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Tips for Conquering Garden Clutter


With summer just around the corner, many of us are spending more and more time outdoors. Being outside and surrounded by nature has been proven to be good for our physical and mental health, helping to keep us happy and calm. If your yard is looking like a tornado ran through it, however, you may not find it so relaxing. Here, we go over some trending ways to stay on top of outdoor clutter and keep your yard looking its best.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

The best way to eliminate clutter is by downsizing. According to the increasingly popular philosophy of organization guru Marie Kondo, you should get rid of anything in your life that doesn’t bring you joy. If you have yard decor, tools, toys, and other things that you truly feel you don’t need, you can have a yard sale or donate them to charity. Swedish Death Cleaning is another trendy decluttering strategy where you discard any items that you don’t need and embrace a minimalist approach to design and decor.

Set Up a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are another trend that’s gaining traction amongst gardeners and homeowners. It’s easier than ever to build a greenhouse using transportable kits. Creating a greenhouse set up in your yard can help you to keep all of your potted plants in a single space, reducing clutter around flower beds, patios, and balconies while also adding a unique aesthetic to your garden. Greenhouses also offer the added benefit of protecting sensitive plants from temperature, weather, and common pests.

Sweep, Trim, and Mow

One of the most important steps towards keeping a clean yard is regular maintenance. To prevent damage to your patio and foundations, make sure that your gutters are regularly cleaned. If you have a lawn, then neat, trim grass not only looks better, but there are fewer places for missing toys and misplaced yard tools to hide. Not only this, but shorter grass reduces the risk of pests such as ticks and fleas invading your yard.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for lawn maintenance. What works for your neighbor may not be as effective for you. You should mow every one to two weeks depending on how fast the grass in your yard grows, and use a trimmer or a weed whacker to tackle tough-to-reach spots such as in corners and along fences. If you have patios, you should also sweep on a regular basis to avoid leaves, dirt, and grass clippings from accumulating.

Tackling outdoor clutter keeps your yard looking its best and ensures that your friends and family aren’t tripping over loose objects hidden in the grass. You can use trending decluttering methods such as Swedish Death Cleaning and the KonMari philosophy to downsize and set up a greenhouse to consolidate scattered potted plants. Mowing and trimming your lawn is also an important step in keeping your garden looking its best.

Sleep Divorces: Compromising for a Better Night’s Sleep


Life moves at the pace of a juggernaut. To keep bringing your A-game and work well for your employer, maintain a happy and harmonious relationship with your partner and, generally, keep your friendships strongly, day in, day out, you need to sleep well night after night. A lack of sleep can throw your general co-existence and interactions with others into chaos if you’re feeling tired and irritable constantly.

Compromise when it comes to sharing a sleeping space has been the order of the day, recently, it would seem. Some couples have shared with the world some of the bedtime compromises and arrangements they’ve made between themselves for both partners to feel content when bedtime comes and rested when morning arrives. First up is…

The sleep divorce

‘We’re getting divorced’ — neither person in a marriage wants to hear these words.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But it’s not what you think.

According to a study discussed in Psychology Today, 30% of Americans would prefer to sleep away from their partner. In these ‘sleep divorces’, people in perfectly happy relationships agree to sleep apart — and it seems to be working.

So much so that relationship experts agree with the solution. The effects of a lack of sleep on our behaviour have an impact on the others around us, so a sleep divorce could be just what you need to keep things ticking harmoniously over in a relationship.

As well as getting a good night’s sleep and being able to communicate and discuss matters more reasonably with your partner, a whole host of other reasons have been suggested as to why a sleep divorce can work for you:

  • To suit scheduling conflicts – if you and your partner work different hours, you can avoid disrupting each other’s sleep.
  • To prevent sleep disruption — one partner might be a restless sleeper, which can really disrupt the sleep of the other partner.
  • To cope with different sleeping habits — perhaps your partner gets up a lot in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or likes to read or use their iPad before they settle down for the night.
  • To allow different sleeping environments — your partner might like to fall asleep with the TV on and the window open, whereas you could prefer to sleep with the window closed and as little background noise as possible.

Swapping sides of the bed and other ‘weird’ habits

A second example of compromising when it comes to sleeping arrangements went viral recently when a gentleman called Steve O’ Rourke triggered an intense but light-hearted debate on Twitter about some of his own bedtime habits. Mr O’ Rourke tweeted how some of these habits included swapping sides of the bed with his partner, rather than having a designated side; swapping pillows; and observing a rule of ‘first one in, chooses’.

