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26 Smiley Piercing Pics for Deviant Looks + Care Tips!


This isn’t your traditional piercing. Feel that little piece of flesh connecting your top lip to your gums? That’s called the upper labial frenulum. If you were to ask a specialist to pierce it, you’d have to ask for a “smiley piercing”. The name derives from its resemblance to a smiley face – when two balls from the curved barbell stick out from under the lip while you smile. Hence, the smiley piercing. It can also be called a scrumper piercing, depending on who’s asking.

A Smiley Piercing Procedure
smiley p (26)
It’s true that many people decide to do their own piercings at home, but for this specific one, it’s recommended that you don’t  for several reasons. You need to be highly accurate in its placement, otherwise it’s very easy to accidentally rip the delicate frenulum. That could lead to tons of bleeding and a trip to the doctor for a surgical procedure to fix it. We don’t want that. Any piercing done at home always has a higher risk of infection. Licensed piercers have their work materials ready and sterilized, reducing the probability of infection.

Rejection & Mitigation

This is another reason why the piercing should be worn sparingly after the initial hole heals. The frenulum is a very thin piece of flesh, and chances are, the piercing is going to be rejected by your body and mitigate downward. In any instance where the flesh that’s pierced is thin, the piercing will mitigate. When it does concerning a smiley piercing, the changes of tooth enamel wear and gum recession increases. So, take it out when you sleep and when you don’t plan on showing it off.

Tips On Post-Piercing Treatment

Generally, when you get a piercing, you should be given a guide by your piercing specialist on how to take proper care of it. But in case you’re wondering, here are a few pointers on what you should expect regarding post-care once getting your smiley piercing.

1) Keep your mouth clean! After every meal, it’s recommended you brush your teeth gently or use an alcohol-free mouthwash. Bringing us to our second tip.

2) Use alcohol-free mouth wash! Alcohol dries out our mouths and can irritate the newfound hole in our mouth. When using alcohol-free mouth wash, combine it with water – 50/50 – so that you’re not overdoing it. If you use mouthwash too often, and in large amounts – even alcohol-free – you can still cause irritation.

3) When your piercing feels irritated, use a sea-salt mouth rinse. Dissolve 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into one 8 oz. cup of warm bottled or distilled water. Swish around in your mouth for a good 30 seconds gently and spit out, then, repeat. Don’t use more salt than recommended, otherwise it could slow the healing process.

If at any time you feel you’ve developed an infection, don’t hesitate to see your piercer first to ensure it’s an infection or potentially just irritation accompanying the healing process. Your piercer may be able to recommend a doctor that’s known for treating piercing infections.

9 Things You Should Not Do With A Smiley Piercing

Be careful when deciding to get a smiley piercing – you should never keep them in for long. They have the potential of eroding the enamel off your teeth as the metal rubs against them, as well as causing your gums to recede. When getting this piercing, allow it to heal, then take it out every now and then to keep your teeth and gums happy. Here are nine more tips on how to keep your newfound smiley piercing healthy:

1) Don’t play with oral jewelry with your tongue!
2) Don’t eat spicy foods until it’s fully healed! Yes, spicy foods cause major irritation and can lead to infection.
3) No kissing! You don’t need someone else’s saliva in your mouth while you’ve got a newfound piercing trying to heal. Germs are a no!
4) No smoking! Anything. At all. It will increase your risk of infection and take longer for the piercing to heal.
5) Don’t drink alcohol! It’s the same as the mouthwash – it will dry out your mouth and cause potential infection.
6) Don’t put anything in your mouth besides food! That’s right, don’t chew on the end of a pen or put your fingers (or anyone else’s) in your mouth! Again – the germ factor!
7) Don’t share! That means drinks and food. You don’t want to get anyone’s germs in your piercing and you don’t want to give them yours.
8) Avoid long conversations. This will be easy for all you introverts out there. Seriously though, if you have a smiley piercing in while its healing you can irritate it to the point of pain by talking too much. It isn’t recommended you argue, either.
9) Here’s a no-brainer. No oral sex.

26 Smiley Piercing Photos

And now, the long awaited 26 pictures of some awesome looking smiley piercings! You’ll see that they look great paired with other piercings and look amazing with tattoos.

1.  Triple or Quadruple Take?
smiley p (19)Our first example of a smiley piercing is paired with a triple tongue piercing! And don’t forget the nose ring… If you’re a piercing junkie, a smiley piercing is a must-get since it adds two little shimmering barbells to your collection right within your smile.

2. Sweetly Hidden Smiley
smiley p (20)This girl isn’t afraid to smile and show off her piercing. You don’t have to be a piercing junkie to necessarily enjoy a smiley piercing. It looks great when smiling, even when you don’t have any other piercings on your face. It can be wonderful to have for those of us that crave an edge to our fashion but don’t want to risk getting a piercing on our face and scarring our appearance or breaking rules at work or school.

3. Addition to a Lip Twist
smiley p (21)A single lip piercing is fun, especially with a winding ring such as the one seen here. Adding a smiley piercing enhances the personality of your smile and will have on-lookers taking a second glance at you. If you pull yourself back and look at this picture from a distance, it really does look like a smiley face is smiling at you, the little barbells are the eyes! Deviant!

4. Red Stained Bullet Shells
smiley p (22)Silver little balls that hang in between red-stained lips gives off an elusive vampire appeal, as if you crave the metallic taste of blood. You can experiment with different shades of lipstick to see which one really sets the piercing off and makes your appearance more enhanced. We enjoy the appeal of red, since its a vivid contrast with the silver. You can also choose a different color of barbell to pair with your lips.

5. A Hidden Eye
smiley p (23)Smiley piercings don’t always have to have a curved barbell hanging from them. You can choose to have a full circle with a gem hanging from it. Here, the gem within resembles an eye and will spark curiosity in your audience. Is that your third eye? But it’s in your mouth!

6. Accompanying a Nose Ring
smiley p (24)You don’t have to be a rocker chick or into emo fashion to sport around a smiley piercing. This piercing can be for anyone, and looks great when paired with a nose ring and a brilliant shade of lipstick.

7. Paired with the Tongue’s Web
smiley p (25)These two piercings look like best friends! The frenulum is sometimes referred to the upper lip’s webbing – just like the piece of flesh that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth is referred to the tongue’s web. Getting both of these pierced is a rare site indeed, and looks like the two were meant to be together.

8 Spiked and Prowling
smiley p (27)Instead of having the rounded curved barbells, you can replace the balls with spikes to have a more edgy look that gives you the growl you’re looking for. This look is great for outings of a darker appeal.

 9. Smiley, Double-Nose, Eyebrow
smiley p (1)Here is another great example of a smiley piercing that doesn’t include the barbells, but a gemmed ring instead. It doesn’t necessarily have to make you look darker, more rocker, or a subculture of those types. This girl has a softer look and upbeat appeal that’s natural, yet she enjoys the beauty of piercings too. A smiley piercing looks wonderful with double nose piercings.

10. Night Out on the Town
smiley p (2)Since we don’t recommend wearing a smiley piercing at all times, it should at least be worn to any special event you have planned! If you’re going out for a night on the town or some kind of fabulous event, don’t be worried to put that piercing back in!

11. Red-Lipped Beauty
smiley p (3)Again, the smiley piercing looks incredible with deep red lipstick, bringing out the seen of the barbell against your teeth. Paired with a single nose ring gives your face a soft look and majestic feel, almost foreign.

12. Emo Rocking Smiley
smiley p (4)You don’t have to use silver barbells – you can choose colors of any kind! Here we have black, which transforms the wearer and her style. Switching up colors is great for someone that loves to change their style daily and enjoys matching their piercings to their outfits.

13. Golden Spikes
smiley p (5)You can always match your barbell to any outfit or even your nails. A golden, spiked barbell for your smiley piercing is a little more elegant yet still edgy, making your on-lookers take a second glance at your smile. If you’re normally calm and collected, this piercing will definitely grab attention and you’ll be smiling for days. Just be careful not to smile too much so that it doesn’t end up hurting your newfound piercing!

14. Lone, Elegant Smiley
smiley p (6)If you don’t want any piercings on your face that are exposed, preventing you from getting a job or just upsetting your parents or a loved one – a smiley piercing might be the right piercing for you. You can keep it in when you’re with friends, and take it out when you’re around anyone that doesn’t approve. It can be the piercing that you keep a secret!

15. Smiley with Fashion Statement
smiley p (7)Smiley piercings naturally add style and edge to your fashion statement, but combine it with tattoos that enhance the balls of the barbell and you’ll have your audience gazing at you in awe.

16. Shiny Lure of Teeth
smiley p (8)Here’s another great example of someone that didn’t want any piercings on their face, but wanted the edge in their style. She’s sporting the smiley piercing yet can keep her job without any problems and without scarring her face.

17. Subtle Snips of Silver
smiley p (9)Depending on how big your frenulum is, you can ask to have it positioned perfectly with your smile so that when you do smile, just the small edges of the balls show against your teeth for that shimmery effect you’re after. This specific piercing looks more elegant, with natural lips and the bells seemingly like little droplets of water reflecting on her teeth.

18. The Teeth Have Eyes!
smiley p (10)If your frenulum is a bit lower, the curved barbell will hang a little lower. The result? For some, it will give the effect of your teeth having eyes! This is especially great during Halloween, and a piercing for the holiday will definitely get your spirits into the scare of the season.

19. Enjoy the Rocker Stance
smiley p (11)This rocker chick likes to show off her piercing, even at the store. But remember, we don’t recommend wearing it when you don’t have to. Too much wear will cause the enamel on your teeth to wear down and create little craters in your teeth where cavities can hide. If your gums recede from too much wear, it has the potential of making your teeth fall out! Wear with care!

20. Braces and a Smiley?!
smiley p (12)Be careful when deciding on getting a smiley piercing while having braces. Ensure that the piercing doesn’t hang too low to where it touches the braces and rubs against them – it could cause problems regarding the expensive braces and you don’t want an added medical bill to fix the problems that arise.

21. Shy but Trendy
smiley p (13)Even those of us that are shy about our smile can get this piercing. It will inspire us to smile more freely, showing off our adventurous side. If you don’t have a particular style and are more of a chameleon when it comes to trends, smiley piercings look great with any outfit, any time, for any occasion.

22. Adding to the Collection
smiley p (14)Some people thrive on piercings and enjoy their beauty at every stage of life. But sometimes, we want to keep our piercings without having the added negative effects of scars or being let go from a great job/work position. Maybe we even want a promotion but can’t get it because of our shown piercings. This is where the smiley piercing and inner nose piercings come in handy. You can put them in when you’re out with your friends and twirl them around so they can’t be seen at the office or completely take them out without the normal scarring you’d naturally see.

23. Big & Little Bull Smiles
smiley p (15)It’s the bull’s piercing and the smiley piercing! Don’t they look great together? They mirror one another and spice up your looks. And if you’ve got a fun side, which we’re sure you do, you can take fun pictures such as this one with your newfound piercing.

24. Cherry Drops
smiley p (16)Have a little fun and head to the piercing parlor where you’ll find a variety of different barbells and rings for your newest piercing addition. You can mix and match your piercings so that you can wear them properly with a cute outfit that matches!

25. A Match Made in Heaven
smiley p (17)How cute! Smiley piercings aren’t just for girls, guys enjoy sporting them as well. They’re especially great for guys that don’t like facial piercings but are a little adventurous and want to try something different. This couple looks like they decided to get the piercing together – or maybe they met and were a match made in heaven!

26. Rock-Chic and Gorgeous
smiley p (18)
This woman is enjoying her smiley piercing while showing off her awesome ink. The smiley piercing looks great on any of us that have tats we want to show off, adding a little extra edge to our style! It enhances our smile, makes us more confident in our looks, and has us wanting to show off our amazing fashion abilities.

The Pain of a Smiley Tattoo

After seeing these piercings, you might be wondering now, how much is this smiley piercing going to hurt when I decide to get one? Luckily, the flesh being pierced is very thin and the needle that will pierce is won’t hurt very much. Those that get the piercing usually state that the clamps are more uncomfortable than the piercing – and that the sound of the needle pushing through the frenulum is more shocking than the actual pain they receive from the needle. So, don’t be afraid of trying this particular piercing out! It’s easy, if done by a professional, and won’t cause too much pain during the process. Just remember to keep your mouth clean and to take good care of your gums and teeth.

83 Inventive Themes for Cute Nails (Short Designs!)


What fashion-savvy woman doesn’t enjoy a great manicure for a dazzling night out on the town? Maybe you’re searching for a design for an upcoming date – or perhaps you just want to feel fabulous with the girls.

Whatever the occasion you’ve got planned, you’re going to find the right nail design here. We’ve got simplistic themes that you can do yourself and more intricate designs meant for you to show to your stylist – unless you’re feeling brave enough to try them yourself! Scroll through these

83 pics of stunning and dazzling nail designs, bound to give you the inspiration you need for the occasion you’re going to look gorgeous at!

1. Winter’s Branches
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (11)This design looks amazing in winter or autumn, resembling the empty branches of trees that decorate the barren landscapes surrounding us during these two seasons. Duel pinks in the background give the effect of a warm sunrise or sunset.

2. Glittering Kiss
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (12)This is a lovely combination of hearts, kisses, and glitter. A theme like this is perfect for Valentine’s day – and isn’t tacky with overly done sparkles or hearts. You could also wear nails like this on a date if you’re trying to clue them in on giving you a first kiss!

3. Penguin Companions
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (13)Penguins! They’re adorable and easy to create on your nails if you’ve got a steady hand. Use toothpicks for the finer details if you don’t have special décor polish brushes. You can switch up the bow ties with any color that matches your outfit or style.

4. Flowering Fantasy
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (14)This design is commonly found in the beauty section of any supermarket and comes as either fake glue-on nails or as sticks your can cut accordingly to your nail size. I wouldn’t recommend creating a design like this by hand, unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and are a fabulous artist with a steady hand!

