Make Cannabis Oil For Vape Pens


Making CBD oil for vape pens has many benefits as we know. It is an excellent way to consume cannabis without any significant effects. CBD found in our regular products like creams, wine, teabags, and sweets. Using this on vape pens, you can quickly help your nervous system, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, etc.

You may be interested in using cannabis through vape pens. Before that, you have to know the full process, or you might do something wrong and harm yourself badly. Let’s talk about the whole process.

What is cannabis oil?

We all know the name cannabidiol aka CVD. Cannabis oil is mainly found in cannabis plants. There are many processes you will find cannabis oil from cannabis plants. There are two main substances in cannabis plants. Those are Cannabidiol and Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC.

It also gives you relief from insomnia to diabetes. Anyone can use it as an oil applied to the skin and inhale as a Vapor Solo.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a self-contained unit that has a battery heating element and cannabis oil. The battery powers the heating element and vaporizes the cannabis oil. The Pens are convenient for anybody that’s on the good may not have like a safe place to just smoke a bunch of weed. Even on a windy day, you don’t have to worry about being lighter. You don’t worry about rolling anything up or packing a bowl. You just take it out and hit it.

Benefits of CBD

  • CBD oil or CBD honey help to reduce high cholesterol by using.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Helps with menstrual cramps.
  • Vascular relaxant.
  • Help blood flow well.
  • CBD oil helps with our bones. CBD allows calcium to enter our bones.
  • CBD has been most influential in cases of epilepsy in children and adults as well.
  • Effective with epilepsy.
  • Neurological stimulant.
  • Aids indigestion.
  • It is a neurological stimulant digestive aid.
  • This is anti-depressant anti-anxiety and it all comes with no side effects.

The material that you need

  • Lighter
  • Filter coffee machine
  • Small two balls
  • Sieve
  • Plastic spoon
  • Coffee filters
  • Over 60% pure alcohol
  • Cannabis

The process of making cannabis oil

We will use cannabis leaves and flowers. You can use organic cannabis so that you know there is nothing inside that may harm you. There are over 4000 different varieties of cannabis now. In this content, we will show you a different method.

To create a cannabinoid oil, take some ethanol, take plant material, and put those in a bowl and mix inside. You don’t want that phenol to touch the plant material for a long time.

First, take a small bowl and mix ethanol and cannabis plant then just separate the ethanol from the plant material. Now take a sieve and put it in another bowl so that it can drip a little bit because still, some alcohol is left. This was the first filtration now we’re going to do the second filtration to remove the plant material. We use a simple coffee machine. It can heat your material and it can filtrate. Now the material or the liquid and you pour it into the filter paper. To accelerate the process, we’ll change the paper every time a single filtration has occurred.

Now it’s time to cook so when you cook at home, you can use many different things you can use a rice cooker or a water distiller. For example, you use a water distiller. Some people who don’t have a clean room box, they can cook outside. This is the process where we separate the ethanol from the cannabinoids. The time it will take for the full separation depends on how much material you put inside. Just use a bowl to collect the pure ethanol that’s come out here because you can reuse it again and again.

Now the question is when to stop? When you see most of the original ethanol come out, then it’s time to see what’s going on inside. You open the lid slowly and look inside and you can see there is very little material left. Now we need the coffee machine. You have to do is remove the remaining ethanol from our extract, put it on the heating device, turn it on, and wait. You can wait 24 hours so that you’re sure that no ethanol is left. To check that it is perfect or not you can put a pin in this oil and now take the pin in your hand and fire with a lighter. If there is any remaining alcohol, the product will produce sparks when burning with the lighter and keep heating until you don’t get any sparks anymore.


Pure CBD is legal, but not entirely pure CBD has some harmful effects. It contains some part called THC, which is the other major compound found in cannabis. THC produces the psychoactive effects which get you high and it’s not legal in most countries.

It’s challenging to separate CBD from THC entirely because it comes from the same plant. So there is nothing different about it. If you want to enjoy unlimited, then go through the full process and vaping cannabis oil with vape pens.