Natural and Healthy Meal Delivery Plans


If you hate grocery shopping or never have enough time after work to buy them, there is a solution. Subscribe to a meal plan. For the uninitiated, meal delivery services let you choose a meal on their websites. They then source the required ingredients, prep and deliver them to your doorstep for you to complete the cooking process.

The only problem with many meal delivery plans is that they don’t always provide healthy recipes. Most of them promise organic, nutritionist-picked ingredients. But once you receive your meals, it’s mostly junk foods with lots of missing ingredients.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled the best plan for someone who prioritizes health over anything else.

#1: Sun Basket

Not many do Paleo better than Sun basket. Invented over 10,000 years ago, Paleo diets consist of fruits, vegetables, meat fish, nuts, spices, healthy fats, and eggs. Simply put, Paleo is a lifestyle that involves consuming foods our ancestors obtained through hunting and gathering.

When you order Paleo meals from Sun Basket, you receive all the healthy ingredients our ancestors used to consume. Keep in mind these are organic food sources like fish caught in the world and hormone-free meat. Sun Basket delivers food in 47 states and charges $72 to $144 for weekly plans.

#2: Home Chef

So, you love your meals simple but healthy? Try Home Chef. They make deliveries in less than an hour and take about 30 minutes to prepare. Meals like sesame chicken, Cuban steak burritos and Spanish rice all have delivery plans of less than 30 minutes.

Home Chef is also one of the best-rated meal plan providers in the world. In as much as you want healthy meals, knowing that a company is trusted by others is important. Whether you are talking about delivery speeds of good customer support, Home Chef is the best meal delivery plan for many Americans.


Freshly comes to your rescue every time you need food in the quickest time possible. With delivery speeds that average 25 minutes, Freshly is one of the fastest providers out there. Unlike most companies, Freshly also pays high attention to the nutritional content in their meals.

All meals are well-balanced. Whether you order Silican-style chicken or Pesto Turkey meatballs, Freshly goes the extra mile of adding veggies to boost their nutritional value. On the flipside, Freshly isn’t a vegan’s favorite meal delivery plan. While most of their foods are nutritious, few of them are vegan-friendly.

Green Chef

If you hate GMOs and love vegan and Paleo diets, say ‘hi’ to Green Chef. At prices as little as $9.99, the company delivers a plan for 2 within 30 minutes. Green Chef makes it extremely easy to pick your favorite foods.

Omnivores get a wide swath of meat-based plans. Vegans are promised 100% organic food with no traces of meat or animal products. Pescatarians get a combination of plant-focused foods paired with their favorite fish. Green Chef also delivers gluten-free food. Better yet, Green Chef color codes all their meal kits to help you organize your fridge neatly.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is one of the pioneers of the meal delivery services industry. And while it’s no longer the most popular company, it’s still reputable for its simple recipes. Blue Apron also cares about the environment and only use recyclable kits.

When it comes to meal variety, Blue Apron stands out with more than 20 recipes available for delivery every week. Most plans have a preparation period of 25-30 minutes. Many of them are healthy but not all. Since Blue Apron caters to all kinds of families, they tend to include carb-filled foods.

When it comes to pricing, Blue Apron is as competitive as most companies. Their plans cost $48—$120 per week inclusive of shipping.

Amazon Meal Kits

People who order everything on Amazon don’t have to go elsewhere to shop for meal kits. Amazon got you covered through its plans, some that cost as little as $7.99 per week. In true Amazon style, most of the meals are delivered by different companies. So, if you would like to sample different recipes but order them in one place, Amazon is the ideal provider.

Still on variety, Amazon meals include meals from all parts of the world. From Japan to Peru, Germany to Mexico—if you have favorite dishes from certain countries, find them on Amazon. Another benefit, Amazon delivers in 50 states.


Instagram foodies love Plated—and for good reasons. Not only are their meals carefully selected by chefs but they are also packed in true chef styles. Even before you cook them, you could take a selfie with the prepped meals and they always look good.

Plated does not list their recipes based on categories.  However, it includes short facts about the meals to help you make a better decision. For instance, it includes the cooking time, calorie count for each meal and whether it’s vegan or gluten-free. The meals cost $11.95 per serving.

Martha & Marley Spoon

So, you are Martha Stewart’s biggest fan? Why not try some of her best recipes at home, including those famous dishes she prepared alongside rapper Snoop Dogg. Many of Martha’s meals are family friendly and take less than an hour to prepare when already prepped.

Like most companies, meals are listed at the beginning of the week. All you need to do is pick your favorite and make an order. Martha & Marley Spoon also tell you everything you should know about their meals. Kid-friendly meals, gluten-free and vegan foods are clearly labeled. 

The company caters to all families, so expect some meals that may not be very healthy. But beneath the wide category of meals are lots of healthy dishes you should try out.

To Conclude

Meal delivery services all the rage. And while most of them promise nutritious, healthy meals, only a handful of them keep their word. Before you order a meal at a meal delivery service, research about the company. Read reviews to find out other people’s experiences and compares prices to find the best plans for your family.