5. Viciously Cute Stilettos
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (15)Girly and dominating, this design is perfect for girls that are a glorious twist of both. Stiletto tips have an edgy look and feel, while the pink and singular bow give you softer appearance, just enough “girly” to satisfy your inner Goddess.

6. Garden of Sun Spots
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (16)Paint your nails a dark shade of pink or purple, and glue on small yellow gems on the tips at an angle to give yourself a chic sun spotted garden on your fingers. The contrast will attract attention and can match many differing summer and spring outfits.

7. Wild Woman
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (17)Placing animal prints on any part of your apparel, including your nails, automatically gives you a wild and powerful look and feel. Mix up zebra and leopard patterns with some pink roses and you’re ready to show off your prowess!

8. Anchored Love
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (18)The anchor can easily be done with a toothpick or thin nail polish brush, with any color of your choosing. Gold gives it a more realistic effect, and the stripes are a wonderful addition to complete the cute sailor look you’re after. Nails like this would work well in a business setting.

9. Blossoming Smile
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (19)If flowers with big yellow stigmas (the center of the flower) remind you or invoke a sense of bliss or summer, why not go for such flowers on your nails to consistently remind you of happiness? Replace one nail on both hands with a happy face and you’re sure to be smiling for days to come.

10. Winter Comrade
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (20)For custom nails like this, they should be done by hand but I must warn you, it’ll take a steady hand a good amount of time depending on how good you paint! The patterns originally come from Native American designs, but have become popularized in fashion for those of us living in mountainous areas. Adding a reign deer will have others gushing over how much they love your nails.

11. Gemmed Petals
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (21)For a more posh design, you can keep an arrow’s edge unpainted on each finger and add gems to one, two, or however many finger’s look good to you. A design like this can be great with either gold or silver, depending on what your outfit or style calls for.

12. Polka-Dotted Glamor
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (22)Some of us love color, and that’s what you get the most of here! A theme like this is easy to create. Simply paint your nails white (double coat may be needed), ensure you drip tiny* dots of polish on your nails, and wait for them to dry. If you don’t wait for them to dry before putting your clear top coat over them, they’re sure to smear!

13. Dripping Paint
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (23)Are you an artist? Do you like hipster-esque fashion? Dripping paint is an awesome effect on nails, as if you’ve dunked your fingers in differing pails of paint.

14. True Blood Vampire Queen
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (24)Who doesn’t love a great vampire series? It doesn’t have to be Halloween to sport around bloody and bleeding nails. If you’re a True Blood fan, you can decorate each nail differently using reds, blacks, and white. To show off your dedication, “True Blood” can easily fit on one nail if you use a toothpick to write it.

15. The Odd One
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (25)Most of us have seen the almost irritatingly bright red-orange nails that many women have tried out. If you’re  a fan of the color or the sheer attention they grab, you can still make the design your own by switching it up with one nail on each hand. Why not some black and white zig-zags?

16. Bumble Bees & Bows
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (26)Bows are becoming popular, especially if you’ve a job that doesn’t exactly call for too much handy work. If you’re comfortable wearing nail jewelry such as the bow seen here, you can grab a black one and create a black and yellow theme that’s unique, cute, and totally summer.

17. Monster City
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (27)If you’ve any kids or even nieces and nephews, you can amuse them simply with your finger tips! Paint little aliens or monsters on each one of your nails to get the giggles out of the little ones.

18. Mustache Galore
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (28)Fashion trends. They’re everywhere, and they are constantly evolving. This generation has somehow decided that mustaches are in and fabulous, and placing them anywhere is accepted and a must-do. You can find little mustaches for nails in a beauty shop or even paint them on yourself, they’re easy enough!

19. Cherry Picking Time
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (29)An easy design to create for many of us, the only thing you’ll really need is patience. Place small red dots side by side, with enough room for their stems above them. To make the stems, simply connect the dots with a triangle and an added side line for the stem’s edge. Don’t forget to wait for the red dots to dry before adding the smaller white dot atop them, to add a shimmery effect!

20. Soft Bubble Gum
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (30)You can’t go wrong with natural pinks. To add some contrast and definition, you can place lighter and darker shades of pink towards the bottom of each nail.

21. Elegant Petals
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (31)Perfect for spring, a peach color can work well on those of us with lighter skin. Gold glitter is a lovely added touch in the center of each flower. Ensure each flower is in a different position on each nail for a look similar to this one.

22. Ravishing Gems
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (32)Dazzle at a wedding, turn heads in the club, or sport them at a formal event – these nails will turn heads and have people asking you where you got them done. The many gems will reflect as much light as a diamond ring. Just make sure your design doesn’t get caught on someone’s sweater!

23. Bubbled Beauty
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (33)You can find the tiny colored beads/bubbles in either the beauty section or hobby section of a store. Paint your nails the desired color you want, let dry, Add either a second coat of nail polish or clear layer of glue, dipping your fingers into the beads immediately. Ensure you place a top coat of either glue or nail polish so they don’t fall off.

24. Victorian Queen
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (34)This gorgeous design looks great if you’re wearing silvers and attending a formal event. They can also substitute the “True Blood” design seen further above in this article as a fabulous means of expressing your love for vampires. Blood red mixed with a glittering black Victorian design is subtle yet makes a fashion statement of your love for the classics.

25. Punk Rock Chic
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (35)Blood red nails with a single black one on each hand, sporting a skull. For skulls like these you’ll have to find the proper nail stick. If you’re feeling adventurous, try creating a skull on a piece of paper with polish before trying on your nail!

26. Magenta Parade
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (36)Sometimes it’s too hard to choose which shade looks best… So why not sport them all? Create your own pink theme by putting a different shade and texture on each finger. Add glitter to one, leaves to another, and keep a few plain.

27. All Natural
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (37)Some of us prefer not to get too crazy with our nail designs, and would rather show off the shape of our healthy nails instead. Shape your nails to your liking and slab on some natural color!

28. Jazzy Glitter
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (38)Here we can see a great twist with natural tones. Subtle glitter adds a lovely effect, and placing shimmering glitter all over one nail on each hand will have your style popping out.

29. Golden Star Bursts
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (39)This design resembles either a gorgeous starburst on each finger tip or the autumn colors of fallen leaves. Perfect for autumn, this design can be done in either gold or silver.

30. Fantasy Island
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (40)French manicures are chic, elegant, and timeless. They can be worn with any outfit and still look fabulous. However, if you want a subtle touch of personalization, or you want to show off that you’ve been on vacation recently, add a little palm tree with seagulls. The edge of the French manicure makes it look like a little island!

31. Hipster Bolts
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (41)Here it is – the bright red-orange that has recently been popularized along with the mustache that has been equally popularized. If you create a design like this on your nails, you’re a true hipster.

32. Cute & Catchy
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (42)Done completely by hand without stickers or fake nails, this design is easy enough if you’ve got a thin polish brush or even a toothpick. Paint one paint black, two nails white, and two nails pink. Use contrasting colors for the designs.

33. Feathering Waves
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (43)Slightly abstract, here we can see that it doesn’t take much to create this design – yet it adds depth and the contrasting white nail in the center adds some flavor!

34. Chanel Fab
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (44)Fashion lovers, try this Chanel design out. The brand sells their own nail stickers and you can choose to sport their logo on either one, two, three, four, or all fingers! Chanel is known for its lovely feminine wear, so a plush pink makes a great background color.

35. Winter Wonderland
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (45)Get creative and think of some interesting designs that remind you of Chrismas! The holiday season is underway and everyone is getting prepared. Show off your creativity with a penguin, snowman, reign deer, Santa’s coat, and a large snowflake.

36. Twist of Faith
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (46)A shade of polish like this looks elegant on those of us with darker skin, and adding silver décor to one finger on each hand has your manicure stand out.

37. British Brilliance
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (47)If you’ve got an undying love for your country, you can show it by creating mini pieces of art representing your love on each nail. Two British flags, a Bell Tower, and Ferris wheel properly display the wonders of Britain.

38. Chemistry Freak
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (48)Some of us are definitely more geeky than others, and many aren’t afraid of anyone knowing it! The design seen here would be fabulous if wore during finals in Chemistry or Biology. What’s best is you can make a different molecule on each nail!

39. Pac Man Pretty!CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (49)Watch out, a nail design like this can only mean one thing. A hard-core gamer is on the loose! Show off your love of classic video games with this easy-to-create Pacman design. Make sure your nails are extra long so you can add the needed details seen here.

40. Powdered Pink
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (50)Simple and posh, a pink like this is bound to go with most of your outfits and looks great with casual wear.

41. Skulled Masterpiece
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (51)Gorgeous design for girly punk rockers out there. Each nail is its own design, having on-lookers glancing twice.

42. Leopard Love
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (52)A single nail with a leopard design on each hand adds just enough detail to have your nails stand out.

43. Louis Vuitton
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (53)Another design specifically for fashion fans. Louis Vuitton stickers can be found where else – a store sporting Louis Vuitton!

44. Free Spirit
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (54)Anyone can create a unique design on a single finger after painting their nails their favorite color. Go with your instincts!

45. Short & Charming
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (55)Here we see a personalized design, one you won’t anywhere else! Get creative and play with gems and stickers.

46. Hidden Lunula
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (56)The lunula, which is the white crescent at the bottom of your nail, can be played with and created like in the pic seen here!

47. Hello Kitty
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (57)Find your inner cutie and try out some Hello Kitty nails just once in your life! You’ll feel like a little girl again, and sometimes, that’s the type of therapy we need once in a while!

48. Frost Bit
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (58)These nails look like they’ve been dipped in frost, and to make them stand out, one has vivid swirls.

49. Pink Paradox


We dare you to try long nails! They’ll make you feel pampered and fabulous.

50. Punked & Pampered
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (60)Speaking of pampered, these nails take a bit of time to create but are worth it, especially if you’re planning to attend a concert!

51. Imprisoned Heart
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (61)This design is great for Valentine’s Day, whether you’ve got a date or not.

52. Butterfly Magic
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (62)Paint each nail a different color. Place small splotches of a couple different colors on each nail after they’ve dried. Swirl them together. Let dry. Place white outlines in the form of butterflies over the splotches – et Voila! Add hearts!

53. Green Machine
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (63)Not many girls go for green on their nails, but with a design like this, why not?

54. Sweets & Treats
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (64)Chocolate lovers abound! Painting each nail a different color and sporting an M on them screams your love of chocolate candy.

55. Rainbow Fluff


You don’t need kids to have fabulous nails like this. Love rainbows? Maybe you support equal rights?

56. Cloud 9
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (66)If you’re head is always in the clouds, show it, and make it look like you’ve grabbed pieces of the sky with silver rain-drop gems and clouds.

57. Eccentrically Glamorous  
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (67)Deep plum stiletto nails with rhinestones. You’ll look glamorous and quite rich, for that matter!

58. Hello Spiders!
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (68)Wow people on Halloween with a cool design like this. Create the spiders and webs with a thin nail polish brush or toothpick.

59. Gentle Touch
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (69)Powder blue looks wonderful in the spring or summer time, and works will with jeans.

60. Dots of Sky
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (70)Sky blue dots and white create a fun and creative look as seen here.

61. The Frog Prince
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (71)Clever! You can get creative with a design like this, sporting any animal of your choosing or keeping the frog prince!

62. Forever In Love
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (72)Another lovely design for Valentine’s Day, two swans forming a heart with their necks. Luckily, these birds are easy to create in polish.

63. City of Spiders
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (73)This is a much more intricate design with spiders as the theme. You’ll need to find the right tools to use for this design depending on your nail size and the size you want for the spiders.

64. Golden Blossoms
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (74)Gold glitter looks glorious with beige flowers and/or polka-dots.

65. Elaborate 80’s
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (75)Where are my 80’s lovers? Remember the abstract geometric designs that were so popular? Bring them back, and add some glitter to your statement.

66. A Book’s Escape
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (76)Another favorite, book lovers will enjoy a design like this. Look good while flipping those pages.

67. Pattern Crazy
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (77)Create your own patterns and personalize your nails instead of grabbing something off the shelf at the store!

68. Fading Glory
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (78)Truly unique, this design is fiery and dark – great for Halloween no matter what your costume.

69. Princess Chic
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (79)Colorful, classy, and perfect for a winter vacation.

70. The Glittered Ring
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (80)Black nails with a single glittered ring finger.

71. Classy Hotel
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (81)This design’s patterns and golden beads remind us of a fancy hotel or classic movies.

72. Mandala Pieces
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (82)Geometric shapes look brilliant on nails when mandala patterns are used. These take time and a steady hand to complete.

73. Black & White Vintage
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (83)These designs were done atop a French manicure.

74. Harry Potter Madness
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (1)Sport your favorite movie on your fingers with the faces of characters you love. Here we have Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Harry’s owl!

75. Paintball Splash
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (2)Enjoy hunting or paint balling? This design resembles both and the colors can be switched to suit your style.

76. Love for All
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (3)This design is perfect for anyone that has a love for rainbows or is supporting equal rights.

77. Going to the Beach
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (4)Mosaic glitter is used to create this dazzling design . It looks great with a background color or no color at all as seen here.

78. Evening Ocean
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (5)Unlike the one above this one, this design is done in brilliant colors and black silhouettes of palm trees to truly bring out the serenity of the ocean. True art on nails.

79. Heart & Cherry Tipped
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (6)If you want cherry-tipped fingers, create this design with rounded tips. If you prefer more of a heart shape, go for stiletto-shaped nails.

80. Golden Flower Patch
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (7)Here we see a beautiful design perfect for summer or autumn weddings.

81. Modern Robot
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (8)The middle finger has a matte polish, an interesting detail for a modern twist like this.

82. Pink & Blue Speckles
CUTE NAILS ZARIAS (9)This are truly unique polka dots, sporting dots within dots and the cute touch of a bow. The colors can be any you choose, but make sure they contrast well.

