blurred results.

The role of a reflector

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas3

It is a great way of brightening up the portraits and moreover extremely helpful in giving them a professional look.

  • Reflectors bounce back light into the pictures and fill in the non- desired shadows in the portraits.
  • You must have seen many professional photographers using reflectors especially at the weddings or for making photo portfolio of the models.

The portraits pose

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (11)

Keeping the technical aspect at side for some time is necessary as rather than those points; one most important point to keep in mind is the stands and poses for portraits. The poses, looks and postures will ultimately give the right results for the portraits.

Address professional photo retouching services

If you don’t know how to retouch portrait photos in Photoshop or make color correction in Lightroom, you can use websites that provide such services. You can use US photo retouching service FixThePhoto  (portraits, headshots, fashion, lifestyle images), wedding photo retouching service Wedding-retouching (family, portrait, children images) or Photoshop service Weedit.photos (high end, fashion, portrait images). They provide fast turnaround, affordable pricelist, friendly staff, natural photo retouching, discounts, and are the best photo retouching services that deal with portrait photography online in US.  

Make some lovely compositions

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (62)

A real photographer is the one who give a new look and redefine a picture. Therefore, the creativity of a person matters a lot when he/she is taking portraits pictures. Setting the right contrasts, zooming and focusing on the right portions of a picture which will overall enhance the look is very important. Moreover, trying something new or other every time can fetch splendid results for you.

These were some of the helpful tips for portrait photography. There are much more things to consider and apply before getting a perfect picture portrait. Whether it is indoor or outdoor portrait photography, you need to consider every tiny feature also in detail in order to achieve excellent results and praise for your work. If you’re really passionate about photography and want to adopt the skill of capturing feelings of the nature then, it becomes necessary for you to check of the astounding collection of beautiful sunset Photography images.

Let us move on to some portrait photographs which are a mixture and stupendous example of Family portrait Photography, Black and white Portrait photography and outdoor portrait photography. Along with these types, there would be some different rather incomparable Portrait Photography illustrations even. Give them a look.

The Blue-eyed Diva:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas101

A Picture should be something like that speaks out for itself. As you can see in this Portrait, a lovely lady with blue eyes in a captivating pose is the show stealer. The photographer has rightly focused the eyes and posed the hands in the most seductive manner.

The celebration Time:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas97

A pretty adolescent with the happiness in her hands is celebrating it in the most beautiful manner. The portrait is clicked at right time and in a clear pose. With the blurred background, the girl gets all desired attention from the viewer which is actually the trick.

Peace at its best:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas91

The portrait is a pure description of peace and rather calmness possessed by the female. This is a Black and white Photography which adds the needed bliss to the portrait. It is true that the soberness is due to black and white component in the portrait which stops it from becoming vulgar.

The Big Smile:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas83

No one can pose better for a portrait than a smiling pose. The Smile adds the desired grace to the picture. In the portrait, the photographer has correctly captured the big smile with shining eyes. The work is truly commendable.

The half face and side face:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas80

One of the perfect pose and great illustration of black and white Portrait Photography is depicted over here. The half face of the guy along with side face of the girl is looking at its best as it is timed so peculiarly

Get over me:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas78

The sensuality and simplicity is the main idea. The photographer is really a expert who knows how to set the combination of both right even in the black and white combination. From pose to the dressing everything is just so right.

The struggling face:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas76

Portrait is all about focusing and zooming on a particular part. It is not necessary to show full body pose as sometimes the only face is so best that it fills the space. See another black and white face with a little struggle yet so sovereign and strong.

The needy family:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas70

It is unusual to see family portraits of such sort but the picture procurer could not do something better than this. The harsh truth of the poor and needy is so well posed that your eyes will get filled with tears in just no time.

The Thinking Doll:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas67

Females always look for praises and compliments from their mirror as the mirror never lies. It even speaks out the hidden truth which eyes of many can’t see. The correctly posed doll like girl standing in front of mirror is truly adorable and looks as her best.

The naughty component:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas65

The right ring in the right finger is so very rightly clicked by the professional. He cuts in the image rightly by bringing out the naughty flavor with little shy on her face. The portrait is so very lovely that many guys would love to hang it in their private rooms.

The bubble texture:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas60

It is not a black and white portrait but yet the black and white composition and color contrast is looking lovely in it. Don’t forget to see the focused area i.e. the pink lips. The bright color is the attention gatherer over here.

