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Keeping a Relationship in Secret: Is it Necessary?


Many people do not like being alone. This is understandable. When two persons have found out that they match each other and started a relationship, they may be faced to a question: isn’t it better to keep their relations in secret? To make a decision, it is better to give due weight to all the pros and cons.

First, everything depends on the type of personalities. There are introverts who tend to keep their life in privacy. Even such trivial things as a Friday beer party with colleagues is an ordeal for them. On the contrary, there are plenty of projects like Lifeundercam where couples show their relations to the publicity and spectators. They believe that they can teach others not to make mistakes they do, as well as pay attention to own drawbacks to improve their relationship.

Statements For Keeping Relations in Secret

  • When two colleagues have decided to try themselves as a couple, undoubtedly, at the initial stage, it is recommended not to disclose the state of their affairs. Additional gossip or interest from curious colleagues will only prevent the normal development of the bonds. It is alike to the situation when two friends from a company have started dating. It is better to make sure that these relations are strong enough before telling everyone.

  • If one or both partners have had relations in the past, especially serious ones, they may want to keep them in privacy in order not to hurt their ex’s for at least some time. It is better not to throw new relations in the face of an ex. Probably, this person may suffer more because of relations breach. Respecting the feelings of other people, one may protect him or herself from suffering in the future.
  • Some people adore being involved in something secret. They avoid touching each other, holding hands, and kissing each other in public. However, crossing the doorstep, they start hugging and kissing. This secrecy is lifting their relations to a different level.

Drawbacks of Secret Relations

  • If one of the partners insists on hiding relationships, it can be the reason for doubts. Probably, he or she is married or involved in other relations. Of course, it can be a wrong opinion. It is better not to create a huge problem, but, in case of doubts, one shall better check if these concerns are true-to-life.

  • Being invited to a party or any event which foresees +1 option, in secret relations, there are two options: to refuse from attending or arrive alone and explain to every person who is interested in an acquaintance why you decline.

In any case, the decision about the secrecy or publicity of relations is to be made by these two people. It is their life, and they make the rules to follow. A couple should take all the pros and cons into account and make a decision. Those who have got friends in secret relations should better support them and keep this secret together with them.



5 Facts That You Might Not Know about Breast Surgery


Are you looking to alter your silhouette with one or more types of breast surgeries? Whether you’re looking for a reduction or to augment your curves with implants, you’ll find that there is a lot of information floating out there about these procedures. Learning the facts about any plastic surgery that you are considering can help to ensure that you are making the right choice to help you meet your unique cosmetic goals.

  1. Breast reduction surgery can offer a number of practical benefits

While breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries requested, it’s the reduction surgery that can often offer women the most benefits. Implants are often done for reconstructive and cosmetic reasons alone. The reduction in size of breasts that are too large for the frame can offer a great reduction in the stress and tension that is often found in the neck and shoulders. Many women live with this discomfort and outright pain for all too many years, but find almost immediate relief on their neck and shoulders after surgery.

  1. Breast implants may need to be replaced

No one likes to hear that their implants may rupture or leak. However, this is a reality that simply accompanies the augmentation procedure. Both silicone and saline implants have the potential to rupture or otherwise leak slowly. If this does happen, the course of action is typically to remove the faulty implants and replace them with an upgraded option.

The average lifespan for an implant is 12 years. According to the experts at Form & Face clinic in Bondi, some may rupture within the first year, while others may be just fine beyond the 12 years. Routine checkups on your implants can help to determine the overall health of your breast and the status of the implants themselves.

  1. Breast reduction surgery can help men

Breast surgeries are associated more with women and their silhouettes. Many men live with a condition called gynaecomastia, where they have excess fat and breast tissue. While this only rarely poses a health concern, it can take a huge emotional and mental health toll on the man who has lost his confidence. The same breast reduction techniques used for women can be used for men looking to reduce that excess fat and breast tissue. A more masculine shape to the chest can be restored.

  1. The surgery may need to include a lift

A breast lift may need to be combined with the breast augmentation or reduction surgery. This is particularly true for women who have gone through weight loss or multiple pregnancies. The augmentation or reduction alone will not be sufficient for placing the breast in the right position. The lift will help to reposition the breast and add a much more youthful curvy look to the patient.

