Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller makes Video Games Accessible to People with Disabilities


Shouldn’t video games be a thing that can be enjoyed by everyone? While you would love everything from the Xbox to the PlayStation, you might wonder as to how you could play them as easily if you don’t have the right accessories. Here is the question in other words – what do you do if you are looking to make video games more accessible to people with disabilities? The questions could be many now. For instance, how do you make controllers for people with disabilities? And while that might seem challei, it has been done. And it’s something we would take a look at below.

Getting Games Accessible to Everyone

But the truth is not the same as people with disabilities are many times restricted from playing video games as they cannot control their hands or fingers perfectly. But now things are going to change as Microsoft has taken notice and targeted the demographics to make video games more accessible for them.

Microsoft is going to make video games more accessible for people with disabilities with their new game controller. Some small ventures have been made in the past by other companies but none on such a major scale and by a global leader. They will be introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller which will be hooked up with XBox One and Windows 10 devices to play games. It would make a big step in the mission of making technology equally accessible to everyone considering there are 33 million gamers living just in North America with disabilities. The controller has already picked up interest and earning same interest as Canadian casino reviews.

Why do you need special game controllers?

Standard game controllers are difficult to use for people with disabilities as they need a significant amount of perfection and dexterity. Gamers who do not have perfect control of their hands found such standard controllers useless. The Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller has 19 ports and programmable switches, levers and buttons. It is going to cost $100 and will act as a platform along with being a controller. People can plug in other control tools and used by those with restricted mobility.

Bryce Johnson, leading product research and accessibility at Microsoft has been encouraging the development of the controller for a long time. He said that around 19% of the population suffers from some kind of disability while it can become 38% when people with temporary conditions are included. He also said that 26 thousand people lose their limb every year while 13 million break their arms. The wanted to make a product that will include all such people and the adaptive controller is the result of their efforts.

Microsoft said that the controller will not give any special advantage to the people with disabilities. The switches or levers would be able to be adapted as per the user which will enable him to do the same thing as a standard controller. The controller will hit the market during the later part of the year and available in Microsoft stores and online.