The under-nourished Portrait:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas57

Not actually a family portrait but a miserable illustration of a poor and needy mother with her undernourished child. They are even deprived off their basic amenities for their survival as they do not have clothes to wear. But still they depict their culture and tradition with their accessories very well

The Mischievous Laugh:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas56

Children are born with little mischief and naughty ideas in their brain. Moreover, they love it when they execute it. As a parent you can see the mischievous smile in your child’s eyes. The photographer has rightly clicked a child’s smile full of naughtiness very well.

The smoky stroke:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas55

A great demonstration of adult stroke with the cigarette smoke and body smoke is shown. The position of hands is worth praise. Don’t forget to look into the backgrounds flowers and roses; they actually make the portrait so hot and smoky.

The Madness:    

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas51

Sometimes we just want to jump and dance in excitement like a mad person. Clicking pictures of those mad times is really a fun and unique idea. We feel so amused seeing those pictures time and again. The fun portrait here is clearly showing the mad smile with mad pose of hands and hairs.

The sexy-eye:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas48

See the flash and charm in the eye. The focus of the photographer was clear and concrete i.e. on the sexy blue eye. He even brought it out very well. The eye and red-colored lips bring out the sexy passion in a hidden way.

The shy seductress:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas45

The eyes of a girl are like a mirror to her heart. The shyness is the best accessory which can be worn by a girl and rather it makes her most desirable. The blurred portion has been done rightly to hide the expose. The portrait is truly of a real seductress.

The perfect still with a pet:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas41

We love our lets the most and rather love getting portraits clicked with them. See the face of the girl with dog’s face. Both are truly captivating and extremely captivating. A nice work of an expert can be seen.

Behind the doors:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas40

A beautiful black and white Portrait of a sweet kid behind the doors is just so adorable. The hairs of the girl are very well placed and the texture of an old door can be seen in black and white combination.

The pretty me:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas35

Females love to get compliments. They even compliment themselves on their own. Feeling pretty and hot is always desirable. Moreover, if you get a portrait of the same, then the hotness and happiness even increases more. The hot and sexy indoor portrait photography is completely in.

The Perfect Family Portrait:

My Family minus Kyle

From elder ones to younger ones, photography is loved by all. See this lovely Family Portrait Photography, which depicts the order of members in ascending. The parents along with kids and their roles and innocent bond between them have been well covered by the photographer.

The old-age:   

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas30

Whether we believe or not but old age is the real truth of time. We all want to stay young and stay strong forever. We never want to become dependent but at some stage we have to accept the truth of life. See this remarkable photography of an old man in black and white and misery on person’s face.

The sadness:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas25

Happiness and sadness both are part of life. One day is too happy for us whereas other day may prove gloomy. Portrait of a heart-broken or sad lady can be seen here. The hairs and pain in eyes is easily visible.

The flattered pose:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas21

Its natural one day you see somebody and just get blown away by the charm of the person. See the lovely portrait of a women being flattering upon somebody. The hand postures and the pouted lips are the show stealer. They can attract anybody indeed.

The dark side:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas20

Mistakes are a part and parcel of life. Each person has some dark side and a darker truth of life. The Indoor portrait picture with one side of face as black and sorrow depicts clearly about the dark area of everyone’s life.

The badly broken:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas19

When somebody leaves us or go very far from us or the once bond so strong turns out to be stale then the pain which a person gets is just unbearable. See the portrait photography showing grief of a woman who is made to stay alone.

The loneliness:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas17

The black and white photography by the professional depicting the loneliness in a different manner can be seen here. The hairs with flashy background and not so happy face say it all. The black and white portrait has been made with utter care and deep understanding.

The simple girl:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas15


See another photography masterpiece by a great expert showing the simplicity and truly girlish nature. The focus of camera is complete on the half shown face and the beautiful eyelashes of the girl. Rest the photograph speaks for itself showing a simple and sober portrait.

On the sea shore:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas12

Beaches and sea-shores are a wonderful place. They are popular even for the celebrations in a person’s life where one can organize beach parties and also they are popular spending alone time. The deep waters and silent nature helps in rejuvenation. See the beach side photography showing a portrait of a sexy girl near beach.

The bars and shadows:

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas10

The portrait photography is another magnificent presentation of a unique concept with bar shaped shadows on one’s face. Instead of the black and deep shadow, the lovely eyes with red colored dark lips are properly visible and truly praise worthy.