83. Autumn Leaves

Autumn is gorgeous month, filled with oranges, reds, golds, and purples. Dazzle these colors up with glitter and sport them on the tips of your fingers.

56 Striking Arrow Tattoos that’ll Target Your Style


Arrows have always thrived in humanity’s realms of art and symbolism, making them appealing to an extensive crowd of cultures with varying tastes. They can represent flight, penetration, direction, power (to the carrier), love (piercing the heart), phallic masculine power, hunting, war, swiftness, the rays of the sun, knowledge, and paired with a skeleton – death. The tattoos presented to you here will clue you in on various styles of arrows, creative places to locate arrows on your body, and inspire you to design your own arrow tattoo that represents the meaning that you’re looking to display.

1. Fleeting Flight of Freedom
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (59)Pairing an arrow with a feather is not uncommon, most often representing the power that flight has, giving the wearer a presentation of high respect for freedom. The design is simple, large, and eye-catching, especially perfect for any of us that wish to portray a heritage or love of a culture that values freedom or hunting.

2. Twin, Double-Shaded Arrows
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (60)Placing tattoos on the top of the foot is ideal for either men or women that wish to keep their ink concealed, for the most part, to the public. Double arrows can have a variety of meanings, depending on the direction they’re facing and if their colors or shading is opposite of one another. Here we see the arrowheads are two different shades to give them added depth.

 3. Warrior’s Final Strike
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (61)This arrow is unique in that it’s been used as a cover up for another tattoo that was previously a mistake! That’s why there is extra décor surrounding the arrow head and darker shading used on the feathers. However, it’s given this arrow a magnificent look – an arrow a warrior might possess.

4. Hunting for Pleasure
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (62)This guy’s style is obvious, loving the great outdoors and staying warm to ensure a good hunt isn’t soured down by bleak cold. Often, those of us that enjoy hunting using a modern bow get arrows tatted to show our love of the hunt.

5. Swift Written Knowledge
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (63)A writer that enjoys arrow symbolism might want one similar to this. The arrow points towards the hand, the part of the human body that creates, writes, and displays power.

6. Powerful Dreams  
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (64)Native Americans have been known to both use arrows extensively and use them in their art as well as body art. Here we have a representation of an arrow mixed with another symbol of the Native American – a dream catcher. It can also be interpreted as a compass, pointing north, south, east, and west. You can choose either/or when designing your own tattoo to give it a beautiful and personalized twist.

7. Love of Nature & the Hunt
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (9)Greek and Roman mythology both have goddesses of the hunt and goddesses associated with nature. Pairing an arrow with flowers is a common decision amongst those of us that treasure these myths and want to display feminine power and knowledge with us forever.

8. A Shaman’s Power
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (10)Placing a feather at the tip of the arrow head often symbolizes that the arrow is not meant for flight or penetration, but rather, a simple symbol of power. Some shamans had decorative arrows used in their rituals specifically to symbolize power, direction, flight, war, or the hunt. The fact this arrow looks like it was made from a branch gives it a more natural effect and personalized feel.

9. War’s Bloody Effect
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (11)Here we can see that this body art is meant to symbolize the more violent aspects of the arrow. Done with red ink representing blood, a design like this is meant for those of us with a darker side of expression. The hole symbolizes a puncture; a target successfully struck.

10. Eternal Winding Path
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (12)Completely encircling the ankle, this arrow stretches forth to also include symbolism relating to infinity – a never ending path of life, death, and rebirth.

11. The Direction of Beauty
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (13)Arrows can be so much more when added geometric shapes are placed on the stem of them. This tattoo features an arrow pointing down with a feathered end that looks quite similar to the arrow head. However, upon closer observation, you can see it is in fact a tail.

12. Piercing Love Goddess
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (14)Here is a great example of an arrow that leans more towards representing love rather than war or power. It is placed at the point where south would be featured, the compass behind the rose apparent but personalized.

13. Love’s Penetrating Vision
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (15)Here we have another rose, this time paired with added flowers and double arrows. Each arrow can symbolize a partner in a romance, their paths crossing and forever fleeting with one another.

14. The Direction of the Heart
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (16)Ever feel as if your heart is leading you places you’d never dreamed of going? Perhaps your heart has in fact taken you directly where you wish it to go, to your soul mate? Either way, replacing the arrow head with a heart would be a great way of symbolizing either/or depending on your romantic lifestyle.

15. Tribal Markings
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (17)Many times arrows can be seen as tattoos without their stems or tails. In these cases, the wearer only wishes to portray a direction rather than have it be symbolic of anything else. Here we see decorative arrows pointing downward, relevant only to the wearer.

16. Gorgeous Effect of Freedom’s Flight
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (18)A lovely and decorative arrow indeed! The beauty of an arrow can be as elaborate as you wish. The one seen above is beautiful and symbolic of striking love’s target or perhaps finding the knowledge or beauty needed in life. Feathers can be placed anywhere on the arrow to give it a more appealing look.

17. Broken Warrior
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (19)Colored but broken! Not many arrow tattoos are inked as broken, but depending on what you’d like your arrow to represent, perhaps its exactly what you’ve been looking for. This arrow points towards the head – where thought derives and is processed. Perhaps this man was attempting to say that no one will be able to strike and change his personal realm of thought! He’s impenetrable!

18. A Universal Truth
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (20)Arrows these days can be mixed with other symbolism and mythology to create the story you wish to portray. Here we have an arrow on one arm, a geometric shape on the other, giving this person a more space or intergalactic show in ink.

19. Mysterious White Power
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (21)Arrows can be associated with power, and if you’re looking for a power boost but don’t want a big black arrow symbolizing this to stand out too much on your skin, try getting the tattoo done in white ink. It looks wonderful on darker skin and is barely noticeable on pale skin.

20. Love Struck Forever
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (22)Here, the feathers on the ends of the double arrows look similar to the budding flowers surrounding the elaborate rose. Roses are associated with love, causing these arrows to feel as if they’ve been drawn by cupid.

21. The Direction of Enlightenment
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (23)Instead of drawing a compass with normal lines and placing N, S, E, and W for the directions, you can replace the lines with arrows, pointing in the directions that are important to you. You can choose either for two arrows to separate the directions, such as the one seen here, or have double-sided arrows.

22. The Décor of Heritage
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (24)The forearm is quite a popular place for tattoos, but the one seen here is closer to the inner elbow and makes a perfect spot in case you’re trying to hide them for professional instances. If you’ve any culture in your ancestral blood that valued hunting with a bow an arrow, having a few tatted on your body would be a wonderful display of your love for your past.

23. Pointing at Secrets
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (25)It can be fun to create a little game of hide and seek on your body with tats! Inside your fingers, you can place an arrow secretly pointing to another tattoo (or even a scar) to give onlookers a clue.

24. Carrying the Power of the Hunt
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (26)Another arrow that could have many differing meanings. Simple and elegant, an arrow placed on the ribcage facing forward is great to have, carrying around that which can bring power and help you find and strike your targets in life.

25. Directing Energy Above
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (27)Placing an arrow between the breasts pointing up carries powerful meaning, either relating to love or to power of the mind and body reaching goals together. It can also be a fun teaser to anyone that looks down at your breasts – a reminder that your face is up!

26. When Time Began to Move Forward
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (28)Here we can see an arrow paired with “est. ’94” meaning “established in 1994” – a great way to show commitment to yourself by tattooing the year you were born on your body! The arrow here represents progress and moving forward in life from the day you were brought to the this Earth.

27. A Resting Power
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (29)We’ve seen so many arrows placed on arms – here is a truly unique place to put an arrow. It faces outward instead of up or down, and can be paired with a similar arrow on the other shoulder.

28. We Belong Together
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (30)If you’ve fallen in love and know that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with that one significant other, matching tattoos of arrows are just right for anyone considering the proposition. get matching arrows that point to one another when placed together for a romantic tattoo that will last a lifetime. This is perfect for girls and guys – especially the machismo guys that are concerned matching tats would be “too girly”!

29. Unbound Direction of Thought
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (31)Pointing up the center of the spine towards the brain and center of enlightenment, these arrows are simple but can make a bold statement.

30. Parallel Power
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (32)Two matching arrows that point both up and down, separately. Arrows like this have far different meaning than a single arrow that is double sided. While both directions are important, the wearer here notes the secularism in both.

31. Searching for Truth
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (33)Placed on the inner arm, this arrow looks especially good when the arm is up, looking as if it is exiting from the head – great for anyone that likes to attend concerts or any activities (sports) that involve using the arms.

32. Triple Symbolism
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (34)Triple arrow heads have been seen throughout history and in various differing cultures. Depending on what you want each arrow head to mean, you can have as many as you like placed on your arrow.

33. Centering Ourselves
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (35)This arrow draws energy in, centering it, and is placed perfectly on the side/hip to further this symbolism. Getting a tattoo to represent pulling in energy is best when paired with a similar work on the opposite side of the body.

34. Always Move Forward
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (36)Another arrow placed on the foot, pointing forward so that the wearer may always achieve their goals and strike their targets.

35. The Spine’s Projection
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (37)Because the length of an arrow can be as long as you wish it to be, arrows are extremely popular. You can have a shorter one here, with a fish attached to it representing fishing, or you can have a long one that travels all the way down your back – with anything you wish attached to it.

36. Different Arrows for Different Targets
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (38)Instead of getting matching arrows, personalize your arrows to have unique and beautiful looks.

37. Targeting the Future
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (39)Place your arrow where you will easily recognize its existence and power as it directs you towards your future and your goals. If you prefer it only be seen while wearing your swimsuit, place it on your ribcage like the one seen here. It’s both sexy and chic!

38. Pointing Towards Working Hands
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (40)Popular in today’s cultures, the simple arrow heads are used to point towards things that are relevant to the wearer and are simple enough to afford!

39. Simple Symbols
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (41)This arrow points inward, towards the wearer, directing positive energy towards him/her and helping good fortune find its way.

40. Aiming for Serendipity
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (42)If you have a goal or want to achieve any aspect of enlightenment, attaching a word to your arrow can help bring whatever you’re searching for towards you in a positive manner.

41. One Step Forward
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (43)A simple foot tattoo. These don’t hurt nearly as much as an elaborate design and will help direct you towards your goals and dreams.

42. Celtic Knot
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (44)It’s rare to see a Celtic knot on the end of an arrow – acting as the arrow head! Personalize your arrow with extras that mean something specifically to you. You’re bound to catch the attention of onlookers and in this instance, have them second-guessing what your tat means!

43. Targeting a Forward Path
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (45)You can make your arrow as simple as you want, as big as you want, and as dark as you want! This one is bound to grab attention, taking up a large piece of skin – perfect for summer weather when sporting a bikini!

44. Sharing a Targeted Future
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (46)Instead of having perfectly matching tattoos with your partner, one can choose to get white ink instead of black. You’ll both be unique yet have “matching” tattoos that point towards each other symbolizing the love you will forever have for one another.

45. Pointing Towards the Sun
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (47)The arrow head of this arrow looking strikingly like the sun, a personalization that is rarely seen and can fit your personality depending on the style you’re after.

46. Presenting Personalized Direction
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (48)Instead of the normal compass and arrow, this tatted wearer decided to add some Roman numerals and a shell for personalization that can only have meaning to the wearer!

47. Swift & Free
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (49)The thinness and dotted appeal of this arrow represents swiftness and quick direction, helping the wearer make fast decisions in the direction he/she wants their life to head.

48. Shooting for the Stars
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (50)Give your arrow a modern feel by pairing it with a constellation or stars. It can remind you that shooting for the moon is overrated when you can always shoot for the stars!

49. Crossing Paths
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (51)Adding your favorite color to your tat of crossed arrows? Why not? It give your arrows a bit of unique taste and helps it stand out on your skin.

50. A Champion Warrior
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (52)This arrow is very similar to the real deal – especially that of a Native American arrow head. Celebrate your heritage with an arrow that represents what your ancestors once knew.

51. Beauty in Symmetry
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (53)Honestly, arrows can go with any animal, insect, or other symbol. Here we have a butterfly with triangular arrows in a compass format. Intriguing and personal.

52. Tales of Swift Steps
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (54)An arrow with added arrow heads gives your tat an appeal that is well fitted with the grunge or rock styles.

53. Showing the World Direction
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (55)Adding dots to your arrow and added feathers can make your arrow unique and/or add length.

54. Message to the On-looking World
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (56)Add symbols on the stem of the arrow that mean something personal to you – even if its the Triangle/Circle/Line symbol from Harry Potter seen here!

55. Secrets Abound
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (57)If you’ve got a naughty side to you, placing an arrow at the top of the thigh can be exhilarating and sexy!

56. Covering Each Direction
arrow tattoos for men women zarias (58)Lastly, here are double-sided arrows paired with elaborate yet simple decorations extending gently down the back. You can make a design like this as long or as short as you like.

56 Fabulous Hairstyles For Women with Round Face Shape


When it comes to makeup, clothing, and hair, the shape of our face plays a significant part. Generally, there are seven different face shapes. Like a normal human being, we tend. We tend to notice and focus on the characteristics that we love the least, thinking all hairstyles will look crazy in our face shape.  This is why we think that finding the right hairstyle is a challenging task – a hard one.

This shouldn’t be the case, though, you – regardless of your face shape – are beautiful. Finding the right style for your crowning glory is not impossible. It is just about finding what suits you best. The most important way to find the best hairstyle for you is to determine the shape of your face accurately. By knowing the features of a round face, you are one step closer to finding a hairstyle that will flatter your face shape.

The round face shape is easier to determine more than you think. A face is considered round when the width and the length is approximately the same. Unlike other face shapes who have hard and angular features, a round face has a soft facial features which is seen in the rounded jaw line (most of the time has the same width as the forehead). The cheeks are usually the widest part of the face and are more fuller in appearance.

