Low maintenance haircuts for busy women


You’re constantly on the go rushing from one place to the other and you barely have time to sit down let alone time to really style your hair in the mornings. Even though you may be pushed for time it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look your best. So, let us take a look at a few low maintenance hairstyles that are perfect for busy women.

The Pixie cut

This short modern hairstyle is perfect for women on the go. It suits just about any hair texture and flatters all face shapes. Keeping the top section of hair slightly longer than the sides, which are cut slightly shorter, ideally the length of the hair doesn’t exceed 3 inches. If you want to change it up, you can also add bangs for a more flirty style. If you do want to style your hair, then using hair wax is a quick and easy way to get a perfectly textured look with a bit of added sass. Read how to style your hair with hair wax in this article, it’s bound to give you some extra inspiration.

The bob

If you aren’t ready to go as short as the pixie cut, then why not opt for the bob? You may think that this cut is a bit boring. However, that really isn’t true, this hairstyle is very versatile and there are many ways to wear a bob. It’s not only stylish but incredibly easy to care for. Depending on your hair texture there some varieties of the bob that may be better suited than others and if you really want to change up your style then you could try a semi-permanent hair color and don’t worry, opting for this kind of hair dye is as low maintenance as hair dyeing gets. We have listed a few of our favorite low maintenance bob hairstyles below:

  • The asymmetrical bob: Perfect for those who want to spicy it up a bit, this bob style is typically shorter in length where one side is longer than the other. If you aren’t quite ready to go for the very short haircut then you could test the water with this funky hairstyle.
  • The layered bob: This is a great variation to add some texture to your hair. As the name of this bob suggests layers are added to your chosen hair length, creating movement and texture without having to spend time styling it. This cut also help to create more volume which is ideal for fine hair but will also help take some of the weight out of thicker hair.
  • The bob with bangs: There are many options when it comes to bangs. You could opt for a sweeping fringe that frames your face or for a very modern short bob with blunt cut bangs to add some drama to your hairstyle. Feathered bangs on the other hand add a more flirty nuance.

The blunt cut

This short hairstyle is all one length and cut straight, it’s a definite power statement and great for women with thick straight hair but is equally stunning with textured hair. Whatever your hair texture you won’t have to spend a lot of time styling this hairdo.

Short undercut

If you want your hairstyle to have more of an edge, then how about opting for the short undercut? This short hairstyle is not only practical but oozes serious cool. The back and sides are usually shaven and the longer length at the top is faded out towards the bottom, creating an low maintenance hairstyle with a bold statement.