By all accounts, the arrangements work for him and his partner and none of it felt weird to Mr O’ Rourke, but many Twitterati disagreed with their habits, stating that they had their own side. It wasn’t a complete case of Mr O’Rourke in the red corner and the rest of the world in the blue, though,. Lots of people spoke out in his defence and commented that it was nothing out of the ordinary. Some even confessed to similar habits  themselves.

But what can you do?

These are just a couple of examples of compromises that couples reach have reached when it comes to bedtime. What can you do if your partner is a noisy sleeper or disturbs you in some way, or even if they aren’t or don’t, but the two of you are just having a bit of trouble getting shut-eye in the same bed? Here are a few further suggestions:

Chat about the situation — and take steps to address it

You don’t want to ostracise your partner for snoring. It’s not their fault. That said, you may notice they tend to snore louder — or even just start to snore, if they didn’t already — when they’ve been drinking, exercising or performing some other activity. Raise the issue so that they have option to address it. If they do have a big night out with friends and will end up disturbing you, they may be happy to just crash on the sofa or on a spare bed in the guest room. If they have other sleep issues that are proving disruptive, they may be willing to visit a sleep therapist. Either way, give them the chance instead of lambasting them over it.

Leave your phone or tablet in another room

Despite all their clever functions, mobile phones and tablets are meant for use in waking hours. Once it’s time to hit the hay, you should put your devices to bed as well, to avoid disrupting your own sleep or your partner’s. By bringing them (the devices) into the bedroom with you, you expose yourself to the risk of checking your emails or waking up in the middle of the night and, instead of going straight back to sleep, tapping around some more. What’s that? Worried about sleeping in? No dice. Buy a good alarm clock. The devices stay in the other room.

Separate duvets

This is something of a cold-hearted solution, but it can work. Some people are more comfortable when they completely wrap themselves up in the duvet – but they leave their partner shivering when they do it; others like to only partially cover themselves with the duvet — but likewise leave their partner shivering when they do it. The solution? Separate duvets. Is it acceptable? Of course it is. If you can’t share the same duvet reasonably, and it’s not going to cause any ill will, then why not?

Compromise on pets

Are you one of those animal lovers that just can’t bear to be away from the dog and wants to have them there in the room with you? That’s all very well, but your partner might be less fond of the idea. Often, because the issue bothers them more, they’ll get their own way — and it looks like man’s best friend will be in a separate room. You’ll have to compromise over that. If your partner works away or works nightshifts, these are ideal opportunities to bring your pet back into your bedroom.

You don’t want to be at war with your partner inside of your bedroom or outside of it. Neither of you should go deprived of sleep. Best of all, breaking conventions around traditional sleeping arrangements could increase the harmony between you, rather than put you at loggerheads. Get chatting. Get compromising. Then look forward to some truly nourishing rest for you both.

 List of Unusual to-do-things while in London


When visiting London for the first or even for the second time, do something extraordinary. If you have not been there before, of, course, you should see the most famous places. At the same time, you will be a little disappointed as the most popular spot in the city – Big Ben – is under reconstruction.  Those, who plan to come to London during the next two years, should keep that in mind. Sounds like a good reason to do something extraordinary.

Unusual Entertainment

  • When looking for one of the best places to see London’s skyline, consider going to Sky Garden. The city skyline is really incredible and worth seeing. The place provides a panoramic view of 360 degrees. Hungry visitors are welcome to have a snack at restaurants and bars of the Garden. Tickets are free and quickly booked. It is an extraordinary place to see London from the top. Hurry up to book a ticket for you!
  • When traveling with friends, book Komnata in London, which is basically an escape room. All rooms are located in the center of the city. If the weather is rainy, take it as an opportunity. There are different theme rooms. Doctor Frankenstein, and St. Angelo’s Castle is the most visited by tourists. Escape rooms are said to be a great way to boost creativity and teamwork.
  • Become a kid for an hour in Ballie Ballerson bar. It is an unusual bar. It is a place where you can drink and have fun with one million balls. The bar has three ball pits. Two of them are for everyone and the third one is for VIP clients. It is an experience that you will remember for a long time or, even, until the end of your life.
  • Explore the Shoreditch area, which is said to be the heart of street art of the city. It is not a central area but still located in London. To get there you will need to take only underground. This is the area where you will find thousands of amazing pictures on the walls and incredible pieces of art. It is hard to believe but two carriages of train on the top of the building can be turned out in a piece of art. Feel free to book one of the street tours to explore the area with a guide.
  • Go shopping but not in traditional posh boutiques. London has a lot to offer to people, who love shopping. However, there is nothing extraordinary in buying an expensive bag during vacation. You get one in Italy or France too. Burlington Arcade is a gallery, where tourists can purchase vintage goods, including bags, watches, and clothes. Here is where you can also get a nice gift for a friend or a partner.