  1. Breastfeeding may still be possible

While it is recommended that women wait until after they have completed their families, breastfeeding may still be possible after breast surgery. With implants, the surgeon can place the implant so that it doesn’t interfere with the ducts within the breast. After a breast reduction, however, it may prove to be a bit more challenging to breastfeed as much of the breast tissue will be removed during the procedure.

Prior to making the decision to undergo any breast or plastic surgery, be sure to ask all of your questions and get the right answers from your surgeon during your consultation. The better informed you are, the better you’ll feel about the decisions that you make.

How OGLF (Our Good Living Formula) Are Changing The Health & Beauty Game


For a long time, the health and beauty industry has been booming with consumers having been fed on both better and worse products in the industry. With the high confidence and trust that the public has given to celebrities, beauty companies have exploited it in pursuit of financial benefits by using celebrity endorsement to market their products. It therefore makes it challenging to know which product works and which doesn’t, and that’s where reviews come in, to help in making an informed decision.

Genuine Reviews

However, with the robust number of review sites spewing out countless reviews of health and beauty products, getting an honest review is often challenging. A number of these reviews are often sponsored and will therefore mislead the consumer. Luckily there are some sites that are dedicated to genuine reviews. These reviews that you can trust have several features:

  • Based on actual products
  • Personally written by the reviewer
  • Written after testing the product
  • Not sponsored
  • Run by professionals

1. Basing on Actual Products

Many review sites often just spin the information on the product website. They do not actually review the product but instead put up what the manufacturer thinks. That’s where you may end up seeing reviews that sound over-promising which may lead you to think the product reviewed is impressive. A genuine review is based on the actual product, examining the ingredients, preparation and other features of the health and beauty product to give an honest opinion of its performance.

2. Personally Written

In a crusade to rank higher on search engines by posting a large number of reviews, many review sites utilize freelancers to prepare the reviews. Although it is an amazing idea that allows more work to be done, if not carefully done, the reviews may end up misleading consumers. A freelancer often is focused on getting paid for the job and not in really helping the consumer in getting a health and beauty product that works. A perfect review site will have reviews that are personally written by the reviewer.

Taken from Unsplash.com

3. Product Testing

As mentioned earlier, it is not about reviewing what the manufacturer thinks the product can do but rather the actual product. One way to ensure that the review is not biased is by testing the product. Serious review sites have testing facilities where the products are tested and then an honest opinion of the performance is given to the consumers.

4. Not Sponsored

As you well know, whoever pays gets the praise. Unfortunately, that’s the case for many review sites that crop up every single day. Once a review site has some traction, many companies will approach them with their products wrapped in some bank notes. Some reviewers may take the shortcut of making some quick returns out of their hard work and that means you the consumer gets fed with wrong information about the products. Reviews you can trust are never sponsored and often get their funding through affiliate links when you click and buy products through them.

5. Run by Professionals

One critical feature of a review site is the qualifications of the staff. The best sites often have professionals in the field of health and beauty working on the reviews and offering helpful tips. The site should have at least an individual who is dedicated to health and beauty. Academic qualifications, like in the case of a number of top-rated review sites, is an added advantage.

Advantages of Genuine Reviews

There is great need for provision of summarized reviews of different company products to consumers. This comes with a number of advantages to both the retailer and the consumer which include:

  • Establishment of credibility by consumers of the products
  • Free advertisement of the upcoming retailers
  • Review materials are often used for marketing
  • It enhances the quality of the products
  • It bridges the gap between the customer and the product company
  • It helps provide insight on services that a retailer is providing.
  • Helps build confidence
  • Saves resources

Establishment of Credibility by Consumers of the Products

The emerging beauty brands often experience a laxity in winning the consumers’ trust before they pick up. This is very common in the companies opening up to a new field for the first time. Before the company woes a number of customers to their products, they must have provable evidence showing how their products will create a positive impact in the presumed customers’ life.

Most of the time, you tend to search for reviews of previous customers on the beauty products you are just about to purchase. A great reputation that the customers and review sites give to the company selling the products, has a higher chance of attracting and maintaining new clients. The reviews of the health and beauty products help optimise the company’s name and its products on different search engines.

