Modern Interior House Design Trends of 2021


Keeping your home on trend is a creative and fun challenge to help update your space and make it your own. There are a lot of home trends out where and like fashion, they come in and out. Some major trends to watch this year are neutral colors, clean lines, simplicity and comfort. Making a cluttered home into a cleaned up relaxed sanctuary seems to be this year’s biggest trend. That’s no surprise as organization and decluttering are all over the news lately.

Here are some tips to keep your home in style.

Do: Keep it Simple

Simplicity and clean lines are totally in right now. Focus on furniture with simple and clean lines and minimal extras. the look of simplicity also means little clutter. Look for pieces that can function as a place to store things as well to keep them out of view. Avoid things that don’t serve a purpose. Decorative pieces are being kept to a minimal nowadays to keep the simple look intact.

Don’t: Make it Look Like a Cafe

Blush pink paint, brass pendant lights with Edison bulbs and concrete accent flooring have run their course. They had their time during the Pinterest peak time. But, the look is completely overdone. But don’t fear, if you made a committed design change like a concrete floor, you can work around it by changing the other style elements. Change the paint or lighting to something more modern.

Don’t: Have a Bunch of Clutter

An eclectic style is out. Spaces with too much going on are out as simple looks are coming back in. Having excessive decoration is no longer in fashion. While eclectic style meaning collective pieces from various places is always in style, having way too much stuff is not. Be more mindful of your purchases and only buy things that truly have meaning or function when it comes to your decor. Everything should have a purpose.

Do: Bring the Outside In

More people are letting the relationship between humans and nature and the connection between the two influence the way they decorate their home.

Nature-based, organic design, such as wood floors, stone, natural lighting and plants remind people of the outdoors and brings an influence of nature indoors. In an increasing machine and technology-dependent society, bringing nature in is a welcome change for many. It encourages tranquillity and relaxation.

Don’t: Be Gender Specific

Decorating with gender specifics in mind is no longer something people look to do. Rooms with a neutral look and feel to make any person feel welcome is the way to go. “Manly” color palettes with dark blues and greens and more feminine colors like pinks and lavenders have their time and place but saturating a room with a theme of either one is out. Neutral color schemes are here this year and they are simple to integrate. You can even focus on all neutrals in different shades.


To give a room a modern aesthetic, Ally Olson from Vision Bedding suggest using some animal inspired design elements like fur pillows, animal inspired art, or animal print curtains and rugs. Animal prints are a great way to add interest and flair. More often than not, they also come in neutral colors.

Do: Walk in Memphis

The Memphis movement is taking over the midcentury modern world. Both the furnishings and color choices are on trend right now.


Graphic shapes and bold primary colors were seen when this aesthetic came around in the 1980s and here it comes again. As far as furniture shapes go, this look is staying away from straight and rigid lines and going more to enveloping tub chairs and curved couches.


Reds, yellows and blues can be seen as both accents and bold statement pieces throughout this style.

Don’t: Upholstery is Tired

That turquoise upholstered ottoman? Put it away for now. Statement pieces, especially in jewel tones are out this year. The loud colors and bold shapes are no longer the look. These pieces tend to steal the show and make it impossible to be on trend with the more neutral, calming look that’s in right now.


If you have a very bold piece that you need for function, consider a slipcover in a more on trend color.

In: Art Matters

With the surge of hygge, or quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being, comes interior trends to go along with it. The look comes from minimalism and Scandinavian design. With that, come neutral colors, simple and comfortable materials and an emphasis on comfort. But it’s also a trend that is not afraid to mix patterns and textures, but they must be subtle.


Use bold, simple pieces to create a gallery wall or find one large scale piece that makes an impact but also ties the room together.

Don’t: Get Minimalist Art

While minimalist decor and style are in, the art that goes along with it is not. Minimalism lately has meant boring and stale, but no more.

The uniformity of Scandinavian design incorporates bold colors and clean lines. Show your personality with one bold accent wall, a bright color couch or something similar. Think simple pieces with maximum impact.

Do: More Sustainability

Like bringing the outside in, environmentally friendly pieces are on trend. Items made from earth friendly products like jute, rice paper, clay and recycled materials are absolutely on trend. These items often have a connection or story to where they came from, making them a conversation starter as well.

Don’t: Indigo Go Away

While recycled and environmentally friendly products are in, certain ones are not in style right now. People will use less of handmade materials like mud cloth, shibori, and indigo. This is because of their bold and loud appearance. It doesn’t fit in with the simple aesthetic people are looking for this year.