You can also measure the following areas to determine your face shape easier:

  1. Forehead
  2. Cheekbones
  3. Jawline
  4. Face Length

Round face shape will have the following results:

  • Similar measurement of face length and cheekbones.
  • Similar measurement of forehead and jawline.
  • Soft rounded jaw


Ladies with round face shape should consider getting a long and loose bouncy curls just like Miley Cyrus. This hair style will not just help draw away the attention from your jawline but will help elongate your face too.

For special events, a sexy side part is one of the hairstyle that you may want to consider. To achieve this look, create a side part just above the middle of either eyebrow. This trick will help create flattering angles.
A curly medium ‘do works perfectly to ladies who have round shape face. It gives your face some definition by giving a boxy look to your face. A hairstyle to try on your next event!
A known trick for ladies who have a round face is centre parting. By parting your hair in the center, it gives an illusion of a longer face which is always good for ladies like you.
Ladies who are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle should try the uneven bob with side swept bangs. It gives definition to a round face and is easy to maintain too!
















NEW YORK - JANUARY 06: Writer Deborah Kaplan attends the premiere of "Leap Year" at Directors Guild Theatre on January 6, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
Keep the attention away from the shape of your face and onto your eyes instead by getting a bangs that fall just below your eyebrows. A cut that complements a round face!




For the adventurous ladies, a pixie cut is a beautiful hairstyle to try. To give your cheekbones added definition, keep a little hair just in front of your ears. This hairstyle complements a round face.

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For casual days, try a messy bob with volume. It gives your face same definition like the other hairstyles. It’s just easier to achieve!


A tousled updo is a perfect way to wear your hair up and off your face. Ladies with a round face will benefit from the added volume. A red-carpet worthy hairstyle that is sexy yet classy!
Who says a low pony hairstyle can’t work on a round face? Just let the strands at the front long to hide some width while adding some length to your face.
A side-swept bangs is another hairstyle to try! This cut will give definition to your cheekbones and not on your face shape.
round face
Ladies with medium to long hair can give this hairstyle a try. Get layers just slightly below the chin. This will help your face appear longer.
Ladies with longer hairs will look gorgeous in a side-fringe hairstyle. This haircut will help a round face look narrower. It gives a glamourous yet relaxed look too!
This is another updo hairstyle that ladies with round face can try. Curl your bangs just around the cheekbones for added definition. This will surely flatter a rounded face!
Give your round face some love by getting a short bob cut. These hairstyles are perfect for ladies who wants to embrace their face shape rather than hiding it.
A halo braid mirrors the shape of your face. It will help draw attention to your cheekbones. A fun and pretty hairstyle for ladies who wants to show off their round face.
hairstyles for round faces
If you are looking for a safe yet flattering hairstyle, this is perfect for you! A cropped hair with a blunt cut at the bottom adds a line (rather than curves) to a round face.
A side-swept ponytail, when added with volume, helps elongate a round face. The messy ‘do can also give cheekbones added definition.
Another version of an updo hairstyle. The added side-swept bangs and statement earrings can help draw away the attention from your face shape. Accessories can help too, you know!
An edgy haircut just like Jennifer Lawrence’s works well for ladies who has a face shape similar as hers. The cut will help create an illusion of a longer face.
J. Law is an expert when it comes to getting the best hairstyle for her round face. The pixie cut with bangs worked perfectly on her face. Very chic!
Ladies with round face should take a cue from Adele. This multi-awarded singer is known for hairstyles that complements her face shape. Her favorite trick? Adding height in her hair resulting to an illusion of a longer face. Perfection!
A messy updo is a hairstyle that anyone can pull-off. Try putting your bun higher to add height. This will help elongate a round face.
Another version of a below-the-eyebrow bangs haircut! A simple trick to take away the attention from your face shape is to play around with accessories like a bonnet. It works wonder!
Want to add an extra oomph to your haircut? If you have extra time, add some definition and texture to the bottom of your hair. It gives your face definition, no fail.
If you are tired of having your long hair down but not yet ready for a bob, this chic and sleek hairstyle is for you. A sleek ponytail with added height. How many times are we going to feature Mila Kunis, right? Well, she’s the perfect inspiration for hairstyles that are perfect for a round face.
Here is another take on a hairstyle that is all about bob, side-swept bangs and texture! It defines your face making it less-round.
Kate Bosworth shows how to give a modern take to the usual updo. Let some hair casually fall from your face making it less round. This is an example of a relaxed and effortless updo hairstyle. No need to stress to make it look perfect, ladies!
Just like Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez (who has a round face shape as well) mastered the art of styling her hair to perfection. A sleek, side-parted hair in a low ponytail is another look to try.
Edgy ladies can give this hairstyle a try. Even with the side-shave, this cut will still work. Why? The other side of the hair combed sideways plus lots of volume do the trick!
Make a hair bun work for your face shape by putting it higher than usual. A fancy hair updo that adds height and looks stylishly cute too!
Ladies with round face will always benefit from a high ponytail. Add bangs to define your face. You’re good to go!
A textured bob elevates draws attention to your cheekbones. This hairstyle flatters all the right angles and is a must try for ladies with round face shape.
Vanessa Hudgens surely knows how to style her tresses right. Short, bouncy curls help define your face in all the right places.
Want a super glamorous look? Take an inspiration from Demi and go for big bouncy curls with plenty of volume!
Ladies with super long locks can give their straight hair ‘do a break. Opt to curl your hair as it can help emphasize your jaw line. A trick that ladies with round face can use!
On your next formal event, go for the old-Hollywood classic with this hairstyle. The curls perfectly frame your face. Full-on glam!
Effortless tousled bed head is a magnificent style for a round face. Hair falling just above the cheekbone will give your cheeks some definition. The volume and texture will help elongate a rounded face.
A deep-parted side bangs is a common hairstyle of choice for a round face. It gives an edge and definition rather than softening your face shape.
A look that we love! A bob with a textured bottom that is swept on the side. A great way to dress up a round face.
HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 21: Actress Mila Kunis attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Ted" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 21, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Straight and sleek like Mila Kunis’. This hairstyle flatters a round face. It’s a low-maintenance style too that anyone can achieve!
If you already have layers, give it a twist while adding definition to your round face like Selena Gomez’ by adding texture to your locks.
A lob or long bob can do wonders to your round face. How? By adding lots of volume to it! This hairstyle will help balance out the roundness of your face.
If you want to achieve (an illusion of) a more oval face shape, a deconstructed pixie cut is the way to go! It’s modern and sexy, perfect for the fierce girl in you.
A messed-up pixie cut is a go-to hairstyle for ladies with round face. The “messed-up” look will subtly add height and thus elongates your face!
Cameron Diaz is another hairstyle inspiration for girls with round face. A sleek and chic side-parted hair strategically emphasize your jaw line. A perfect evening hairstyle!
The good ‘ol hairstyle that is straight, sleek, and parted slightly off-centered is one of our favorite hairstyle for a round face shape. It gives off a narrower and longer face. Looks effortless and relaxed too!
Give a classic cut a modern twist by giving your bob lots of definition. The textured fringe will shift the attention from your face shape to your eyes. Sexy and sultry look!
Pixie cut with a full bangs is an effortlessly cool hairstyle for round faces. This look gives a modern retro vibe which we love!
Brave girls ditch covering up their round face. Try styling your bob this way to show off your face shape without going overboard. By parting your hair slightly off-centered help bring attention to your hairstyle as a whole. Nice, right?
A bob with uneven layers defines a round face. This is another hairstyle to try! A pop of red lipstick will help transfer the attention from your face shape to your gorgeous makeup!
Trade your usual flat bob to a bob with lots and lots of volume. Defines but won’t bring attention to your circular-shaped face!
If you are looking for new ways to style a bob haircut, try styling the bottoms outward. Doing this will help a round face appear longer.
arrives at The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and InStyle Presents "A Night Of Firsts" at Cecconi's Restaurant on December 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
If you’re tired of straight hair, why not try curling your hair sometimes? For medium length hair, curling the bottoms will give some definition (and edge) to your round face.
An Asymmetrical bob is another hairstyle that girls with round face like Kellt Clarkson should try! The uneven short layers can help magically define your face.

There you go! Having a round face shape isn’t bad at all. There are tons of beautiful hairstyles that will flatter your face shape. All you have to do is research to know what works best on you! From straight to curly, short to long – you can absolutely pull it off. So  go ahead and get the haircut that you always want to have (use this as a guide). Lastly, remember that the key to pulling it off is to have confidence! Good luck!

25 Eye-Catching Hipster Tattoos that will Inspire You


If you’re a fan of the latest trends in tattoos or want marvelous ideas for your personalized design, check out these innovative pieces of body art. Symbolic, expressive, and inventive, tattoos like these are gaining popularity around the globe, and it’s no wonder. Each can be easily transformed to fit your personality, whether you design your own or hire someone else to do it. Just remember, there’s always the option of henna tattooing first which is only semi-permanent so you can test out the design before committing to it for the rest of your life!

1. Tripple Arrow 
hipster tattoos (11)
Mythology is filled with the symbolism of arrows in legends and religions throughout the world. They symbolize seeking a target or goal, precision, and determination. It takes great concentration and knowledge to fire an arrow from a bow, so they also can signify wisdom as well. Not to mention war and of course – the Hunger Games saga!

2. Enveloped Heart
hipster tattoos (12)
Keeping it simple can be one of the best ways to figure out a perfect personalized tattoo. This tat may only be three lines in the seeming shape of a heart, but each could bear its own separate meaning. If you have a wife/husband and child, a small heart enveloped by two more is an easy and safe way to permanently express your love for them both.

3. Fearless Sleeves
hipster tattoos (13)
Do your tats tell stories? Sleeves are great for conversation starters. They draw attention, create curiosity, and draw people in to your style. They’re perfect for personalization, giving you the freedom to create larger and more intricate tattoos that flex with the muscles of your arms. Keep in mind sleeves can sometimes take years to complete, depending on the detail you desire and the amount of work you can afford to get done in one session.

4. Timeless Belief 
hipster tattoos (14)
Remind yourself that this life isn’t where it all ends. Sometimes, a single word can give you the inspiration to find the motivation in achieving your dreams and goals. Tattoos with words can be both literally expressive and symbolic, or mean something that only the wearer understands. A worded tattoo works well as a coupled tattoo. For example, you can get “Best” and your friend can get “Friend” – or you can get “Forever” while your partner gets “In Love”.

5. Catching Dreams
hipster tattoos (15)
Native American dream catchers are both beautiful in their craft and artistic in their very nature. They’re geometric, making the design ideal for most places on the body – and their feathers can exquisitely dance across your skin.

6. Movie Theater Marvel
hipster tattoos (16)
Movies can inspire us, move us, or give us an epiphany. Showing love for your favorite film can be more than just rating it five stars on Netflix or watching it over and over again. It can be a whole venture of artwork, displaying the characters or scene that changed a little piece of your personality or inspired you to do something worth while.

7. Scenic Destination
hipster tattoos (17)

A framed view of a place you love or a place you wish to go in your life can make a great tattoo simply because you’ll be carrying a little piece of it wherever you go. Here we see a mountain view with trees and hills, but you can make it your own with a waterfall or forest, your favorite city or a raging river. Framing it also makes it look cleaner; fresher; more refined.

8. Falling Feather
hipster tattoos (18)
Feathers are a classic symbol of communicating or reaching the divine in various religions across the world. They represent transcendence and ascension to the ethereal. Feathers have been worn by Native American chiefs and shamans as well as Celtic Druids – the powerful and the psychically enhanced. Modern day has us associate feathers with freedom and light heartedness.

9. Modern Mehndi
hipster tattoos (19)
Similar to the henna tattoos that are worn in various Middle Eastern and Asian areas of the world, tattoos such as these are gaining popularity around the world for their beauty and intricate design. Normally worn to ceremonies and special occasions, you can make every day special with a tattoo such as this, expressing your inner light.

10. 3d Geometric Illusion
hipster tattoos (20)
Simplicity just got complex! Ever see a 3d movie that requires you to put on special 3d glasses to view? A tattoo like this almost begs for you to look at it with those glasses. Designing your own geometric shapes can be fun and great for fitting anywhere on your body. Pairing simple red and blue lines gives it the 3d effect that will have on-lookers staring.

11. The Emerald City
hipster tattoos (21)
Nothing looks more glamorous than a kingdom or city of pure fantasy, one that opens the imagination and has you daydreaming about adventure. Whether you place it on your leg or on your back, you’ll need a large piece of available skin for a tattoo like this if you want to get all the details of your fantasy world in one picture. You can even turn towards movies such as “The Wizard of Oz” to get inspiration.

12. Infinity
hipster tattoos (22)
Technology has brought us a long way these past few centuries, and knowledge is now available to anyone with a phone that connects to the internet. The idea that the human soul; spirit; divine piece of us, lives on far after we’ve lived this life is gaining popularity in modern culture. Expressing your belief in the concept of infinity has never been easier – especially when placed on the wrist for all the world to see.

13. Finger Moustache
hipster tattoos (23)
The next generation has made moustaches quite popular, and if you too are a fan but don’t want to go around sporting the real thing, you can have one tattooed on your finger! It’s simple, fun, and a design that is semi-hidden. You won’t have to worry about what work has to say about the tat and you can amuse your friends any time you’re feeling sophisticated.

14. Symmetrical Owl
hipster tattoos (24)
Like many animals, owls are an important part of mythology in many legends and mythologies. They’re most associated with wisdom, especially Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and war strategy. They can also representative of your love of the night since its when they come out to hunt. Various species of owls are considered quite adorable, so if you’re a fan, you can design a beautiful owl of your own.

15. Elegant Rose Garden
hipster tattoos (27)
To color or not to color? Not to color! These roses are big and beautiful, covering the entirety of the thigh and reaching up to the lower back. If you’ve any light scars that you dislike or even stretch marks you’d like to cover, a tattoo like this is great for just that while giving you the option of coloring it in or not. Large roses can be expanded over as big or as little skin as you wish.

