Music School Relocation Guide


Music school relocation is a far more difficult process than any residential moving. When moving to a new place, you have to take into consideration even the smallest details you’ve probably never paid special attention to. For example, even the type and the height of the buildings you’re moving out and in are very important when you move a number of musical instruments, equipment and fragile objects. You have to perform a walkthrough of the whole building, examining every corner and every item. Commercial relocation is a time-consuming and monotonous process, which requires a lot of work and hours of checking. That’s why it is never recommended to perform it by yourself.

What can you do is to hire a professional team of movers, for example in Florida, which specialize in specific moving type like music school, sports school, co-working spaces, cellular, and open office moving. The team will do all the tasks twice as fast as you would on your own, due to their outstanding experience. You will have to count the amount of stuff you have or the amount of stuff you want to get rid of. What we offer is a qualitative planning and preparing or packing, if you want to save some extra money, but ready to work hard.

So, let’s look what a qualitative relocation planning means.

How to Organize Office Moving

So, how to get organized for your music school move no matter whether you have 10 teachers and 100 students? No matter how big your school and team is, the organization processes require similar procedures.

  • Of course, we cannot imagine any moving process, especially a commercial one, without a plan. Prepare a plan and start early. Include a moving budget and possible extra expenses, too.
  • Premoving meetings. You have to explain the labeling system to your employees, the package division, what to get rid of, how to prepare their documents, PCs, shelves, cabinets, etc. Make sure that all members of your team know exactly how the moving process will go on and what deadlines you have for performing this or that task. All of them should know their responsibilities before, on, and after the moving day.
  • Define the priorities. For example, what is more important for you – to finish the relocation on a strict deadline without a minute of delay or to complete it within a certain budget. Your priorities should be based on the things that will prevent your business from loses during a moving process.
  • If it is needed, take a photograph of each and every workspace, to create the exact copy in your new office. In this case, you will be able to replicate every corner of the music school to make the process of moving a lot faster. However, perhaps a new building will provide possibilities for even better interior than you previously had.
  • Remove any personal items you have in the building. Leave only those, which relate to your work.
  • Find a reliable mover to discuss the details of the whole relocation process, including loading and unloading.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to take care of every aspect of your music school relocation a lot easier.