Get ready for your trip by making a list of extraordinary places to visit. Visiting London means not only checking traditional attractions. It can bring you a new and memorable experience too.

4 Crucial Effects Of Sleep Deprivation


Sleep is an everyday activity everybody should strive to get at least 8 hours. It’s a crucial activity that contributes to your overall health. It helps your mind and body function properly and avoids some of the daily problems caused by the lack of it. You become sleep deprived when your sleeping hours are less than those of being awake. Some of the most common sleep deprivation symptoms include moodiness, fatigue, forgetfulness, yawning, clumsiness, depressed mood, among others. 

Below are some detailed effects of sleep deprivation you should look into.

Sleep deprivation, especially for a long time, leads to decreased body and brain functionality which affects your health. People suffering from sleep deprivation should be careful and find ways to improve sleep to avoid the health problems caused by it. Some of the negative effects due to lack of enough sleep are:

1. Affects your immune system functionality

The immune system plays a major role in your body in preventing and defending you from illness. This is done with substances like cytokines produced by the immune system. Cytokines also act as sleep stimulants, therefore, boosting your immune system capability in defending your body. When you are sleep deprived, your immune system becomes weak, making you prone to illness like heart disease and diabetes. Also, once your immune system is weak, your ability to heal faster is affected.

2. Weight gain

Sleep deprivation is another cause of excessive weight gain leading to obesity and overweight. When you don’t get enough sleep, the levels of the hormones ghrelin and leptin that control the feeling of fullness and hunger are affected. Your leptin, which sends signals to your brain once you have eaten enough decreases and ghrelin an appetite stimulant increases when you are sleep deprived. This is why the need to keep eating during the night increases, which contributes to weight gain.

Also, when there is not enough sleep, exercising becomes hard due to feeling tired most of the time which affects your weight. Sleep deprivation can also increase the chances of getting type 2 diabetes.

3. Affects your cardiovascular system

Lack of sleep makes you prone to cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. This is because sleep can interfere with the processes that keep your blood vessels and heart healthy including blood sugar, inflammation levels, and your blood pressure. Also, sleep deprivation may interfere with your body’s healing and repairing heart and blood vessels ability.

4. Affects your endocrine system

In order to produce testosterone hormones, you need to sleep for at least 3 hours without being interrupted. If your sleep is interrupted, your growth and testosterone hormone production is affected. These hormones help in repairing cells and tissues and build muscle mass, especially in adolescents and children.

Lack of enough sleep negatively affects your emotional state and mental abilities which are dangerous to you and those surrounding you. Adults and children should make sure that they get enough sleep with the children sleeping for at least 12 hours and adults 8 hours. Causes of sleep deprivation like chronic illnesses, depression, and hormonal imbalances should be addressed and solved. Some of the ways to improve your sleep include your sleeping time at night and waking time in the morning daily should be the same, avoiding or limiting your naps, exercising, eating healthy, etc.

How to Make Your Home Summer-Heat Ready?


The summer season is the time to have fun and enjoy the warm weather. It is the perfect season to head outdoors to indulge in some family activities. However, with the rise in global warming, the temperatures each summer are increasing. You have to prepare your home in advance for the summer heat these days. It will allow you to combat the high temperatures and enjoy the sun at the same time.

When you prepare for the summer heat in advance, it is easy to enjoy the season rather than get affected by the high temperature outside. There are a few simple ways in which you can make your home ready for the summer heat. We will today share with you this guide to make it easy for you to handle the summer heat.

1. Protect the wooden surfaces:

The summer heat can impact the exterior of your home significantly. If you have wood furniture or deck around your house, it is time to protect it from the UV rays. UV rays can cause the wood furniture to stain which can destroy the aesthetics. It is advisable to opt for UV resistant coating of paint or an oil-based paint which can resist the UV rays of the sun. It will ensure that in spite of being in direct contact with the sun, the wooden surfaces do not deteriorate.

