Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Admissions Essay


Do you know about the most stupid mistakes students make when writing an admissions essay? By stupid we don’t mean anything rude or offensive, but mistakes which are very common and happen because students are not quite serious about their college application letters. These are those mistakes which can be easily avoided if you know the basic rules of an admissions essay.

If you also have the problem of «how to write my admissions essay properly», our article will help you figure everything out. We’re are going to discuss how your application letter should and shouldn’t look like when applying for a college, university, or graduate school.

So, let’s get started.

How to Write Your Admissions Essay

First of all, your admission assey should be memorable. Just find something about yourself and your experiences that are easily recognizable and recollected. Express it in your writing. Let it make you stand out from thousands of other similar applicants. Grab the attention with your application letter. Admission officers should be able to recall the details of your essay very quickly.

Secondly, your letter should say something the admission officers don’t know. For example, you can express your opinions and ideas on some important things. What do you value? What are you passionate about? But it shouldn’t be all about yourself. You have to write about how the experiences you had before changed your life and attitude towards different things in life. How did they make you more interesting and complete person?

So, remember to include these two components to your essay:

  • Something memorable;
  • And something new.

How Not to Write Your Admissions Essay

And now let’s look at the common mistakes students always make when writing their admissions essays. Remember and avoid them in your own writings.

To make a long story short, there are 3 most common mistakes you can meet in a lot of admissions essays. Those writings are:

  • A lot of young students write their applications from the point of view as if they already know everything about the world around. They do it in a way of exaggerating everything they say and do, expressing it as the most amazing thing ever and looking a little bit selfish. In your essay you want to be realistic;
  • The information you share should be easily accessible to all people who are going to read your application essay. Express the things in the way to connect with other people and help them to understand you. Students simply undertale the interests and passions they have. People should understand why you’re interested in these or those things only by reading your admissions essay. What are you passionate about? And why?
  • Very often students forget that the central piece of their essays is themselves. Application letters should give some reflection of who you are, what type of personality you are, and what you are interested in. Talking about your academic ideas and classes is okay, but only if they help to discover you as a person through your writing. Be emotional and reflect who you are.


All in all, when writing an admissions essay take a little bit more time thinking about what do you want the admission officers to learn about yourself through your letter. Allow them to get to know you a little bit better. Let someone read your essay and tell you about the expressions they have of you after reading it. Make it simple, honest, and emotional. Just stick to the basic things you know.