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (1)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (2)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (3)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (4)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (5)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (6)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (7)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (8)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (9)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (10)

For those who’re really amazed with the quality of body painting the women is having, and really appreciate this category of art-form should about inspect about beautiful women body painting images for inspiration.

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (11)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (12)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (13)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (14)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (15)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (16)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (17)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (18)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (19)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (20)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (21)

Coal Miner, Pul i Khumri, Afghanistan, 2002 "A coal miner, dark with the dust from the mine, slowly registers his presence against the darker field of the mine's deep shaft in central Afghanistan. Light from his lamp and the trail of white smoke from his cigarette focus attention. Then the whites of his eyes emerge, then his fingertips. Gradually he appears. This difficult image mirrors the tough lives of miners in Afghanistan, men who live perilously under threatening conditions." - Phaidon 55, NYC44609, MCS2002002 K006 final print_milan A coal miner, dark with the dust from the mine, slowly registers his presence against the darker field of the mine’s deep shaft in central Afghanistan. Light from his lamp and the trail of white smoke from his cigarette focus attention. Then the whites of his eyes emerge, then his fingertips. Gradually he appears. This difficult image mirrors the tough lives of miners in Afghanistan, men who live dangerous lives under threatening conditions.
Coal Miner, Pul i Khumri, Afghanistan, 2002
“A coal miner, dark with the dust from the mine, slowly registers his presence against the darker field of the mine’s deep shaft in central Afghanistan. Light from his lamp and the trail of white smoke from his cigarette focus attention. Then the whites of his eyes emerge, then his fingertips. Gradually he appears. This difficult image mirrors the tough lives of miners in Afghanistan, men who live perilously under threatening conditions.” – Phaidon 55, NYC44609, MCS2002002 K006
final print_milan
A coal miner, dark with the dust from the mine, slowly registers his presence against the darker field of the mine’s deep shaft in central Afghanistan. Light from his lamp and the trail of white smoke from his cigarette focus attention. Then the whites of his eyes emerge, then his fingertips. Gradually he appears. This difficult image mirrors the tough lives of miners in Afghanistan, men who live dangerous lives under threatening conditions.

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (23)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (24)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (25)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (26)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (27)

You must be astonished and rather motivated seeing these masterpieces of portrait photography. They are indeed breath-taking and compels photographers even the beginners and amateurs to work with full dedication and achieve end results of such sort which will receive lauds and praises round the world.

The charm in the photography makes it is unbelievable and somewhere impossible to keep yourself refrained from getting mesmerized by these lovely pictures. Photography as discussed earlier fascinates many of every age-group. Many love to get portraits clicked and many have a passion to click them. But whatever may be the situation, it is important to do the task with perfection.

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (1)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (3)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (5)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (6)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (7)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (8)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (11)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (13)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (14)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (15)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (16)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (17)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (22)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (21)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (20)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (19)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (18)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (23)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (26)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (27)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (30)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (32)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (33)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (34)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (35)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (40)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (38)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (36)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (42)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (45)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (46)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (47)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (50)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (51)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (55)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (65)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (60)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (59)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (66)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (67)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas (69)

Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas discussed above many come handy if you are looking for perfection in your work. It is important to get recognized as an expert in the industry and not as novice. Therefore, practice and practice till the time you get succeeded. Aspire for the best. Gather the latest information and updates on the right cameras and devices which will enhance your photographs. Moreover, if you do photography as a personal hobby, then also stay tuned to the relevant updates as it will prove beneficial for you in building great collection for your own.

We are hopeful that you must have enjoyed reading our write up and it was quite knowledgeable. Work for perfection and get ultimate satisfaction with your work. Supreme quality is always desirable and rewarding.

125 Tattoo Designs For Men That You Will Love For Life


The decision to get permanently inked with a tattoo is one of monumental importance that requires a lot of meditation. After all, you’re dealing with the big dogs now, not those temporary rub-on designs that you plastered all over your body as a kid; if you decide you don’t like it, you can’t just rinse it off with soap and water.

With that said, finding the perfect tattoo should be a fun and self-reflective experience. While a tattoo should ultimately have personal touches that make it truly your own, we have compiled 125 of the most popular and unique designs to inspire you on your own journey to find the perfect tattoo.


le2 1 men

Shoulder Tattoos For MEn

f1f4 up

Flowers aren’t just for the ladies, but we do have to admit that men who are so in touch with natural beauty as to get a floral tattoo are likely to be luckier in love than those who aren’t man enough to get a rose tattoo like this one.