The application process for such a finishing layer of paint is pretty easy. You would need only minimal equipment like:

  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Sprayer

Once you have this equipment, you can easily apply this layer, and it will dry within 24 to 48 hours. The simple precaution which we are discussing now will help you protect all the wood surfaces in and around your home.

2. Upgrade the windows:

The best way to insulate yourself from the summer heat is to upgrade your Windows. If you have been using old window panes, the level of insulation will be on the lower side. These days, double pane windows are available which help you in insulating the interiors of your home from the exterior temperature. It also means that you can maintain a cooler temperature in your home. You will not have to overwork the air conditioner to do so.

The latest windows come with a UV coating which can provide greater insulation. It will help you enjoy the light but block out the excessive heat by providing proper insulation. Thus, the best way to combat the summer heat is to upgrade the windows.

3. Go with cooling curtains:

Cooling curtains are nothing but blackout curtains which can completely insulate your home from the sun. You can cover the windows using these curtains to block out the sunlight. When you do so, you will not have to worry about the air conditioner running on full blast constantly to keep your house temperature down. It will help you reduce the energy expenses and at the same time, keep your home cooler

You should choose curtains in solid colors so that they can block the entire sunlight. Once you do so, it is easy to create a proper ambiance in your home.

4. Get a new AC:

With the summer temperatures increasing year on year, we are reliant on air conditioners now more than ever. If you use an old air conditioner, it might be time to upgrade to a newer one. It is important to measure the size of the room and buy the air conditioner accordingly. You can call an ac installation professional to get it up and running in no time. A good air conditioner along with a smart thermostat can help you keep your room cool uniformly. It will also reduce your electricity consumption, which will, in turn, bring down your utility costs.

5. Use Smart landscaping:

Smart landscaping acts as a natural protective layer against the summer heat. You have to plant shrubs and leafy trees strategically around your home. With the help of such trees and shrubs, you can easily block the excessive heat and also filter the sunlight, which comes in through the windows of your home. It will ensure that your home remains in the shade of these trees rather than under harsh sunlight throughout the day. When you prepare your home for the summer heat, it is better to opt for smart landscaping at least a couple of months before summer. It will help you shield your home and have ample greenery around your house during summer months.

6. Do not forget the fans:

Many people rely on air conditioners when it comes to the summers. However, having ceiling fans in the high traffic rooms helps to keep the home cool. In the high-traffic rooms, the conditioners have to work on the highest settings to maintain a reasonable level of cooling. On the other hand, when using ceiling fans, they will push the warm air towards the roof and the cooler air towards the floor. The fans will help you maintain the temperature of the room without having to spend significantly on the electricity costs. You have to buy a fan which turns in the counterclockwise direction, and you can ensure that it pushes the warm air out.

The ceiling fans are much more economical to operate consistently. That is why, for living rooms and the foyer area, it is advisable to go with the ceiling fans rather than relying on air conditioners.

7. Minimize air leaks:

During the summer months, it is important to insulate your home. It will ensure that none of the cool air from your home escapes outside. You have to look at the door and window frames. It is not necessary to replace them. You can use sealants to seal them up. It will help you reduce the leakage of air. When there is no leakage of air, it is easy to maintain the temperature within your home.

Pro Tip: You should reduce the frequency of closing and opening of doors. Each time you do so, the cold air escapes out. That is why it is essential to reduce the door opening instances.

8. Get the roof ready:

The roof plays a significant role in keeping the heat outside during the summer months. Before the summer season, it is essential to get your roof inspected. If there are any problems in the ceiling, you have to get it repaired for the summer months. If there are any cracked or broken shingles, you must replace them. Similarly, if you have a metal roof, you should replace the broken sheets. It will leave no weak points in your roof through which excessive heat can creep in. You can examine the gutters and the chimneys to ensure that they are in proper condition. With the right insulation, it is easy to keep the summer heat outside. You can even call for professionals to get it examined.

If you have skylights in your home, you have to make sure that they are in perfect condition and not broken. It will help you insulate your home from the summer heat. You can also replace the skylights with double insulated panes to get extra insulation. The roof and the exterior of your home can keep the heat at bay which will help you keep your house at lower temperatures.

So, when you’re preparing yourself to combat the summer heat, these are the eight tips which you need to follow. With this handy guide, it is easy to keep your home at a cooler temperature. It will also allow you to reduce your energy consumption and maintain a comfortable ambiance within your home.