Chain of customers is built on how positive the feedback is from the consumers who have had an experience with your products. A better foundation for business is established on the ground, as the level of trust and authenticity thrives, more space is created for a healthy business to grow. Genuine reviews open up the business to a higher level of repeat purchases and stronger relationship with customers.

Taken from Unsplash.com 

Free Advertisement for the Upcoming Retailers

Most of the time, businesses pay for commercial advertisement of their product. This has proven to be costly, specifically for business and companies that are starting up and are yet to have a command of trustworthy customers. Potential buyers of products often start by searching the product online before making a purchase. This has opened up the search engines to rate products from different companies based on the reviews they get from trustworthy review sites.

Online retailers receive a sizeable number of customers, whose trust has been built from the regularly updated reviews and ratings on the specified goods. The retailers that sell products that are yet to be reviewed are displayed less on search engines.

Taken from Pixabay.com 

Review Materials are Often Used for Marketing

Some review materials are used to market the company’s products. Most upcoming retailers who are an independent brand, are at a disadvantage when compared to their well-established counterparts. These companies will spend more cash on selling their ideas and publicizing their product in advertising firms and media houses. For the companies that already have a well-established database built with genuine and five-star reviews, will have little budgets scheduled for the purpose of marketing since they have won the trust of clients by selling quality beauty and health products.

A high rating by a trustworthy review site is often used in the marketing of the product. Emerging companies, have been trying to get better reviews for their products, to help acquire new customers.

Enhances the Quality of the Products

Name any big name in the retailing industry and check the quality of the products they offer. It has been established that the presence of reviews has helped raise the quality and standards of the products on the retailer’s shelves.

A number of retailers who failed to offer better quality products have ended up losing potential customers who could have raised the standards of the operation of the business. Other than the retail chains, independent retailers are in deep need of cultivating reputation on the quality of the products they offer in order to enhance a positive reputation of their brand products. This reputation ranges through the written reviews that are great for search engine optimisation and marketing by word of mouth.

Actionable insights are also gotten through the review collected on the retailing products of a shop. This allows the customers to appreciate the features of the retailers, and freely comment on the quality of services they have been offered at the shop. Through this reviews, retailers get to be enlightened on their positive and negative sides, and are given a chance to explain themselves and promise possible action to be taken to remedy the situation in case of a bad reputation.


Most health and beauty companies rely on feedback for their prosperity. So they tend to maximise on what reviewers think of their products in improving their products. They are bound to maintain a high level of product quality so that they do not lose customers. This strategy works best for an already established retailers and helps the upcoming ones acquire genuine customers who will be there for it despite the conditions that may be prevailing, due to the trust they have won on each other.


Bridge the Gap Between the Customer and the Product Company


OGLF (Our Good Living Formula), being an industry leader when it comes to review sites, has been instrumental in providing genuine reviews and bridging the gap between producers and consumers. Due to the honesty of the reviews and helpful health and beauty tips, many consumers have turned to it when thinking of any new product.


The gap that may exist between the company and a potential consumer of their product is bridged through sites like this one. The exposure the new consumers get from the reviews they have read online, allows them to build a closer relationship with their potential retailers. Such sites have been developed to help amalgamate reviews of products from different retailing shops just to help new customers have prior information on the products they are about to purchase.


A new customer does not have to rely on the often over-promising details about a product and then end up regretting it. They are able to make a decision based on the reviews they read online about the products they are eying to buy. The review site acts as that trustworthy friend helping you choose what is best for you.


Provides Insight on Services that a Retailer is Providing.


Provision of reviews allows shoppers to provide genuine details on the quality of the products. This opens the mind of the future consumers of the same, and helps them judge appropriately. A number of companies have been exposed for their shoddy expensive services through reviews.


Retailers may be portrayed to be providing better services but on looking at the review, this is not actually the case. On the same note, companies have been known to retain and attract a significant number of consumers through an insight of the quality of services they offer. Some companies have the resources to bar a customer from exposing the quality of services they provide, but provision of reviews has really helped expose any issues with the products and the true picture of what the company is.


Feedback from consumers has also exposed the exaggerated picture that different companies like being associated with. Reviews genuinely rate these companies basing on the quality of services and products they received while under their care. There is freedom that comes with giving back feedback. It is presumed to be the best way to rate a company and its products at an individual level.