Personal mantra/slogan

yovi insl9 l8 l7 l6 l5 l4 l3 l2 l1

Are you someone who is known for always uttering a certain phrase in response to just about any situation? If so, having your personal mantra inked on your body is just about the most individual tattoo you could ever have. One of our favorite examples is ZacEfron’s discreet “YOLO” design. Even if you stop using the phrase someday, as Zac will undoubtedly do, it was still a huge part of your life at one point and deserves some recognition.

35 Female Body Painting Designs (Amazing Photos)


If you’re like most people, you have visited a modern art museum at some point in your life and formed a personal connection with a painting mounted upon a wall in a large, ornate frame. What you may have never considered is that your body could also be the canvas for an incredible piece of art.

cjj k oh spider z a1 ab art bc c d e f g i

While visions of tattoo parlors come to mind when most people hear the phrase “body art,” body painting allows you the opportunity to express your creativity without the permanence of tattoos. Whether you are looking to temporarily bathe your skin in a breathtaking landscape scene or a quirky design, we have plenty of photos to inspire you.



A woman is ready to take on the world with this beautiful, full-body art design that is deeply rooted in navigation and maps.


Bright pink wings are just as stunning when painted upon human skin as when a butterfly flutters by with them.


There’s nothing hotter than a warm-toned oriental dragon snaking itself along a female frame.


At first glance, it seems that gorgeous model Kate Upton is rocking a bikini on her laser smoothened legs from one of the most popular fashion designers in the world. In reality, she’s donning a fabulous but temporary piece of art from a talented painter who stroked it upon her frame with a paintbrush.


A gorgeous snowy mountain scene with tones of gray and blue looks even more stunning on a human canvas than it would in a traditional frame.


There’s no better way to exercise your American freedom to make art of your choosing than by painting a patriotic flag design like this one onto a human form.


Body painting is often associated with sexuality and pornography, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Artist Phyllis Cohen is famous for her ability to make a woman appear to be fully outfitted in physical clothing. When you first take a look at this design, the amazingly realistic pinstriped suit appears to be made of fabric rather than paint.

45 Nail Designs that Scream Summer Loudly


Beaches, sea, sun, sand, cocktails, suntan, palm trees, smell of sun creme, watermelons and ice cream are the things we insanely missed.Fortunately, summer is around the corner. Buuuut are you ready for summer? Are your nails as well? You can pick a design below. Most of them require professional help, whereas some of them are in DIY category, as easy as pie. Check them out!

Fluffy Clouds

flufy clouds fluffy cloud nails summer nailsBoth the sky and the weather is extremely beautiful in the summer, you know. Sun shines smilingly in the blue sky. This design mimics the fluffy white clouds and sun rays around the lemon coloured sun.

This design offers you such a good combination with any casual outfit. It’s also very beautiful design for shiny road trips.


octopus nails octo nailsoc nailI am literally in love with turquoise. “Silhouette of a cute sea critter on your turquoise nails” seems a good idea for summer. This design is a strangely chic alternative for formal wearing, especially if you are wearing some blue tones.

Octopus tentacles are seemingly difficult to draw, need lots of details, which resemble paisley motives.


marine marine nails

Anchor print and white- dark blue stripes are the essentials of summer. Bold glitters on pinky is a good choice to add the design some glimmer. This design should be put on the list, if there is an evening event on a yacht, or on the beach. You could also consider this design, if you are gonna spend some time in a fish restaurant.

Ice Cream

wow ice ice cream nailsice 1

Yeah, ice cream! If you are a true lover, you don’t wait for summer to enjoy some ice cream. Anyway, ice cream is a summer dessert, which should be consumed in hot weather to stay healthy. lol. I can say no to melting ice cream with sprinkles neither in reality nor on the nails. These look just cute and delicious. Baby pink ice cream, mm strawberry flavored, with white coating(vanilla!). This nail art is just made up for hot summer days!


daisy black daisy daisy 1

Love me or not?

This design reminds me of cozy picnics on the checkered table cloth. Except ring and index fingers, all nails are just painted in light yellow. There is a big white daisy on the whole nail of the ring finger, while the index fingers’ nails are just checked white.

