List of Unusual to-do-things while in London


When visiting London for the first or even for the second time, do something extraordinary. If you have not been there before, of, course, you should see the most famous places. At the same time, you will be a little disappointed as the most popular spot in the city – Big Ben – is under reconstruction.  Those, who plan to come to London during the next two years, should keep that in mind. Sounds like a good reason to do something extraordinary.

Unusual Entertainment

  • When looking for one of the best places to see London’s skyline, consider going to Sky Garden. The city skyline is really incredible and worth seeing. The place provides a panoramic view of 360 degrees. Hungry visitors are welcome to have a snack at restaurants and bars of the Garden. Tickets are free and quickly booked. It is an extraordinary place to see London from the top. Hurry up to book a ticket for you!
  • When traveling with friends, book Komnata in London, which is basically an escape room. All rooms are located in the center of the city. If the weather is rainy, take it as an opportunity. There are different theme rooms. Doctor Frankenstein, and St. Angelo’s Castle is the most visited by tourists. Escape rooms are said to be a great way to boost creativity and teamwork.
  • Become a kid for an hour in Ballie Ballerson bar. It is an unusual bar. It is a place where you can drink and have fun with one million balls. The bar has three ball pits. Two of them are for everyone and the third one is for VIP clients. It is an experience that you will remember for a long time or, even, until the end of your life.
  • Explore the Shoreditch area, which is said to be the heart of street art of the city. It is not a central area but still located in London. To get there you will need to take only underground. This is the area where you will find thousands of amazing pictures on the walls and incredible pieces of art. It is hard to believe but two carriages of train on the top of the building can be turned out in a piece of art. Feel free to book one of the street tours to explore the area with a guide.
  • Go shopping but not in traditional posh boutiques. London has a lot to offer to people, who love shopping. However, there is nothing extraordinary in buying an expensive bag during vacation. You get one in Italy or France too. Burlington Arcade is a gallery, where tourists can purchase vintage goods, including bags, watches, and clothes. Here is where you can also get a nice gift for a friend or a partner.

Get ready for your trip by making a list of extraordinary places to visit. Visiting London means not only checking traditional attractions. It can bring you a new and memorable experience too.