How to Help Your Loved Ones during Withdrawal


Recently, the use of drugs, especially amongst the youth, has been on the rise. The growing use has seen many teens become addicts of the substances they started using as a hobby. Drug addiction is characterized by the inability to stop using the drug despite the harm they cause. Different drugs have unique effects on a person’s body, and that’s why some drugs are more addictive than others.

Addiction can be referred to as a chronic disease because the continuous exposure to the drugs rewires the brain’s chemistry. Therefore, if untreated, drug addiction can lead to severe problems and even death. Contrary to popular opinion, withdrawing isn’t all about morality and willpower. It is a real struggle, even for victims who are willing to quit. It requires both professional and family support to witness a successful transition.

Without saying much, here are ways you can assist your loved ones during withdrawal.

1. Create a conducive environment

The first step towards supporting a loved one during the withdrawal period is providing a positive and healing environment. You can begin by keeping toxic people or anything that may trigger their past behavior away from home. For example, having a friend who is of lousy influence around can see the recovering addicts slip back to their previous habits. Unfortunately, it can be hard to chase away a bad influence who happens to be a family member or friend. But, for the sake of the loved one dealing with withdrawal, you’ve no choice but to make the bold move.

2. Spend time with them

As stated earlier, withdrawing from drug addiction is usually a challenge. Victims experience symptoms which might be painful, uncomfortable, and at times life-threatening. It’s for this reason that health experts advocate for a detox program and in a safe center. This detox center ensures that a loved gets the most reliable procedures and treatment that leave no damages to the victim’s brain or body. However, the support doesn’t end there, as a caring family member, it’s advisable to spend time with the affected person.

Spending time with a person undergoing withdrawal may seem unnecessary, but it’s essential. It assures the affected family member that he or she is loved and has people out there who care. This kind of love is vital, especially when it comes to a successful withdrawal process.

3. Provide distractions

Idleness is one of the few ways the youths find themselves chained into the addiction. The same habit can see a drug addict slip back into old behaviors during the withdrawal period. As a caring family member, it’s advisable to provide distractions to a loved one undergoing withdrawal. For example, watching a movie or taking a walk together can be of great benefit to the victim. It helps to switch the mind of the victim from whatever is going on with their lives and hence a smooth recovery process.

4. Be patient and kind

Withdrawal and the detox program can take days, weeks and even months based on the drug in question. However, the period can be complicated by individuals surrounding the addict. It’s advisable to be patient and friendly as this provides a feeling of love which is essential when it comes to successful healing. The withdrawal period isn’t the right time to discuss those mixed feelings as the affected family member is most vulnerable and can easily relapse into old behaviors.

5. Provide financial support

Withdrawing from drug addiction isn’t a walk in the park. Some drugs are hard to quit and may require a special kind of attention, and that means money. Often, most family members may have the will to stop the drugs but lack the financial ability to book a rehab or a detox program. The best way you can come through for such relatives is being there financially.

No matter the amount you contribute, it can mean a lot to the addict. Some addicts even require to start a new life to avoid backsliding, and this means financial support. You can come through and assist such victims by also securing them a job to allow a complete transition.

Drug addiction is a severe condition, and that affects a large number of people across the globe. Luckily, governments are working in close collaboration with organizations to fight addiction while educating people about the adverse effects of drugs. Withdrawing from drugs can be a challenging process, and that requires support from all the involved parties. Listed in this article are five ways you can support a loved one during the withdrawal process. Read through each one of the tips to understand how you can quickly help your loved ones overcome drug addiction.

How A Phone Psychic Reading Can Improve Your Life through Divination


You can be miles and miles away but just a phone call away to live a more relaxed, more peaceful and spiritual life. People who seem to be more spiritually enhanced, who tend to handle their problems with more grace, and have better insight into their life might have a secret weapon; psychic readings. We know there are many skeptics out there and for no good reason there are just too many scammers in every walk of life. But you would be surprised just how many people use psychics to scam others. From celebrities, to mega business CEOs, to politicians, to just regular people, many have their own psychics they consult on a regular basis.

To understand how psychics work, we first really need to rid of the stereotype image we have been given of them; women or men dressed in gypsy outfits, forcing some fake exotic accent predicting you will meet your future love at 2:32pm on the morning of the 23rd at the bus stop, and you know the rest. This is not how psychics work. We do not question other people born with a gift but we do question psychics because of this stereotyped image.