Builds Confidence


A positive review greatly boosts the confidence that exists among the consumers. Confidence of consumers of beauty products is the very key to a company’s success. The field of beauty and health is very unique. For a company that provides these services to thrive it must have gained enough confidence and trust from the consumers. This field basically allows the consumer to entrust a producer/retailer with their body parts ranging from skin and other parts which is very difficult. A company providing shoddy goods and services to its consumers won’t survive for long.


Saving of Resources


Provision of genuine reviews has been associated with saving resources such as time and money. Not all the consumers of beauty and health products have the time to spend reviewing all the products from different retailers. Accumulating the reviews at one point, helps them save a considerable amount of time that would have otherwise been wasted on a number of retail shops looking for reviews that may not even be genuine.


Poor market research and feedback has been the major cause of wasting money. Consumers of health and beauty products could be wasting money buying junky products that have not been reviewed, thanks to the efforts made by product reviewers, now they can make an informed decision before proceeding to purchase new products from the top-rated retailers.



A review can be a very helpful guide when it comes to choosing a product from a myriad of products on the market all of which claim to be the best. However, there is a high number of review sites that are misleading and therefore the information given needs to be used with caution. Luckily, there are several leading websites run by professionals offering genuine reviews and helpful tips that you can trust. These kinds of reviews are highly advantageous both to you as a consumer and those selling the products.


Finding the Best Watch for 3 Different Age Groups


Much like choosing a new pair of shoes or jacket, finding the right watch for your age can be pretty tricky. As we grow older, our tastes inevitably change and we want something different out of our accessories. There are dozens and dozens of great watch companies out there in the world, and each one brings its own flavor and twist to the realm of watchmaking. Here, we’ll give a wristwatch recommendation for three different age groups and hopefully this gets you inspired.

9 – 13

Likely to be someone’s first watch at this age, Swatch watches are definitely the best starting point. The fact that many of Swatch’s models cost less than $70, are made primarily of unbreakable plastic and silicone, and have a lot of bright and interesting designs for kids means that these are unbeatable for this age. The Swatch X You option lets you choose your own design, letting the wearer have more control over the overall look, which makes it more likely to be worn.

14 – 21

For the next watch, it’s time to take a step up but still have something with a bit of attitude and style. It doesn’t get much cooler than Nixon for anyone who wants to take their watches a bit more seriously. With a solid range of both analog and digital watches, Nixon’s designs are often produced for surfers, skateboards, and extreme types, so any teenager and young adult will always look the part. What’s more, Nixon often collaborates with others to create awesome special edition models, including Disney, Metallica, and even Star Wars, so there’s definitely a watch design to suit everyone.

22 – 30+

Finally, now’s the moment to get a watch that reflects your age. You’ll want something classy, eternal, and potentially even a model that can be passed down to future generations. Swiss watchmaker Longines is your best bet if you’re after perfect craftsmanship and vintage designs with a modern touch. The company has been creating timepieces since 1832, so if anyone knows what it takes to make a perfect watch, then its Longines. These can be a bit pricey if bought from a boutique, so check online and find a good deal.

Of course, those are just three options out of so many, but they are a good indication of watches for particular age groups. As long as you take good care of your watch, no matter which model it is, then you’ll get an appreciation for how beautiful and practical these accessories can be.

Want to Work Remotely? Here’s How to Start


Have you ever thought about working from home? It’s not an option for every career path or every professional, but it’s starting to surge in popularity. All over the world, 70 percent of people work remotely at least once a week, and that number is likely to grow as more employers and employees discover the massive benefits of working from home—and start taking action to take advantage of them.

If you’re reading this at your full-time job, where you’re currently trapped in an office, you might be curious how to get started with a work-from-home career.

