55 Good Morning Quotes For a Happy Day (with Pics)


Mornings are dreaded by the vast majority of the population – if not for waking and going to work, then for getting to class on time. As busy as we all may seem, sometimes its good to stop and take a moment to appreciate the finer details of life or to set the mood for the rest of your day. Reflecting on a few words in the morning can help inspire, motivate, or put a smile on your face. We’ve gathered 57 good morning quotes to ensure your morning can in fact, be a good one. If not for you, then perhaps you know someone you can text to give them a good morning boost?

1. Remembering that Special Someone 20230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThis quote would make a lovely text to that special someone you wish you could share the beginnings of your days with.

2. Hitting the Snooze Button
21230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesIf you’ve ever used your snooze button, you’re quite familiar with this quote’s truth.

3. Listen to the Sounds of the World
27230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThis quote will inspire you to be more observant the rest of your day. Ever hear the saying “you were given two ears and one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you speak”? Something like that…

4. Comparing the Sunrise
26230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThis is quite the romantic quote, good for anyone that won’t believe it to be too cheesy and likes this kind of stuff.

5. Prayer for a Lover
25230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThis is a great reminder of all the things you wish to remember to do for your one true love during the day. It has the feel of a prayer, but serves more as a reminder as to the amount of love you hold for someone.

6. Missing You
24230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesYet another cute quote that’d be a great text for someone special in the morning.

7. For the Anti-Social
23230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThere’s a good majority out there that wishes we didn’t have to make any small talk in the mornings. This quote says it all.

8. To Determine the Outcome
22230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesMornings definitely can help determine the outcome the rest of your day will have. If you’re in a good mood in the morning, chances are you’ll have a good rest of your day. If it starts out terrible, you’re looking at a bad day, my friend. It’s hard to get into a good mood once your mood’s been set for the day.

9. You’re Not Alone
28230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesDon’t feel despaired if you’re in a troubled mood. Remember that every morning gives you a new chance to start over. Every moment is a moment you can tell yourself “this is my life, I’m fixing it now”. Let go of the old, don’t be afraid of the new.

10. Unlock Your Life
29230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesEveryone has a spark within us – a spark of passion and potential that can only be let out by our selves. No one else can do it. It’s important to connect with your dreams, passion, potential, experience and wisdom in order to find your potential and seek the right motivation.

11. It’s All in Your Head
30230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesEveryone morning you get a chance to start over and rid yourself of the burden of yesterday. Live in the moment, seek out that which will make your day better than the last.

12. A Sun Soak
31230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesWatching the first rays of the early morning sun peek up at you from beyond the horizon is a truly enlightening engagement you can have with both the sun and the Earth. Think of the meaning behind this quote the next time you watch a sunrise, and see if you feel any different.

13. Just You, the World, and the Sunrise
32230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesIt helps our mental health to take a breather every now and then. Watching a sunrise can be a form of meditation, where you forget about all that troubles you and focus on the here and now; the sunrise and the spot on the world you’re currently existing.

14. Enjoy Every Moment
33230216-funny-goodmorning-quotes’We really don’t know when our last moment will be, so be one of the inspiring that refuses to take life for granted.

15. Accepting the Truth
39230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesSome of us have the extremely busy life – with family, work, responsibilities, and the likes. It’s good to accept the fact you’ll be having lots of stress, just focus on how you respond to it all.

16. A Cute Text Message
38230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThis quote says it all, if you’re a coffee lover that likes orange hues.

17. Do What You Say You Must Do
37230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesBack up all your words with action, it’s as simple… and as hard as that.

18. Set the Tone
36230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesAgain, mornings are important to set the mood; tone; success for the rest of your day. Wake up wisely and with a plan of action.

19. A Dedicated Love
35230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesYou can always compare your partner to sunshine, but finding a unique way to do it is an achievement indeed.

20. Simply Valuing Life
19230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesFor all of us that end up having that horribly bad day, it’s a good reminder to realize you are in fact, alive. That’s at least one good thing!

21. For Those with the Perfect Job
40230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesJust remembering that your job will fire you if you’re not on time is great motivation for getting out of bed – but only if you enjoy your job. I’ve known people that’ve not cared about being fired because they were not seeking their true passion in their work…

22. Still Here
41230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesYes, if you’re reading this then you’re still in this dimension, in this life, and should be thankful you’ve got time to read these fabulous quotes.

23. A Cute Gesture
42230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesAnother little love quote for a good morning sent via text.

24. Eye to Eye
43230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesIt’s usually hard to open up your eyes after a great night’s rest – be it you’re still sleepy or the light is too bright. Either way, I understand where Tweetie Bird is coming from.

25. A Mirror’s Smile
44230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesHave you ever woken up and the first thing you do is smile at yourself in the mirror? Try it out to see if it helps you lift your spirits and create a good vibe for the rest of your day.

26. All About Dreams
45230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesChase your dreams, don’t just dream your dreams and sleep your life away. This quote is truly inspirational, reminding you of the reality of it all.

27. No Calendar Except Yours
51230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesA lovely quote for that special someone your life revolves around.