A psychic is there to provide guidance and give insight on circumstances that might be oblivious to the person and this helps better to have the correct mindset when accepting a reading. Psychics are able to do this by receiving information because of spiritual guidance they have been given and honed their skills more to better help others. They are able to receive messages because they are in the right state of mind with the channels of communication cleared.

Concerning a phone call reading, it’s not much more different than a face-to-face reading, except that it could prove even harder for the reader and easier for the client for a few reasons which we’ll discuss now.

Better for the person

A phone call reading can work best for the client because in a phone call there is no physical clue provided for the reader. The reader doesn’t know what you look like, your race or color, does not know what you are wearing, if you are married or not, they cannot see your body language and basically does not know anything about you if you have never met that reader before. This makes the job of the reader harder and they would have to use different types of divination that you can further understand if you go to psychics4today.com. This will not only make you a better judge of a psychic’s credibility, but will also help to give you an accurate reading as possible since you’ll know how to participate appropriately. If they are not familiar with these divinations, such as Bibliomancy, which involves the use of various book passages, the reader will not be able to tell you anything of value. But, if you are receiving a reading that makes sense to you on the phone and being told things the reader had no possible way of knowing then you are talking to a truly gifted reader.

Psychic energy

Psychic energy is all around us everywhere. During any reading, psychics are tuning into and tapping into your energy which is connected to universal energy. Neither time, distance nor space can separate this energy. For example, spirit guides are made of energy. A psychic is not dependent on ‘looking’ at you, they are tuning to tap into the energy you are releasing of your spirit guide. This is where psychics get their information from. This is why you do not need to have a face-to-face session. You can be anywhere in the world and that psychic energy stays with you.

Remaining anonymous

Being able to remain anonymous could be better for you. Many people do not like to admit they use psychic readings, so remaining anonymous is often a good option for them.  When you’re anonymous, you could feel more relaxed and comfortable which leads us to our last point.


Feeling comfortable is needed to get an accurate reading. A phone reading is probably the most comfortable way. Since you can do it from anywhere, with no need to dress and go down for a session. A good psychic will help you remain comfortable and not pass any judgment on you. Without comfort, messages can get distorted. Anything that clouds the reader’s vision needs to be eliminated as much as possible and being uncomfortable is one of those things.

We all have some form of psychic ability to a certain degree, but psychics have it more and have sharpened their skill. This makes it even more surprising why too much skepticism is around. You can improve your life today and know more about yourself and how to handle future or present struggles. You’re just a phone call away.

Natural and Healthy Meal Delivery Plans


If you hate grocery shopping or never have enough time after work to buy them, there is a solution. Subscribe to a meal plan. For the uninitiated, meal delivery services let you choose a meal on their websites. They then source the required ingredients, prep and deliver them to your doorstep for you to complete the cooking process.

The only problem with many meal delivery plans is that they don’t always provide healthy recipes. Most of them promise organic, nutritionist-picked ingredients. But once you receive your meals, it’s mostly junk foods with lots of missing ingredients.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled the best plan for someone who prioritizes health over anything else.

#1: Sun Basket

Not many do Paleo better than Sun basket. Invented over 10,000 years ago, Paleo diets consist of fruits, vegetables, meat fish, nuts, spices, healthy fats, and eggs. Simply put, Paleo is a lifestyle that involves consuming foods our ancestors obtained through hunting and gathering.

When you order Paleo meals from Sun Basket, you receive all the healthy ingredients our ancestors used to consume. Keep in mind these are organic food sources like fish caught in the world and hormone-free meat. Sun Basket delivers food in 47 states and charges $72 to $144 for weekly plans.

#2: Home Chef

So, you love your meals simple but healthy? Try Home Chef. They make deliveries in less than an hour and take about 30 minutes to prepare. Meals like sesame chicken, Cuban steak burritos and Spanish rice all have delivery plans of less than 30 minutes.

Home Chef is also one of the best-rated meal plan providers in the world. In as much as you want healthy meals, knowing that a company is trusted by others is important. Whether you are talking about delivery speeds of good customer support, Home Chef is the best meal delivery plan for many Americans.


Freshly comes to your rescue every time you need food in the quickest time possible. With delivery speeds that average 25 minutes, Freshly is one of the fastest providers out there. Unlike most companies, Freshly also pays high attention to the nutritional content in their meals.

All meals are well-balanced. Whether you order Silican-style chicken or Pesto Turkey meatballs, Freshly goes the extra mile of adding veggies to boost their nutritional value. On the flipside, Freshly isn’t a vegan’s favorite meal delivery plan. While most of their foods are nutritious, few of them are vegan-friendly.