The Advantages of Working From Home

While there are some disadvantages to working from home, such as less face-to-face interaction with teammates, the advantages are overwhelming:

  • Workspace flexibility. You’ll have near-total control over your workspace. If you want a window, you can get one. If you don’t mind a cluttered desk, you can keep it cluttered indefinitely. If you need a change of pace and decide to work at a coffee shop, you can do it.
  • No commute. The average commute to work, one way, is 25 minutes in the United States. That’s 50 minutes a day, or more than 4 hours a week sitting in traffic. There’s a lot you can do with those extra 4 hours—and you’ll be less stressed avoiding it as well.
  • Errands and household responsibilities. Working from home gives you the option of handling more errands and personal responsibilities. Because you’re closer to home, you might be able to take care of housework on a lunch break, or easily stay available for home repairs and emergencies.
  • Minimal interruptions. Unless you have kids running around, working from home means dealing with far fewer interruptions than an office setting. A single distraction can cost you 23 minutes of focus, so this is a huge deal.

How to Start Working From Home

Does that sound like something you want? If so, here’s how you can get started:

  • Understand the demands. First, make sure you aren’t romanticizing the world of working from home. There are a ton of benefits, but there are also some sacrifices you’ll have to make and challenges you’ll need to face. You’ll need to be self-disciplined and focused on your work, and have alternative strategies to relieve stress and stay social. If you aren’t sure what working from home really entails, talk to someone who’s done it, preferably full-time, and get their perspective.
  • Choose a company that lets you work from home. The easiest way to find a remote working job is to find a company that specializes in remote work opportunities. For example, you could look to Trafilea for work opportunities, since it offers a wide range of remote jobs. This is advantageous for you, since it allows you to look at companies all over the country, or even all over the world (assuming there isn’t a language barrier). You also won’t have to worry about changing an existing position; you can simply take advantage of a role that already exists in a work-from-home capacity.
  • Choose a career path that lets you work from home. Not all jobs or careers are conducive to working from home. For example, if you’ve studied your whole life to be a massage therapist, remote work opportunities will probably be rare. However, no matter what career you’re currently pursuing, you can always switch tracks and work on skills that are remote work friendly. Software development, writing, and project management are good bets here, but the options are virtually limitless—especially as new, high-tech fields emerge and as technology enables more and more roles to go remote.
  • Negotiate with your boss. Hone your negotiation skills and ask your boss to work from home, assuming your role potentially supports it. When you make the case, focus on the objective benefits for the employer, including reduced office costs, more productivity, and higher morale. If they’re reluctant to take the plunge, ask for just one day a week of remote work, as a kind of trial for both of you.
  • Start preparing your home office. As you start gearing up for a career that allows you to work from home, spend some time preparing a home office. A well-outfitted, dedicated office can make your remote work much more efficient—and help you “feel” like you’re at work, rather than at home.

Working from home isn’t for everybody, but if it’s an option for you, there are many avenues you can pursue to make it a reality. Don’t be surprised or frustrated if it takes a few months, or even a few years to get established as a remote worker; the end results will be worth it.


Face Shape Guide for Glasses and Eyewear


Just like certain clothes and cuts may look better than others on your particular body shape, the same goes for glasses and your face shape. In order to accentuate your best features and look stunning, it’s necessary to take a bit of your time and effort to choose the right frame for your face. The whole process may be a bit challenging at first if you don’t know what you’re looking for. This is why it’s always recommended to have someone you trust accompany you, so that they can give you honest feedback. But, if you’re already an experienced glasses wearer, you should know what frame design suits you the best. Need some help? Then keep on reading.

Find out your face shape

In order to get the best glasses for your face shape, you need to determine what kind of a face you have. In general, oval, round, rectangle, heart-shaped, triangle, square and diamond are the typical face shapes. Of course, it’s possible to have elements of two different categories, which is why you still need to keep your search for the best eyewear highly personal.

Oval face shape

If you have oval face shape, you’re lucky, as your balanced features will look great with almost any frame. In general, you may want to stick to the glasses that are a bit wider compared to the widest part of your face. The most popular option for oval face shape involves a rectangular or square frame that’s proportional to your face.

Round face shape

Round face shape means that your face is equally long and wide with fuller cheeks. The best bet for this kind of face shape is undoubtedly an angular frame. In general, rectangular eyewear that’s wider yet narrower can be rather effective. However, completely round, circle frames can also look quite nice if you have the personality for them.

Rectangle face shape

In case you have a rectangle face, you want to make sure that the glasses make the most out of your strong jaw and long nose. In that respect, opt for frames with soft angles that are a bit larger, with a strong brow line as this should be the accentuated point of your face with glasses on. That way, you effectively create the balance with your jaw.

Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is the perfect face shape to pull off the cat eye trend. This is great considering the popularity of this design and the endless possibilities to safely buy glasses online. Essentially, try to get the glasses that are wider than your forehead. Avoid strong angles. Oval and round frame shape would work the best for you.

Triangle face shape

If you have a triangle face shape with your jaw being the widest point, you want to balance out the look. In that case, go for soft angles or oval frames with very strong brow line and, if possible, no bottom part of the frame. So, half-rimmed glasses all the way!

Square face shape

Shorter compared to the rectangular face shape, those of you who have a square face shape should opt for glasses that soften your features. In that respect, oval frames are the best bet. Still, soft angles can look good on you as well. The main thing to remember in this case is to choose narrower frames that will complement your features nicely.

Diamond face shape

If you have the rarest face shape of them all, you probably want to draw attention to your eyes, brows and forehead. Similarly to rectangle and triangle shapes, stronger brow lines are definitely the best bet. However, stay away from angles. Oval and round frames work the best. Depending on whether you want to emphasize your cheekbones or not, you can also opt for a half-rimmed frame.

You’re not limited to just one pair of glasses, but, generally, you won’t have as many frames as you have clothes. Far from it. In that respect, you have to choose your eyewear carefully. So, take the time to pick out the right design that will flatter your face shape. Also, opt for two or three different colors, just so you can change up your glasses from time to time and coordinate them with your clothes better.

4 Great Side Hustles for Extroverts


For as long as you can remember, you have definitely been a people person. You are outgoing, enjoy talking with others—whether you know them or not—and come home feeling energized after being at a party or having lunch with friends.

In other words, you are pretty much the dictionary definition of an extrovert.

You are also a bit short on cash these days; you’ve had a few more unexpected bills than usual and you are hoping to get through this financial challenge without racking up huge credit card bills. Instead, you would rather take on a side gig that will get you through this monetary bump in the road.

Fortunately, there are a number of side hustles that are ideal for a friendly extrovert like you. For example, consider the following ideas:

Product Demonstrator

If you have ever been offered a sample of the newest granola bar, cheese, wine and/or salsa at the supermarket, you already know what a product demonstrator is. This job involves having an in-depth knowledge of the product and the ability to greet people as they walk by. You might even get to cook relatively easy dishes that include the specific ingredient. The next time you are at the grocery store, speak with the manager and ask if he or she can get you in touch with whoever hires the product demonstrators, or you could also ask the next one you see if they are hiring.

Direct Sales

Another terrific side hustle for extroverts is a direct sales job through a company like Amway. You can set up your own home-based business and enjoy a flexible schedule that involves selling products directly to other people. According to this YouTube video, the Amway money plan involves three specific ways that will allow you to earn some extra cash on the side. This includes bonuses and other rewards. You might enjoy this work so much that you decide to continue doing it indefinitely.

Teach English to Kids

Did you know that you can teach English to kids in China, all from the comfort of home and your computer? If this sounds appealing to you, you can sign up at a website like Gogo Kid and help kiddos across the globe to learn English, all through online communication. You can sign up with the company and they will help you formulate your lesson plans. If you are already a teacher or love the idea of helping children learn, this might be an ideal side hustle option for you.

Drive for Lyft or Uber

Since you don’t mind speaking with strangers, driving for a company like Lyft or Uber might also be a solid fit as a side hustle. For those who like to drive and have a decent vehicle, you can work as many hours as you wish for these companies and chauffeur people around town. While some of your passengers might be on the quiet side, having an outgoing and friendly personality will help everyone to feel at ease with you when they are in your car.

Use Your Personality to Your Advantage

While there are plenty of other side gig ideas out there, not all of them involve a lot of human contact. It is good to know that you can take on a number of part-time jobs—many of which allow you to set up your own schedule—and earn the money you need to get through your financial hardship while allowing your sunny personality to shine through.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Prescription to Buy Contact Lenses for the First Time?


Contact lens sales is regulated by both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Prior to purchasing your contact lenses from someone other than your certified ophthalmologist, FDA requires you to hold a valid prescription. With a prescription in hand, you can easily buy your desired product from any retail store, online store or even over the phone or by mail.