These patterns are also perfectly fine for occupational life e.g. in office, where you feel like being formal.

45 Lifesaver Red Nail Designs


The color red is associated with danger, strength, power as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense color, which is also used to arouse erotic feelings. Red lips and red nails are always sexy! Red color on nails complete the outfit in a perfect way, almost always.The classic color is elegant and stylish. If you know the importance of this posh color, check some of these basic trends out.

Red Wood

red nail designs



spiderman nailsred love red nailcute claws hallow red blue cuteah red

The wood pattern draws attention to the flamboyant red, which is still red on the whole and absolutely not gaudy. It is quite an unusual pattern on the nails. However it is very sweet, and this pattern can be used with every color of choice.

This design is highly suitable for daily use. If you want to try an alternative design in formal evening view, this design is the best choice, specifically for some art events and special opening-night galas.

Apple Manicure

apple nails

Who doesn’t want some bonny apples on their nail tips? It is a cute example of French manicure, with yummy apples. Despite being juicy and charming, they should be preferred neither for formal occasions nor for occupational life, unless you don’t work in a Kindergarten.

Heart Rate

red nails heart red nails

Heart rate lines on red painted nails are just fabulously beautiful. As a plus, there is a heart shaped line on the middle finger. This design is an extraordinary way to make the nails appealing and add a romantic appearance to them.

Heart on Tips

heart nails heart on tip wow red

This design is for anyone, who wants to carry hearts in their hands. For such a realistic heart shape, stiletto tips are required. Base coat ought to be nude, namely “colorless”, to create eye-catching heart manicures. Otherwise, it may look messy.

The nails with heart is best both especially for anniversaries and for daily use.

Candy Nails

candy nails

Are you looking for something very decorative and appealing, especially for parties, such as xmas and Halloween? I suggest these candy canes, hmm but they are not edible despite their sweet appearance. It is a easy nail design that you can even carry out at your home, because the lines needn’t be precisely straight.

Trick or treat?

Kiss Me!

kiss red nails kiss

Another sexy design for anniversaries. The rhombic lines resemble corset, and there is a kiss print on ring finger. Yeah, this design is more seductive and also much better both for Valentine’s Day and for “more special” anniversaries, such as first-kiss-date, first…. (I want you to fill in the blanks).


ladybird nail red

Look at these cuties! Huge ladybirds with bulging eyes. Adorable ladybirds nail art is a easy DIY, it just calls for patience. In spite of its cuteness, this design is not appropriate for formal evenings and offices. I can’t image a presentation with ladybirds on nails.

Minnie’s Bow

minie minnie mouse

Who doesn’t know Minnie Mouse and her symbolic polka dotted red bow? Except thumbs and ring fingers, all fingers are painted in red and white polka dotted. On the tips of other nails, are Minnie’s tiny ears and cute bow. If you are a Minnie fan, you should try to apply this nail art on your squared trimmed nails.


fav red snow nails

This design is a very cool idea for winter. The snowflakes could be created with angled small lines, simply (but not easily). All you need is patience, red and glittery white nail lacquer, toothpicks for drawing and nail polish as a top coat. Easy, huh?

The nails with snowflakes will make a great combination with wintery wearings, such as coats, gloves, boots and scarfs.

Shiny Stones

shiny stones

Shiny, red and white rhinestones are lined up both on glamorous red and on creamy brown. This elite design is gonna complete your chic appearance. You don’t need anything else, even accessories. If you are gonna wear a gown, you should put this design on the list. But for daily outfits, the rhinestones could be too extravagant.

Marble Art

marble art

Marble is one of the easiest designs among nail art. In this luminescent design, there is figuratively a harmony of black and red. The longer your nails are, the more space have for your art, quasi the bigger canvas you have to make your nail art.

If you are into dark tones, this design will go well together.

101 Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women


Congrats to every lady on gravel as they commemorate their legacy to excitedly love themselves for they look astonishing when they accomplish what they find irresistible. Every tattoo aficionado has one thing in common and that’s what you are doing right now! And that is, searching for Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women as to flaunt off their  thighs and merriment another “you” in epitomize.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women1.1

Getting a tattoo on thigh is, indeed, an immense selection; since, then the tattoo will have to seek out your permission before being able to gaze at the world. Moreover, your short sexy hot pants and other mini outfits will look impossibly undeniable with these mesmerizing tattoo designs for women. The never-ending thigh tattoo ideas make it even more preferable for you draw this incredible body art on thighs. The innovation of creative thigh tattoo designs by mixing up Celtic art, floral designs and what not is simply tempting for up-to-the-minute ladies. The titanic varieties of incomparably beautiful thigh tattoo designs for girls waits for you as you make this one-time-experience a blissful one!

Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women

Anchor Thigh Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women10

The anchor tattoo designs look adorable on thighs as they can be beautifully elaborated over such a large canvas. You may add up several other fantasizing aquatic symbols to make this tattoo way more unique as for instance, octopus or koi fish. People get this tattoo for the reason that of its lively meaning that no matter what your destiny brings to you always deem in what vocation.

Birds Tattoo Ideas

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women15

Your heart just shouted “wow” just as you read it, isn’t it? Bird tattoo designs in distinct bright colors mixed with floral artwork gives you a unique thigh tattoo with amazing look. People generally love getting tattoo designs with certain special meaning which they could relate to their lives as in crow and owl. Crow symbolizes afterlife and liberty to soar high in the sky whereas owl signifies insight and knowledge.

Skull Thigh Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women17

Skull tattoo designs may be accompanied with floral and Celtic arts which makes every design a distinct one. For some it may symbolize death and danger while for others it may symbolize remembrance of loved ones. Historically, a tattoo should be inked in black but nowadays people love getting attractive tattoos by filling colors into it.

Native American Thigh Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women19

The fur may be used to make a diadem for skull. Imagine the combination of packed geometrical figures and amazing floral vines along with abstract fur which makes a skull appear as a human face with life in it. You may elaborate this thigh tattoo design up to your hips.

Celtic Floral Vines Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women20

The elite floral designs with Celtic detailing inside and around the flowers and leaves make this design so unique that it has become the most loved tattoo design. Tribal artwork can also be mixed with these to evolve out a new tattoo idea for thighs. People may cover up back and hips with exclusive detailing of designs.

Geometrical Camera Tattoo

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women22

When you are amidst the calm and exotic nature feeling those cool breeze and wet sand under your feet and what makes you feel incomplete without is camera, then it simply emphasizes that you are in love with your passion, your camera. Why not get your love inked on your thighs and elaborate every single part of it?

Rose Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women27

Which girl on earth doesn’t love roses? Even its leaves make it a breathtaking tattoo design for thigh! And the infinite range to put colors into the tattoo makes it even more loved by girls. These abstract tattoo designs of floral vines consisting of roses and leaves symbolizes love and beauty.

Quotes Thigh Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women5

The quotes that define the biggest memory or experience of your life or some way related to you could be put on thigh along with authentic tattoo symbols as to elaborate the design. Tattoo master may use several hibiscus flowers or butterflies to beautify the tattoo designs. Thigh is the correct position to get this tattoo you could decide whether to show it or not.

Peacock Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women3

It is the colors in the feather of the peacock that makes it so special for tattooing on the thigh. You may extend the tattoo up to lower back thereby drawing the complete sophisticated peacock on the vast canvas of your thighs. Peacock emblems royalty and divinity along with being a beautiful bird.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women8

This spiritual bird which is considered to have power could be inked with wings wide open with confidence enjoying the free ride high above the clouds. Eagle wings combined with some fonts is a new trend. People also love adding up globe and anchor with eagle sitting on the top if the earth gives a new thigh tattoo idea.

 Free Bird Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women24

This tattoo creatively indicated the feel associated with freedom. The two birds that have been living inside the cage since birth have no idea about how to fly wanted freedom and soar high up in the air. One could add up the floral vines to make this tattoo a bit more colorful and happier.

 Dead Tree Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women14

Simply a land covered with dry leaves fallen from the dead tree! Its amazing photography could be great wallpaper for you. It could also be a sexy tattoo designs that symbolizes the cycle of life that revolves around death and rebirth. Sometimes it may emblem some negative traits as well but, no doubt, the tattoo looks damn sexy on thighs.

 Dragon Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women9

Attributes the dragon and the dragon-tattoo-lover have in common are strength and independence. Eastern civilizations believed that dragons had powers and noble symbolism. You may ask your tattoo master to get a fascinating dragon tattoo with fire out of its mouth in vivid colors so that the tattoo looks natural.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women32

The wild wolf that emblems protection is a great choice for thighs that made it a mainstream tattoo gives you the insight of fearlessness standing still behind the silent, yet angry face of wolf. You may get tribal, Maori or realistic wolf designs of which realistic designs are most preferred ones.