16. Doubled Roses
hipster tattoos (1)
Thicker lines with less intricate details are considered more fashionable for men in the realm of flower tattoos. Roses like this are normally paired with other tattoos or placed in a design, such as roses surrounding a dagger or snake or whatever it is you’re trying to display.

17. Hunter’s Trophy
hipster tattoos (2)
Have a hobby that defines you? Here we have antlers mounted on wood, symbolizing hunting. It’s small, simple, and placed in a spot that won’t deter you from getting a great career that requires no exposed tattoos. You can take any hobby you may have and transform it into a tattoo, just think of the product of your craft and turn it into a fashionable design!

18. Tribal Bands
hipster tattoos (3)
Don’t want anything too complex? Perhaps you’re afraid your tattoo won’t look good with various outfits of yours? Not to worry, tribal tattoos – especially arm bands – can be the perfect option. They’re simple, look clean, and can match anything you decide to wear.

19. Spinal Symmetries
hipster tattoos (4)
Spinal tattoos can hurt more than the average, I won’t lie, but the final product can look elegant and beautifully placed! Especially if its the only tattoo on your back. These are gorgeous in the summer when wearing swimming suits and look dazzling with open-back shirts.

20. Wishbone
hipster tattoos (5)
Which side’s wish will come true? Representative of life, a tattoo like this one expresses the unknown we always encounter. The fun thing about tattoos with hands is that you can also have the fingers drawn any way you like, symbolizing anything you believe to be amazing, funny, significant, etc. Make a wish!

21. Personalized Storytelling
hipster tattoos (6)
If you aren’t afraid of tattooing up your hands and arms, you can place symbols all over your body that are significant and truly mean something to you. Tell the story of your life, or perhaps memories, by tattooing symbols representing instances, occasions, people, pets, revelations, epiphanies – absolutely anything you like. Not only will you be the only one that understands the meaning behind them all, they’re great conversation starters.

22. Target’s Demise
hipster tattoos (7)
A large, single arrow. If you are a person that likes to reach every goal and strike every target life hands you, an arrow can help express this for you or give you the reminder/good luck you need to continue to do so.

23. Animalistic
hipster tattoos (8)
Earlier we saw a tattoo of an owl. We also saw a mounted set of antlers. This is yet another way to express your love for either an animal or hunting. Obviously, its hunting here since an arrow is in the design! You can choose to have an animal symbolizing this or perhaps even a spirit animal. If you’re someone that wants others to notice, the arm is the perfect place for a tattoo like this.

24. Colorful Close-Up
hipster tattoos (9)
Striking and filled with vibrant color, tattooing a moist, almost crying eye can symbolize so many things it will leave your audience guessing. Do you want to keep away evil? Are you naturally more sympathetic or saddened in life? Perhaps its the eye of the one you love. Eyes can mean so many things, it’s up to you to decide how you want to display it.

25. Transformation
hipster tattoos (10)

Combining reality with geometric design is a wonderful way to show off your creativity. This combination is striking and lovely, and can be done with any animal face.

65 Fabulous Photos of White Ink Tattoos for the Artistic


Feeling adventurous but don’t want the traditional black or colored tattoo? We all have our reasons for getting tatted, but some of us don’t want to added negative side-effects such as getting fired from our job or creating chaos with our parents that disapprove. White ink tattoos are perfect for those of us that want to add a subtle touch of beauty or rebellious nature to our physique. They’re more easily hidden than the traditional tattoo, but if properly placed, can cause your audience to do a double-take! They also look fabulous on darker skin, adding a touch of intrigue to anyone lucky enough to notice your body art.

If you’re artistic in nature and prefer using white instead of black ink, take a look at these intriguing tattoos that will inspire you to create your own design!

1. Hidden Arrow
tats (19)Placing a small tattoo behind the ear is both subtle and meaningful. It’s close to the ear, eyes, mouth and mind, making it a great location for any piece of art that holds a metaphorical meaning to any one of them. An arrow can be seen here, pointing up towards divine nature, targeting one’s goals, knowledge, or enlightenment.

2. Elaborate Tribal
tats (20)A detailed white-ink tattoo is a beautiful piece of body art that is perfect for covering up mild scars on your skin. It holds a more elegant and majestic look that black ink tends to hinder. A tattoo such as this looks almost natural, as if you had been born with it!

3. Sun & Moon
tats (21)If you value the sun and moon either religiously, spiritually, or are simply fascinated by outer space or their beauty, tattooing them on your skin can prove your love of them. Here they’re placed on the ribcage, safely where their location won’t hinder any social commitments such as work.

4. I Must Not Tell Lies
tats (22)Need a constant reminder of a moral that you value? Placing a white ink tattoo on your hand is just visible enough for you to see, and once the swelling from the new tat goes down, other’s won’t notice it unless they’re really looking for it.

5. Mini Symbolic Totem
tats (23)Like the moral inspiration above this example, a totem or row of meaningful symbols can be a great addition to your already inspiring collection of tats. Combining white ink with black ink tattoos is a rare look that’s sure to impress, even yourself.

6. Permanent Ear Décor
tats (24)Similar to an earring, this design adds a graceful twist to your style. Paired with matching earrings, placing a white tattoo on the side of your face is subtly mesmerizing and acceptable in front of any audience.

7. Flowering Lower Chest Piece
tats (1)If done in black, a design similar to this would look far less elegant. A beautiful design such as the one seen here is indirect and sophisticated. It’s placed where only a lover might see, or perhaps when you’re grabbing some sun on the beach in your bikini.

8. Gridded Butterfly
tats (2)Some of us prefer not to fill in our tattoos, but want there to be a differentiation between certain aspects of our design. Instead of filling in spaces and details fully, you can choose to either grid in the detail or dot it in.

9. Dorsal Surface Piece
tats (3)Some of us want to completely cover the top of our hand(s) with a beautiful design, and choose white ink for its subtly or glowing effect. Be sure it’s a design you love, since filling in the entirety of the hand’s surface is sure to grab more attention than intended!

10. Flying Bird
tats (4)Birds have come to be symbolic of many things, especially freedom and peace. In white ink, a dove is ideal.

11. Music Lover
tats (5)Whether you play an instrument, instruments, or simply love the music you listen to, a treble clef (and even a base clef) look gorgeous and sophisticated in white ink.

12. Exaggerated Moon Charm
tats (6)Moons are popular in white ink, since the moon naturally looks white in the sky. Add a tribal effect for a refreshing design.

13. Simply Curious Arrow
tats (7)Point an arrow somewhere on your body of significance. It could remind you of a memory or be pointing at a scar – or even where someone famous has touched you.

14. Faith
tats (8)Usually, the word “Faith” is tattooed in black, reminding us of our sincerest beliefs. Using white ink instead adds a more refined twist to our hopes.

15. A Wrist’s Promise
tats (9)Placing any word on our wrist immediately tells us that we want to constantly be reminded of something or someone. Doing it in white ink keeps the word or name subtle enough for us to forego placing a Band-Aid on it at work!

16. Flowering Earpiece  
tats (10)Again we see a subtle design located behind the ear, this time its a flowering design that can correlate with many differing styles of earrings. A piece like this is easy to hide with your hair, or you can flaunt it by putting your hair up.

17. Shoulder Rose
tats (11)The rose can symbolize many things, and placing it on the shoulder allows you to have the option of showing it off or wearing a shirt that hides it. The choice is yours with a white ink tat placed in such a location.

18. Love Will Tear Us Apart
tats (12)Place a phrase just under the breast close to the heart reminding you of something either romantic or anti-love – whatever your personality or experiences have you leaning towards.

19. Mandala Love
tats (13)Mandalas are Asian schematized representations of the cosmos, and look beautiful done in white ink wherever you decide to place it. They can easily wrap around an arm or a leg and be designed to look more like flowers than the cosmos, depending on the style you prefer.

20. Moon Goddess
tats (14)A trail of the moon’s phases decorates this woman’s spine. White is ideal for moon tattoos, since the moon appears white in the night sky. If you’re Wiccan, a tattoo like this is perfect for attributing to the Goddess and her phases.

21. Mystique Dragonfly  
tats (15)Moons and birds aren’t the only things that look elegant done in white ink. A dragonfly can be done simplistically like the one seen here, adding a touch of love for nature to your physique.

22. Handed Mural
tats (16)Why settle for a single tattoo when you can have several, each with their own distinguished meaning? The ones above are done in penned ink – it’s good to draw them on with washable ink before committing to the permanent!

23. Tiny Contribution
tats (17)Another tattoo of the sun and moon. This time, they’re much smaller and placed specifically where no one will be able to see them when clothed. Perfect for someone who is only slightly rebellious.

24. Reminder
tats (18)This tat is done in the wearer’s own handwriting – reminding him (or her!?) not to tell lies! You can fabricate any quote you wish, just remember you might have to answer questions onlookers might have for you!

25. Glowing & Gorgeous
white ink tattoos (10)

These days, you can choose to have white ink tatted into your skin that’s also capable of glowing in the dark. Why not? Just make sure you want to be seen in the dark!

26. Tribal Fingers
white ink tattoos (11)We can make our hands subtly more mysterious by adding just a touch of white ink to them, in the simplest forms.

27. Facial Flare
white ink tattoos (12)Even though this piece was done in white ink, a facial tattoo is only for the bold and the brave! Though white ink tats are a lot more subtle than black or colored ones, a white facial tat is still noticeable – place a piece like this with caution!

28. Rose-Gripped Shoulder
white ink tattoos (13)Another rose done on the shoulder, this one spreads itself around the shoulder like protective armor. If you like to wear shirts that hang or droop down to one side, a tattoo like this is perfect to show off.

29. Sternum Décor
white ink tattoos (14)Barely visible when looked at from afar, this tattoo placed on the sternum is both elegant and mysterious. It’s perfect for those of us that want a more sensual tattoo that isn’t as bold as black.

30. Love to Love
white ink tattoos (15)Get creative and combine a word with an image of that same word. Here, we have the word “love” with the L extending into the shape of a heart.

31. Swan’s Feather
white ink tattoos (16)Feathers can mean many things to the wearer, and this one here is no different. It’s combined with dots to look like falling snow, giving it an added touch of uniqueness.

32. Harry Potter Love
white ink tattoos (17)Attribute a small space of your body to your favorite book series or movies – why not? Seen here is a symbol popular in the series Harry Potter.

33. I’ll Be Yours Forever
white ink tattoos (18)Are you married and confident in your partnership? Why not get a tattoo instead of a wedding ring? You can either have their name tatted on, “His” or “Hers” tatted, or simply a design of an actual ring done in white ink. It’s much more elegant than black ink and admittedly, cheaper than a diamond!

34. Wearing a Wrap
white ink tattoos (19)White ink tattoos look great when wrapped around the shoulder, from the chest onto the back. Before committing to such a large tattoo, have it done in henna first to make sure you truly like it.

35. Target
white ink tattoos (20)Large yet simple. Trying to target something in life? You can place a piece like this symbolically on your arm or leg. People will be left guessing as to what it is.

36. Flying Feathered Friend
white ink tattoos (21)This bird has rounded and elegant lines, displaying a bird in flight with a long tail. Many birds look vibrant when done in white ink, and placing it on the wrist can remind you of whatever metaphor you’ve attributed to the image.

37. Dancing Details
white ink tattoos (22)Create a large, fun, and detailed white ink tat for yourself to place on your back. The outcome is gorgeous and it can be personalized however you like. Intricate details done like the one seen here keep the eyes of your audience in awe.

38. Tribute to a Loved One
white ink tattoos (23)Tattoos are supposed to be meaningful, and sometimes we get them to remind us of the tough times but also that we can get through them. Having a singular meaningful word such as “Strength” and even the date a love one has passed can subconsciously help us get through tough times.

39. Elevated Petals
white ink tattoos (24)To accomplish a white ink tattoo such as this one that is elevated higher than the norm, get your tattoo done and wait for it to heal completely. Go back to the tattoo parlor and have it re-done, right over the original design, so that the scar tissue of your tat raises even more so.

40. Winged and Ready for Flight
white ink tattoos (25)Sometimes we want wings, but we don’t want them on our back like traditionalists. It’s already untraditional to get a white ink tat, but why not take it a step further? Wings can coincide on the legs or the ankles, too.

41. Initial Me!
white ink tattoos (26)Some of us value our names or the names of others. Instead of committing to the full name being tatted on our skin, we can simply have one or two initials placed on our bods instead.

42. Armed & Anchored
white ink tattoos (27)An anchor on an arm. Perfect for anyone that enjoys sailing or the navy, but doesn’t want the normal gaudy black tattoos (or prefers their interest to be more subtle).

43. Roses are White, Violets are White
white ink tattoos (28)Why go with traditional colors for flowers when white looks radiant and mysterious on pale flesh?

44. Guardian Angel or Demon?
white ink tattoos (29)Creating a personalized piece of art for the back can be fun and tantalizing. A design such as this adds mystique – is it an angel floating upon your physique or a demon? The wings give no clue!

45. Love Life
white ink tattoos (30)Keep that smile on your face with a daily reminder of positivity. Love Life is wonderful placed on the wrist, and keeps us motivated to enjoy every moment given to us.

46. Cosmic Rift
white ink tattoos (31)Circles can be so much more when placed beside one another. A design representing a galaxy can easily be done in simple circles and dots, and looks more like a galaxy than if it were to be done in black ink.

47. Moon Phases Galore
white ink tattoos (32)Yet another piece done of the moon phases. This time, placed going down the side instead of the spine. Placement here is perfect for anyone afraid to have a needle sticking them in the spine!

48. Simple Heart
white ink tattoos (33)Sometimes, a simple symbol says it all.

49. Dia De Los Muertos
white ink tattoos (34)If you’re familiar with the Central American holiday of Dia De Los Muertos, then you’re familiar with the skull design seen here that is often placed on the holiday’s art pieces. Holiday tattoos are great if you have a favorite that you love celebrating.