Also, you can buy your preferred products without prescription from some reliable online stores like contactlenses4us.com provided that you already know your prescription. However, if you’re buying lenses for the first time, it’s really important to get your eyes checked by a registered practitioner in order to avoid any infection or other eye health issues.

In this post, we’ll see why it’s important to have a prescription to buy contact lenses for the first time.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Prescription to Buy Contact Lenses for the First Time?

For safe and comfortable contact lens usage, it is highly recommended that you acquire a valid prescription from your eye specialist. Keep in mind, your contact lens prescription and glasses prescription are two entirely different things. Why? Because contact lenses are applied directly on the surface of your eyes whereas spectacles are positioned about 12mm from your eyes. Thus, even if you have a prescription for glasses in hand, you would still require to visit your doctor to get a valid contact lens prescription for yourself.

It can be Dangerous!

More and more Americans have been switching to contact lenses in recent years. Also, the trend of cosmetic or decorative contact lenses is on the rise which gives wearers an opportunity to look completely different and more elegant. These corrective as well as non-corrective lens options pose some health and safety risks and therefore should always be purchased with a prescription from a certified ophthalmologist.

Noticeably, all contact lenses are considered as medical devices by the FDA. Ophthalmologists are also showing immense interest and concern about determining how safe contact lenses are and what the potential risks are for buyers who get them from unreliable sources without prescription.

Although, cosmetic lenses may appear like a fun costume accessory, but if not used properly, they can cause severe eye health issues and also increase risk of infections. According to the recent statistics, approximately 53% consumers opt for illegal sources like flea markets, unauthentic online retail stores or even salons to buy lenses.

Sadly, a lot of new consumers are unaware of the fact that buying and wearing low-quality lenses can get them into big trouble and can cause various bacterial infections, allergic reactions and even vision problems.

There is no denying the fact that contact lenses are one of the safest vision-correction tools when used properly, but it can also result in irreversible eye damage if not purchased according to your particular eye parameters.

Apart from holding a valid contact lens prescription, it is also significant to pay attention to other important factors such as maintaining proper hand hygiene.

How to Avoid Common Lens-Related Risks?

Maintain Proper Hand Hygiene

Washing your hands before applying contacts sound like a common sense. But did you know over 32% skip drying their hands which may result in numerous bacterial infections. Keep in mind, tap water can include dangerous microorganism that can be extremely dangerous if transmitted on the lens.

Not Paying Attention to the Expiry Date

Make sure you go through the details printed on the product packaging before using contact lenses. Also, it’s important to follow those instructions rigorously to avoid any problems. Wearing lenses longer than suggested can cause irritation and redness which can be a reason of permanent eye damage if not handled in time.

Using Lenses While Sleeping

Sleeping in your contact lenses or using it in showers are two of the biggest reasons why new users suffer a lot from eye infections and other eye health issues. Be certain to avoid these bad habits at any cost to stay safe.

Always Acquire a Valid Prescription Especially If You’re Making Your First Contact Lens Purchase

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a regular user, it’s important to invest in your time and energy to acquire a valid prescription from a registered ophthalmologist. Yes, you can definitely purchase a pair without prescription from any trustworthy online retailer if you already know your prescription.

Contact lenses can be a great vision-correction tool for everyone. Especially, if you’re into sports or other outdoor activities, the flexibility and freedom you get by using contact lenses is mind blowing. However, just like any other purchase, it’s important to pay attention to certain elements to stay safe and protected. So, if you’re planning to buy your first-ever contact lens pair in a week or two, take time out to visit your doctor and have a valid prescription.

5 Things To Consider When Starting Out In Married Life


So you’ve had the proposal, things are all romantic and wonderful and you’re starting to look at what getting married means. It’s important to make sure you have a good look at married life in all of it’s glory to make sure you are ready for this and you are also both good for each other as spouses. Here are five vitally important things to consider before you tie the knot.

Don’t Blow Everything You Have On The Wedding 

Naturally after an engagement has commenced then your mind starts thinking about the wedding.day and what that will be? Where are you going to do it? How many guests are there going to be? Caterers, flowers, cars, bands etc. there is so much to be considered. But what is more important than any of this is that you plan not only for a wedding day but a lifetime together and this is what a marriage really is! You can easily spend the money for a wedding on other things so keep this in mind when budgeting. 

