How to make tough decisions


Most of us have been in a situation more than once in ourliveswhen we face really major, life-changing decisions, but just can’t decide which way to jump – right?

Often these seemingly impossible decisions concern things like partnerships, whether to get married / get serious with someone, whether to commit to buying a house, whether to take that job you’ve been offered – maybe even whether it feels right to move abroad.

These are some of the toughest moments inlife – and the feeling of uncertainty over what to do until you’ve made a decision is agonisingly horrible.

Dilemma. Dichotomy. Bifurcation. Decisio” (CC BY 2.0) by Artist of doing nothing.

But fear not; help is at hand. There are a number of positive steps you cantake that can help you make the best decision…

First off – remember there may be no rightand wrong here. Most major decisions are the balance of different things. Taking decision ‘A’ leads to one set of outcomes, whilst takingdecision ‘B’ leads to another. These are simply different results – not necessarily better than each other, just different. So aswith many aspects of life, acceptance that it’s not perfect one way or another is a strength. So weigh up the possibilities, give each the best score you can and go for it.

Secondly; trustyour instinct. Your intellect may steer you down one path, but your gut instinct will quickly tell you if you aren’ttraveling in the direction you should be.Trust it. If you don’t really know what your instinct is telling you, then psychic readings from trained professionals can help you identify which way to jump.

Thirdly – make a decision and be with it without actuallycommitting yourself. This is a tough one – but trying to live with a decision is a good way of awakening that gut feeling. Try tellinga few friends what you’ve decided – and maybe even take as many tentative steps as you can towards actually doing whatever is necessary – and you maysoonknow if you’re moving in the wrong direction. Similarly, think about how you made a previous bad decision – and what you did wrong to get there.

Meditate” (CC BY 2.0) by nSeika

Fourth; stop trying and switch off. When we have impossible decisions to take, we think about them all the time. They stress us out – and this doesn’t help us think straight. So try a technique to make yourself empty your mind of all logical thought; in other words, try learning how to meditate. Maybe even try a meditation retreat if you have the time and money. This taps in to your inner self, which is the person we really want to be making this big decision – as opposed to the logical, practicalbut also egotisticalself who will try hard but ultimately get it wrong because s/he doesn’t know you like the inner you does. The practicalities of life, like home and money and the views of friends and family are undeniably important, but ultimately, this is your life – andits direction is best guided by your true self.

Finally–try and think ten years ahead, not only about how you want your life to be by then, but also about what you want to be able to look back on with happiness.