50. Pale Beauty
white ink tattoos (35)If you’ve pale skin and know that black tattoos just won’t look good – making your skin look pasty – then a white tattoo can actually help make your skin appear ever so slightly darker.

51. Falling Feather
white ink tattoos (36)Not wanting anything too dramatic? A falling feather is perfect placed just under the collar bone, and adds a subtle flare that’s sexy and enigmatic.

52. Personalized Tribal Feather
white ink tattoos (37)Want a feather but don’t want any that you could possibly find on some else? Personalize yours and create a tribal design specifically for yourself.

53. Ice Princess
white ink tattoos (38)Snowflakes are especially beautiful when done in white ink. Add a drifting snowflake to your wrist and throw on some clear or white gemmed bracelets to give yourself a glittering snow princess look.

54. Bold Statement
white ink tattoos (39)What more can we say? If you’re bold enough for a facial tattoo, try one out in white ink!

55. Ethereal Night Sky
white ink tattoos (40)The tattoo seen above is striking, glow in the dark, and emits an ethereal feel for those of us seeking a lustrous tribute to the night sky.

56. Language Abound
white ink tattoos (41)This might be readable to you, this might not be. If you get a tattoo in a foreign language, ensure it’s exactly what you want it to say to spare yourself some laughs!

57. Punk Design
white ink tattoos (42)White tats work well with large or multiple piercings. If you’re feeling artistic and don’t want black all over your face, a white tat is a great alternative.

58. Geometric Splash
white ink tattoos (43)If you like parallelism, a geometric pattern centered in the chest can be quite mesmerizing. Done in white, it can cause your audience to delve for a closer look.

59. Mimicking Scars
white ink tattoos (44)Why not? It looks awesome! Like you’ve been attacked by a bear or survived a battle. White tats that look like scars keep people guessing – is it real? What’s the story behind it?

60. Butterfly Necklace
white ink tattoos (1)You won’t have to deal with untying knots in your necklaces if you decide to get a tat where necklaces would fall. Here we see a permanent, immense butterfly that peeks just over the top of a shirt, adding a taste of mystique to your everyday style.

61. Trailing Freedom
white ink tattoos (2)A bird falling from a flower with feathers left behind. Tattoos that extend over a body part, such as an arm, subtly like this can tell a tale.

62. Shadowed Feathers
white ink tattoos (3)We’ve seen previous tats of birds, but have you seen one combined with black shadows? Shadowing a white tattoo with black can create an added dimension that makes your tattoo truly stand out beautifully.

63. Snow Queen
white ink tattoos (4)Another beautiful tattoo of a snow flake done in white, the color it should be tatted in – this time placed elegantly on the ankle.

64. Ringed Doubles
white ink tattoos (6)White can also enhance a black tattoo, such as the one seen here.

65. Inside Out
white ink tattoos (8)Bone is naturally white, so any tattoos of bones look a tad more realistic and intriguing done in white ink!


35 Ferocious Foo Dog Tattoos Teeming with Personality


Are these beasts lions or dogs? Feline or canine? Their name may spark confusion when looking closely at them, but their history can clarify their meaning. Foo dogs are actually a protective lion, their origins rich within Asian history and symbolism. They can be found as statues, symbolic of guardianship and protection, sitting in front of imperial palaces, tombs, government offices, temples, and homes of the wealthy in Asia. When tattooed on the body, they’re often symbolic of protection, security, prosperity, stability, and luck.

Their name “foo dog” comes from China, where “foo” is actually “fu” in Chinese and means either “Buddha” or “prosperity”. However, in Chinese, these creatures are never referred to as dogs. That was a western adaptation!

1. Heart’s Guardian  fog (36)
Located perfectly just over the heart, staring viciously at anyone who dare cross its path, this foo dog is ready to protect its master’s happiness associated with love. The colors are striking with purple and yellows contrasting, a black mist delicately collecting behind it. If you’re searching for a tattoo representative of protecting one’s heart and relationships, placing a foo dog on your left chest is both mesmerizing and jaw-dropping.

2. Geisha’s Protector
fog (1)
Your foo dog doesn’t have to be over sized and alone. You can pair it with a geisha – a beautiful and mysterious woman with many talents. Pairing a geisha and foo dog together can symbolize beauty, prosperity, and protection over one’s secret life. They make a gorgeous combo, with masculine features apparent in the foo dog and feminine in the geisha.

3. Buddhist Mural
fog (1)
Instead of a geisha, why not pair it with that which they’re named after – Buddha? Here we can see a foo dog in front of a sunset or sunrise, depending on how you interpret it. Behind the sun rests a tranquil Buddha in contrasting colors to the sun, blue and green. If you’re all about wowing your onlookers, you can create your own mural with a foo dog for your back similar to this one!

4. Refined Outline
fog (2)
This design may look simple, but the image creates a striking appeal all on its own. If you aren’t a fan of colored tattoos, try a foo dog with thick lines and detailed hair/fur. You can add on a geometric stand upon which it sits, giving it more of a statuesque feel. Here we can also see a mini foo dog on its necklace, an added detail that can be of personal meaning to you.

5. Protection Worth a Thousand Words
fog (2)
Foo dogs are often tatted on those of us bearing other animals as well, such as the eagles shown here. They too represent guardianship, but also freedom and good fortune. To lessen the confusion as to what your tattoos represent from your audience’s standpoint, a simple phrase may help them understand your tattoo’s story.

6. Belly crawl
fog (3)
This savage looking foo dog is crawling down its owner’s belly as if ready to pounce on its next victim. The design has less detail associated with its fur and teeth but still has the look of a fierce creature ready to protect its owner. A tattoo located on the stomach and chest is great if you want to still be able to get that promotion at work without having to cover up your tat!

7. Sliding into a Sleeve
fog (4)
A delicate foo dog, with wavy fur and elegant stance surrounded by both flames and flowers. A gorgeous piece of art like this can easily flow into another piece of body art, its colors interchangeable depending on your style and aim. Here, the foo dog begins a tatted story that leads over and down its master’s arm into another beautiful tattoo that is still in need of color.

8. Piercing Eyes
fog (5)
Large and full of detail, this foo dog’s design still brings your eyes directly to its own. It appears to be looking forward, in the direction its wearer would be walking, watching for evil and scaring it away. The curled mane emphasizes its round eyes and gives you a true sense of protection for its wearer.

9. Protect Me from Evil
fog (6)
This yellow foo dog isn’t afraid to bear its teeth, paired with a large yellow flower and a red background that has the effect of flames mixed with blood. Designing your foo dog to wrap around the arm might be a hard task, but the results are well worth it – especially if you’ve a grand idea for a background such as the one you see here.

10. Foo Dog & Dragon Pair
fog (7)
Stepping back and getting a better look at the tattoo, we can see that the foo dog isn’t alone! Above it there lies an Asian dragon, its claws sinking into its wearer’s arm. Many tattoo junkies that choose to have sleeves often pair foo dogs and dragons together, both being dominant figures in Asian mythology and culture.

11. Words of Preservation
fog (8)
A colorful foo dog surrounded in black details is sure to stand out. To add a better sense of the creature’s origins, you can place calligraphy above it to represent any words or phrases that have meaning to you. Be sure you know the meaning of the symbols, so that if someone that speaks the language reads it, it doesn’t say something silly!

12. Elbow Head
fog (9)
Why put a spider web on your elbow when you can put the head of a foo dog on it instead? Here we can see that the face is facing forward if the wearer were to put their arm by their side. White ink helps to bring out the details of the eyes, teeth, and mane.

13. Lion & Dragon Hybrid
fog (10)The face of this foo dog looks strikingly similar to that of a dragon. You can design your own creature to similar to this, combining the protection of a foo dog with the determination and ferociousness of a dragon. What you get is double the power and guardianship. Here, the colors lean more towards water, with a large lily placed beneath the creature to add beauty and style.

14. Detailed Mane
fog (11)
Instead of focusing on the eyes of the creature so much, you can choose to have its mane detailed like in the picture you see here. Swirling tufts of fur cover the creature, and give your design a more symmetrical look. Fire can be seen surrounding the foo dog, so a tough appeal still lingers.

15. Changing Face
fog (12)
The face seen here is pulled further apart, with a wider nose, eyes, and mouth to give it a more personalized look. Cracks can be seen all about its body, making this foo dog seemingly more statuesque rather than alive and fiery.

16. Water Lion
fog (13)
Again, here we have a different sort of foo dog, mixed with what seems to be a sea creature as fins fray around the edges of its face. The gorgeous blue emphasize its watery appeal, with the lily pad still in need of color beneath it. This is a great alternative to the normal design we often see of foo dogs that have fire surrounding them.

17. Leave No Skin Unmarked
fog (14)
For the bold and adventurous! Cover your back with a gorgeous mural that speaks for itself and is worth more than a thousand words. This foo dog has its paw on a blossoming world, its face looking more like a canine than feline as it looks up towards a bird perched near its shoulder that has weapons in its claws. As much time as we can spend trying to analyze this large tat, only the bearer can truly know what each piece represents!

18. Prosperity & Happiness
fog (15)
Cover up your calm with the entirety of a foo dog wrapped in cloth and flowers. Again, the details of this creature are in its mane instead of eyes and teeth – the part that look wonderful in tight swirls and thick lines. The foo dog also has a foo dog on its collar, doubling the protection you’re seeking.

 19. Flaming Lion’s Growl
fog (16)
20. Windy & Scaled 
fog (17)
The texture of this foo dog looks less like its soft-fleshed brothers and more like dragon scales. You can choose to mix and match any type of animal texture to your foo dog to give it a twist of appeal that fits your personality. The flower it stands next to is also different than the lilies that usually surround it.

21. Long Fur
fog (18)
You can’t see the texture of this one’s skin because it’s covered in fur! A large mane can make a foo dog great for a cover up tattoo, and adding deep colors can help.

22. Green Dream
fog (19)
Here’s a great example of making your foo dog truly your own, by giving it the splash of color one rarely sees on a lion! A green foo dog seemingly pops out of your skin, and the long nails this one has makes it more terrifying.

23. Water & Fire Marvel
fog (20)
Combining opposites like fire and water can give your foo dog a glorious look, especially when its mane isn’t fire but rather water. They’re interchangeable – whether you want a mane that looks like swirls of water or swirls of fire.

24. Deep Colored Cover-Up
fog (21)
Here is a perfect example of a foo dog and its deeply colored mane covering up an unsightly tattoo that you just don’t want to see on your skin anymore! Yellow and purple go great with one another, proving a lovely contrast and assuring you can no longer see the tat resting beneath it.

25. Protecting the Path of Life
fog (22)
Place a foo dog on your foot to protect each and every step you take throughout your life. It will guard your decisions and the places your feet take you. Since a foot isn’t too much skin to work with, you may consider placing just the head on it, bearing a ferocious snarl.

26. Full-Body Guardianship
fog (23)
If you’re serious about having a protective or guardian tattoo on your body, and want to truly show it off – even without any color – take a close look at the pic above. Not only does covering your back with the face of a foo dog look mesmerizingly fierce, this one has a third eye to help it see at a more divine level.

27. Short Mane
fog (24)
Foo dogs can come in various looks, this one having a shorter mane and fur with a more humanistic facial appearance.

28. Proud & Distinguished
fog (25)

With a puffed up chest and perfect figure, this foo dog looks distinguished and proud, guarding that which brings him fortune. This one looks more like a carved statue than a design attempting at a more realistic appearance.

29. Saddened Face
fog (27)
Not all foo dogs are happy about their whereabouts. Be sure your artist knows what kind of facial features you want on your foo dog before letting him place that needle against your skin!

30. Countering Evil with Evil
fog (28)
Do you prefer a “good” guardian or “evil” guardian? You can give a foo dog a distinctively evil look just by changing the colors you use to fill it in. Here we have all red, giving the creature more of a demonic or hellish look rather than a fierce guardian.

31. A God-Like Appearance
fog (29)
The background of your foo dog can make all the difference. Place it in water, you’ve a water lion. Place it in the stars, you’ve a stellar lion. Here is a combination of clouds and water, as if the creature is rising out of both like some god in a myth.

32. Smile!
fog (30)
The smile says it all. Giving your foo dog an appearance like this completely depends on your personality and what your lion will be representing.

33. Companions
fog (31)

Another creative way to have a lion and a dragon tatted on you together as companions throughout your life. Ensure they flow nicely together, make sure your background colors compliment both creatures.

34. Dotted & Dramatic
fog (34)
Color is plentiful on this foo dog, with a black background texture that has it popping out with personality. Reds and blue do well together if you’re wanting a brighter design such as this one.

35. Violet & Vicious
fog (35)

It’s all in the details. Shading can give your foo dog a whole new look filled with unimaginable detail, and adding a deep accent color will add personality to your design.

65 Best Feather Tattoo Designs For Both Male and Female


People get tattoos for many reasons. Some do it for art, some do it as a form of self-expression. Getting a tattoo is a major decision, thus choosing the right tattoo design is important to many. One of the more popular design for both men and women is a feather. Many are attracted to this design because it is not just beautiful, but it has a lot of different meanings. Because of this, the tattoo becomes more than just a tattoo as it holds symbolic meaning to the bearer.

The different deep and symbolic meanings of feather started hundreds of years ago. It varies from cultures to cultures, from tribes to tribes, from religions to religions. Below are some well-known cultural significances of feather to some tribes and religions.

Feather is very symbolic to the Native Americans that it is not only in tattoos where you can see them wear it, but also in headdresses, weapons, and dreamcatchers. For the Native Americans, the meaning of the feather also depends on the type of bird it came from (which will mention later on).

It is not only in America where feathers are associated with spirituality, In Egypt, it is also a common object used when worshipping the gods. It is believed that feathers were related to the sky gods. For Egyptians, feather tattoos represent the goddess of truth and justice, the Egyptian Goddess Matt. It is said that the feather represents the weight of the heart of the deceased during the process of mummification. This will help determine the fortune of the deceased and is related to the next phase of afterlife.