Have A Life Plan That Matches Your Spouse 

You will both already have a life plan, of course everyone does but have you properly discussed this in detail with your partner. Do you both want kids or not is a classic one and this is so big that there’s rarely a relationship that can handle opposing views on this one, but even if you both want kids, how many? Does one of you want five and the other only one? Other things such as work and where to live, retirement strategies are all important to be aware of. 

Figure Out Where You Are Going To Live 

Are you going to stay where you live now? Are you prepared to move for family, health or professional reasons? Do you want to move and need a bigger house, if so you are going to have to find a better mortgage, maybe you both have houses and will look to sell one or both? 

How Are You Going To Divide The Finances 

Are you both coming into the marriage from similar financial positions or is one of you starting with a lot more, if so are you really happy sharing everything, including wealth, as that is what a marriage really is. Are your finances strong between you as a couple as if they are not then many things could be very difficult such as starting a family. If there are any concerns these should be out in the open and fully discussed prior to the marriage starting, this way you are both in full control and can set up any legal protections at this stage. 

Culture & Religion 

If one or other of you have a specific cultural or religious background then it is important to fully explore what this may mean in terms of big life decisions even if one of you are not practising or particularly devout it can still have a big impact on world views. You want to be sure there won’t be insurmountable issues or even problems with your extended families, even planning an interfaith wedding ceremony can be a problem.

Hungary: Most Popular EU Destination for Dental Tourism


Dental implants are the foremost tooth replacement option available today. Missing teeth not just look tacky but can provide a breeding ground for bacteria as well. As a result, opting for dental implants might be the best recourse. Yet, you might balk at the sheer cost of implants in the UK. In fact, most people in the UK are unable to afford the treatment. Your best option is going beyond borders for treatment. Luckily for you, the dental implant cost in Hungary is significantly lower than in the UK.

What About the Quality of Treatment?

In Budapest, dental clinics are among the best in the region. They feature state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff. The dentists are trained and the staff is skilled. Each dentist has a Ministry of Health registration and the clinics meet all modern standards. The topnotch care on offer makes affordable dental implants in Hungary popular around Europe. As a result, people from the UK are travelling there to receive world-class dental care.

What Does The Treatment Entail?

Before you plan your trip to Budapest for affordable dental implants, you need to understand how the treatment works. You need to make a few trips to get the procedure. On the first trip, the dentist will attach the implants to your jawbone. You will then need to revisit after 6 months for adjustments. The implants take six months to properly bind to your jawbone. The second time around, the dentist will just make adjustments.

There are situations when you will need to visit Budapest dental clinics three times for the completion of the procedure, for instance if you need bone grafting. Otherwise, you only need to head to Hungary twice.

Post Procedure Care

You should be able to resume your daily routine after the procedure. But it is best to take a few precautions. First and foremost, you should plan your trip in a way that you can rest for a few days before you return home. Dental implants can be uncomfortable when new. But the discomfort should disappear within a few days. Even though travelling is safe, you should avoid it for a few days. Budapest is a beautiful place, so why not spend a few more days there and relax.

Cost of Dental Implants

The exact cost and savings depends on the type of procedure and also the clinic that you select. But at an average, you will be saving more than 60% on the procedure. With the substantial savings, you can cover the cost of your trip as well as accommodation. Let us look at the dental implant cost in Hungary to give you a better idea of how much you will spend.

Dental implants will cost you at least £2,500 in the UK, on average. Should you decide to travel, you will save a significant amount on dental implant cost in Hungary. The average cost for the procedure there is £581. You might worry about the cost of travelling to and from Hungary.  Well, for one, the dental prices in Hungary are so reasonable that you can easily cover the cost of travelling and accommodation with the savings you enjoy. It is a win-win proposition for you, in every sense of the word.

Selecting the Right Dentist

While dental prices in Hungary are generally low, you still have to research and select the right clinic. You can visit a reliable dental tourism portal to check listings for dental clinics in Hungary. These portals perform a thorough background check on the local dentists and ensure that they adhere to the highest standards.

So, if you need implants but cannot afford the treatment locally, the low dental implant cost in Hungary is just what you need. Just remember to use a dental tourism portal that screens the clinics on its listing.