Green Chef

If you hate GMOs and love vegan and Paleo diets, say ‘hi’ to Green Chef. At prices as little as $9.99, the company delivers a plan for 2 within 30 minutes. Green Chef makes it extremely easy to pick your favorite foods.

Omnivores get a wide swath of meat-based plans. Vegans are promised 100% organic food with no traces of meat or animal products. Pescatarians get a combination of plant-focused foods paired with their favorite fish. Green Chef also delivers gluten-free food. Better yet, Green Chef color codes all their meal kits to help you organize your fridge neatly.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the pioneers of the meal delivery services industry. And while it’s no longer the most popular company, it’s still reputable for its simple recipes. Blue Apron also cares about the environment and only use recyclable kits.

When it comes to meal variety, Blue Apron stands out with more than 20 recipes available for delivery every week. Most plans have a preparation period of 25-30 minutes. Many of them are healthy but not all. Since Blue Apron caters to all kinds of families, they tend to include carb-filled foods.

When it comes to pricing, Blue Apron is as competitive as most companies. Their plans cost $48—$120 per week inclusive of shipping.

Amazon Meal Kits

People who order everything on Amazon don’t have to go elsewhere to shop for meal kits. Amazon got you covered through its plans, some that cost as little as $7.99 per week. In true Amazon style, most of the meals are delivered by different companies. So, if you would like to sample different recipes but order them in one place, Amazon is the ideal provider.

Still on variety, Amazon meals include meals from all parts of the world. From Japan to Peru, Germany to Mexico—if you have favorite dishes from certain countries, find them on Amazon. Another benefit, Amazon delivers in 50 states.


Instagram foodies love Plated—and for good reasons. Not only are their meals carefully selected by chefs but they are also packed in true chef styles. Even before you cook them, you could take a selfie with the prepped meals and they always look good.

Plated does not list their recipes based on categories.  However, it includes short facts about the meals to help you make a better decision. For instance, it includes the cooking time, calorie count for each meal and whether it’s vegan or gluten-free. The meals cost $11.95 per serving.

Martha & Marley Spoon

So, you are Martha Stewart’s biggest fan? Why not try some of her best recipes at home, including those famous dishes she prepared alongside rapper Snoop Dogg. Many of Martha’s meals are family friendly and take less than an hour to prepare when already prepped.

Like most companies, meals are listed at the beginning of the week. All you need to do is pick your favorite and make an order. Martha & Marley Spoon also tell you everything you should know about their meals. Kid-friendly meals, gluten-free and vegan foods are clearly labeled. 

The company caters to all families, so expect some meals that may not be very healthy. But beneath the wide category of meals are lots of healthy dishes you should try out.

To Conclude

Meal delivery services all the rage. And while most of them promise nutritious, healthy meals, only a handful of them keep their word. Before you order a meal at a meal delivery service, research about the company. Read reviews to find out other people’s experiences and compares prices to find the best plans for your family.

4 Benefits You Can Get by Learning First Aid


What would be your first reaction if a child under your care choked on meat? How would you respond if someone near you had an asthma attack? Many people say that they don’t know what to do in case of such events. Health professionals always tell people to learn first aid. Without saying much, here are some benefits that you can gain from the first aid lessons.

1. You learn how to handle the first aid equipment

Today, you will find first aid kits almost everywhere. In a workplace setting, for example, it’s mandatory for an employer to provide first aid equipment. The availability of these pieces of equipment help saved lives in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, many people confess that they hardly know what is contained in those boxes. A first aid lesson helps you familiarize yourself with the kits. Also, a person with first aid skills knows how to access the kit and items inside. This quick response saves time and thus reducing the impact of the condition at hand. Besides, the lessons equip one with the skills needed to maintain the kit for future use.

2. Your kids are safer

Children are more vulnerable to accidents and various conditions compared to adults. Their body is usually less developed and thus a slight accident can put their lives in danger. During the first aid classes, you learn the algorithms used to save children in the event of an accident. According to pediatrics, every parent should have some basic first aid skills for children. It’s advisable to have even your nanny take those classes as she spends the most time with the child. First aid lessons may seem unnecessary, but you can never understand their importance until an emergency strikes you.