As for Christians, it is said that the feathers is associated with different virtues. Three feathers together represents the three great virtues: faith, hope and charity. Aside from the cultural and spiritual meanings of feather in general, the colors and origins of feathers have meanings as well.

Here are some common tattoo designs associated with a feather. 


  • A dream catcher is a common tattoo design associated with a feather. Like what we’ve said, it originated from the early Native American times. It greatly represents the rich cultural heritage of the Natives.
  • The dreamcatcher is also believed to keep negative energies, bad dreams, and nightmares away.
  • The feathers attached to the dreamcatcher stands for air and breath. It is through the movement of the feathers where bad energy exits and positive and peaceful dreams arrive.
  • The feathers used in the design also represent something. Two of the more common choices are the feathers of the owl which represent wisdom and eagle which symbolizes courage.
  • A dreamcatcher that contains one gemstone is said to represent the creator of life. If it contains four, it represents the ordinal directions.
  • A dreamcatcher tattoo is a great choice for both men and women. Most young adults go for this design as it can also represent their “artsy” side.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design


  • Peacock design is a popular choice among female. It’s beautiful, vibrant colorful design attracts women. But aside from its stunning design, it also carries different meanings to it. For some, the peacock feather design represents creativity and rebirth.
  • The expression “Proud as a Peacock” or being a proud person is also one of the meanings of this design.
  • The pattern of the tail feathers of the peacock is referred to as 100 eyes. It could mean two different things. First, it can mean that you are the type of person who is open minded. It means that you are open to what the world will give you and is ready to face everything challenges headed your way. On the other hand, it can also symbolize the “evil eye” which is common in Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology. But it doesn’t necessarily mean to be bad, it is said to protect its bearer.
  • In Ancient Chinese belief, a peacock is associated with superstition and pregnancy. It is said that a peacock can help a woman who has a problem in conceiving. The beautiful peacock tattoo design in pregnant women is also believed to help in easy labor and can bring fortune to the newborn.
  • For Indians, peacock feather tattoos serve as a protection to negative energy and spirits.If you love fashion, this is also a good tattoo design for you. Peacock design symbolizes tailors and is also a popular design for people who are in the fashion industry. With this tattoo design, your creative side will surely stand out.
  • It also represents inner beauty and optimism, perfect design for the life-loving girl!
Peacock Tattoo Design
Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design

Peacock Tattoo Design


  • Another popular meaning given to a feather design tattoo is freedom.
  • Most of the time, a feather tattoo design comes with birds.
  • If this is the case, it most likely to mean “wanting to be free” or “free as a bird”.
  • This design is also common for both men and women.
  • The deep meaning behind this design is perfect for those who want a tattoo that will symbolize their freedom or being free.
Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design
Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design



Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design




Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design

Feather Associated with Bird and Freedom Tattoo Design



  • One of the more religious meaning of feather tattoo is the 3 theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity.
  • People who hold these virtues (Fides, Spes et Caritas) close to their heart choose the three feather design.
  • Both men and women have this inked to their body to work as a “reminder” for them.
  • If you are looking for a tattoo design to serve the same purpose, this will absolutely be perfect for you.

Feather Tattoo Design Associated with Faith, Hope, and Charity

Feather Tattoo Design Associated with Faith, Hope, and Charity

Feather Tattoo Design Associated with Faith, Hope, and Charity


  • It is in Native American culture where feather is very much associated with their spirituality and is commonly used in ritualistic ceremonies.
  • The origins of feathers hold different meanings as well.
  • The most common is the feather that comes from an eagle. It holds prestige and is said to represent great leadership skills, courage and strength.
  • Another is the feather that comes from a dove which symbolises hope, faith, love, kindness, and gentleness.
  • A feather from a falcon on the other hand, is said to represent speed and movement.
  • A feather from hawk is also commonly used and is said to symbolise strength and guardianship

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality

Feather Associated with Culture and Spirituality


  • Feather tattoos are also associated with creavity.
  • A Quill is used for writing
  • Writers prefer feather tattoo design which is Quill
Quill Feather Tattoo
Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo

Quill Feather Tattoo


  • Black is the traditional and common colour of tattoos and it said to represent wisdom. Others choose to inject colours in their tattoos.
  • White represents spirituality, peace and hope.
  • Red represents passion, energy, emotions and courage.
  • Blue represents knowledge and peace.
  • Yellow represents sun, energy, joy, positivity.
  • Green represents nature, the environment, healing, unity and growth.
  • Orange represents love, optimism, creativity, independence.
  • Pink represents romance, harmony, compassion, and gentleness.
  • Grey represents neutrality and flexibility.
  • Purple represents spiritual connection Brown represents earth, endurance and respect.

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and Colors

So you finally chose the design that you want for your tattoo and you want one of the designs you’ve seen above. You finally decided on getting a tattoo – for real now. But before making that big move, there are few things you should know BEFORE GETTING A TATTOO. Read on to find out:

  1. Tattoo can cause an allergic reaction. Just like food, makeup, and other items – tattoo is the same and can cause an allergic reaction. The inks have different components and formulas that are the same in other items that can cause allergies. The reaction to one is not the same as yours. So do yourself a favor, visit a dermatologist and have yourself checked beforehand so that you’re aware of what type of ink you should use and you should avoid.
  2. If you are planning to get your tattoo done by one of the known artists, make sure that you are very much willing to wait. These famous tattoo artists usually have a waiting list that goes up to a year or longer! If you can’t wait, then try to find another artist who is just as capable and talented. That way, you’ll get your tattoo as soon as you want it and you’ll be able to save a little amount too!
  3. Be sure that you have enough tattoo funds. Of course, we’re all about saving a little money. But you have to keep in mind that a good tattoo comes with a price. The price of a tattoo depends on the design, the size, area where you want it covered, and more importantly, the artist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up everything at once. Do your research and ask around. You have to be financially prepared for this as a good quality tattoo starts from $50 (for a tiny design) to a few month’s worth of rent (for the bigger, more elaborate design).
  4. Know your tattoo artist. They are much different from other workers. If they are good and reputable, it is sure that they earn well. Thus, if they choose to not work with you, they can actually do that.
  5. Never bargain. The prices of tattoo and the fee of tattoo artists are non-negotiable. Unless if you are really, really good friends with the artist.
  6. Drop by and check the shop where you plan to get your tattoo. Make time to drop by personally and check the place if it looks clean and hygienic. Even if you have read tons of good reviews about the tattoo shop you’ve been eyeing, it is better to see it for yourself. By checking the place personally, you’ll feel the “vibes”  of the shop and the people working there. Schedule a consultation with the artist so you can ask all the questions you have in mind including the pricing. Check if the tattoo artist has a license too. This will ensure that the artist knows all necessary safety measures that will avoid blood-borne pathogens (Hepatitis, etc). Better be safe than sorry, right? This will help you decide whether it is the “right” place to get your first tattoo or time to look for another one.
  7. Be open and communicate to the artist. Don’t be afraid to say what you want, what you like and what you want to avoid. One of the primary ingredients to get your dream tattoo is a good communication. Let the artist know what you want, exchange ideas, and collaborate. Getting a tattoo is like getting a haircut, if you don’t speak up, you might end up getting something you didn’t want in the first place.
  8. If you are planning to add words in your design, proofread. If you have to read it again and again, do it. Your tattoo will include words so pay attention to detail. Always spell-check and let the artist know if there is a missing or wrong letter. You don’t want to end up getting a word that you don’t like or don’t have any sense at all.
  9. Consider the area where you plan on getting the tattoo. Keep in mind that if you are planning to get the tattoo inked on your ribs, feet, or butt, it will hurt more than the other areas. It is more painful in those areas. Consider bringing a pain-reliever that you can take after your appointment to help reduce the pain.
  10. Tattoos on your hands and feet will most likely fade faster than on the other areas. Since we use our hands and feet during the day, the skin in these areas regenerates more quickly than the others. So you might want to reconsider these areas if you are planning to get more out of your hard-earned money.
  11. Lastly, you can get a tattoo in any part of your body. Yes, that’s right.

Getting a tattoo is an exciting and a memorable experience. Whether you are getting a tattoo design solely for its beautiful design or the deep meaning behind it, knowing a little about the background of the design wouldn’t hurt. Also, make sure to be knowledgeable about the process of getting a tattoo first. Getting a tattoo is a big decision. You wouldn’t want to get into something that you are totally clueless about. Watch out for our other articles for more beautiful design options and learn the things that you need to know DURING and AFTER getting a tattoo.

70 Dragon Tattoo Designs That You Will Love


A popular tattoo design worn by both men and women is the dragon. There are various designs for people who want to get a dragon tattoo. It comes in various sizes and details. The dragon has a lot of good and bad attributes, traits and characteristics. This makes it a versatile choice for someone who is looking for their first tattoo.

Having said that, knowing the history, cultural association, mythology, traits, and characteristics of the dragon is important. The artistically beautiful design of tattoo will make you want to get it in a heartbeat, but you wouldn’t want to have something inked in your body for the rest of your life without knowing what it represents for you. Or if you do, you might still want to know just a little bit about it (at least).

The word dragon comes from the Latin word dragomen meaning a “huge serpent”. In Greek drakon meaning “serpent or giant sea fish”. In both Latin and Greek, it refers to a serpent of sort.

There are different types of dragons featured in different cultures: first is the serpent-like and the other is a creature that resembles a lizard and emits fire from their mouth and the last one is a giant creature that has a bat-like wings.

A dragon is often mentioned and featured  in myths of many cultures. Each culture has a different representation of the dragon (in characteristics, traits, ectc.) but somehow through the years it have influenced one another.

Let’s take a look at the different dragon designs, its history and meaning.

Dragons in Greek Mythology

The dragon was first mentioned in an Ancient Greek poem: The Iliad. The dragons mentioned in Greek mythology were different from the others. Dragons were said to be ‘serpentine monsters’ and didn’t have the ability to fly.

There are three groups of dragons in Greek Mythology: the Dracones (serpent-like), Cetea (marine-dwelling) and Dracaena (she-monster-like). Some of the famous Dracones dragons in Greek Mythology are Python (dragon that was slain by Apollo), Ladon (serpent-like dragon with hundred heads), and Lernaean Hydra (a nine-headed dragon that possesses deadly venom).

Another popular dragon in the Greek Mythology is the Torjan Cetus. It came from the Cetea group and is the sea monster that was sent by Poseidon. For the family of Dracaena dragons, the Scythian Dracaena who is a monstrous woman described to have a normal woman form from the waist up, but has a serpentine tail of dragon  instead of human legs.

Dragons in Greek Mythology

Dragons in Greek Mythology

Dragons in Greek Mythology
Dragons in Greek Mythology

Dragons in Greek Mythology


Japanese Dragon

Japanese dragons were influenced by Chinese dragons. It is believed to be water deities and are associated with bodies of water. Physically, like in Greek myths, they are depicted as serpentine creatures but with clawed feet. Japanese dragons are said to possess three claws.

Japanese Dragons

Japanese Dragons

Japanese Dragons

Japanese Dragons

Vietnam Dragons

In Vietnam, dragons are considered as a symbolic creature. In a Vietnam myth,  it is said that the people of Vietnamese defended from a dragon and a fairy.  Like in other cultures, Vietnamese Dragon is associated with rain which is essential for their agriculture. It is believed that dragon brings rain.

The Vietnamese Dragon also represents the emperor. It also symbolises prosperity and the power of the Vietnamese nation. The Vietnamese dragon, just like the Chinese Dragon, is also the symbol of yang which represents life and growth. 

Vietnamese Dragon

Vietnamese Dragon

Vietnamese Dragon


Chinese Dragons

One of the most popular dragon designs is the Chinese Dragons. It has been found in the artifacts of Chinese Dynasties like Shang and Zhou way back 16th centuries BC. In Ancient Chinese, it is said that the Dragon is one of the four creatures of the world’s directions. It represents new beginnings.

There are NINE CHINESE DRAGONS and each one has different unique characteristics.

  • P’u-lao is one of the Chinese Dragons which act as a protector and alerts one to danger. The dragon that you see on bells, gongs, and singing bowls are P’u-lao.
  • Pi-his brings luck, knowledge and finer education.
  • Pa-hsia is the one responsible during times of need. This Chinese Dragon provides straight and supports to those who call for it.
  • Pi-kau serves to defend one against false accusation, verbal disputes and litigation.
  • Chao-feng is the guardian of holy temples and sacred lands.
  • Chih wen is said to symbolise the power of water over fire.
  • Ch’iu-niu uses ancient dragon music to create “Yang” energy.
  • Suan-ni is also a protector like the Chinese Dragon P’u-lao but focuses more on the protection against betrayal, loss and theft.
  • Yai-tzu is another Chinese Dragon that acts as a protector, specifically against physical harm.

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Nine Chinese Dragons

Dragons were described as a benevolent creature that brings luck and prosperity. It is believed that dragon brings continued success, prosperity and achievements. The Chinese name for dragon is long or lung and is believed to resemble the sound of thunder. The Chinese Dragon is also said to have control over bodies of water, rainfall, among others.

Lung are known to be mythical creatures that are ready to face any obstacles and is driven to succeed. Therefore, the Chinese Dragon also symbolizes perseverance, optimism and ambitiousness.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

In China, the dragon  is associated with the Emperor and symbolises power, excellence and majesty. Thus, the dragon is considered as the highest-ranking animal in their animal hierarchy.

Chinese Dragons are said to be energetic. In Ancient Chinese, they are known as the ultimate symbol of Chi or Energy. Other traits that Chinese Dragons have are decisiveness, optimism, boldness and nobility.

Chinese Dragon


Dragons in Europe

In Christianity, European dragons are usually pictured to be a creature who is evil. While during pre-Christian period, dragons such as the Red Dragon of Wales, are seen as a kind-hearted and benevolent creature.