Do: Use Florals

The fashionable pattern this year is the beauty and simplicity of florals. Classic floral designs can be used as decor or even floral arrangements, real or faux, can be bold decor piece.

Don’t: No more Ikat or tribal patterns

Trellis, Ikat patterns or extremely busy designs are out. They make rooms look more and more cluttered and create visual stress.

Do: Jewel Tones Among the Neutral

Right now, people are loving deep, rich jewel shades with an edge. Indigo, emerald green, hunter green and teals are all showing up as touches in home decor and adding excellent boldness and color.


Try layering your living room, dining room and bedrooms with fabrics, paints, accessories, and carpets in these colors. This creates drama but without much effort.

Don’t: No More Gray Area

While neutrals are absolutely in, the excessive grey tones that have been seen in recent years are on the way out. Try a crisp white, beige or taupe instead. But, to the same end, excessive neutrals need something to jazz them up. Rooms that look like jail cells aren’t it either. Mixed media like different foods, fabrics and finishes are the key to a simple room that soothing but on trend.

Do: Make a Splash With Backsplash

Like the greys mentioned above, monochromatic kitchens are in need of an update. Gone are the days of no patterns or pieces of interest. Boldly patterned backsplashes are a great way to update a kitchen quickly and make an amazing impact. Graphic tiles and bold patterns are a great way to embrace this trend.

Do: Sleep Among Four Posters

In times of confusion and uncertainty, people want their spaces, especially sleeping quarters, to bring a sense of security, comfort and calm. A four-poster bed provides that exact feeling. The posts are like getting a hug from someone you love. They also go along with other trends by providing an impact with clean and minimalistic lines.

Don’t: No More Fiber Art

Trends like macrame and wall hangings are dated and excessive. They’ve hit a saturation point and now people are back to wanting a simple design with minimal wall hangings and overdone decor. The same goes for tapestries and other massive wall hangings. Save it for your college dorm or child’s bedroom.

Do: Mixed Metals

An ensemble of different metals, but no more than two or three, used throughout a room is in. This is something that is timeless and ready to create a balance and soothing environment.


A good rule of thumb, use brass, gold or nickel accents that mix well with oil-rubbed bronze. Even aged-iron metals will work alongside this trend. Metals like silver and pewter can mix well with bronze and black brown metals, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Don’t: Pass of Brass

While metals are in, excessive brass is dated. Too much of this shiny metal makes a big impact, but not a good one. Try mixing it with other metals like wrought iron, bronze or silver. Also out – rose gold. This shade of metal does not integrate nearly as smoothly as the rest of the metals out there. It’s very much an old trend.

Do: Make the Room Comfortable

Stiff or fragile chairs are a thing of the past. Your decor should make people feel comfortable and not like they are at a stiff home that they can’t relax in. Plush carpets, throws, and rounded edges make a room feel like a place people want to be in, rather than a place they can’t wait to escape.

Don’t: Glass is Cracked

Glass top tables, fragile designs and anything that can make people feel like they might break something is out. People want comfort, not furniture they feel like they can’t touch. Dainty pieces are no longer. Opt for bigger, cozy furniture that creates feelings of comfort.

Do: Dark, Warm Counters

Darkly toned counter tops are in when it comes to kitchens. Marble and granite are still classic choices, but they should be darker shades instead of stark whites and off-whites. Even rich stained woods are a great option to create a more homestyle feel.

Don’t: No More Stark White

Bright white countertops are no longer in style. They have a look of a medical exam room and create a harsh line that no one wants anymore. Warmer, cozier colors are it. Avoid blank white quartz or staunch white marble if you are in the market for countertops.

Do: Try an Accent Wall

If you don’t want to commit to a fully neutral room, you can try an accent wall in a soothing color. A muted natural color like green can bring a sense of calm and interest simultaneously. To make a simple look possible, try an accent wall with that wall being the only place you hang decor and art, leaving the rest blank. This can bring a focal point to your room and help you tame excess decorating.

Don’t: Paint the Whole Town Red

Don’t paint the whole room one bold color. It provides way too much impact and pigeonholes you into a certain theme. A neutral wall can let you switch things up very easily and without constantly painting.

Home design can change your entire mood and feeling around the place you live, love and make memories. This year, shift your focus and make your home a place that is somewhere you want to come home to and embrace relaxation.

Neutral shades are where you’ll want to shift your focus if you are looking to make your home a place that’s both in style and somewhere that helps bring you a sense of calm. Be mindful when shopping and don’t buy everything you like. Make thoughtful purchases that you can put together mindfully.