3. Boosts your CV

First aid is a life skill and can help boost your CV during the job hunting process. Currently, first aid training is paramount in workplaces. It is a recommendation for the safety and prevention of injuries or illnesses at work. Besides, it’s a legal rule that every employee receives medical attention in case of an injury. Thus, employers always consider individuals with basic first aid skills as they are important to the company. First aid lessons also equip one with communication, teamwork and leadership skills. These three skills are crucial when it comes to working at any given organization.

4. Reduces recovery time

The idea behind first aid lessons is enabling rapid reaction to accidents. Injuries, for example, need a quick response while awaiting further help. These quick reactions don’t only save lives, but also reduces the recovery time of the patient. A patient who had first aid before visiting a hospital is likely to recover faster as compared to one that didn’t receive any aid.


Every day, you’re exposed to possible danger either at work, home or on the streets. Most of these unexpected events will often lead to accidents. That’s why you’re always advised to take first aid lessons. Unfortunately, many people ignore the importance of first aid skills not until an accident strikes them. In this article, there are four benefits that come with learning the first aid basics. Read through each one of the benefits to understand why you shouldn’t hesitate to take the basic first aid lessons.

The Rich World of Antioxidants


Antioxidants are substances, natural or man-made, that protect cells from the impact of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced by the body after breaking down food, and developing exposure to tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals are a culprit in heart diseases and cancer. The sources of antioxidants are either natural or artificial. Plant-based foods are rich sources of antioxidants. Vitamins C and E, and carotenoids such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin are also examples of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are also touted to be anti-carcinogenic. In a lab research done on animal studies, the results were inconclusive as the parameters for cancer to develop is too broad, with too many affecting factors. However, it is safe to say that high doses of it is able to keep free radicals at bay and in turn, lower the risk of cancer.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant prevalent in nature. It is 550 times stronger than vitamin E and 6,000 times healthier in comparison to vitamin C. It has a unique structure, acts on at least five different inflammation pathways and can handle many free radicals at any given time.

Types of Antioxidants


Carotenoids are plant pigments that provide red, orange and yellow colors to fruits and vegetables. There are more than 600 types of carotenoids, although the most common ones are beta-carotene and alpha-carotene. Beta-carotene produces Vitamin A, which is responsible for healthy skin and eyes. Foods that are rich in beta-carotene include carrots (which also fight against night blindness), mangoes and sweet potatoes. Alpha-carotene is associated with longevity and lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Alpha-carotene is found in beta-carotene fruits as well as tangerines, tomatoes and peas.


The flavonoid family consists of more than 6,000 subgroups. Due to their ability to regulate cell-signalling pathways and gene expression, flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect. The most common flavonoids are Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A strengthens immune function, vision and bones, and protects against free radicals. Beta-carotene, functioning as provitamin A, is found in fruits and vegetables, while retinol has a presence in animal-based foods such as cod liver oil, cheddar cheese and milk. Vitamin C, which is commonly known as ascorbic acid, scavenges free radicals and restores the antioxidant properties of vitamin E. The prominent sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, kiwis and spinach.


Isothiocyanates are sulfur-rich compounds that are found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and mustards.


Resveratrol is found in red wine, cocoa, blueberries and grape skin. It holds a great deal of promise for treating cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.


Tannins, which are commonly known as tannic acid, are a natural preservative that inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi. They are responsible for giving astringency to red wine and raw fruits. Tannins are present in the plant kingdom, bark of hardwood trees, berries, cocoa and beer.

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is crucial for the healthy functioning of cells. The importance of Coenzyme Q10 is underscored by the fact that deficiency of this antioxidant can trigger heart conditions, cancer and Parkinson’s disease.


To conclude, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is necessary for a healthy and disease-free body. And we have antioxidants to thank for that – a naturally occuring substance found in many delicious fruits and vegetables. So, the logical takeaway is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables that are prepared in various ways to help keep free radicals at bay.

When that is not possible, that is where health supplements come into play. However, do not buy into the fad that everyone must take multivitamins on a daily basis. Supplements are supposed to supplement your diet and not replace it. It is important to seek a doctor’s opinion before deciding to add certain vitamins or minerals into your diet as an excess of vitamin C might cause stomach problems and high doses of supplements such as vitamin A might cause kidney problems. It is entirely possible to overdose on supplements – and having them cause more harm than good. For the average healthy person, supplements are not necessary at all. They are most advisable for those who have allergies or are on a specific diet where they avoid a particular group of food.

If you do not suffer from any health problems and are in reasonable health, all you need to do it strive to eat a balanced diet consisting of grains, greens and protein.