Three-headed dragons that spits fire are often the description of Russian dragons. In Russia, a dragon was mentioned in a story where St. George which represents Christianity, killed a dragon which is said to symbolise Satan.

Dragons in Europe

Dragons in Europe


Dragons in Europe

Dragons in Europe

Dragons in Europe

Dragons in Europe

Dragons in Europe

Dragons in Europe

What does dragon mean?

With all the different representation and myths of dragons and the wide range of traits it has, it symbolizes both the good and the bad. It can be a symbol for power, wisdom, luck and protection and can also represent the total opposite of it like chaos, evil act and arrogance.

There are different kinds of  tattoo dragon designs and it has different representations as well. 

Types of Dragons

When choosing a dragon tattoo design, you may want to consider choosing one of the six dragons that are part of the Japanese culture. Each dragons have different meanings.

Han-Riu is  one of the biggest dragons known in their history and culture. It is characterised by the stripes all over it’s body.

Kai-Riu is a Japanese dragon that is characterised by its size which is smaller than the others. It’s stunning red color makes it unique.

Sue-Riu is the king of all Japanese dragons. It is said that the Sue-Riu is the one in control of rain.

Ri-Riu is known to have amazing eyesight. Unlike the other Japanese dragons, there are much less information about it. It is said to be a rare breed.

Hai-Riyo is a Japanese dragon that is greatly influenced by Chinese mythology. It is also called as a “dragon bird”. From the six Japanese dragons, Hai-Riyo is the most advanced.

Fuku Riu is known to bring luck. Among the six, it is the most favored dragon.


The Chinese Dragons can represent a good and a bad. It represents strength and power as it also represents fear.

The Horned Dragon is known to be the strongest of all dragons. It is said that this dragon is deaf but can produce rain.

The Celestial Dragon is known to live in the sky. It guards and acts as the protector of the gods.

The Earth Dragons are the ones found in Chinese astrology. As the name implies, Earth Dragons are the type of dragons that rule the earth.

The Yellow Dragons are said to once turned up from water. These dragons are known for their knowledge.

The Treasure Dragons acts as guardians of hidden treasures and other valuable concealed wealth on earth.

The Spiritual Dragons help the mankind by bringing about wind and rain.

The Coiling Dragons are known to live in water.

The Winged Dragon is characterised by its wings.

The Dragon King is consist of four separate dragons. It is said to represent the four  dragons that guards the four seas: north, south, east, and west.

Colors of the Dragons

There are different colors of the dragons and each has different meanings. In choosing color for your Dragon Tattoo design, it’s good to know what does each color represents. Black is the most common color used in a tattoo, but with the wide variety of dragon designs, adding different colors to your tattoo is possible depending on the design you choose. Here are some of the meanings behind the colors of the dragon.

    • Black is associated to the older dragons and represents wisdom.
    • Green symbolizes earth and life. It is usually associated with the smaller dragons.
    • Blue may represent compassion, forgiveness or laziness.
    • Yellow represents two opposite characteristics: helpful and self-centered.
    • Gold, on the other hand, has great attributes that come with it. Kindness, helpfulness, and wisdom are some of them.

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Colors of the Dragons

Few tips before getting a tattoo:

Your tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life (unless you have it removed which will cost a fortune). Make sure to really take your time to decide on which tattoo design you would want and where you want it to be inked. If you have a certain tattoo design that you want, research more about it. It doesn’t hurt to know the history, background, and meanings of the tattoo that you want. It will not only make getting a tattoo meaningful, but it will also help you in answering the question “Why did you choose that design?”.

When it comes to where you are going to get your tattoo, research first and ask around. It is also important to visit the tattoo shop of your choice. Even the ones with good reviews are sometimes not just the right place for you.

Be prepared. Save up so that you can afford to get your tattoo done by a good tattoo artist. It comes with a price but it will ensure you that the quality of tattoo will be good. We don’t say that you line up to the most popular tattoo artist, but most of the tattoo artist that are licensed and experienced price more than the others. Go and schedule a consultation to see if he’s the best choice for you. Take your time. Better be safe than sorry.

Before making any decision, consider all the aspects of your life. Your work for example. If you work in a corporate setting, better get a tattoo inked in an area that can be covered if needed. Choose an area that you are most comfortable with. Also, consider your pain tolerance. When in the process of getting your tattoo, some areas will hurt more than the others. Do your research.

Lastly, be sure that you really, really want to get a tattoo. Don’t do it on impulse because those people who do often regret it. Goodluck!


51 Exquisite Angel Designs To Consider For Your Next Tattoo


One of the more popular tattoo design is the angel tattoo. You probably have seen a lot of photos of angel tattoos all over Tumblr and Pinterest. It is a mainstream design indeed. Angel tattoos are perfect for both men and women, alike. With the variety of angel tattoo design available – different sizes and colors, from simple design to detailed ones, – it is with no surprise that it is a popular choice for both the male and female tattoo. Angel tattoos hold different symbolic meanings as well.

Angel tattoo is one of the designs that you may want to consider. But before making the final decision, we will give you a little background about the tattoo design, different popular designs associated with it and their meanings.

A beautiful tattoo design like an angel tattoo usually comes with a deep symbolic meaning to the bearer. There might be some that will choose the design because of its beauty, but most of the time people choose this design because of its meaning and what it represents to the bearer. There are a lot of different reasons behind it and your reason will probably not be the same exact to the others.


Angels are known all over the world. It is often associated to someone’s faith and religion. For Christians, Jewish, and the like, angels are part of their religions. With the widespread of religions all over the world, its popularity is not surprising. Angels are believed to be a spiritual being that acts as messengers from God. It is believed that they are in human form wearing a long robe and with wings. According to the bible, unlike human, they are not composed of physical matter but God created them as spirit beings. Angels are the only being that has the ability to travel from heaven to earth and vice versa. They serve God and follow His commands.

Angels are said to have intelligence, thoughts, and emotions. They also have special skills and powers. Aside from being bearers of news from God, they are also believed to be warriors and servants among others. They are also associated as a symbol of protection. It is believed that Angels are given the responsibility to watch over the people on earth and protect each one from evil.

Here are some popular designs of angels associated with spirituality.







a38 a42


A “Guardian Angel” is a spiritual being assigned to guide and protect a particular person – from when that person was born until in the afterlife. Both the East and the West believe that a guardian angel also pray to God on behalf of the person assigned to them. The origin of the belief in guardian angel started way back during the times of pagans such as Menander.

The most known angel is St.Michael Archangel. Archangels are different from angels as they have specific and unique roles. Others who are also mentioned in the bible were Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Raguel and Barachiel. Some people get tattoos of specific angels that is equivalent to the day of the week where they were born. That is:

  • Sunday – Michael
  • Monday – Gabriel
  • Tuesday – Raphael
  • Wednesday – Uriel
  • Thursday – Selaphiel
  • Friday – Raguel
  • Saturday – Barachiel

Some also believed that the archangels represent the “seven luminaries”. These are the seven classical planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon. According to Philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the four archangels: Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel represents the four seasons. Spring is Archangel Raphael, Summer is by Archangel Uriel, Autumn is Archangel Michael and Winter is Archangel Gabriel. It is also said that a particular archangel represent a zodiac sign. Aries represents Spring (Archangel Raphael), Cancer represents Summer (Archangel Uriel), Libra represents Autumn (Archangel Michael) and Capricorn represents Winter (Archangel Gabriel).

Guardian angels tattoo usually has a glow or shine behind them. There are also designs wherein guardian angels are floating and are looking down or looking to the side. This symbolises that the angel is looking upon the bearer. Another popular design is an angel that is holding a sword. More often, it represents Archangel Michael. It also symbolises protection from evil and the bad.

Angel tattoos can strongly represent one’s spirituality. Here are some of the designs associated to spirituality and religion.








Fallen Angels are also a popular choice of tattoo design among men and women. Fallen Angels are another type of angels. These angels are believed to have been thrown out of heaven due to their rebellious acts and evil deeds. All angels are created to serve God and only do good things. Once they make anything evil and are thrown out, they cannot enter the heaven again. Because of this, the fallen angel tattoo is said to symbolise sadness and pain. Angel with a broken wing is also an example of a fallen angel design. It doesn’t always represent evil or negativity. Another meaning of a fallen angel tattoo is that every man has a good and a bad side. In the positive note, it represents having the will to choose the right path. It can also symbolise a person who is ready to rise above his or her troubled past.

A tattoo design of fallen angel shows an angel on one knee and with his head down.


a13 a17


Another design for a fallen angel is an angel who is sitting down with their head tucked between their knee.



angel tattoo

Another is an angel who is sitting down with their head tucked between their knee.


Cupid Angel is known to be the angel of love. A common design is an angel that carries an arrow. It is a popular tattoo choice among young girls and women. In Roman Mythology, Cupid is known as the god of love. Today, cupid is known to symbolise true love. Cherub of Creation or baby angel, on the other hand, are not a mainstream tattoo. Cherub tattoo is popular among people who have a child. Baby angel designs are often associated to children. So for a parent, this is a meaningful design. Usually, the name of their child is included in the tattoo.

Here are some of the adorable cupid and cherub design that you would like to consider.

Some also choose the cherub design as a memorial and to remember a young loved one that has passed away.
Here is another cherub angel design as a memorial of a lost young loved one.
A combination of adult angel and cherub angel are also popular among fathers and mothers. It symbolises protection of their child or “watching over” their child.


An angel is also referred to as someone who has good values and conduct. An angel tattoo design can also represent the goodness of the bearer.







For women, it can also symbolise calmness and serenity. Female angel tattoo may also mean strong desire. Here are some female angel tattoo design that you may want to consider.

















For men, it symbolises the bearer’s higher self. An angel tattoo design that has wings spread out can represent freedom and independence. You can also include specific object to go together with your angel tattoo design. Common objects include musical instruments such as harps and trumpets. This can symbolise finding peace and serenity. A key and lock is also a common object that can be found in an angel tattoo design.

This tattoo design can represent repentance.
An angel who is blindfolded can represent his desire to be free.
Aside from Cherub tattoo, a simple tattoo design like this can also act as a memorial.
A clock is another object that is commonly seen in an angel tattoo design.
A usual tattoo design for men.


Angel isn’t popular for nothing. Because it holds a lot of deep meaning, it has been a popular choice for both men and women. It is also a common choice for people who are getting tattoo for the first time. If you are one of the tattoo newbies, there are things that you need to know before getting a tattoo. In one of our articles, we shared with you the things that you need to know before getting a tattoo. Now, we share to you the things that you need to know after getting a tattoo.

Remember that a tattoo isn’t fully set right after getting it. You have to undergo a complete healing process and should be mindful of the instructions after getting a tattoo. Getting a tattoo exposes you to certain bacteria we can’t stress enough the importance of aftercare to prevent infection. Each artist has their own tips, so make sure to listen to their instructions and advice. But of course, there are some basic tips that everyone should know. Read on to find out.

  1. Immediately after getting a tattoo, a bandage or covering will be placed for about one to three hours. The artist will give you instructions as to when can you remove the bandage. The bandage is used to collect blood, etc., prevent staining your clothes and exposing it at first.
  2. Never use a plastic wrap to cover the tattoo. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria and will increase your risk for infection.
  3. Make sure to repeatedly wash your tattoo throughout the day (or as instructed) with an antibacterial soap. To be safe, use a non-scented variant. Doing so will help keep the area clean and avoid risk for infection. Do this for not less than two weeks (or as instructed).
  4. Never touch your tattoo with unwashed or dirty hands. It is the easiest way to contaminate the area and this might lead to infection.
  5. Apply an ointment after washing the area for at least three days. By doing this, you will keep the are hydrated and it can help speed-up the healing process. Ask your tattoo artist what ointment can he recommend. There are a lot of available ointments in the counter. Remember to use it sparingly. A thin layer is enough.
  6. Avoid wearing tight clothing for the first few weeks.
  7. If you are planning to go on a beach trip after getting a tattoo, don’t (for at least 2 weeks). Prevent activities that will make you swear excessively. Prevent too much sun exposure. Avoid hot tubs, ocean, pool, etc. These could hinder the healing process.
  8. Taking a shower is not prohibited. You just have to make sure that you don’t take showers too long and that you will not use hot water.
  9. Don’t scratch or peel any hard layers or scabbing. This is part of the healing process and scratching them off intentionally could damage your tattoo. You wouldn’t want to ruin the design, don’t you?
  10. Drinking alcohol is not a good idea during the healing phase. Alcohol has components which thins the blood. This will increase the risk of bleeding. Bleeding will make it difficult for the ink to push in. If giving up alcohol seems so hard for you, tell yourself: You don’t want to  let it all go to waste and ruin the perfect tattoo design, don’t you?
  11. Keep in mind that the colors of your tattoo will lighten up once they are completely healed. Make sure to always put on sunscreen to protect your skin (and your tattoo). Ask your tattoo artist or friends for specific brand that are designed for skin with tattoos.
  12. Keep your tattoos moisturised all the time. This is very important if you want to keep your tattoo longer and avoid fading too soon.

There are a lot of important things to consider before getting a tattoo. Choosing a design for your tattoo is just as important as making the decision to get a tattoo.  Don’t be in a rush to get one. Make sure to take your time to research not just the process of getting a tattoo but also about the design that you want. You might want to read a little background about the specific design of your tattoo, knowing what it means and what it represents or symbolises will never hurt anyone. If you are not a hundred percent sure about a tattoo design, then don’t get it. Don’t get a tattoo on an impulse. Men and women who don’t think about their tattoo before getting it, usually regret the decisions they’ve made. You don’t want to be one of them, don’t you? Remember that when getting a tattoo, you need to be financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically prepared.If you are planning to get an angel tattoo design, then you are one step closer to make a decision after reading this.  The tattoo that you are going to get will be inked on your skin for the rest of your life. Take your time and make your first tattoo meaningful. Good luck!