Disney Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women34

Do you remember the fantasizing Disney world with cute little Mickey and Minnie in it. The logo of Disneyland with an imaginary paradise which always lived happily is often tattooed within the imaginary sphere. You may also choose to get a tattoo of Disneyland with snow over it for a greater beautiful tattoo idea. Remembered the childhood days?

Deer in the Garden Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women51

The miraculous beauty of deer standing amidst the sweet smelling garden of flowers is an incredibly stunning sight, isn’t it? Why not getting it tattooed then? You may always praise the glory of infinite sky in the tattoo. Remember to get the tattoo inked in colors that make the tattoo look nature portray of what exactly the sky witnesses.

Japanese Cobra Thigh Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women55

Thigh tattoo with the killing hood that the cobra own snatches up the attention from people all around you because of its unique temperament. The gigantic Japanese cobra tattoo signifies different meanings with different colors wherein black symbolizes old and wise life.

Geometrical Elephant Tattoo Art

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women67

Believing in luck may fetch you to this amazing body art of geometric elephant tattoo design which symbolizes the wisdom, nobility and power. When it comes to the meaningful detailing of the tattoo design, this artwork designs the elephant with different geometric figures that are related to nature.

Dream-catcher Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women11

This amazing tattoo design is special for many tattoo lovers since the different sizes of tattoo involving distinct feathers makes it unique, each with a different meaning. It was believed that the top web catches the evil spirits with a few feathers hanging to the top web. The simple yet sexy detailing of dream-catcher tattoos is greatly in demand these days.

 Geometrical Lion Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women33

Lion represents the divine sun symbolizing the passion and brightness while the lioness represents the moon and is the embodiment of motherhood. The eye of lions defines the fearlessness and is highlighted with exclusive geometric figures in bright colors featuring the spine-tingling geometrical lion tattoos.

 Lighthouse Tattoo Design

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women31

Just as a lighthouse guides the sailors who have lost their way, this tattoo symbolizes the “guiding light” of life. One could portray sand and corals along with the lighthouse designs. Also, anchors and seawater along with other stuff around lighthouse could be tattooed for a unique detailing of the tattoo.

 Girl Portrait Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women38

It is yet another way of showing love and remembrance of someone you wish to dedicate something thereby showing them the depth of your affection. Moreover the magic of colors split over the skin is literally undeniable which makes this tattoo way more appealing. Floral frame could be drawn along with the sexy tattoo design along with little star as to elaborate this thigh tattoo design.

 Fish Scales Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women41

Famous kind of tattoo in Polynesian tribes that gives a textured looks to the thighs. It looks elegant in different colors. Scales on mermaids are also tattooed over the thighs sine it is almost similar to the fishes. There is no limitation to the selection of the color since the fishes may be of any color on earth.

 Astrological Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women45

So if you have deep interests in astrology that predicts the future by reading the lines on palm, then this one is for you. Let the passion and soft spot for astrology be visible through your sexy thigh tattoo. The minute meaningful detailing of tattoo design could be done by drawing a nautical star on the palm design along with certain important life lines.

 Japanese Thigh Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women46

Clandestine and factual, both at the same time, these unique Japanese tattoo designs that portrays a Japanese lady wearing bright colored clothes and elaborated using distinct floral designs. The accessories in the neck of the lady are drawn authentically using tribal artwork. These tattoos looks great in bright colors since it make the picture lively.

 Frame Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women49

Frame tattoo designs consist of some meaning images of animals or birds or flowers or certain object that is associated to you. Here, in this frame tattoo design, a rabbit and a black evil cat is drawn, both having distinct meanings. You may ask your tattoo master to get a sexy picture of your hubby in the frame or anything else you love.

 Jasmine Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women58

There are certain people who love their childhood-favorite Disney princess Jasmine in her perfectly designs clothes. The classy hairstyle that she did became the part of detailing along with the sexy necklaces that she wore. How about getting an eagle along with the Arabian princess jasmine?

 Genie Lamp Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women62

Those who don’t know the story of Genie lamp and Aladdin raise your hand and read about their miraculous story! Stop laughing people. Genie lamp thigh tattoos are not the popular ones but are really cute to be drawn anywhere on the body. What make thigh special is the possibility of its traditional detailing.

