Non-Surgical Procedures Every Woman Should Try Out


Nowadays medical advancement allows people to tweak their faces in a non-surgical way, and as a result, many people have come to accept it. It helps with removing any sign of fatigue, helps in getting rid of acne scars, or it could be used to enhance your best feature. Here are non-surgical procedures every woman should try out.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is simply a perm for your brows. This procedure is done by putting lotion on your brows to help them stay straight instead of curled for an extended period of time. This gives your brows a fuller and healthier look and can stay up to six weeks, and some people retain that bolder fuller eyebrow look for up to two months.

Lip Augmentation

This is a procedure that allows your lips to look fuller and plump. The most common method of lip augmentation is dermal lip fillers. Many different types of fillers could be injected in the lips, but the most commonly used substance is Hyaluronic acid. It is a natural substance that exists naturally in the body and helps your lip get a more plumbous look. Collagen was one of the most used substances for fillers, but dermatologists are gravitating to other safer substances.

You can pick the shape you want for your lips, there are many different shapes that you can choose from. For instance, a classic lip shape is one that gives a more definitive fuller look to your lips but keeps the original shape of the lip. Another one is called Hollywood, as it’s obvious from the name, it’s very popular with celebrities. It makes both the #upper and lower lips stand out. Lip augmentation has really taken off for celebs in Australia for instance. When it comes to lip surgery Sydney celebs and locals alike are currently more into the cupid pout shape, because it’s the ideal lip shape. As the name suggests the upper lip is shaped like a cupid bow and is usually prominent on pre-adolescent females.

Laser Facial Treatment

Many factors affect our skin, causing it to be blotchy, scarred from acne, or wrinkled as a result of aging. All these can be changed and fixed by getting a facial laser treatment, and don’t worry about how you will look right after, you will only look as if you spent too much time under the sun. The laser removes layers of your skin with precision, when the new skin cells begin to form during healing it gives you tighter and healthy-looking skin.

Body Contouring

Cellulite are marks left behind due to the skin stretching after putting on and losing weight -we all have them. However, some people would rather live without it and have a smooth looking body. Body contouring helps remove stubborn pockets of fat that are hard to get rid of. There are three different procedures to contour the body, and they are all non-surgical. There is cryolipolysis which is reducing fat cells through controlled cooling and freezing temperatures. The second type is Laser lipolysis, which is controlled heating and uses laser energy to target fat cells. The third and last type is Injection lipolysis, which is injecting deoxycholic acid to target fat cells.

New technologies in cosmetic care allowed women to reach the look that they are satisfied with without going under the knife. So, next time you want to enhance some features or have a more freshened up face, you can achieve that without worrying about surgeries.