28. Your Good Deeds Grow
50230216-funny-goodmorning-quotes’Everyday; every Morning I should say, tell yourself you’ll do one good deed during the day. It’ll help you think about others and one day, karma might do you a favor.

29. You Can!
49230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesFor all of your goals you plan to work towards and achieve, it’s a smart thing to remind yourself of them and to tell yourself that you can accomplish them. No motivation is better than self motivation.

30. Birth of New Days
48230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThis quote says it all. We can easily compare a day with a life. It reminds me of a famous William Blake quote: “To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity inn the palm of your hand, an eternity in an hour.” Lovely, and keeps you reminded that time is relative to your size. Be it physical or mental.

31. It’s all Good
47230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThe divine can help us get through out day, and reminds us that all will be well because our lives are gifts.

32. Miracles
46230216-funny-goodmorning-quotes’Mornings are our reminders that we’re lucky to be alive for a new day.

33. Virtual Cup of Java
52230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesFor those of us with worlds filled with technology all around us, this little quote and picture is a perfect gesture you can give to those you can’t be with, but are equally surrounded by technology.

34. Setting the Mood
53230216-funny-goodmorning-quotes’Another quote amplifying the fact that mood is of great importance in the mornings. I wonder why some people automatically

35. Thanking the Divine
54230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThank the divine that you’re still here today!

36. First Response to the Day  
55230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesTo set the mood of the day with a lovely walk is a great way to send out good vibes to the universe, cherishing the environment by experiencing its morning while giving your body a wake-up boost by sending it into a relaxing little exercise.

37. Lovely Life of Love
56230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesWe’ve all (or most of us) have seen this quote before. It’s part of our good morning quotes because it’s perfect for a new couple tipping on the edge of love.

38. Unknowingly Awake
57230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesWe all have responsibilities, some of us must wake up earlier than others to accomplish them. And yet sometimes we still feel that we should still be in bed at a certain hour in the morning… Why must we push ourselves to wake so early?

39. Letting Go of the Past
1230216-funny-goodmorning-quotes’One of our good morning quotes here is truly inspiring. Who can claim they’ve never woken up one morning still thinking about yesterday’s events and sulking over them? We’ve all had this happen to us, some more than others. But in truth, it’s best to just leave yesterday in your memories and focus on improving the now; the present.

40. Don’t Miss Out
18230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesIt’s too true that we’ve all missed some kind of opportunity in our lives simply because we failed to act on them. Grab life by the reigns and take control, take every opportunity the world throws at you that you can handle.

41. New Days = New Beginnings
3230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesIt’s okay to get frustrated every now and then with life. It’s okay because the next day will offer you a new opportunity to start over, to start fresh, to pick yourself back up again.

42. OK
4230216-funny-goodmorning-quotes’Just okay? I dare say everyone can be much more than “OK” in the morning!

43. Ridiculously Amazing
5230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesAre you one of those optimistic people that loves to spread the joy to all around you? Then this quote is for you. Who wants a ridiculously amazing day? Optimistic people.

44. New Days are New Opportunities
6230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesWe all need strength to get through nearly any day. To have new thoughts takes a bit of conscious devotion – to ensure you aren’t thinking old thoughts that you thought of yesterday. We don’t need to relive moments – we need to create new ones.

45. The Privileges of Life
7230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThoughts are what create our moods. If we have good thoughts in the morning, we’re bound to have a good morning as well. To think of all the things that we’re grateful for in the morning will help remind us why we’re here and why we carry on to be the best we can be in all that we do.

46. Without the Ones you Cherish
13230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesSome of us value our friends so much that mornings are our favorite time of day to spend time with them. Ever go to breakfast with your best friend or meet them for coffee before work to chit-chat? Nothing like it in the world – to have another person up with you so early in the morning spending time with you before the day truly starts.

47. Happy Thoughts = Happy Life
12230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesOur bodies react to our thoughts. Just thinking of something scary can cause our bodies to produce adrenaline. Just laughing releases endorphins in our brains that make us happy. Whatever our thoughts are, our bodies follow suit.

48. Nice Gesture
11230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesOne of our good morning quotes that’s perfect to share on social media. Adding a little silly addition such as “nice butt” will be sure and make many smile.

49. Sarcastic Personalities
10230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesFor those of us with sarcastic personalities, some good morning quotes such as this are perfect to share on social media.

50. Who is a Morning Person?
9230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesAnyone here want to shoot morning people? Yes, some of us get annoyed with the morning people that are way “too” happy and try to make everyone else happy in the mornings. Don’t be a grump! Just smile and nod…

51. Live Fully in Each Moment
8230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesConsider this quote. Pull yourself away from electronics for a minute and think about what “living life fully” truly means to you.

52. Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts!
14230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesThe more positive your thoughts, the more positive your life.

53. You’re the Right Dream
15230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesWho can say that their ultimate dream was of the person that they love?

54. Morning Smiles
16230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesIf you’re married, then you know how much happiness the person you’re married to can truly give to you. Just to have someone on your side; someone to help take care of you, is worth so much in a lifetime. Marriage can be the source of happiness, that’s for sure.

55. Morning Prayer
17230216-funny-goodmorning-quotesSometimes all you need to do to have a great day is talk to the divine for a few minutes before continuing on with your day.