 Butterfly Tattoo for Thighs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women75

The more creative your tattoo master is, the more beautiful your butterfly tattoo is going to look; simple as that! The free flight to whichever destination made by this beautiful butterfly, it emblems peace and transformation. Even Rihanna love your unique choice of tattoos since she has one.

Leopard Thigh Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women77

Right from the tribal leopard designs up to black leopards, people are diehard fan of this type of thigh tattoo designs. These soul companions of shamans are representation of bravery and intellectuality. A man from Scotland has tattooed his 99.2% of his body with the leopard prints tattoo. You might love getting it at least on your thigh, isn’t it?

Love Letter Tattoo Ideas

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women83

A picture of letter with a small symbol of heart over it decorated with the floral designs gives a romantic tattoo design. You and your partner may decide to get identical tattoos on their thighs along with your names engraved in the tattoo if you desire. You may also draw something that you two have dreamt of or some romantic memory as well.

 Crazy Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women91

Here is something which will fill your brain hell out craze and madness that has got no meaning. It may be some funny faces or something crazy that you believe but has no meaning. If you believe that aliens do exist, then get this tattoo! If you get irritated when the time walks fast, just stop it in your tattoo! Get crazy, be happy!

 Watercolor Thigh Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women95

The amazing capability of a tattoo artist can be understood through this body art which makes an abstract painting but lively. How will you feel when you get to see a wolf amidst of several exotic colours splashing looking like a watercolor drawing? There exist incomparable talent in tattoo artists to portray anything just like it looks in paintings.

 Solid Line Tattoos

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women97

Life goes on! This is what the tattoo symbolizes. Simple, yet meaningful and astounding as well. Profound lesson that the life tells you is put into body art this way. You may add up tribal designs or Maori one may be used for detailing of these amazing tattoo designs.

 Keyhole Tattoo Designs for Thighs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women98

Since, every lock has a keyhole that gets opened with a single key, the keyhole emblems the selectivity and protection. Tattoo master may use traditional arts from various tribes to detail the keyhole as to make it more stunning. Golden colored keyhole symbolizes royalty thereby making it more beautiful.

 Water Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women101

History is the witness that many great civilizations evolved from water and water is one of the important elements of human body. Japanese tattoo generally involve water in their tattoo designs thereby changing its meaning. Water tattoo designs emblems the purification and cleansing but looking at the negative side, it also represents destruction.

 Lace Garter Thigh Tattoo Designs

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women44

Lace tattoos are simply heart warming since they are graceful but the minute mysterious detailing makes it outstandingly only one of its kind. What if a beautiful girl pass wants to tell the world that she is not only beautiful but also brave and has a gun? Killing, yeah? Lace garter tattoo symbolizes the self-esteem and self-protection.

Inflatable Tattoo Designs with Floral Basket

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women7

No doubt, a flower makes anything look beautiful. But what do this inflatable signify? Yes, it’s the wanderlust and ambitious as it aims at something. You may get a tattoo passing from amidst the clouds making birds get shocked by watching this new bird. You may also get animals tattooed in the balloon basket. So much fun it is!

Heartbeat Thigh Tattoo Design

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women16

This small tattoo design may symbolize just a step away from death for some while the memories related to the death bed of some others loved ones. Heartbeat tattoo designs looks like a cute little asymmetrical lines with small hills over. You may also get small heart tattoos around the heartbeat as to detail it delicately.

Why don’t to look at some other incredibly sexy thigh tattoo designs to focus everyone on your thighs. Let’s enjoy some exposure.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women4

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women6

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women12


Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women14.1

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women18

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women21

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women23

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women25

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women26

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women28

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women29

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women30.1

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women30

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women35

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women36

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women37

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women39

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women40

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women42

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women43

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women46.1

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women47

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women48

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women50

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women52

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women53

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women54

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women56

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women57

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women59

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women61

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women63

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women64

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women65

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women66

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women68

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women69

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women71

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women72

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women73

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women74

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women76

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women78

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women79

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women80

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women81

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women82

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women83.1

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women84

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women85

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women86

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women87

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women88

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women89

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women90

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women92

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women93.1

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women93

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women94

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women96

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women99

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women100

These so-many option are right in front of you making it easier for you to relate it to your life by knowing about the significance of each Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas and Designs for Women. Your friends on social networking sites will love your amazing thigh tattoo designs and cherry on the cake, you will have one more amazing memory in your life. And that too, with your tattoo! It is what you love, after all!